tagGay MaleMy Real First Time Ch. 2

My Real First Time Ch. 2


This is just a carry on what happened between me and Joe after our first meeting:

The next morning I woke up next to Joe and I immediately felt my anus which was really uncomfortable with a dull ache, this was probably not surprising after the night of fucking I had gone through with Joe’s very big and thick cock.

I got Joe’s telephone number and left catching a bus home and then showering and going to work, I kept thinking about the previous night at the office and got really hot thinking about it, at lunch time I went into the toilet and wanked myself off to get some relief, I was dying to see Joe and his cock again, but my anus was sore and I knew that it would take a day or to before I could get that cock in me again.

Eventually the working day came to a end and I went home, I was really horny when at home and phoned Joe at home, we chatted and I told him about my sore anus, he told me to come on over to his place and we could do lots of other things to amuse ourselves.

I needed no more encouragement and hopped on a bus and went to Joe’s place. I knocked at the door and Joe opened it dressed in a blue dressing gown, he said he was going to shower and asked me if I wanted to join him, I stripped following him to the bathroom with my cock at full mast.

We got into the shower which fortunately had a lot of space in it and had spray jets from both walls as well as from above our heads. Once wet Joe turned the shower off and we started to sponge each others bodies down with soap, the feeling was great and when Joe started to soap my hard cock I thought I would explode right there, but managed to hold back by telling Joe to stop, I started to soap Joe’s cock off and as he got hard I was truly astonished at how thick and big his cock was and how I had managed to take it in my anus and in my mouth the night before.

Joe turned the shower on again and washed the soap off of us, and suddenly dropped to his knees in front of me and took my cock into his mouth and started to give me a blowjob, my legs became very weak and I thought that I would fall over with pleasure but managed to keep on my feet.

Joe stared to swallow my cock right down his throat and right to the base, I could not hold out and blew my load down his throat, he just swallowed it all and continued to attack my cock until I was completely milked. I collapsed on my knees in the shower, Joe stood up and when I looked up saw his cock right in front of my face, I lifted my hand and grabbed it and started to wank him off, his cock became rock hard and the huge mushroom head was right in front of my mouth, I opened my mouth as wide as possible putting my lips under my teeth as not to hurt his cock when I tried to get his cock into my mouth.

After A lot of effort I finally got Joe’s cock into my mouth and started to suck on his cock moving it in and out as my mouth got used to it my tongue really working overtime as I pulled his cock out of my mouth jerking him off and attacked it with my tongue, this went on for about twenty minutes with Joe’s groaning getting louder and louder, suddenly he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and let rip with an orgasm into my mouth, I opened my throat and swallowed, loads of cum just kept on coming down my throat, I was close to choking but managed to take it all also milking Joe’s cock.

We left the shower and dried each other off and walked naked into the lounge, Joe fixed us drinks and collapsed next to me on the couch, we chatted for a while then Joe got up and put a gay porno video on, we sat watching making comments and started to wank each other off while watching the movie, we both got hard very quickly again.

We ended up on the floor 69ing and really getting very hot, I was sucking Joe’s cock like no tomorrow, Joe asked my if I would lick his anus, I was not to into it but being so horny and not wanting to spoil my new sex life which I loved, I agreed. Joe got on all fours and I went behind him, he pulled his arse cheeks apart revealing his anal opening which looked very inviting, I stuck my tongue out and started to trace the outline of his opening, Joe started to moan and groan, there was no unpleasant taste and I started to really get into it. I used my finger in his anus as I licked it and by Joe’s moans he really was enjoying it, after a long time and being so horny I opened his anus with my fingers and pushed my tongue in and started to move my tongue in and out basically fucking Joe with my tongue, this went on for a while but my tongue was really getting tired and I had to stop.

Joe said that he wanted me to fuck him, in our sex sessions the day before I was the one who got fucked and had been very much the bottom. I reached for a condom but Joe said that he did not mind if I did not use one, I liked the idea of doing it bareback and reached for some KY and put a lot on my cock and on Joe’s anus, I then pushed my finger into his anus smearing the KY in his anus making it very slippery.

I then got behind Joe to fuck my first anus, my cock standing fully erect I pushed my head against his anal opening and felt immediate pressure from his anal entrance trying to stop me from entering him, Joe told me to push harder, suddenly my cock head seemed to slide in, it felt so damn tight, I did not move for a while until Joe told me to push more, after a few minutes Joe was totally impaled on my cock in fact right to the base of my cock, I started to move my cock back and forth slowly, the tight feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before, in my times that I had fucked girls I have never felt such tightness, I slowly increased the pace and got into pulling my cock almost out of Joes anus and then pushing it right in to the hilt again, Joe just kept moaning.

We changed positions from doggie style to lying on our side with Joe holding his leg up so I could really let rip, I was playing with Joe’s cock as I fucked him, this went on for quite a while, it was thanks to me cuming in the shower that had a lot to do with me being able to fuck for as long as I was. I pulled out of Joe and he lay on his back and pulled his legs back and told me to fuck him in this missionary position, Joe then put his legs on my shoulders and I impaled Joe again and started pumping away, while fucking like this I started wanking Joe off and at the same time I felt myself getting very close to having and orgasm, Joe’s cock started to expand and his mushroom head went red pre cum started running down his cock onto my hand, Joe let rip with an orgasm squirting cum all over me and himself, at almost the same time I orgasmed I pumped my cock in and out of Joe flooding his anal cavity with my cum, I collapsed on top of him completely spent and exhausted.

We ended up licking cum off each other, the rest of the night was another wild one with us getting up to a lot of other new things, for me now in my life I am very into the gay sex our relationship is just one of sex which is what we both want.

In a couple of days I will be trying my first threesome with Joe and a gay friend of his, when this happens I will write about it.

Please note what I write about is very real and has in fact happened between me and Joe.

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