tagMind ControlMy Secret Gift Ch. 01

My Secret Gift Ch. 01


I stood at the window of my penthouse, looking out at the busy congested street three stories below me. At that moment, I would have given anything to have any one of their lives. I hated mine.

I looked around my gilded cage and blew out a frustrated breath. If my mother was alive to see this place she would be so proud. To my late mother, nothing was more important than money and wealth. She was a prostitute all her life so it was understandable to me why she felt that way. She never amassed what I did. Every trick she ever turned in her whole life couldn't amount to what I had sitting in my bank account right now.

There was a time when I turned seventeen and she tried to turn me into a dried up replica of her. She threatened me with death if I didn't open my legs up and help pay our rent. I was beyond livid with her. I ran away and lived on the streets for a year before I had had enough of hiding from dirty old and young perverts and starving. She welcomed me home with hugs and kisses as if she was the most loving mother on earth. I had picked up enough street smarts to know bullshit when I heard it so her act was nothing more than an act. I let it slide because I was hungry but I kept my eye on her. I wasn't stupid.

However, to my surprise, things were normal and quiet. I even went to night classes and received my GED. I even half forgave my momma and we became friends. My trust was in her was slowly being rebuilt.

One day, my mother came to me and said, "Layla, I think it's time for you to learn about the birds and bees. It's time for you to become a woman."

I was immediately up on my feet. I couldn't believe that I let myself relax. I couldn't believe that she was ready to shoot down any faith that I had in her. My heart turned to stone and I narrowed my eyes at her. If I had to, I would beat her ass like she was a random bitch in the streets.

"Oh come on, Layla. No one is going to touch you...unless you want them too." She giggled and I heard a knock on the door.

A tall man came in through the door wearing dark shades and a baseball cap. He wore a basketball jersey, baggy jeans, and pure white brand new looking tennis shoes. His cologne filled the air and he smiled at me.

"This is T, Layla...a good friend of mine." No sooner than she introduced T, another knock sounded at the door. I was getting very nervous.

"Come in, come in!" She ushered two more people into our tiny living room—another man and a woman. I had seen both around the neighborhood. The older woman waved at me and smiled. The man with her nodded and kept his eyes on me; raking me from head to toe with his leering looks.

I was disgusted and I turned away.

"Don't worry, ya'll. She's just a little stiff and scared of her own shadow. Don't pay her no mind."

I was pissed off. How dare she tell them that? I was no punk bitch and she knew it. I was about to tell her so when I heard the familiar sound of a gun cocking. I looked up to find the barrel of a forty-five staring right back at me. I swallowed the bile that slowly made its way up from my stomach to my mouth.

"She'll be cool." T said aloud. "Sit down." He told me and I obeyed.

The others began to laugh and I felt angry tears slid down my cheeks.

Then without warning, the woman dropped to her knees in front of the man she came with and unzipped his pants. My mouth flew opened when she fished out his average sized dick and put it into her mouth. She had no shame at all. She lovingly licked the underside of his dick and then nibbled on it from the head to the base. She slurped and sucked on his quickly hardening stick until he was groaning and thrusting his hips back and forth.

I wasn't completely naïve or innocent. I fooled around a little with some guys when I was in high school. I let a couple go down on me and eat my pussy until I came all over their faces. I even sucked a few deliciously big dicks. I never let them fuck me no matter how horny I was and I never accepted payment. I wasn't like my mother. I chose the guy...they didn't choose me and I wasn't doing anything unless I wanted to do it.

The woman had been giving the man a blowjob for nearly fifteen minutes. He kept saying, "I'm almost there...I'm almost there!" But unfortunately for the woman, he never would get there already.

"Maybe, you don't do it for him anymore, Tammy!" T laughed as he slapped my mother's ass. She giggle like a little girl...it was pathetic. "Maybe Rissa's daughter can finish you off! What do you say, Layla? You wanna put the poor man out of his misery?" He held his gun my way to remind me who was in charge and smiled.

In my head, I was screaming, 'JUST CUM, ALREADY! CUM HARDER THAN YOU EVER HAVE IN YOUR WHOLE FUCKIN' LIFE!' That's when something strange happened. The man came...hard...but so did Tammy, my mother, and T. Tammy shook like she had been electrocuted and fell backward onto the floor. The man who was getting the blow job squirted arc after continuous arc of jizz onto Tammy, who was twitching and sobbing. Pretty soon, he was clutching his heart and collapsed to the floor; his eyes glassy and staring at nothing. I screamed. The man died but no one rushed to his aid. His dick was still spitting cum and then piss but it stayed hard.

