tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Roommate Erin Andrews

My Roommate Erin Andrews


This is a parody... It is not real

I was sitting on my sofa watching an LA Dodgers game, with my roommate, the very beautiful Erin Andrews. We have been friends for quite a while... just friends... Yes, I was living with a woman I was not fucking. I know that hurts my reputation, but it's the truth. She's married, so we share the house, but her husband was out of town. I looked over at her and shook my head. She had her long, thick blonde hair, in a ponytail. She was dressed very casually, with a gray Dodgers tee shirt and very short, white and gray striped shorts. Oh my freaking God, she looked hot. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and of course, that attracted my attention.

I had invited a couple of friends over, to watch the game with us. Jamie Lee Curtis and I, have been friends since the 90's. I always had a crush on her and I've been fucking her, since the first day I met her. I figured if I got too excited looking at Erin, I could always take Jamie Lee to my room and fuck her brains out. My other friend I invited, Kylie Jenner, is super hot and one of my regular fuck buddies, as well. They were in the kitchen getting some snacks, while I was ogling Erin in the living room. My cock was half hard and I didn't really try to hide it. Erin and I, kinda have an unspoken agreement, to bust each other's "balls," as often as possible. We have been like that, since we became friends. Even though she's married, we tease each other sexually, but never crossed the point of no return, so to speak.

She looked over at me... and my half hard cock, in my shorts... and winked at me. I smiled back, shaking it for her. She shook her beautiful head and laughed. I could see her nipples poking through her tee shirt, so I knew she was enjoying it. Jamie Lee and Kylie came into the room and put the food down on the coffee table. We already had a couple of bottles of wine... and beer for me... on the table. Erin was sitting in a chair to my left and Kyle sat to her left. Jamie Lee sat to my left, beside me on the couch. She was wearing a white Dodgers tee shirt and blue sweat pants. Kylie was wearing a blue Dodgers tee shirt and white and blue shorts, kinda like the ones Erin was wearing. She had her long, black hair, braided on top and in braided pig tails. Jamie Lee had very short gray hair and wore black glasses.

Jamie Lee was wearing a white lacy bra, I could see it through her thin tee shirt. Kylie, like, Erin, wasn't wearing one. She has gorgeous, big nipples and I could see them rubbing against her thin tee shirt. Fuck, this was gonna be fun, even though I was surrounded by Dodgers fans. "Great game, GO DODGERS!!" Jamie Lee yelled out, cheering them on.

"I love the Dodgers. I love Dodger Dogs too. Best hot dogs ever... at least in a sports stadium." Kylie said, as I looked on, shaking my head.

"Easy guys, Dick's a Yankees fan. You're gonna upset him. Better not tell him how good LA pizza is either." Erin said, smiling at me, winking, knowing I would react.

"Hell yeah and please Kylie, New York hot dogs are the best ever... stadium or not." I said proudly, defending my hometown.

"Erin... please... Someone saying LA has the best pizza... Don't say anything Jamie Lee, I don't wanna have to bend you over my knee... That would be food blasphemy." I sat them straight about pizza. I knew Jamie Lee loved LA pizza... She even gets it with avacado and salmon. She's even ordered it with sushi. SUSHI!! That's not pizza. I've told her that many times.

"OK, Mr Big Apple. I wouldn't mind being bent over your knee again, though." Jamie Lee said, smirking at me. She winked at me and put her hand on my thigh. We watched the game, but I was more interested in the ladies' tits, so I looked around the room, from great tits to great tits. Jamie Lee rubbed further up my leg, as she and Erin and Kylie watched the game, cheering the Dodgers on. I just looked at all three, as they watched the game and enjoyed Jamie Lee's thigh rubbing. My cock was now fully hard, 10 inches of meat inside thin shorts, with no underwear. It stood out.

Jamie Lee looked over at me and noticed. She rubbed it, squeezing it and slowly stroking it, through my thin shorts. I watched the game, playing it cool and enjoyed the cock massage. Kylie looked over at me and smiled. She started rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Erin was oblivious to all of it. She was really into the game. Kershaw was pitching and I think she has a crush on him. She reached over to the coffee table and grabbed a soft pretzel, putting some dijon mustard on it. She never looked at Jamie Lee jerking my cock. Her eyes never left the TV.

Kylie was eating some carrot sticks, while she rubbed her pussy. Jamie Lee was eating a banana and jerking my cock. She looked at me and I watched her deepthroat the banana. She's so fucking sexy. Such a tease too. She reached her hand in my shorts and jerked my cock directly. She bit the banana and smiled at me, a devilish grin on her sexy face. I finished my fourth beer, watching Jamie Lee work that banana, in and out of her mouth. All three babes were drinking red wine. They went through a few glasses each.

