My Promiscuous Wife


I stepped back to admire her again. "You look like the most sweet, innocent, sexy, slutty woman I've ever seen." I said.

"Do you think the men will like it?" she asked shyly. "Do you think they'll want me, want me as much as you do?" she said.

"There is no question about it, I think they are not going to be able to keep their hands off of you." I said.

Liz hadn't wanted to meet George, Brad or Russell before sex. She said it was hotter for me to just pick the men for her and then let them fuck her as strangers. I did work pretty hard though to find men I knew she would like.

There was a knock at the door to the suite and Liz and looked at each other for a moment.

"This is it." I said as my heart started to race.

"Yes, it is, "I'll be waiting right here." She said.

I then grabbed her and gave her one more deep passionate kiss before I went to get the door.

I let the men in and we headed for the bedroom. Liz and I hadn't really discussed how we would get things going when the men arrived and now I was kind of wondering what to do, I'd never done anything like this before so I thought how exactly do you get a gangbang going?

The four of us stepped through the door into the bedroom and I guess Liz had an idea of her own on how to start things off because was kneeling in middle of the bedroom, legs spread, facing the doorway, with her head down and her hands resting on her thighs.

George said "Wow." The other guys just gave out low whistles and we all looked at each other and smiled.

I couldn't believe how totally beautiful and sexy Liz looked kneeling on the floor waiting for us to come in and fuck her. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I could tell Liz was turned on too because I could see her chest moving and hear her breathing deep and hard.

I stepped forward and stood beside Liz facing the men. I leaned down and put my hand on the side of her face. She didn't look up yet but leaned her head into my hand.

I said "Liz." Which made her look up at me and smile. "This is George, Brad, and Russell" I motioned towards the men and she looked over at them and smiled shyly.

The men smiled and waved back as they all said "Hi."

I knelt down and gave Liz a kiss. She closed her eyes and we were lost in the kiss for a moment and I heard her moaning softly. I stood up in front of her and took off my shirt and the men did the same behind me. I motioned for them to join me in front of Liz and we all formed a line in front of her.

"Take off my slacks and boxers" I said as I got into the situation and how it went along with a scenario we had played out in the past during one of our Master/Slave nights.

I watched as Liz moved her hands up and unbuckled my belt and the button, pulled down my zipper and lowered my pants to the floor. I slipped out of my shoes and stepped out of my pants and boxers. As I did that Liz was just kneeling there looking at me waiting for instructions, I looked her in the eyes and ordered "Do the same with them."

As I then leaned down and removed my socks I saw Liz move over and she was then on her knees in front of George doing the same thing. I was mesmerized as I watched Liz pull off George's pants, freeing his cock. She smiled and moaned a little and then quickly moved over to Brad to remove his pants.

Brad smiled down at her as she looked up from her kneeling position in front of him. "You've done this before, haven't you?" He asked.

"Yes, a few times." She said shyly.

I had told all the men when I was interviewing candidates that Liz had done this in her past a few times before we were married but this was the first time we would be doing it together. Liz finished removing his pants and moved down to Russell to do the same thing to him and in another moment the four of us were naked and hard in front of my kneeling corset clad wife.

Liz moved back down the line and wrapped her hands around George's hard cock and looked over at me. She slowly brought her mouth to it as she looked me in the eyes and then stopped when her lips were barely an inch away from the head of his cock.

"Do you really want to see me suck these cocks?" she asked in an innocent sexy voice.

"Yes, do it. Suck his cock." I said. My heart was pounding and my breathing heavy as I watched Liz lean in and wrap her lips around the head of his cock. It was so exciting and such a turn on to see her do it, my wife was really sucking another guy's cock right in front of me and I loved it. Apparently she loved it too because she was really making a show of it, letting his cock pop in and out of her mouth and then taking his entire length down her throat and slowly bobbing back and forth. George was moaning a little as my wife sucked him and I knew why. Liz gave great head and I knew exactly what he was feeling as she bobbed back and forth on his cock. She would have her lips wrapped tight around his hardness as she moved back and forth plus she would run her tongue back and forth on the underside of the shaft and then swirl it around the head as she pulled back and then take it all the way back in to her mouth and start over again.

