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My Punishment


Your message said that you wanted to find me in the proper stance when you walked in. So here I am my bare flesh shivering in the cool air of the room. I am on my knees with my hands behind my head just as you requested. I jump at every small sound as I sit blindfolded awaiting your arrival. I know that I have been naughty and will need to be punished.

Finally after hours but was probably just minutes I hear your key in the door. My breath quickens as I long for your touch. I love to be touched by you whether it is tough or tender.

You say nothing as you walk into the room. I can hear you moving about and looking at the paddles, whips and canes trying to decide which one to provide my punishment with.

I hear you stop on my right and know that you are looking for a cane with which to remind me of changes I must make in my behavior. You know that this is the punishment that I fear the most. You usually save it for only very serious offences but I have done several naughty things lately. I know that I am sometimes bratty and must be reminded not to act like that. I didn't mean to be it just sometimes happens. You always find out when I act like too willful.

You speak and just your voice starts my pussy juice flowing. "My Pet, you understand that it is for your own good that I must cane you."

"Yes, sir I understand that I was naughty I am sorry sir. Please sir don't use the cane on me I will not make my self cum anymore without your permission I promise."

"My Pet, we just discussed this problem yesterday. I warned you then that if you were caught making yourself cum that I would punish you. Do you remember that I said that?"

"Yes, sir I remember, But I couldn't help it. I woke up dreaming about you and just couldn't help myself. Just thinking about you makes me so horny sir. I needed to feel you inside of me but you were all ready at work sir."

"That does not give you permission to fuck yourself with a vibrator and make your self cum." You should have heard yourself moaning and groaning and without me here to enjoy it. That was very selfish of you wasn't it?" Yes sir I am sorry sir I should have waited so that you could enjoy it too. "Now you understand why your are being punished?"

"Yes, sir I do"

"good, now I want you to lean over the chair and grab the front of it. If you move I will have to tie you down. and that would displease me. You don't want to displease me do you?"

"No, sir" came my meek reply. I was ashamed that my bad behaviour had caused this to happen. This was such an undignified position to be in. It also allowed for full swings of the cane that hurt so much.

I heard the faint swoosh of the cane right before it struck the tender cheeks of my ass. "ow that hurt." slipped out before I could control myself. "I mean, one sir, thank you."

"You caught yourself just in time my pet. If you do not count every lick of the cane then you know I must start over."

"Yes, sir I understand" trembling I waited for the next blow. It came fast and with much vigor. The pain was awful I was sure that I must all ready have two deep crimson lines across my ass. "Two, sir thank you."

These were followed quickly by more and more slaps of the cane across my reddened ass. Three and four and five. Each one seemed to burn itself into my soul. I was getting the most incredible feeling with each smack. It sent waves of pleasure/pain to my pussy. I was so excited my pussy was dripping wet.

"My pet, do you feel that you have learned your lesson?" asked my master in his most awe inspiring tone.

"Yes, sir I am sorry sir, It won't happen again." I hoped that this would end my punishment as I was in such pain. I bet that my ass was glowing red hot. I hoped that we were finished with my punishement so that I could get my reward of being fucked really hard.

"I think that 5 more will help you to better remember that you are not to pleasure yourself without my permission."

"I am sorry sir it won't happen again, please not five more." I pleaded hoping for leniency.

"Would you like to have your gag in place my pet?" ASked my master in a voice that recognized as one barely controlling his patience.

"No, sir"

"Then, I will continue"

Slap, The cane hit low on my buttocks where the thigh meets, I reared up in pain. THis is the most tender spot to receive punishment. The paing was mind numbing. Tears began to streak down my face. I quickly remembered myself and added in a small voice "six, sir thank you"

I received another that conncected over the previous mark. The tears flowed even harder seven, sir thank you. I sobbed barely able to say the words.

"Good Girl you encouraged, I know you can take it just a few more."

I was crying with a desire to have the pain end. I needed to feel the pleasure of your hard cock fucking my pussy. "Eight , sir thank you." the pain icreased as the bright red welts started to over lap one another. I thought I would pass out from the pain. swoosh I could hear the cane's approach "Aggh, i cried as the pain shot through me. "nine sir, thank you."

The last strike met the back of my thighs where I least expected it. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming from the pain. "ten sir thank you." I barely managed to choke out through the gasps of pain.

You move closer and rub your hands over my welt covered hot red bottom. I crave your touch but it makes my ass burn having you touch me.

You speak to me "Now my pet, yoou did a fantastic job accepting your punishment now for your pleasure you may suck my Cock." I turn quickly pleased to be able taste your cock which is rock hard. You have such a beautiful cock. It is long and hard. You know how much I love to suck you. It is my favorite treat. I start slowly by licking the head off your cock that is shiny and wet with drops of your juice. "Oh, sir thank you. You taste so good." I swirl my tongue over the head and down the sides very slowly, I put my lips on the side of your cock and move along its lenght giving you little suckling kisses down to the base of your shaft.

"I want to fuck your mouth" you tell me.

I oblige by taking your cock in my mouth and burying your hot throbbing penis into my throat.

You reach out with both hand and grab my hair thrusting yourself into my mouth. Over and over harder and harder you thrust, I am barely able to catch my breath. You stop short of cummming knowing that I love to have you cum all over my face. You pull out of my mouth and hold your self just out of reach. I try to take you back into my mouth, I crave your taste. You laugh slightly and tell me "not yet, my slave I first want to fuck your pussy."

You know that being allowed to suck your cock gets me so wet that I am more than ready to have you fuck me and fuck me hard.

"I want you to get on your hands and knees slave" I immediately comply "Ooh Good Girl" you exclaim as you thrust your hard cock into my throbbing pussy. I almost scream with pleasure as you fuck me with incredibly hard deep thrusts. In and out you thrust each one incredibly harder than the last. I am so excited that I almost cum. I remember myself and request "may I cum please sir?"

"not yet, my pet you can't cum just yet." I try to hold on but it feels so good having your cock pummeling me. I cum with a scream "AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh, I am coming sir, Oh I am sorry sir."

"That's it my slave, cum for me. Oh, you will be punished for cumming once again without my permission, but cum for me pet."

I nearly collapse with the feelings of release and shame. I am so upset with myself that I disobeyed you once again. I have been very naughty lately. I can't imagine what my punishment will be. I only hope it is not you witholding yourself from me.

"Since, you came by yourself slave I guess that I will have to do the same." You pull your cock out of my pulsing pussy and turn away. "Pleae sir" I beg "Please let me taste your cock again and feel your cum on my face."

"Do you deserve such a wonderful gift from me slave?"

"No sir, I am unworthy." I lower my head to my chest so deeply ashamed I can barely stand it. I start to cry because I am so upset by how I have let you down after all of the wonderful things you help me to know and do.

"I want you to understand that if I allow you to suck my cock it will mean a bigger punsihment later for your disobedience."

"Sir you are such a wonderful Master, please I will accept any punishment please let me suck your cock again."

You turn back to me and thrust yourself into my mouth. i love the taste of myself on your cock. It makes me so hot my juices start to flow once again. My obedience and contrition have you so inflamed that it only takes a few thrusts into my throat for you to start cumming. I get only a small taste but it is wonderful. You taste so good. You pull yourself out of my mouth and the cum lands on my lips and in my eyes. You love how slutty I look with cum all over my face. I lick my lips trying to catch as much of your essence as I can.

You have not totally forgotten or forgiven my disobedience. "Clean yourself up and meet me in the cellar for your next punishment."

But that is another story.

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