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My Roommate


I guess I should have known Mike was gay. He always acted weird around me especially when we were alone. He would rub up against me anytime he had the chance and I would feel his hard cock press against the crack of my ass or my thigh. His fingers regularly strayed to my crotch and would caress the bulge till I pushed them away. For me to accept his invitation to be his roommate was not only asking for trouble but getting on my knees and begging for it.

I moved in on a Saturday afternoon. I was dressed in a tight white t-shirt and even tighter jeans but Mike was only in his spotless white briefs. I couldn't get my eyes off the outline of some immense monster that lurked between his legs. I immediately felt flustered and Mike smiled insolently. I tried to settle in and make myself comfortable while Mike made small talk.

I went over to the window and looked out at the scene below. It really was a nice view. I was so distracted that I didn't hear him come up behind me. Before I knew what was happening I felt his hard body press against the cleft of my buttocks while his hands reached around to my front and rested on my cock. I gasped as his fingers boldly grabbed and squeezed my organ. I tried to ignore him but I was beginning to get hard. I pulled away from him and turned back to glance down at his briefs. I badly wanted to see what had been prodding my ass crack. A huge pole tented his briefs.

For most of the evening I was unpacking my luggage. Mike followed me around as he chatted with me and I responded casually. I was still very aroused over what had happened and Mike could see this when I stripped down to my boxers. I tried to avoid his roving eyes but he couldn't keep his eyes off me.

When I sat down to eat at the table he sat very close to me. As he talked he placed his hand on my bare thigh. It felt hot and clammy. It moved steadily upwards till it touched my cock. I tried to remain cool as he stroked my cock. His fingers slipped under the leg of my boxers to pinch the tip of my dick. This proved to be too much for me as I reached under to push his hand away.

All through the evening anytime we were in close proximity he would grab and stroke my cock. This wasn't too hard since I was now walking around with a tent pole in my shorts. Sometimes he would stick his hand though the waistband and grab my naked flesh. I moved away when I couldn't take it. He was getting bolder as hours dragged by. There was a time he pulled my shorts down as I walked past where he was sitting and grabbing my stiff cock, kissed the tip of my dick. I moaned as his tongue ran over the knob but I quickly pulled away before he could take it all in. It was a mathematical certainty that he would fuck me tonight.

I went to take a bath. I was relaxing in the full tub when Mike stood naked next to me. I stared at his cock that was so close to my face. It was huge and thick, much bigger than mine. Mine was long and sleek but his was just monstrous. The head looked like a small tomato. His balls were heavy and huge. I tried to look away but Mike held my head and pushed it towards his cock.

My lips touched his dickhead and with further pressure from Mike my mouth opened to take it all in. His shaft was too big for my mouth as my lips were stretched to their limit. I looked up imploringly at him. He was smiling wickedly, his eyes full of lust. He pulled out slowly and I gasped for air. He grabbed his cock and raised it up, bringing his testicles into prominence. I knew he wanted me to lick them. I didn't have much of a choice as he pushed my head towards him. I licked and sucked each of his balls while he gasped and groaned. Grasping my hair he yanked on it, forcing me to climb naked and wet out of the tub. Still holding my hair he dragged me to the bedroom while I grunted in pain.

He pushed me on to the bed and mounted me. First of all he fondled and kissed me for quite a while, his hands rigorously stroking my shaft and scrotum. He then spread my legs and pushed them upwards. Spitting in his hand he lubricated my butt hole while I squirmed and wriggled. I gave a harsh groan as he penetrated me. I was terrified of that monstrous cock that pushed into my anus but I was helpless to stop it as it filled me up. He started to pound me, slowly at first then faster and faster. The sounds of my squealing filled the room.

I came first and he came a few seconds later. When he pulled out of me I felt empty. Cum was dripping out of my asshole and onto the bed. We lay there panting until he took hold of my hair and guided my mouth to his already growing cock. This was going to be a long night.

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Every now & then a man would approach me.
I was never rude, to some i even said i was taking it as a compliment, but my answer was No.
Several times i was tempted to say Yes.
A number of times i was sexuallymore...

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