My Secret


"I love you , Jon. This will never, never happen again." We kissed. I believed her.

We slept together again, but had no sex for several days. Before we had sex she voluntarily went to her gynecologist for a check up and testing for STD's. This was before the era of HIV or Herpes.

I told her I did not want any more of the details. She tried to tell me but I steadfastly told her that knowing the details would only hurt me more. She never brought it up again except in the marriage counseling we underwent together.

Harold never brought it up again either. Sherrie had told him if he said anything that she would come into the doctors lounge and tell all the doctors what a little penis he had and how he was unable to satisfy her. He never mentioned her again.

I, on the other hand, had an issue with him. He was not going to get off Scot free. I did not confront him as I had to have time to come up with a much more sophisticated plan or justice and retribution.

I had Sherrie do some nosing around among the nurses and other staff as to Harold's sexual activities. She uncovered a ton of crap about him. One was one of the hospital's administrative staff whose family had been severely tested by the amorous Dr. McQueen. Another of the nursing staff also confessed to Sherrie of her marriage having been broken up. She was still on staff but no longer in the O.R. or surgical floors. Yet another was a nurse anesthetist who had had a longer affair with him and had even got pregnant by him but had had an abortion which he refused to pay for. She was especially angry at him. Sherrie even discovered one of the women who worked in the central supply had had an affair which had cost her, her marriage. All these women were angry at him. He always promised to be discreet but then just couldn't keep his secret. His need to brag always won out over his honesty.

As Sherrie delved deeper into allegations against him, the women began to tell of other women they thought had been with dear Harold. Some had no relationship to the hospital. Sherrie actually went to interview one of these sexually abused women. All were reluctant to reveal there infidelity but Sherrie had a way of comforting them and promising them their day would come, even if they never knew of it.

A plan was now taking form. I discussed it with Sherrie first. She was reluctant initially then became a prime mover. She talked to each of the other women about the concept. Each committed to be entirely discreet and keep our secret forever. Now we only had to wait for the perfect timing. Each person was assigned specific tasks which each undertook with cautious enthusiasm. Equipment was identified as were supplies and medications.

I met separately with each participant to get the plan organized. From the administrator I found out his Birthday. Fortunately it was only three weeks away. I decided that a Birthday party would be the perfect mode for action. Harold enjoyed such a foul reputation that few would voluntarily honor him with a party. The party was to be at a local five star hotel. Oddly, this is the hotel at which one of his victims was event coordinator. She was a willing and enthusiastic party to our plan. She would and did handle all "arrangements" to perfection.

The plans were ornate, appropriate to the tastes of a king. These were detailed to him in extravagant terminology in a specially designed ornate invitation delivered by hand to his apartment.

A luxury limo would pick him up at his apartment and transport him to the party of a life time . After all, this was his final birthday before he completed his training. In the limo was to be chilled Champaign and fresh strawberries. On arrival he would be escorted to the party room. His sexual pleasure was to be totally satisfied. After the party he would be transported back to his apartment in the luxury limo. He was to wear formal wear. Harold accepted, The hook was set.

What he did not know was that the only other party participants were also participants in our sordid plan

On the evening of his party, the limo appeared. One of his previous conquests escorted him to the limo. Dressed in a stunning evening dress, she was careful to flirt with him, touching him gently and seductively. In the limo was another of his previous conquests, also dressed seductively who flattered and flirted with him. He was served Champaign with fresh strawberries. His skills as a surgeon were praised without cease. He was complimented in everything he did and how he looked. The flattery set him at ease as these beauties continuously suggested how they would pleasure him at the party.

Arriving at the hotel, they entered via the VIP separate entrance, reserved for celebrities who wished to avoid the paparazzi. The separate VIP elevator was used. Neither Harold Nor any of the participants were viewed by the public. The hook sank deeper.

At the party all were signed in and verified by the events manager as being present. Documentation was going to be important and we did this. I was the only participant who attended unseen and I was the only male involved. I waited in the private serving area until my time arrived.

The room was adorned with Happy Birthday signs, balloons confetti and cards. A single nicely decorated table with wines, Champaign, various fruits and light hors d'oeuvre completed the charade. My precious Sherrie sat next to him, touching and gently caressing his arms as she filled his wine glass with Champaign. He grinned like the cat that had just swallowed the canary. Turning her back to him secretly she mixed a generous amount of ecstasy into his second Champaign serving.

Sherrie then stood and in her most formal voice called out for a toast to the honored guest and "doctor of the century". All the beautiful women, dressed in stunning sexy dresses raised their wine stems (filled with sparkling white grape juice) and toasted "THE Dr. McQueen" They wished him long life and continued successes to the pinnacle of celebrity status stardom. Good old Harold ate this praise up, and drank his tainted Champaign in a single gulp. He stood and thanked his 'subjects' for recognizing his prowess and superiority. The party continued with good food and much laughter. Harold gradually began to lose it.

Sherrie suggested he had had a little to much to drink and suggested he rest a few minutes, He readily agreed. His legs were wobbly as several of his beauties guided him on to rolling serving table with white sheets and pillow which mysteriously had appeared from a side room. Rapidly, the nurse anesthesiologist had both arms and hands restrained and the first dose of IV medication administered to him. He was immediately into lala land.

Appropriate monitoring was placed on him and a face mask delivering gas from an anesthesia machine begun to remove him temporarily from this world of pain. Sherrie had already produced a surgical pack and other rolling tables appeared where sterile fields were set up.

