tagIncest/TabooMy Secret Place Ch. 01

My Secret Place Ch. 01


"What do you mean, fishing's fun?" scoffed my sister, "I can't think of anything worse, to be honest!"

"It is fun and it's really enjoyable too," I assured her with a smile as I knelt down outside the back door while I untangled and sorted a heap of old tackle, "It's lovely, it's relaxing and you're out there, sometimes miles from anywhere; it's peaceful and quiet and..."

"...Boring," she added, "Nothing to do, just smelly fish to look at. Nah, not for me."

It was Friday evening and she was prowling around, bored and fed up when she found me preparing for a day out fishing.

I'd discovered a smallish lake hidden away in the extensive grounds of an old derelict house; one of the many large homes that dotted the English countryside. This one had seemingly escaped the developer's notice and had now become merely a pile of old bricks and a substantial area of overgrown wilderness. The lake was probably a thing of beauty to the residents but now, to me, it was even nicer in it's more natural surroundings. The fish seemed to be fairly plentiful and appeared to be big and healthy too and not only that they didn't seem to be used to being fished and so bait cast almost anywhere was taken with enthusiasm. With the estate and lake being in the middle of rural England, the fish were mainly bream and roach with some nice sized perch thrown in - a fair mixture for me to enjoy and while I doubted that I'd break any records there my exploratory fishing outings had already netted me several decent specimens.

I loved fishing as a hobby and also anything to do with the countryside and one of my delights was to take myself off to find some peaceful backwater, somewhere as far from civilisation as England allowed, where nature had hopefully reasserted her rights. It was while exploring the countryside that I came across this estate and the large empty shell of a house, finding the grounds to be full of wildlife and the lake to be delightfully unkempt and solitary - my own secret place. I had no option but to explore the water and when I found there were fish in there I was delighted - so much so that I was off for another outing there tomorrow - and this time I was making it a full day of fishing.

My sister was prowling and bored because she'd been grounded for the weekend after coming home late and in a 'worse for wear' condition a few days ago; in other words well and truly pissed and well past her deadline too.

My sister and I still lived at home because although we'd both moved into our 20's our parents refused to take rent or housekeeping money from us so it was economically very sensible for us to stay at home. Perhaps the free board and lodgings was our parent's way of keeping an eye on us but we accepted the limitations thus far, irksome as they may have been on occasion.

Certainly staying out late and getting pissed were two actions guaranteed to irritate them, which was why my sister was grounded.

On the other hand, giving my parents the story that I was doing some fishing was a good enough reason and excuse to stay out as long as I liked. Sure, it was usually a genuine story but occasionally it was one that I used to enjoy a night of debauchery with assorted friends while Sharon on the other hand had no such escape route.

Quite honestly though I couldn't see the sense in getting severely pissed. My driving licence, my freedom, maybe my job and certainly my bank balance might well suffer substantially were I to be so stupid so I stuck to my pastimes and relatively innocent pleasures - pleasures as diverse as reading, cycling, fishing and sex. Reading could be done at home of course but any opportunity for sex or fishing would make me break any rule!

Speaking of pleasures, my sister wasn't currently one of them - she was getting on my nerves right now. On the whole we got on well together and at times even became good friends as we passed the time together and helped out around the house. Normally though she'd leave me alone as I prepared for a fishing outing but today she was hanging around and generally being a nuisance.

"How can you handle those smelly things," she continued as she edged around the pile of tackle, "I bet they're slimy and wriggly and horrid."

"Oh, fish are always slippery and wriggly and I'll admit that they're cold but they're not horrid," I answered, concentrating on a selection of floats, "And anyway I'm not constantly catching them so the rest of the time I can spend just watching all the birds and the insects and the animals."

"What, you see those as well!" said my quickly animated sister, "Oh that's not so bad, I don't mind those. What animals do you see?"

Her normal environment was the local town, a place hardly known for it's natural wildlife.

"All sorts, although I only see them occasionally; you know, just small creatures like mice and hedgehogs sometimes and the occasional fox and deer," I said, "Oh, and I've seen badgers a couple of times too - and rabbits of course."

