tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Second Job: The First Day

My Second Job: The First Day


My name is Mo. If you haven't read part one I'll catch you up quickly. The long and short of it is that I'm a married man with two kids. My wife and I both have jobs, but that just hasn't been enough money for us when things happen with the house that we (aka the bank) own. Such a problem recently occurred when we found out that we needed a new roof. There was no way that we could come up with the money, so I went on a search for a second job.

The long and short of it is that I met with a gentlemen named Mr. Smith for an interview, and he ended up making me his employee, by raping my virgin ass and recording it. He threatened to show everyone the video if I didn't take the job. So, now I'm getting paid to do a job that I don't know much about, just that I have to be ready for his call, and do whatever he says when he does call.

Unfortunately, I didn't have to wait long for that phone call to come. It was just yesterday when I was raped by this man, and here it is Friday and I'm at my first job when my cell phone rings. I answer the number that I didn't know, only to be greeted by his voice. Mr. Smith orders that I work tonight. I'm told to show up at his house at 7pm and to tell my wife that I'd be working late. I'm to wear the same kind of business casual as I did last night, and that my job assignment would be given to me when I arrived. So, now I had to work the rest of my day with that gut wrenching feeling that I would be forced into another situation tonight. My ass was still sore from last night's events.

Somehow I made it through the rest of the work day at my first job, and was able to eat a small amount of the meal my wife cooked for dinner. I then drove off to Mr. Smith's home and parked once again in the driveway. Again he greeted me at the door and told me to step in. This time as soon as he closed the door he told me to strip. He tells me that I won't be needing my clothes the rest of the night, and to fold them and leave them at the door. I hesitated and Mr. Smith quickly reminded me of the video and the consequences of it being shown to everyone I know. I had no recourse, and instead stripped off all of my clothes.

When I was fully nude Mr. Smith told me that my body just wouldn't do, and told me to follow him. He lead me to a restroom on the first floor and explained that my body hair wasn't acceptable. I was to use this gel that he handed me and get all of the hair off my cock and balls, and my ass. He told me that one of the companies he owns made the gel and that it would keep the hair from growing back for at least 2 weeks. I asked what I was to tell my wife when she saw it as this isn't something I'd ever done before. Mr. Smith told me that he didn't care about her, but what I tell her was up to me. He stood there in the bathroom and told me to go to the shower and use the gel and then rinse off after 2-3 minutes. I did as required, and was thoroughly checked after completing the task.

Mr. Smith then showed me to the adjoining bedroom where I found what was to be my outfit for the evening. I was to wear a tiny black G-string that had a white bowtie in front and tails in the back to make it look like I was a butler. While putting on the outfit, along with the bowtie collar I was given Mr. Smith went on to explain my duties for the night. He was having two business associates come over at 8 and they would be requiring my services to serve them food and drinks. I was to follow all orders given by all of the guests and to not complain.

About five minutes after I finished getting my instructions the doorbell rang. I just stood there, which did not please Mr. Smith. He grabbed me by the collar and practically threw me towards the door. I quickly understood that I was to be doing all the duties, and practically ran for the door. Right as I was about to answer the door, I realized the situation that I was in. Here I was about to open the door wearing practically nothing to people who I didn't even know. Yet, knowing that if I didn't comply the consequences would be more than the embarrassment I was about to endure I opened the door.

Despite my fear I opened the door and there stood a man and a woman. He introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. W and then came through the door. Without my asking I was handed their jackets and they walked towards the living room where Mr. Smith was standing. They greeted one another and after I finished hanging up the jackets I heard Mr. Smith calling for me. He instructed me to get the guests drink orders. Mr. & Mrs. W asked for a beer, so I walked off looking for the kitchen, which thankfully wasn't too far away. I got the two beers out of the fridge and brought them to the guests who were sitting on the couch as Mr. Smith was in a side chair.

After handing the beers to the guests Mr. Smith then told me to sit on my knees at the foot of his chair. He and the guests discussed business for what seemed like forever, however the whole time I noticed Mrs. W sneaking glimpses at me. Then a little while later she announced that she was going to the restroom and instructed me to follow her. I didn't know what to do, but a tug on my collar from Mr. Smith made up my mind for me. I followed Mrs. W who instructed me to sit as I had been in the middle of the bathroom.

It was then that I got a real surprise. She walked over to the toilet and pulled up her short dress and without sitting on the seat pissed into the toilet. She then looked at me and licked her lips. Here she didn't have panties on at all, and was now getting turned on knowing that I was watching her pee. When her stream stopped she kept her dress around her waist and walked over to where I was kneeling. She then puts her completely shaved pussy in front of my face and demands that I clean her up. I hesitated for a second as she slapped my face with her free hand and that was all the notice I had to have. I dove into that sweet looking pussy that I was guessing wasn't any more than 40 years old. I lapped at those pussy lips sticking my tongue between the folds and nibbling on that little nub of hers which really caused her to squirm. She continued to grind her pussy into my face and then grabbed my collar and about suffocated me as she came with my face in her pussy.

When Mrs. W was done with the orgasm she told me to stand. I couldn't hide my erection as I stood in the little black g-string that I was wearing. She fondled my balls and then ordered me to go back to the living room. Then two men watched as I walked into the room with her behind me, and my cock leading the way. Mr. Smith told me to kneel at his feet once again. The three of them continued to talk business for a while longer as I was made to sit there. Thankfully my cock had gone back to normal after a few minutes, which came just in the nick of time.

