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My Salon Is Full Service


My salon is full service. I usually only handle cuts myself. But every once in a while, my friend Bobby, who works for a talent agency, sends one of his offices clients in. Then I do everything myself~ cuts,coloring, nails, massage, whatever they need, I do myself, to make sure its perfect. The hardest thing for me sometimes, is maintaining my composure around such beautiful and exciting people.

Late one afternoon last week, after everyone else had gone home, a limo pulled up outside the door. I couldn't believe who got out. Eddie Vedder. He apologized for not having an appointment, and asked if I had time for him. Of course I did. I had finished my last appointment and was about to lock up. Everyone had already gone home. What do you need, I asked him. He wanted a hair treatment and cut, a manicure, and a pedicure. This is going to take a while, I thought to myself, trying to stay calm. I had him sit at the sink and lean his head back so I could wet his gorgeous mane. Then I massaged in the conditioning treatment.

While the treatment was in his hair, I started his pedicure. After soaking his feet, I dried them and began to rub one of his feet with a pumice stone. He squirmed and laughed. "Haven't you ever had this done before?" I asked him.

"No. And that tickles!" He laughed.

What a smile he has, I thought to myself. "Oh! Ticklish feet!" I laughed. I grabbed his other foot and rubbed it with the stone.

"Stop! You're torturing me," he laughed. "I'm just doing my job." I answered sweetly, as I continued to exfoliate the bottom of his foot. He grabbed my hands and pulled me close. In an instant, his lips were pressed to mine. I pulled myself away before I melted into his arms.

"Let's rinse the conditioner out of your hair", I said. I could still taste the sweetness of his lips on mine as I ran my fingers through his mass of curls, rinsing them clean. Then I wrapped his hair in a towel. His hair smelled wonderful. My hands lingered at his shoulders for a moment.

He took my hand and pulled me into the chair with him. He held my face in his hands and gently brushed his lips against my cheek. I kissed him, nibbling on his lower lip. He licked my lips, his tongue searching for mine. My hands explored his shoulders and his chest. He kissed my chin, and down my neck, beginning to unbutton my top. I eagerly unbuttoned his shirt, grazing his nipples with my lips.

He unhooked my bra and caressed my breasts. I kissed my way down Eddie's chest and nibbled his navel. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me through his jeans. He unzipped my pants and ran his fingers over my panties as he sucked my tongue. I kicked off my shoes, and wriggled out of my pants. I rubbed my bare chest against his. I unbuttoned his jeans and nibbled my way down to his navel as I pulled down his zipper. He got out of his jeans and boxer briefs as I sucked his neck. I nibbled his shoulder as he nibbled my panties down.

Feeling his breath on my pussy, I grabbed his hair and rubbed my shaved pussy against his lips. He put his hands on my hips, and leaned back in the chair, pulling me down on his beautiful face. He hissed and licked my pussy until his face was sticky with cum. Then I kissed him deeply as I slid my wet pussy down on his throbbing cock. Inch by inch my pussy swallowed his cock until my pussy was rubbing up against his balls. He put his hands on my ass, and I started riding his cock harder. I was thrusting my pussy down on his cock, and grinding my pussy into him. With each thrust, he was pulling me back down onto his cock. When he came, I buried my face in his hair. The scent and feel of his gorgeous locks coupled with his hard cock deep inside me gave mean orgasm that I will never forget.

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