I stood there frozen just watching her and not believing how hot she looked and how turned on I was. I had always thought my wife was pretty hot and had been extremely attracted to her from the beginning but now, like this, she looked to me like one of the hottest, sluttiest, porn stars I had ever seen. She ran a hand up and down George's abs as her mouth bobbed up and down on his cock. She pulled back with a gasp, and a bit of saliva followed her. Then she tossed her hair and with a look of complete lust on her face she slid over to Brad and licked him slowly from base to tip. She moved her right hand over and wrapped it around Russell's cock and stroked him while she swirled her tongue around Brad's cock who was moaning at her skilled work.

Liz sucked Brad for several more minutes before sliding over and giving Russell the same treatment. I was in awe of my wife as I watched her handle all of these cocks with ease and with much enthusiasm. Liz had been pretty wild in bed with me but this was a side of her I had not seen before. She was letting the slut within her come out in full force and I had to admit that I loved every minute of it even though I did wonder a little exactly what I had unleashed from within her.

Liz finished with Russell and then it was my turn and she moved over in front of me. Liz was more turned on than I have ever seen her and she had a wild look in her eyes and her breathing was very heavy and her chest heaved with her excitement. She looked totally gorgeous and sexy, her stocking covered legs and spike heels stretched out behind her as she kneeled in front of me. Our eyes met for a second as we shared this scenario of total fantasy fulfillment. Then her mouth took in my cock and her tongue treated me to the same wonderful treatment that the other men had received.

Liz sucked on me for several minutes and then I hooked a finger through the loop on the collar and just stared at her for a minute and then said, "You're neglecting our guests."

With that I led her back over to the others and she began to suck George again. As she did Brad and Russell moved to either side of him and as she sucked on George she moved her hands up to stroke Brad and Russell as she bobbed her head back and forth on him.

George looked at me and said. "Man, she really loves this. Why did you wait so long to do this?"

"It's a long story but we'll definitely make up for it tonight." I said.

After awhile of Liz taking turns sucking our cocks I decided it was time for the next phase. I grabbed Liz by the ring on the collar and gently pulled her up to her feet. I moved behind her and caressed her body, moving my hands up down her as I kissed on her neck just the way she likes it. I then grabbed the G-string on either side of her hips and lowered it to the floor exposing her pussy to the men standing in front her as Liz moaned.

I stood back up and whispered in her ear, "I think it's time for us to start fucking your pretty little pussy." As I said that I moved my hand between her spread legs and caressed her slit.

Liz was soaked and dripping wet and began to moan, "Oh yesss!"

I grabbed the ring on the collar again and led her over to the bed and had her lay down on her back. I decided that this time I wanted to watch it all happen, so I would let the other men go before me, and I would fuck Liz last. I turned to George and said, "You're up."

I stood back to watch as George climbed up on the bed with my wife. Liz was breathing hard and staring intently at the hard cock that was about to invade her body. She pulled her knees up and spread her legs nice and wide as she prepared for him to penetrate her. George moved up and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy and I thought to myself, this is it!

Then I had a moment of panic where I thought, holy shit this IS it. Another man was about to fuck my wife. This is crazy, I can't do this, I thought. I was just about to speak up and tell him to stop and that I couldn't go through with it but it was too late. I watched as George leaned forward and saw his cock disappear into my wife's pussy and heard Liz moan when he slipped inside her.

I stood there for a moment frozen as I watched George start to fuck Liz and then the strangest thing happened, I can't really describe it but as I watched them the panic went away and I got a huge surge of excitement. I swear at the moment that I saw George's cock penetrate my wife's pussy I about came right there without even touching myself. It was the most incredible feeling I've ever had and I was hooked. As I stood there I found that I actually loved watching another man fuck my wife.

