My Rapist


Lights and sounds were flashing in my mind. But still I tried to regain control. I told myself that I would absolutely never have an orgasm this way. I couldn’t let him know that he had read me right. My hips were now rolling with his every move, trying to keep his prick deeply in my cunt. My eyes were back in my head, my mouth was open, I was panting, moaning. My resolve to keep calm, to keep from climaxing, was being sorely tested. God, I really needed to climax. It seemed my whole being was centered on that huge prick splitting open my pussy, almost like it was the first time. I may as well have been a virgin, since Tommy was reaching places that Dan hadn’t even known existed. Suddenly my wrists were free. Tommy had let them go so he could clutch my face with both hands and bury his tongue in my mouth. My hands didn’t push him away. Instead they clawed down his back, pulling him closer, scratching wildly. They were out of my control. My body had become a vessel for his use. I heard the screaming and I knew it was my own. His bent down to kiss my neck again. His ear was right by my lips. I couldn’t help it. I whispered, then screamed, “Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me harder. Stick it in me. Make me come. Oh, God! I’m coming. God! Ohhh”

I felt Tommy’s prick erupt with a flood of sperm. He emptied string after string of ejecta against my cervix. I couldn’t help it, I kept coming and coming. My climax lasted for minutes, I know it did. The charge that ran between my head and my twat had my pussy walls clenching and unclenching around Tommy’s now softening prick.

Suddenly the room was quiet, my ears had stopped ringing, and I realized I was back in control of my own body. I sat up quickly, closing my robe over my exposed breasts yet again as Tommy’s penis slid out of my now soaking hole. Tommy had a look in his eyes that seemed to contain equal parts exhaustion, exultation and hysteria. I said “That’s enough, Thomas. This is not proper talk between a guest and his friend’s mother. Let’s just end this conversation now and pretend none of this ever happened.” It seemed like I had said something like this before, but Tommy dutifully stood and slowly strolled out of the room. My eyes followed his every movement. His naked ass was shaped just the way I had imagined it to be: eminently squeezable. I saw his penis rocking from side to side as he walked, still larger at peace than Dan’s prick is at its most aggressive.

I must have collapsed on the bed, because the next thing I knew it was several hours later. I was lying on top of the covers, still in my robe. My private area felt damp and cold. I was still leaking Tommy’s sperm! The memory of the awful event came flooding back on me. I had no idea what I was going to do, but for now I needed a shower.

I had been raped! I know. Maybe I did like it a little. But I didn’t want it to happen. He talks. He makes you think the whole thing is your idea. But it’s not. He might be a sophomore in college, but the controlling son of a bitch has a doctorate in Sexual Blackmail. I was raped. Even if I liked it I was raped. Even if I had gotten down on my knees and begged him to fuck me, it still would have been rape. That whole drama with the masturbation; the feigned embarrassment. It was planned. He planned it to lure me in, to turn motherly and protective when he pretended to be vulnerable. The little son of a bitch choreographed the whole thing. I was making myself angry. But still his juice leaked from my body, reminding me of that mind-shattering orgasm. I got into the shower, under the hot water to cleanse myself. I soaped my body, washed my breasts. My nipples were still sensitive. Just a little cleaning and they began to stick out again. I found myself daydreaming of Tommy’s huge penis. It had filled me to the brim. Every portion of my cunt felt the power of his cock. I closed my eyes, remembering. If I keep this up I’ll have to finish myself off in the shower, I think. Everything that’s happened makes me feel sexual, sensual, needy.

I was standing facing the shower head covered in soap, shampoo in my hair, when I felt a gust of air. Somebody had opened the bathroom door. Someone was in the bathroom! I heard the shower curtain being pulled open. I didn’t even have time to turn around. I was suddenly pinned up against the side of the shower by two powerful hands. My head was faced into the wall. I just felt these hands, grabbing roughly around parts of my body. Squeezing my ass. Pinching my nipples. Clawing at the front of my pussy. The hands were everywhere. I tried to fight them but they were so strong. I was scared, confused, excited. Then I felt it. Hitting my behind could only be a large, rock hard cock. I tried to turn around, to see who or what it was, but he wouldn’t let me. I was trapped against the wall, powerless to stop this brutal exploration of my body. When he touched my cunt I thought I would fall down. My knees were weak, my hands were shaking! Then there it was. The head of his penis touched my anal opening.

Oh, no! He wouldn’t put it in my ass. Please don’t let him put it in my ass. I squirmed, trying to break free. The more I moved, the harder the pressure came from his penis assaulting my virgin behind. I closed my eyes and pretended that it wasn’t happening, that it would go away. But then there was a pop. The pain was excruciating, but the prick had successfully lodged in my ass. The pressure continued. My mind was shouting: “NO! Not my ass! It’s sinful! It’s dirty.” But God, the thought of someone actually fucking me in the ass. It’s one of the fantasies that I almost didn’t acknowledge to myself that I had. I wasn’t serious. Of course I didn’t want anyone sticking anything into that part of my body. But the thought is so sexy. But now the thought had become reality! He seemed to sink deeper with every thrust of his hips. He had started gently, but then he began to hump my ass with a passion. He was slamming into me, I felt this huge cock deep inside me, raping, plundering, controlling me. His hand, that had been brutally fondling my tits, slipped down to my waist. Suddenly there were two fingers in my cunt and a thumb rubbing my clitoris. I shot off like a canon. I humped back into that savage cock just as brutally as it was assaulting me. I needed it. I wanted it to shoot its load deep inside me. Both of my holes began to spasm as I felt myself swept away by a blinding screaming orgasm. And I felt the cock ejaculating round after round of sperm, filling me, leaking from me. My ass was a virgin no longer.

I heard a pop, the prick had backed out of my ass. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, but I felt another blast of air and he was gone. I never even saw him. It was Tommy. It had to have been Tommy. He’s my rapist. He’s the one who uses me as he pleases, fucks me when I don’t want to be fucked, feels me, fingers me, sodomizes me. My rapist.

The day went on as if nothing had happened. Jason came home from his little excursion late in the afternoon. I cooked a few steaks on the grille; the boys had some beers while I sipped a very nice California Cabernet. Jason seemed eager to talk to Tommy alone about his time with this new girl. I didn’t wish to intrude, so I went to my room to read and think.

The next morning I was up as usual preparing for my morning jog. Jason came into the kitchen begging for breakfast, so I cooked a couple of eggs and some bacon. He said, “Mom, I’m going back up to Duck today. Jenny is so cool and she thought we could take her dad’s boat out.’

I said, “That’s nice, Jason. Are you taking Tommy with you?” I tried to be nonchalant but I was having trouble keep my voice steady.

Jason shook his head. “No, Tommy feels like a fifth wheel when there are two boys and only one girl. He said he would be fine just lying here on the beach and spending a little time with you, if that’s all right.”

What was I supposed to say? No, Jason, Tommy wants to stay so he can rape me again? I don’t think that would work. I’m this glib woman and I couldn’t think of one thing to say to my nineteen year old son so that he could protect his mother from a fate worse than death. God help me, I just wanted Jason to hurry on out of here so Tommy could begin his next assault on my innocence. God, what if he wants to stick his penis in my mouth? What if he puts his mouth on my pussy!? Go away Jason. Go away. I’m ready to be raped.

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by Anonymous

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by StormKing3307/19/18

5* interesting POV

She says it was rape, but she enjoys it and makes sure he has access to her body.
Ooooookaaay? Right. Is she bipolar or multiple personality disorder or a slut?

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