"Oh how amazing," she said, suddenly interested now, "And the birds, do you see many birds?"

"Loads usually - all sorts," I said, "They like those quiet places."

"Wow, I'd love to be there to see all that," she said dreamily as she squatted down beside me and draped an arm over my shoulder, "It must be lovely..."

She went silent as she watched me, then suddenly squeezed my shoulder, pressing herself against me.

"You wouldn't take me with you, would you?" she said, her breath whispering against my cheek, her arm tightening around me.

The suggestion hit me hard, because it was so alien to my knowledge of my sister that I just sat there on the ground, with my mouth hanging open and I only managed to snap my mouth shut when I remembered her delight in feeding birds in the garden - so perhaps she did have some nice attributes! I shook my head as if to clear away such an outlandish idea.

My sister Sharon may well look good in her own environment because she's a tall but curvy person and far more at home in tight jeans, loose blouses and high heels; in clubs and bars and in noisy and busy places, so the thought of her sitting out there fishing was all wrong.

Sharon appears to be more suited to a photographic studio. Her hair is usually brunette, fairly long and generally straight, occasionally drifting across her face but more often than not tied back into a ponytail. Her face is usually covered in makeup but even without it she's still remarkably pretty. Her cheeks glow naturally; her nose is straight and perfectly proportioned; her eyes are deep and warm and her lips are full and wide and have that cute little upturn at the extremities. She also has a way of biting her lower lip that always sends sexy shudders through me even though I shouldn't think that way of my sister. Mum's always telling her to do without all her makeup - that she doesn't need it - but it's as much a part of her as her clothes are - part of her uniform, I guess. Her uniform, because she works in a local beautician so she needs to look good and of course she always tarts herself up when she goes out at night.

Obviously Mum and I know best though because underneath all the gunk there's a very pretty girl who can be warm and friendly too, which is just as well because I have to put up with her!

I'm Chris, as you know and at 23 I'm just over six feet tall. Sharon's a couple of years younger than me, by the way. I'm nicely solid thanks to my daily workout, my cycling, my countryside wanderings and my general attempts at eating well and I look quite good in my opinion. I keep my hair short and my face clean shaven and I like to think that I'm quite wholesome; a 'decent' guy, fit to accompany any nice young lady. Obviously I've had plenty of girlfriends but probably because of my 'at home' existence I don't have a steady girlfriend, more's the pity. One day I'll settle down - one day after I leave home I guess...

I work not far away as a junior office manager in a local business - my status really meaning that I was the 'gopher' so far as I could tell but my boss says we all have to start at the bottom. Huh, that's his story... One day perhaps I'll be able to tell someone to fetch my files and tea instead...but for now I was at least on the first step of the corporate ladder.

But Sharon's words had really shocked me. No way had she ever shown any interest in my rural pursuits but suddenly she'd swung around and was actually asking to come with me.

"You wouldn't like it," I said, dismissing her request and knowing I just had to be right, "Lot of walking then sitting around waiting for a bite."

"I don't mind the walking and while you're fishing I'd be able to watch and you'd be there to talk to," she said as she began rubbing her hip against me, "And you'd let me use your binoculars, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, of course I would," I said feeling Sharon's hand caressing my shoulder, "Anything for you sis."

She turned her head and dropped a big warm smacking kiss on my cheek before bouncing to her feet happily.

"You're a super brother to have," she said brightening hugely, "I'll go and get my things ready."

"Hey, we're going tomorrow morning, not right now," I reminded her, "And don't take too much rubbish - you'll have to carry it, not me."

I had my kit well organised so that I could easily carry my fishing box, my rods, my food and drink as well as my collapsible tent and umbrella but I had visions of Sharon bringing suitcases of clothes with her!

She disappeared, leaving me dazed and amazed and not a little aroused. Sharon was a sexy little minx and had obviously used some of her charm on me, with her nudging hip, her gentle hand and her soft lips and I found myself having to push my risen cock into a more comfortable position. I couldn't help becoming aroused - she was young, sexy, female and alluring and even just the gentle scent of her body was enough to excite me, brother or not.