Mr. Smith ordered me to go get each of them another beer, so I did just that and then as I was about to go back to the kneeling spot Mr. W told me to come over to him. He then asked me if I had been a bad boy earlier. I didn't know how to answer the question, and that is when he pulled me towards him by gripping my g-string. I then proceeded to ramble about what had happened, which only made Mrs. W smile. Mr. W looked pissed off though, and I didn't know what to do. He let go of my g-string and told me to get on my knees. As I was getting down there he stood in front of me and dropped his pants and put his soft cock right in front of my lips. He told me that I better get him hard and do it right now.

I knew from the look on his face to not wait, even if I wasn't experienced. I stuck my tongue out and was about to proceed with at least trying to get a taste when apparently my open mouth was the only thing Mr. W needed. He quickly put his slowly growing cock down my throat. Thankfully he wasn't fully hard yet, but he had to be at least 5 inches in this state and I was already practically choking. He then grabbed my head and told me to get to work. So, I attempted to do to him what my wife had done to me many times in the past. My biggest problem was that his cock kept getting harder and taking up more room in my mouth. I could barely breathe and yet I was doing the best I could. Apparently my best wasn't good enough, as Mr. W then took control. He started to fuck my mouth with all his might. It was all I could do just to breathe. Then all of a sudden he stopped. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and smiled. He ordered me to take off the remainder of his clothes. Then he turned and asked Mr. Smith for "the stuff". I was then told to get up and put my knees on the couch with my ass facing the coffee table. I knew what was coming next.

I felt Mr. W move my g-string to the side and once again this cool liquid was applied to my anus. He quickly had two fingers up my still sore ass and when he thought I was ready he then removed the fingers and placed them in my mouth. I had to clean off the lube and crap from my own ass which was disgusting. Thankfully they didn't stay in my mouth long as next thing I knew his cock head was at the back door and making an entrance. He was pushing it forward slowly, waiting for my ass to adjust. I did the best I could to relax the muscles but they were still flared up from last night's fuck.

Then when I thought that there was no way another centimeter could fit in my ass he pulled out some only to thrust himself back in me. He didn't care that I was new at this, he was going to get his piece of ass. He was pounding away at me with no regard to my enjoyment. The surprise that came next was from the forgotten Mrs. W. She started to stroke my still covered cock. I'd forgotten all about anyone else being in the room and here she was stroking my cock as her husband pounded his cock over and over again into my ass.

As Mrs. W was stroking my cock she started to remove the g-string from my body, which wasn't easy with her husband fucking me the way he was. Yet, she did finally get it pulled down and my cock sprung to action. Next thing I know she has my cock in her mouth and I'm thrusting in and out of her mouth thanks to her husband's fucking me ass. I'd never had anything like this happen before, and it wasn't long before her cock sucking had me cumming in her mouth.

The next surprise came very quickly as Mrs. W came up to my mouth and kissed me on the lips, opening my mouth with hers. Apparently her idea was to make me drink down my own cum as she was passing it to me with her mouth. She practically forced it down my throat as her husband was apparently getting close to cumming. I started to feel him swell up inside me just as Mrs. W ended our kiss. I felt that warmness once again in my ass that I'd felt only yesterday for the first time.

When Mr. W finished he laid on the couch in the spot Mrs. W had vacated and faced me. He told me that I get another shot at sucking his cock and presented it for me to clean off. I didn't want to do it, but I knew better than to refuse. I moved my body so I was still on the couch, but able to suck Mr. W's cock. Well, that was when I was surprised once again. I didn't think about my ass being up in the air, but it wasn't alone for long. Mr. Smith apparently decided it was his turn to use me and he pushed his whole cock up my sore ass in one stroke. I practically yelled around Mr. W's cock.

The men now both had their cocks in me one way or another. That was when I heard another moan. Mrs. W was still riled up and now was sitting on her husband's face and he was licking her cunt for all he was worth. Apparently the combo of licking up her juices and my sucking got him horny again, as it didn't take him long to be at full mast again. Now I have a hard cock in my mouth and an even harder one in my ass driving into me like we're searching for oil! I was taking down Mr. W's cock further than I thought I could thanks to the drive I was getting from behind. That was when Mr. Smith exploded in my ass once again. Right after he finished he ordered me to kneel in front of him and clean him up. Mr. W wasn't left with a hard cock by itself long as Mrs. W jumped off his face and got right on top of that cock taking it all the way in on the first downward thrust. They were grinding away until a couple minutes later Mr. W grunted and Mrs. W's cunt was filled with his seed.

Mr. Smith ordered me to clean up Mrs. W's cunt. I was now apparently the sperm bank as everyone was making deposits. I sucked out every bit of sperm from her pussy as she came to another orgasm. She then thanked me for my work and pulled down her dress. I turned around and noticed that both men were already dressed again. Mr. and Mrs. W thanked Mr. Smith for the evening and Mr. Smith told me to show them to the door. I knew better than to try and put the g-string back on and instead walked them to the door while feeling the two men's combined sperm trickling down my legs.

I opened the door and they left, closing it behind them. Sensing that I didn't know what to do Mr. Smith told me to go take a shower and get cleaned up. I did just as he had requested, noticing on the hall clock that it was already midnight. I walked nude out of the bathroom and searched out Mr. Smith. That was when I heard a noise in the office that I had been in yesterday. I went into the room to find him there watching a video of tonight's events! He must have cameras everywhere in this house! He then told me to come over to where he was on the couch. He then asked me if I liked the video. I didn't know what to say, but he didn't wait for an answer. He told me that he did, and that his cock needed attention.

I knew better than to question him and just got down to my knees and found his cock in his pants. I quickly went about sucking his cock as he watched the video of the night's events. I was surprised at how fast he came in my mouth. He told me after that my abilities were really getting pretty good. He then told me to show myself out for the night. Mr. Smith added that there would be another call soon, and I better be ready to work my new second job or the videos would become public. The thought of that was not something I could face, and why I knew that I'd be back when he called the next time.

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