My mother fell to her knees writhing in ecstasy and clutching T's arm...the arm that was attached to the hand...that was attached to—you guessed it, the gun. I dove behind the couch and got on the floor. T wailed like a mad man and his gun went off. I peeked around the couch and saw that he just shot a hole in the floor. T was still cumming and I saw the biggest wet spot on the front of his pants.

Scared, inside my head, I yelled, 'OKAY...STOP!!!!!' The room went unnaturally quiet. All that was heard was the police sirens. I laid there and waited.

The police took T into custody for illegal possession and firing a weapon. T was too drained and weak to argue or care, as it seemed. He just turned and looked at me questioningly as he was led out the door in hand cuffs.

The man in who died was taken away in a body bag as Tammy cried uncontrollably. My mother sat quietly rocking herself; her tight jeans drenched with her own juices. It looked like she pissed on herself. The police asked me what had been going on because the others were in no shape to give a statement.

I told the officer that my mother had T pull a gun on me so that I had to not only watch sexual acts but eventually perform them too. The officer was disgusted and my mother was carted off mumbling incoherently; they took Tammy too. She admitted everything through tears and confirmed my story to the cops.

Soon, I was left alone in the apartment. I couldn't believe what had happened or what I had done. I basically caused a man to have a heart attack and brought down three other people—one with a gun, no lees...just by commanding them to cum without speaking out loud. I was stunned. I still didn't believe it but before I could think on it anymore, someone knocked on the door. It was probably a nosy neighbor, I told myself.

I was right. It was Malaysia Jackson from next door.

"Girl what happened?! Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Her concern was fake.

I could see her clique behind her whispering to each other as the other neighborhood kids and adults stood around to get the scoop. I was going to close the door in her face but my mother liked Malaysia and I wanted to use her as an experiment. I invited her in and told her a generic version of what happened. A man had a heart attack. T was caught with a gun that wasn't his. My mother and Tammy had warrants.

Malaysia was disappointed. She wanted to hear something juicy to take back to her stupid friends. I didn't care what she wanted but since she was sitting there on my couch, I decided to test her.

I looked at her and silently said, "Cum one time." I waited and then I watched her face patiently.

"Ohhhhh.... oh, shittttttt... ohhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkk!" She screamed. Her body arched off the couch.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you sick or something?" I had to play it off like I was innocent but I was intrigued and my heart was beating like crazy.

I watched her body jerk around and she cupped her crotch through her jeans. Her face was contorted with wanton pleasure and I studied her; feeling a little wet from the show myself. Finally, she stopped and she fell back onto the couch out of breath. Her crotch was wet but only a little. She looked a little spent but nothing like my mother and the others. She certainly didn't die...well, not in the dead-dead way.

I fixed my face to look at her incredulously and she had manners enough to look suitably embarrassed.

"I don't know what happened to me but I have to go. I'm so sorry!" She jumped up and ran out the door. I smiled as I watched her leave. It was my first taste of power. I wasn't scared of it and I loved it. With the memory of Malaysia's climax still on my mind; I dropped my shorts and panties and rubbed my clit until I reached a climax.

That's where it all started. Pretty soon I had everyone in the neighborhood cumming. I tried to get them to do other things but nothing came of it. The only thing I could force people to do was have orgasms. I could control the intensity and how many they had just by thinking it. I would see a guy walking down the street nonchalantly and make him cum, stopping him short as he shot off inside his pants. In a fast-food restaurant, I would make a church lady grip the table she sat at and cum long and hard, calling God's name over and over. I made a cab driver cum, causing him to hit the car in front of him. I even played with the prostitutes, making their johns cum before they even got the chance to touch them. I was so fun and sometimes...so erotic.

The only thing I couldn't do was make myself cum by just using my thoughts. I had to do it the old fashion way; with my hands or a vibrator.

I once invited a friend named Tim over and asked him to jack off in front of me. He was happy to do so if I took my top off and let him see my tits. I obliged and even tweaked my nipples for him. He fisted his erection and stared at me. He looked so sexy sitting there rubbing his seven inches of meat. I took my pants and underwear off and spread my legs for his viewing pleasure. He hissed as he watched me play with my pussy. When I was ready to see him cum; I just thought it and he began to yell as globs of cum poured out of his dick and down his hands. The sight of it made my nipples harden and another light stroke of my clit with my thumb brought me right over the edge. When I came down from my climax I immediately stopped poor Tim from cumming. He was in tears and his lap was completely covered with his own goop. He passed out and I guiltily put my clothes back on.

Those were the days. When I thought my "gift" was fun. I was careless and care free. However, life was not without its consequences.

With my mother in jail, there was nobody to pay the rent and the first eviction notice was taped to the outside of our door. I was in near panic. I had no job or income. I was not going to sell my pussy like my mother. I refuse.

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