I found myself gazing after her swaying, curvy, disappearing back before I could drag my mind back to my chore.

After I'd finished I went and asked my dad if our combined outing would meet with his approval and once he'd had a quick word with mum he gave me the nod. They already knew that I was going out but now there was the added complication of Sharon's inclusion but they trusted me.

"You'll look after her properly, won't you," he said firmly, "Don't even let her out of your sight."

"And don't let her drink anything either," added mum, imitating chugging at a bottle, "You know what I mean."

"Sure mum, no problem," I said, "No pubs where we're going."

I turned back to dad.

"I already told you I'll probably be out until late," I added, now that I felt safe to ask them, "All depends on the fishing, so will that still be ok?"

"So long as she's with you we don't mind," dad replied, patting my back, "It's the weekend - stay out all night if you want to."

"Haha!" laughed mum, knowing Sharon as well as I did, "I can't see your sister wanting to do that, not without her booze and music and stuff."

"No drink or music," I agreed happily, "I promise."

I updated Sharon and advised her about suitable clothing then returned for a final check-over of my gear and within an hour I was ready. The evening was moving on so I grabbed a quick late snack then headed upstairs for an early sleep ahead of an early start and thought I'd better remind Sharon so I knocked on her door.

There was silence for a few moments and I thought that perhaps she'd gone to sleep early but then her voice piped up.

"Come in Chris, I know it's you," her voice said, "What's up?"

I pushed the door open and there was my sister sitting cross-legged on her bed scanning her phone and once again my mouth fell open. She was obviously ready for bed and was in a remarkably see-through powder puff pink nightie that hid very little. Her generous breasts were entirely visible, her small darker pink nipples pointing at me, capturing my gaze and she noticed.

"What's up - too much for you am I!" she sniggered as she put her phone down, "Sorry Chris, I hadn't really expected you to come in at this time of night."

"Ermmm - so I see!" I managed to say, "Aren't you looking good!"

"Of course I am!" she said, her eyes and mouth both smiling at me, "So what's up, Chris?"

I could hardly say that what was 'up' was my erection so I looked down at the floor instead.

"Just wanted to remind you that we're off early in the morning," I said, "I'll give you a call if you like - around sevenish."

My gaze was now frozen again and my mouth had fallen open once more, because on a towel on the floor beside the bed was a large cock-shaped vibrator.

My mouth opened and shut like a fish out of water until Sharon's voice reached me through my fog.

"I said that would be good," she said, "Didn't you hear me?"

"Uhhh what?" I spluttered, "Oh, err yeah, good - umm ok, I'll see you then. Sleep well."

"Let me give you a goodnight kiss then," said Sharon as she slid quickly off the bed, "Thank you Chris, you're brilliant."

She stood up and as she did so the dark triangle of her pubic fuzz inside her thin panties became very visible to me, stirring me so thoroughly that I was unable to even move away.

Quickly she crossed the room to me with her arms outstretched, then folded them around my neck, hugging me into a warm soft embrace. Her sweet soft lips found my mouth and pressed against mine, accompanied by a warm and thrilling humming sound.

"Mmmmm," she said, "You're a super brother!"

I could feel the firmness of her breasts pressing against me and the heat that seemed to emanate from her loins caused me to shudder, until I managed to kiss her cheek and push her away from me, my hands wanting to linger on her smooth nightie and on her firm and warm flank.

"Come on, I'm off to bed," I succeeded in saying, "See you in the morning."

I stepped back out of the bedroom and closed her door then stood there, panting, quivering and very aroused.

"What the hell's happening," I muttered to myself as I meandered into my bedroom, mentally and physically shaken.

I stood still as I pondered on the events of the past few hours. Why on earth was Sharon suddenly so friendly? Did she have a secret stock of alcohol that she was imbibing? She didn't do drugs so I soon dispelled that idea and I'd have smelled something on her breath by now if she was drinking, so what else?