I continued to stand there totally mesmerized by what I was seeing. I'm not sure how much time went by but I watched as George, Brad, and Russell all took turns fucking my wife one after the other. Liz always had at least two cocks in her at all times, one in her mouth and one in her pussy and she was really getting into it. Somewhere along the way Liz lost the corset and was left only wearing the stockings and heels. Once the corset was gone they began sucking her nipples as well. The guys did it all to her and she loved every minute of it and I loved it too. Liz became insatiable, moaning and crying out for more as the night went on. I was amazed at the staying power of these guys and was glad I was able to find them.

Finally George wrapped his arms around Liz and pulled her up and got her on her hands and knees across the bed. He slid around behind her and began feeding his cock into her pussy from behind. Brad and Russell moved in front of her and she took their cocks in her mouth as George fucked her from behind. I moved around watching the scene before me and searing the image into my memory. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen and wanted to always remember it. I then thought that I should have brought the video camera and gotten it all on tape, oh well maybe next time and there would be a next time.

As I stepped back to watch from a different angle George began to fuck my wife really hard and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. With each powerful thrust he slammed my wife's hips forward and she moaned and screamed in pleasure at the onslaught. George was driving very deep and hard into Liz's pussy and she loved it and was taking everything he was dishing out. I couldn't believe that my wife could take so much, we had been fucking her hard for over an hour and she took it all, and not only that, wanted more.

George was pounding her pussy faster and faster and was going past the point of no return. He turned to me and said, " I can cum inside her, right?"

"Yes, fill her up," I said. "She loves her pussy full of cum."

George pumped faster, and Liz's moans became louder and louder even though she was alternating between sucking Brad and Russell's cocks. Suddenly she screamed as she had her orgasm and that set off George. He slammed his cock into Liz and came as Liz's pussy convulsed around him and squeezed his cock hard. George moved back and his cock slid out of her along with a stream of cum which dripped out of her pussy and ran down her inner thighs.

Brad then took George's place in Liz's cum soaked pussy and began fucking her hard and fast as she continued to suck on Russell.

I moved around in front of her and asked, "Did you like that?"

"Oh my god yes, that was amazing." She said.

"How about you, did you like it? She asked me.

"Hell yes!" I said. "I love watching other men fuck you and fill you full of cum."

As I looked down on her I saw that Liz was covered in sweat from head to toe, her hair soaked with it and was wild and in disarray, she had cum running down her thighs, but I never thought she looked sexier. She was still sucking Russell when I heard Brad say he was cumming and he started to pound Liz really fast. She cried out in pleasure as he came, filling her pussy with the second load of cum she had tonight. As soon as Brad moved out of the way Russell moved around and took his place in Liz's pussy and began fucking hard from behind.

I stayed in front of her and she continued to suck my cock as Russell fucked her from behind. Russell fucked her hard for about two or three minutes before he had his orgasm and pumped Liz's pussy full of her third load of cum for the night. Then it was my turn.

I rolled her over, pulled her legs up and mounted her missionary style. She cried out with pleasure as I penetrated her in one hard stroke. Her pussy was slick and juicy from the three loads she had inside of her but I thought her cum filled and well used pussy never felt better, she was still tight and silky smooth. I was so turned on by the whole situation that I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I loved watching those other men fuck you and I want you to do it again?"

"Oh my god yes." She said, "I loved it and I love the fact that you love it too. Thank you for letting me do this."

I could feel myself passing the point of no return, and with a groan I slammed my hips into my wife and buried my cock as far in her as it would go. Liz cried out as she felt my cock swell and start to pump a huge load of cum into her hot, wet, well used pussy.

So began our new lifestyle, we're doing great so far and are having sex more than ever now. Liz says the more cock she gets the more she wants but its still me she waits for and the other men just warm her up for me. We did meet up with George, Brad, and Russell a few more times individually and all together but we both thought it best to not fall into letting them become regulars. We both wanted variety in our newfound sex life. We've moved on to different people and experiences, trying threesomes and group sex with different men, and eventually even joined a sex club that specializes in gangbangs. Liz has also opened up more about her past and given me more details on the things she did before we met, but those are stories for another time.

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Nothing... absolutely nothing beats a slutty wife

My wife missed her slutty days and when I told her I was cool with her fucking other guys, well, she went wild. She loves music and concerts and has probably fucked more musicians than any other type.more...

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