tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Second Task Ch. 01

My Second Task Ch. 01


My name is Katy and I play a game that challenges people to do things that they would not normally do. I'm 25 5'5'' with brown hair and blue eyes and have a 34-26-36 figure. It's been a week since my first task where I had photos taken of me nude and I just got a link sent to me from the photographer with the images (see "My First Task"). WOW! He is such a good photographer. I look so good. My eyes really pop and my breasts look pert. I really like by breasts.

The poses were more artsy than erotic, but that's what I wanted. The one thing that made them erotic was that my nipples were hard in almost every image. Apparently, being super horny will do that to a girl. You couldn't see my pussy lips, but you could tell that my pussy and anus were waxed. I loved the way it felt – so smooth. I played with myself a lot just to enjoy the sensation.

I was reviewing the images one-by-one admiring how sexy I looked when I finally got to the photo that captured the moment that I had my orgasm and that is when I realized that the photographer had to know. It was obvious that something was going on. My hand was between my legs and my face had an expression of passion. I masturbated many nights thinking of how wet and exited I was sitting in front of the photographer with my pussy filled with Ben Wa balls while I "secretly" masturbated. I'm getting wet again just thinking about it.

I wanted to send the "Game Site" my proof so I submitted my photos to get my points. I then called my friend Susie and asked her to come over. I wanted to show her my photos and tell her about the "Game." She came over and I explained what I had done. She was excited, but not surprised. She always knew that I was a bit of an exhibitionist. After I showed her the images, she immediately identified the photo that captured my orgasm (now I was sure he knew). Oh well, I'll never see him again. As we sat there looking at the images, an email came in from the Game Site. It showed me how many points I accumulated in my first task.

I only got 60 points out of a possible 100: 50 for nude photos and 10 for having my pussy and anus waxed. They explained that there was no way to tell if I had satisfied all elements of the task. Apparently, I needed a witness. The email also had a link to my next task. I had so much fun with my first task, I couldn't wait to see what my next task would be so I followed the link.

When I initially read it, I didn't think it was too difficult. I was to go an entire week without panties and, whenever I was in my apartment, I was to be naked. Then I read the point breakdown. UGH! My task had a potential of 100 points which was broken down in the following:

•25 – No panties all week

•25 – No clothes when at home

•10 – Ben Wa balls firmly implanted when at home

•10 – NO masturbation until the last day

•30 - Masturbate for an audience on the last day

Susie read it with me and immediately volunteered to be my "Validator." I was surprised that she wanted to help, but excited that she was going to see me naked! Then it dawned on me – she was going to see me masturbate! Is that why she offered to help? I've never been with a woman, but I found the thought of masturbating for her very exciting. Darn it, I was getting wet again.

Since we work together, the plan was that she was going to stay with me the entire week to "validate" that I performed all elements of the task. It was Saturday and I wanted to start on Monday. So I thought that I would start with a new waxing. I wanted my pussy and anus to be smooth and was again surprised when Susie offered to escort me to the spa. She wanted to show some solidarity and get her pussy and anus done too. I called the spa and made reservations for two on Sunday. The thought of all this naked time with Susie was making me wet and that made me realize that the NO masturbation rule was going to be tough.

On Sunday, Susie showed up at my apartment with a suitcase full of clothes. I only have a one bedroom apartment, so she would have to sleep on the couch. That is when she insisted on sleeping with me. She wanted to make sure that I didn't masturbate in the night. This means that I was going to be lying naked next to her and I wouldn't be able to touch myself - UGH. I should explain that Susie is beautiful. She has blonde hair (I'm sure it is not her natural color) and brown eyes. She is the same height as me and built similarly. We go the gym together to keep in shape. Although I've never been with a woman doesn't mean that I don't masturbate thinking about them and she has been the subject of some of my fantasies.


Susie and I woke up to start our day. I of course was naked. This wasn't the first time Susie has seen me naked. We go to the gym together all the time and she sees me in the locker room and shower without clothes. I decided it was time to strut my stuff. I pranced around naked and bent over and showed her my pussy every chance I got. This lasted only for a little while because we had to get ready for work.

We both showered and got ready for work. I dressed in a nice blue skirt and white silk blouse. I wondered if I could get extra points if I didn't wear a bra. I decided that I should just go without panties my first day and think about it for another day. I got a little jolt of excitement when I lifted my skirt to show Susie that I was naked underneath. It was then that Susie lifted her skirt to show me that she was sans panties too (again, solidarity). Her pussy looked so good and I know that it had to be smooth. Crap, I was getting wet already and the day had just started.

We left for work and the day was somewhat uneventful. On occasion, Susie would come over to me and make sure that I was still without panties. Flashing her sure did make my pussy wet. When we got home, I immediately stripped. Strutting around the apartment naked in front of Susie was getting me worked up. Susie then thought that it would be a good idea for us to go work out. So she handed me some tights and a sports bra and started to get dressed in her workout gear.

The thing was, the tights she handed me were not mine. She had bought some tights just for the occasion. When I looked at them, they seemed normal. It wasn't until I put them on that I realized she bought me a size too small. They were stretched to the point where they were almost transparent. The thought of being "almost" naked in front of everyone really excited me. If someone really paid attention, they would see EVERYTHING! My pussy started getting wet (again).

