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My Rebecca


I vividly remember the first time I saw Rebecca! I was visiting a very seedy bar in a part of town I never go to. I am not sure the reason for being there but I do remember the sight of Rebecca quite well. There was a large crowd of men, almost only men, in the bar and there was a lot of noise - mainly centered around the stage which was set up at the end of the room furthest from the door. I wandered over to see what all the fuss was about and was amazed to see a lovely girl dancing on the stage. She was dancing in front of a very strong set of lights and the first thing I noticed about her was that she had almost what appeared to be a halo around her whole body!

The halo effect was caused by her short blondish hair flying around as she danced and on her arms she had a lovely covering of short, fine hair which also gave the halo effect. She looked to me as though she had a halo of fine hair all around her body. She had shaved legs I noticed but the upper part was what I was noticing! The other thing about Rebecca was that she was naked! She wore only a pair of red shoes which, because of the heels, added to her height. Her breasts were quite large for her height and were very full and she had wonderful nipples. It wasn't until later I realized she was actually a redhead and her hair was so fine that it looked blond. Her pubic bush was almost concealed by the strong lighting behind her and it became obvious to me later that she was a true redhead!

The big fuss was because all of the men were clamoring to buy tickets because Rebecca was to be raffled off as the prize! There was no shame in buying tickets - the prize was to fuck Rebecca - and every man was paying up his $20 for his chance to be the lucky one! I asked one of the men standing beside me how long the winner had with Rebecca and he said, "Only as long as it takes to fuck her - this will be the 7th raffle tonight!" This amazed me - did this mean Rebecca had been fucked six times already tonight? The man next to me soon confirmed that fact.

Rebecca was so pretty I couldn't understand why she would be prepared to do this sort of thing. Surely she would be able to find a man who would support her and keep her without resorting to this. Anyway, along with about 70 other men, I bought a ticket. I thought it would be fun to see what would happen. I was eager to watch what happened and who would be the winner and where they would go for the sex. I asked the man next to me where the action took place and he said, "Right here on stage, man, right where we can all enjoy the fun!"

Well the ticket stubs were all placed in a large bowl and Rebecca moved forward to the edge of the low stage to draw the winner. When she had pulled the ticket from the bowl she called out the name of the winner and a rather rough looking fellow jumped up onto the stage to claim his prize.

It was when Rebecca moved to the front of the stage to draw the ticket that I saw just how beautiful she was and also noted that her pubic hair, as well as her head hair was that of a redhead. I was enthralled by her beauty.

The action started when the winner removed all of his clothes and, standing naked alongside a low bed which had been wheeled onto the center of the stage, he told Rebecca to lie down and spread 'em! Rebecca smiled at the man and moved to the center of the bed and spread her legs as widely apart as she could. This exposed her beautiful cunt to everyone looking at her. The winner was sporting a huge erection and, after Rebecca had held his cock in her hand and inspected it, she told him to put on a condom before they could begin!

He soon had the required condom on his cock and then, without further ado, he moved his body so that his cock was pointing directly at Rebecca's cunt and he pushed right into her with one single stroke. He quickly developed a stroke and he fucked her very quickly and, I guess because he was so excited, he came quite soon and then it was all over. As he pulled his cock out of her body we could all see the condom was full of his semen and Rebecca quickly removed it and threw it into a bin nearby! I had just seen a lovely girl fucked in front of probably 70 other men!

Rebecca didn't even leave the stage - the staff removed the bed and, as the music began, she started dancing whilst the compere sold more tickets for the next raffle! I watched her intently throughout the fucking and there wasn't any expression on her face at all. She certainly hadn't given any indication that she had enjoyed the sex and even now as she danced she had a rather fixed smile on her face.

I bought two tickets this time - I hoped to win but then thought how could I fuck a lovely girl like Rebecca on a stage with all of those men looking on? I began to hope I wouldn't win. Well, I didn't win and the same action took place once more. The winner was chosen and he stripped off his clothes and he fucked Rebecca just as the first man I had seen. He too was required to wear a condom.