Jamie Lee finished her banana, thankfully, before I shot a huge load in my shorts. She took a big sip of wine and leaned over to me. "Want me to suck it?" She asked, in her sexiest voice, smiling at me. I thought for a second... a second... I didn't wanna offend Erin, but I was horny as shit, so of course, I nodded yes. She pulled my shorts off and pulled my huge, hard cock out, jerking it, as she bent over, licking the head repeatedly. She softly bit it, sucking it hard. She massaged my big balls so nicely, as she sucked my thick head. She licked in my piss slit, lapping up my precum, as she sucked the head harder and harder. I groaned and Erin looked over at me. Her gorgeous blue eyes opened wide and she looked shocked, but she just shook her head and smiled at me. She was cool about it. I gave her an "oops, sorry" look and shrugged my shoulders.

Erin went back to watching the game, ignoring Jamie Lee sucking my huge cock. I put my hand on Jamie Lee's head and pushed it further down on my thick cock. She happily did, moaning on my cock, sucking hard, as she went deeper on it. She finally reached the bottom. She had all 10 thick inches in her mouth and throat. She licked around my cock, moaning the whole time. Kylie came over and knelt down in front of me, sucking my big balls, looking up at me, smiling such a sexy smile. I fucked Jamie Lee's throat hard, groaning and watching it all. Erin glanced over, but quickly went back to watching the game.

I could see Erin's big nipples were rock hard in her shirt, so I decided to push the envelope a little. "Hey Erin, there's room for one more... if you're still hungry." I said, laughing and smiling big at her.

"HA! I bet there is. Let me call my husband and ask if it's OK." She said, smiling at me, laughing as well.

"Well, he's not here and I won't tell." I gave her a sad look, with puppy dog eyes and smiled.

"Oh Dick, you sexy tease. You're a bad, bad boy." She smiled and winked at me. She acted like she didn't want to, but her nipples told a different story. Jamie Lee and Kylie tag teamed my cock and balls expertly. Both sucked me so damn good. I squeezed both chicks gorgeous tits, through their shirts and groaned loud. I pushed my cock down Jamie Lee's sucking throat and came hard. Sending thick blast after thick blast of creamy jizz down her throat. She just opened it wide and swallowed it all. I made a production out of cumming, to Impress Erin. She watched it, shaking her head, but smiling that big, beautiful Erin Andrews smile.

Jamie Lee pulled off of my cock and gave it to Kylie. She sucked it ravenously, getting every drop of cum out, she could. She sucked me totally clean. Both women took their clothes off. I sucked Jamie Lee's big, gorgeous, milf tits, licking them all over, kissing them and sucking as much of them in my mouth as possible. I softly bit her hard, light brown nipples, sucking them hard, her sweet tit milk, shooting into my thirsty mouth. I sucked it down and kept sucking for more, as Kylie climbed on my cock, sticking it up her thin runway topped, beautiful pussy. Just a thin strip of black hair topped that super hot and wet pussy. She's one of the sexiest women on the planet and I love fucking her.

Kylie rode me, her hands on my chest, as Jamie Lee hugged my head to her beautiful chest. I sucked so much milk out of those gorgeous, well aged tits. I swallowed it all, looking at beautiful Kylie smiling at me, as she rode my hard cock. She moaned loudly and pinched my nipples. I could see Erin was now watching us. She licked her lips, but looked back at the TV, when she saw me looking at her. Her nipples were threatening to rip through her shirt. They were so hard. I squeezed Kylie's gorgeous, big, young milf tits, rubbing her big, hard nipples, with my thumbs.

Jamie Lee reached behind Kylie and smacked her ass, shaking it and sucked her tits, as I watched. Kylie moaned loudly and rode my cock faster. Jamie Lee smiled and winked at me. I took out my phone and took pictures of the action. Jamie Lee and Kylie posed for the pictures, as we fucked. I could see Erin watching us again. This time, she was playing with her gorgeous tits, as she watched. I slapped Kylie's tits hard, as Jamie Lee moved her head behind her and snaked her talented tongue up her ass. Kylie smiled big. She loves anal, just like her sisters do.

I squeezed Kylie's big tits hard and her tasty tit milk shot out at me. I opened my mouth and swallowed it, as it poured into my mouth. Jamie Lee kept eating her ass out, as Kylie rode my huge, rock fucking hard cock. I picked Kylie off of my cock, Jamie Lee knew what I wanted, letting Jamie Lee suck my cock and line it up with her anus. Jamie Lee shoved my thick cock up Kylie's perfect, thick ass. I pounded that fucking ass hard and fast. "FUCK IT DADDYYYYYYYYYY!!" Kylie screamed in ecstasy. I saw Erin squeezing those perfect tits of hers and rubbing her long legs together. I had enough of the teasing and pretending.

"Erin, get tour fucking sexy ass over here and sucking my fucking huge cock, you fucking slut!" I laid it on the line. She looked at me in shock, pausing at my aggression.

"NOW BITCH!!" I was horny as shit and I didn't care anymore. I WANTED HER BAD!