Enter now, the lowly Dr. Jon, subservient cuckold urologist. Quickly the team had Harold boy's trousers an shorts down to below his knees. His genital were shaved and sterilized with beta dynes. A sterile field isolated his genitals. By now, my ever efficient and organized Sherrie, the accomplished O.R. Nurse, had everything under control. Here we all were, surrounded by wine glasses, Champaign bottles, and party paraphernalia from the ceilings. A sterile surgical suite was magically set in the setting of gaiety. Spectators grinned and hi-fived as his genitals took front and center of our attention. One could almost see them glowing with soon to be reduced arrogance in the now bright lights

Silence pervaded the atmosphere. No one dared to breathe as the unbelievable was about to start. Yet, I sensed a spirit of joy, optimism mixed with a touch of anxiety and relief from all of us. Yet there was a tinge of sadness as we each recognized how he had injured our lives and stolen from each of us, that which should never have been shared. Our own weaknesses were shared with all the others. Perhaps we even felt a sense of grim determination to make this evil person pay in full, yet his payment would never relieve our distress from what he had done to us of our families. The doors had been locked as we stood gazing at the weapon that had injured so many. It was not really large yet we projected an evil face upon it.

"Ladies." I announced, "Justice and retribution is imminent. We are forever sworn to silence. We now must trust each other as never before. He who used you for his own perverted needs now stands before his accusers as jury and judges. You all only attended a party. He was never here. My dear wife, whom he violated needs some help to escort he who was never here to home. She needs two helpers. Who will volunteer to help our subject back to his apartment?"

Three others volunteered.

"Your services are accepted. Now we need a vote as this is our first, only and last chance to deliver justice. Do you want justice or mercy? Should this evil man escape to reap a lifetime of evil seductions and domination? If justice is your answer, do I take only the penis, only the testicles or both. I think the best is to amputate, leaving his testosterone making factories to fuel his lust for conquests but leaving him unable to have his prurient needs satisfied. What do you say?"

I looked each into their faces and each nodded silent agreement to the dastardly deed to be performed. Justice was to reign supreme. What ever mercy there was to be was in God's hands. Ours were to deliver justice and protect unsuspecting women he might meet in the future. We were in agreement and determined to proceed.

"Harold," I addressed the unconscious body laying splayed out in front of me, "I have waited for this day since you violate my precious Sherrie and sullied our marriage. Thank you for bragging about that one exploit. You will now enjoy a lifetime of unfulfilled and unrequited, continuing over stimulated sexual desires. Here's to your future." as I held the scalpel high with my right hand and pulled his circumcised penis into the air to it's maximum."

"Nurse, Mary, (our gas passer) is our good patient adequately under?"

"Yes, doctor." She smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

It took me exactly seven minutes to amputate the organ that had abused each of the women in the room and had made me a cuckold. I left just enough stump of his smaller than average cock so he could have an erection enough to rub painfully on his underwear. The entire head and most of the shaft was sacrificed. Bleeding was minimal. The sutures were subcutaneous, not requiring removal. A Foley Catheter was placed and taped into position.

"Let him up, Nurse Mary." I announced triumphal.

We placed a sheet over him and rolled him on the rolling serving table to the elevator and out to the waiting limo. Three very happy women helped the still drugged Harold in to the limo and subsequently to his apartment. He would remember nothing as the Ecstasy would assure that. I and the others helped clean up the room. That was the easy part. As the party was over, our events manager verified everyone's presence before we left for our homes or apartments. Our stories were repeated and corroborated again. We had had a great party together. Neither Harold nor I had been there. His invitation card had been retrieved and went into the trash bag. The limo had been rented using cash. Upon return the copies of drivers licenses were retrieved and the operators silence bought with five one hundred bills. The limo company's records showed that the limo had never been signed out that night.

All traces of surgery had been bundled into black plastic bags and deposited in the back of my old pickup truck. Subsequently these were placed without notice in the hospitals incinerator bin. The incinerator was scheduled to be fired up at 3 am. All traces disappeared. I slept well in the hospital that night.

Well as you might guess, all hell broke loose next day. The police were sniffing around everywhere. Rumors in the hospital were rampant. Seems like many were delighted. I had a solid excuse as I had been in the hospital all night. The emotionally injured administrator vouched for me. She had created proof that I had stayed the night in the hospital. The investigation finally cooled off. The police believed that a secret this big would come out eventually, then the perpetrators would be charged. No one was ever charged. I never let the good Doctor McQueen know I had been involved. He accused me and I reminded him that slander was a crime so unless he had some proof, he better keep his tongue as silent as his missing cock. He was the butt of many a comments, snickers and guffaws in the doctors lounge for years to come.

Harold never came into the doctors lounge again. He completed his residency and moved to the west coast to practice. Peace returned to the hospital staff.

I miss my Sherrie terribly but probably not as much as good old Harry ever missed his cock. Maybe he went gay. At least he learned how to take it up his ass.

Well, I have gained some modicum of pleasure from relating this my secret. In a way, it remains a pleasant secret as those others involved are now beyond my hearing. Hopefully they lay grinning in their coffins. I know I shall one day join them for an eternity of reunions around our liberation of spirit as justice was delivered.

My grieving for Sherrie has been relieved somewhat by telling our secret. We, the participants, were all faithful to each other to the end.

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What can we say?

Sherrie was a slut who didn't get punishment. Harry is able to talk his way into her panties in just 3 hours. That is a slut reaction. She knew what Harry was after as soon as he started talking tomore...

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