For the next round, I again bought a ticket. I am not really sure why I was buying the ticket although I thought buying a ticket might be a requisite for watching the action. I watched while Rebecca was fucked four more times by the winners of the respective raffles but the hour was rather late - almost 2am - and I thought I had better return to my apartment otherwise I would be arriving home in daylight!

It was announced that this was to be the last raffle tonight and so I bought one more ticket, again not knowing what I would do if I won it! I recalled some years back having been in a strip joint where a naked girl was laid on a table in the middle of the room and her breasts, navel and cunt was covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Tickets were sold with the winner to be allowed to lick the cream and eat the strawberries from the girl but there was to be no fucking! Again I wondered what I would do if I had won but fortunately I didn't! The winner was a rather cool sort of dude who not only ate the cream and strawberries from each part of the girl but he sucked her nipples quite hard and made her yell out! He also got between her legs and licked and sucked on her cunt and he made her reach an orgasm - he had a very good tongue!

All the tickets were sold and Rebecca moved once more to the front of the stage to draw the winner from the bowl. I couldn't believe it when my name and number was called out! I had won! Panic began to set in and I didn't want to claim my prize but the men around me soon had me pushed onto the stage and there I stood now very close to Rebecca. Up close she was even more beautiful than from the distance and I really didn't want to just fuck this wonderful girl - I wanted to make love to her!

Rebecca could see I was hesitant to move forward and so she helped me remove my clothes until I was standing in front of her just as naked as she was and I was sporting a huge erection which pointed towards her. Rebecca whispered to me that everything would be O.K. and I should just go ahead a fuck her! She laid down on the bed and I moved between her legs but I paused and looked around to see where the condoms were kept. Rebecca whispered, "You don't need one of those things - just fuck me please!"

I had seen all of the other men wearing condoms and couldn't figure out why I wasn't required to wear one too. Well, Rebecca's cunt was delightfully moist, even wet, and I had no difficulty entering her and soon I was fucking her just as the other men had done except this was actually happening to me! As I was getting close to cumming I whispered to her and asked if she wanted me to pull out instead of cumming in her but she told me she wanted my cum in her and to keep going. I suddenly realized she was cumming too. Well, heaven be praised, I came in her like I have never cum before and she wrapped her arms and legs around me as she reached her orgasm at the same time. She held me in her until she could feel my cock beginning to shrink and then, amazingly, she kissed me - the first kiss I had seen all night! Just before I pulled my cock out of her, she asked me if I would come backstage with her now.

I stood up and bowed to the audience, just as the other men had done, and we were applauded by the crowd. Rebecca left the bed and slipped behind the curtain at the back of the stage. The crowd soon disappeared as the bar was closing and I dressed and then made my way through the curtain and found my self in a passageway leading to a dressing room at the end. I knocked on the door and it was quickly opened by Rebecca, still naked, and looking radiant - just standing there in the doorway. She invited me inside and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply! Rebecca had the most sensual kiss I have ever experienced. He lips were never still - they moved against my mouth and the feeling was very exciting. I had my arms around her lovely body and was stroking her back and down to her backside.

Rebecca asked me my name and when I told her it was Jeff Evans she again threw her arms around my neck, kissed me and said, "Hello Jeff Evans - I am really pleased to make your acquaintance. Would you care to spend some time with me?"

Over the next hour was simply sat in the dressing room getting acquainted and drinking coffee. She was only 20 years old and had been doing this sort of thing since she was 14. She had been raffled off as a virgin where the tickets had been $400 each and she had been won by a dirty old man who had hurt her terribly when her deflowered her! The man who had raffled her off had been an uncle who was very short of money and she had only done it because she knew it would be helping her parents and her uncle out of some very nasty financial trouble.