She looked at me, not moving, I just kept pounding up into Kylie's perfect ass, looking at Erin. I looked at Kylie, knowing what Erin would do. She stood up and took her clothes off. She took the rubber band out of her hair, her thick, long blonde hair pouring out. She shook her head, letting it fly in the breeze. She marched over to me and knelt in front of me. Those beautiful, shiny, pink lip glossed lips of hers, looking so fucking sexy. I pulled out of Kylie's ass and Erin sucked my cock, as fast and hard as she could. She looked up at me and sucked my huge cock, like the cock hungry slut she had become. "Suck it all bitch!" I demanded. She obeyed, gagging slightly, but sucking all 10 thick inches down her throat. I took several pictures of my whole cock down her throat. It was one of the sexiest sights that I've ever seen.

She played with my big balls and sucked my cock, so fucking good. Her saliva oozed out around my thick cock. I was so fucking turned on. I was finally getting to fuck, my super fucking hot roommate. "You want my jizz, don't you whore?" I slapped her beautiful face, as I said it. She moaned loudly and nodded yes.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." She was hot for me and my jizz, so I gave it to her. I blasted her beautiful mouth and throat with my thick load. She gagged a little, from the amount of thick cum, but still kept swallowing. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking me faster and faster. She massaged my balls and sucked me, as fast as she could, even after I stopped cumming. I grabbed her thick hair and just fucked her sucking mouth. She looked at me the whole time, smiling around my thick cock. I pounded that gorgeous mouth, harder and harder and fucking harder! I grunted and filled her mouth again, with my cum. I pumped her mouth with three thick loads of creamy jizz. She swallowed every fucking drop and I mean every fucking drop, of my thick cum. She loved it, moaning loud and smiling big, the whole time.

"I love your delicious, fucking cum Dick, but now, fuck my fucking ass, baby!" Erin said, in her sexiest voice, standing up and bending over the couch, smacking her beautiful, smooth ass. I got behind her and smacked that ass hard. I took my still, rock hard cock and shoved every fucking inch of it, up Erin Andrews' fucking, gorgeous ass! She lurched forward, in shock of my size, but came back quickly, moaning loudly, shaking her head wildly.

"FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE DICKKKKKKKKKKK!!" Erin yelled out. I grabbed her gorgeous, blonde hair and pulled it, fucking her tight ass with relentless aggression. I pounded it, so fucking hard, so fucking fast. My cock was drilling up that ass, at super fucking sonic speed. I kissed Kylie and Jamie Lee ate Erin's pussy, as I pounded her perfect, smooth ass with insane power and speed.

"I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMIN GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!" Erin screamed and squirted into Jamie Lee's mouth. She swallowed it all and squeezed my ass. I squeezed Kylie's ass and came up Erin's. She moaned loudly, as I overflowed her ass. It oozed out, around my thick cock. I pulled out of Erin's ass and Kylie bent over, sucking me clean. Jamie Lee moved her head back, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, catching my cum, pouring out of Erin's perfect ass. She swallowed it all and put her mouth to Erin's anus, sucking out any cum, left in there.

I took a wine bottle and shoved the neck up Erin's ass, tilting the bottle and pouring wine up her ass. She squirted it out, into Jamie Lee and Kylie's mouths. They drank it all down, Jamie Lee sucking any left, out of Erin's ass. We spent the next three hours fucking and sucking. I fucked Erin's pussy, as she rode me. I sucked her luscious, perky tits, as Jamie Lee fucked her ass with a strapon, she brought. She's always prepared. I love that chick. I had my head back on the top of the couch, eating Kylie's perfect, juicy pussy, as she sat on my face. I fucked Jamie Lee's ass with a banana, while I fucked Kylie's pussy and Erin fucked Kylie's mouth, with the strapon, as Jamie Lee sucked Erin's perfect tits.

We fucked in the kitchen. I ate whipped cream out of all three pussies and asses. Jamie Lee ate it out of mine, as Erin and Kylie both sucked me off. They shared my cum, kissing and letting it hang from their mouths, smiling at me. They licked it up and swallowed it all. Erin sucked beer out of my ass, as I pissed in Jamie Lee and Kylie's mouths. They swallowed it all. We fucked in the shower all three women taking my cock in their ass and swallowing my cum. I even got to piss in Erin's gorgeous mouth, she loved it. She swallowed every drop. She even drank my piss out of Kylie's ass, after I fucked it and pissed in it. I took pictures of everything, all three ladies posing for every one of them. It was a great night.

Erin hired me as her bodyguard, so she could explain taking me on the road with her, to her husband. We fuck in every city, every day and night she's on the road. I always take pictures and even video of our sexcapades. She loves to call her husband, as I'm fucking her, or as she's sucking my cock. It's a taboo turn on for her. It turns her on big time. She called him, last trip, as I filled her ass and then her mouth, with my piss. It fucking turns me on big time, as well. Erin is such a fucking sexy woman and thankfully, she's... My Roommate Erin Andrews.

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