We went to the gym and did our normal workout. I'm not sure if I was getting more attention than normal or I was just aware of my condition which made me hypersensitive. In any case, I was getting really horny thinking that people were able to see my bare pussy and ass as I worked out. When we finished, Susie suggested that we get a bite to eat on our way home. We just wore our workout gear and went to a local watering hole. Again, I was either hypersensitive or a lot of people were staring at me.

I wanted to run home and MASTURBATE! But Susie was there to make sure I didn't. After we got home, I stripped and strutted around naked. Again, bending over every chance I got. I loved showing her my pussy and it was making me very wet.

As it got late, we decided to have a glass of wine and watch some TV before turning in. After we watched some TV and I showed her every inch of my body, we went to bed. As we laid there, I was very aware of my nakedness. Susie was under the covers with me and her leg was touching mine. The heat from her body was making me crazy. I was so distracted, but eventually I fell asleep with no satisfaction.


The morning started off the same as the previous day. We both showered and got ready for work. As we got dressed, I flashed her my pussy and Susie again went without panties. We went to work and the day was the same as the previous. Susie would make sure I was still without panties throughout the day. However, this time, instead of me flashing her, she would reach under my skirt to "validate" that I didn't have any panties on. This was agony. Someone was touching my pussy and I wasn't allowed to masturbate. She was getting bolder with each "validation." Spreading my lips, touching my clit and anus. UGH!

When we got home, I shed my clothes like I was supposed to and we decided to stay home. I went to the bathroom and when I returned she told me that she ordered some pizza. That is when it dawned on me, she wanted me to answer the door and pay for the pizza when it arrived. I of course would be naked! I was now getting really horny. Some stranger was going to see all my naught bits. When the doorbell rang, I boldly opened the door and stood there naked as the day I was born much to the surprise of the pizza delivery guy. I told him that I lost a bet and had to answer the door and pay him with no clothes. He didn't complain, but he did take a long time to give me my change.

We sat on the couch together, ate our pizza and had some wine as we watched TV. As the night went on, I would spread my legs to show Susie my pussy and, in return, Susie became more and more bold. She would touch me whenever she had a chance. She brushed her hand across my breast, gently rubbed my leg, and even touched my pussy. That is when she remembered the Ben Wa balls. I was supposed to have Ben Wa balls in my pussy whenever I was home.

She asked if I put them in and I told her I forgot about that element of the task. She asked where they were and I told her. She rushed into my bedroom and retrieved them. She handed them to me and watched as I inserted the first one. I spread my legs so that she got a good view. My pussy was so wet from all the naked time and touching that it slipped in easily. As I was about to insert the second one when Susie asked if she could do it. I looked at her and saw the desire in her eyes. I handed it to her knowing that I would not last the evening without masturbating. I had to come!

She took the ball and started to insert it. She took her time. She wanted to make sure that it was in the right place. Once in, she started to play with my clit. Oh my god! I needed some relief. She commented about how smooth my pussy was and really liked the way it looked. This was too much. I think she noticed the agony on my face because she explained that if she played with my pussy, that it wouldn't be masturbation and I could still get all of the points. I liked it! Although I've never been with a woman, I was so horny that I would let anyone play with my pussy at that point.

So there she was, rubbing my clit slowly. She was sure not to make me come too quickly. Apparently, she had a plan. She wanted to torture me first. She then told me that she would finish me off AFTER I made her come. I was in such a state that I quickly agreed. She got undressed and presented me with her pussy. Instinct took over. I decided to play with her the way I wanted to be played with. I started with a kiss. Her lips were so soft. I couldn't help myself. I then worked my way down to her breasts. I sucked her nipples and they got real hard. I then slowly kissed my way down to her pussy.

I've never seen a pussy this close before and thought it was beautiful. With her recent waxing, her pussy was so smooth and soft. I loved kissing it. I then sucked on her pussy lips. I liked it when men did this to me. I eventually worked my way up to her clit and started to play with it. At this point, she was going crazy. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her pussy. I got the hint. I started to really pay close attention to her clit. I moved my tongue as quickly as I could until I heard her moan. I continued until she screamed and shoved her pussy into my mouth. She came so hard and I knew that I was next.

After she calmed down, she told me it was my turn. She took a different approach. She grabbed my legs and threw them in the air which made me feel very vulnerable. There I was with my feet next to my ears and my pussy exposed for her to pleasure. I looked down to see her between my legs looking at my smooth pussy with passion in her eyes and couldn't wait to feel whatever she was going to do to me.

She started by licking my anus. This I did not expect. Although I've never had this done before, I found it very exciting. At this point, I was sure that I was not her first woman. She licked my ass for what seemed like forever before she got to my clit. While she licked my clit, she started rubbing my anus with her finger. This was a new sensation. Just then my orgasm started unexpectedly, it was at that point that she shoved her finger into my anus which sent a bolt of electricity up my body. WOW! Now that was an orgasm. She simply smiled at me as I came down. Needless to say, we slept real well that night.

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