She told me it had just seemed to be a natural progression to keep on doing the same thing afterwards. She had eventually been sold to an operator who was currently arranging her shows. She told me she normally gets fucked up to 20 times each night and when there is a special performance required - such as a bachelor party - she could get fucked up to 70 times at the party. She told me she earned a lot of money and was saving up to find her right man to leave the business!

Her next words stunned me! She said, "Jeff, I think you are the right man for me. I want to leave this work and I am asking you if you will have me as your woman and, if we decide this is working for us, perhaps we can get married. I want to leave right away, tonight, and we can leave now if you will have me!"

I had never been so speechless in my whole life. I didn't know what to say! I found her excitingly attractive, I loved her face, her body and particularly her personality which I only saw when we were alone in her dressing room. When we had fucked I took notice that it wasn't really fucking - it was making love and it was me who was making love as well as Rebecca.

Suddenly the doubts flooded in. Who could want a girl who had probably been fucked by more than 1,000 men? What could ever be done to make sure she didn't leave me once I rescued her from the bar? Would she have some sort of disease after so much sex with different men? Strangely, although these doubts were flashing around in my head, I still felt I loved her and that she loved me!

Rebecca began talking again. She said, "Jeff, I know this is sudden - probably too sudden - but I felt for the first time since I have been doing this work that you are the only man I have an intense feeling for! I felt it straight away as soon as you walked on to the stage. I felt you didn't want to fuck me, there was a reluctance there and I think it was out of respect for me! I wanted to make love to you and I wanted your cum in my cunt! I will understand if you say no - it is a crazy thing I am asking of you but it is how I feel. Will you take me away as your woman?"

Normally I would ask for time to think it over but here she was, a lovely naked girl in my arms and with a plea like that - what could I do? I simply said, "Rebecca, I have no way of knowing whether this would ever work but I would certainly like to try and would be very happy if you would come with me away from all of this!" We hugged and hugged and it was decided we would leave right away and go to my apartment.

Fortunately I am single with no attachments although I have had my fair share of women. I am 27 years old with a very secure job in a law firm and soon hope to be a partner in the firm. It was agreed as quickly as that and I suddenly had myself a love partner!

I asked Rebecca if she had a flat or something but she told me she lived in a room above the bar. Something must have prepared her for what had just happened because she had packed all of her belongings into her two suitcases and had brought them down to the dressing room before the shows began tonight! She must have been psychic! She dressed and we struggled out to the street and soon hailed a cruising taxi to take us to my apartment. Before we left she wrote a note to the promoter telling him she was leaving his bar and wished him well in the future! She was even thoughtful in her note to him.

When we arrived at my apartment we were so tired we just stripped off our clothes and jumped into my large king size bed. I hugged her and kissed her and gently felt her breasts but I told her I didn't want to make love to her now - we would wait until we are rested and awake tomorrow and could get ourselves sorted out and cleaned up first. She agreed with me and soon we were both asleep.

I had slept with other girls in my bed but none were so wonderful to wake up with as Rebecca! She was sleeping peacefully, lying on her back and, because it was a warm night, she had throw back the covers and was completely naked alongside me! I inspected her body marveling at how exciting she looked to me. Her pale red hair was tousled through sleep, her breasts kept their same wonderful shape with her cute nipples standing up at the ends. He navel was quite deep and elongated and her pubic hair was a beautiful soft reddish color just the same as the hair on her head. I couldn't see her cunt from where I was lying but I could see the lovely fine hair standing up on her forearms. I love forearm hair and this was a sight to be seen. It wasn't very long but it was very fine and had a reddish tinge about it. The part I loved perhaps the most was her skin. Being a redhead she had very fair skin - almost white - and she had her share of very pale freckles spread all over her body. She looked lovely lying there. I looked at the bedside clock and saw it was 9am. I leaned carefully over her sleeping body and touched her lips with mine. Immediately she began moving her lips in that extremely sensuous movement which excites me so much. She woke up and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. She told me she loved me and, although she didn't expect miracles from me, she hoped I would be able to love her too.

Visits to the bathroom were a necessity and we went together. She sat on the toilet and peed without any embarrassment and then asked me if she could shower straight away as she felt dirty. I soon found towels for her and myself and, after relieving my bladder in front of her - also without embarrassment - we jumped into the shower and washed each other thoroughly. I wanted to make love to her in the shower but she asked me to wait and would tell me more later on. When we had dried each other and found some minimal clothes to wear, we sat down and had breakfast together!

I really couldn't believe what I had done. I had taken a complete stranger into my apartment, accepted her as a live-in lover, overlooked her past and all in 24 hours had changed from a bachelor to a spoken-for man!

Over breakfast Rebecca told me she hoped I hadn't changed my mind about looking after her. I told her quite truthfully that I was having some difficulty accepting my changed circumstances but I felt so strongly about her that I did, in fact, accept her as my lover! She told me any true relationship had to be based on trust and truth! She told me she didn't want to make love with me until she and I had been tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. She said this was because, after all, she had been fucked by all sorts of men over the years and, although she had insisted mostly on condoms, this was not always the case. She told me quite candidly that being fucked so often with a condom made her sore and that she wasn't able to make enough juice to be able to lubricate the condom. For this reason, if there were a lot of men, she would intersperse sex with no condom simply for personal comfort.

I was relieved that she wanted us both tested before too much sex as this showed she was a caring person. Today was Sunday and we would contact a doctor next day to be tested. She simply said, "Jeff, until we are sure we are both diseases free, we will continue to wear condoms and, if I find I am getting sore, we will soon find some lubricant!" A couple of months ago I had been offered a large box of condoms by a pharmacist friend and so I had a couple of hundred condoms waiting to be used. I also had a tube of KY jelly which had been left by some other girl a long while ago so we were fully equipped for the time being.

Because of my connections I knew a doctor who could keep his mouth shut and I rang him to make appointments for us both. Anyway we went together and were tested by him with a promise of the results to be personally conveyed to us as soon as possible. Rebecca told him nothing of her past but he was a careful doctor and proceeded to examine us both thoroughly before pronouncing us both quite healthy. While Rebecca was dressing, he motioned me to one side and told me I was a really lucky bugger - Rebecca was a wonderful girl and I should be very happy with her.

We made love many times, always with condoms, until we received the 'phone call from our doctor one evening pronouncing us both disease free! He commented, as an aside, that he wished all couples beginning a relationship would be as sensible and get themselves tested before it was too late!

As soon as I put the 'phone down, Rebecca flew into my arms and kissed me and whispered in my ear, "Darling, please make proper love to me, now! I love you!" We moved quickly to the bedroom and slowly began to remove each others' clothes until we were both naked! Rebecca kissed and hugged me and then we collapsed onto the bed. Rebecca laid on her back and pulled me down onto her body just as she was spreading her legs widely beneath me. She grasped my cock - by now as hard as a steel rod - and pulled me into her cunt! Soon we were making love in the true sense of the word. My stroking into her was making her so excited she began to cum quite soon whereas I wanted to make this wonderful experience last as long as possible. Eventually the regular pumping into her had the effect on me that all lovers experience and so I reached my climax just as Rebecca reached hers too. I pumped my cum into her and held her tight and for the first time, I said to her, "Darling, I love you!" She reacted immediately and hugged me harder and told me that was what she wanted to hear from me. Incredibly although I had shot my load deep into her pussy, I was still hard and she laughed and told me she knew I really loved her. I made love to her again and this time, although it took a long while, it was even more satisfying than the first! We were exhausted after that and both fell into a deep sleep. From that moment on we became real lovers!

I was amazed just how much money Rebecca had accumulated while she had been working. She had hundreds of thousands of dollars, all securely invested. Although she wanted to share her money with me, I insisted she keep it all and perhaps we could use that later to buy ourselves a home of our own after we were married. Rebecca blended very well into our relationship and she was very well received by all of my friends and also my work associates. We were a very accepted couple!

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