I was nonplussed, unable to fathom out the reason for her apparent delight in stirring me but I eventually put it down to my getting our parents to let her stay out and I resolved that I'd make sure that she behaved properly while in my care. Once I'd settled that matter in my mind I nodded to myself, undressed, climbed into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

I awoke a couple of minutes before my alarm was due to go off at six and sat up, instantly feeling somewhat worried about my decision. Would Sharon behave herself - or would it be better to let her sleep on?

No, I couldn't let her down, so once I'd risen, peed, washed, dressed and readied a quick breakfast I packed everything in my car and checked that I hadn't missed anything. Then, with seven o'clock approaching I headed up to her room and opened her door - quickly dragging it closed again the moment I saw what was happening inside her room.

There on her bed lay Sharon, her panties missing, her nightie pulled up, her hips raised, her legs wide spread and her large vibrator embedded between her legs!

"Fuck!" I heard her say through the door and a minute or two later the door was pulled open by my tousled and flushed sister.

"You didn't see that - forget it!" she hissed, "I didn't notice the time."

"Yeah, well, umm I was coming to wake you up but apparently you beat me to it," I said as I tried to cover my blushes and excitement, "Got horny did you?"

"Shut up!" Sharon replied, "I said forget it, now come on, remind me, what am I supposed to wear today?"

My eyes scanned her body now and immediately I wished that I hadn't done so. I'd already seen more than enough but now, just a couple of feet from me her generous and thinly clad breasts swayed perfectly while her pussy seemed to draw my attention to it's unclad state. A waft of her sexual arousal hit me as she came closer, no doubt accompanied by a secret wave of pheromones and I found it hard to concentrate,

"Umm, more than you are now," I suggested, doing my best to remain aloof from her charms, "Put a loose skirt on, you know, nothing tight - you'll probably be sitting down a fair bit and jeans and stuff might be a bit uncomfy. Flat shoes too, by the way and it'll be hot later on so don't bother with any heavy stuff."

"Ok, good thinking," she answered as she turned and walked away, "Yeah, I've got a skirt that'll do and I'll just wear a blouse or something."

"Sensible," I said unable to come up with anything better as I watched her tight and barely covered little arse sway across the room.

"You won't mind if I don't wear a bra then," she added, "I don't want that digging in either."

At this moment I wished that I was wearing something looser so that my erection could have room to move and I was unable to answer now. I shook my head then nodded, confused and shocked.

"Ok, give me five minutes and I'll be down," she said, "Make me a cuppa will you?"

The excuse to leave was ideal and before she appeared downstairs I was more composed and my cock had settled back into a semi risen state. By the time I'd finished my breakfast and she'd finished her cuppa I was ready at the door with my car keys in my hand.

"Ok, I'm fit," she said as she put her mug in the sink, "Let's go."

Instead of just walking through the door, she slid past me, brushing her breasts against my chest and her torso against my belly and smiling broadly at me. Apart from a feeling of fullness inside me she also left behind a waft of wonderful perfume, the one I knew she applied when she was going out at night.

"Sorry about earlier," she said quietly as she kissed my cheek, "Didn't expect you to open the door."

"Yeah well," I muttered, "At least you enjoyed yourself."

"Yeah, I needed it," she said, seemingly entirely unembarrassed, "Bet you do much the same, don't you?"

"Shut up," I hissed, not wishing to discuss my masturbatory habits, "Come on, let's get going."

"It's going to be such fun!" she enthused, as we quietly closed the door behind us, her words leaving me wondering what on earth she expected from our fishing trip.

We piled into the car and set out with a generous hour of travel ahead of us but as it was early the roads were quiet and we both remained silently absorbed until we'd almost arrived.

"Right, here we are, well nearly," I said and Sharon sat upright and looked around eagerly.

I'd turned onto a small and unkempt paved road which now scrolled through some fields. I made a couple more turns and then after some few more minutes driving I turned off into an unpaved and overgrown entrance. Some big stone pillars were vaguely visible through the verdant growth that flourished everywhere.

"This is the place," I said as I eased the car forward slowly, "There's a place I can stop round the corner, out of sight."

The bushes almost closed behind us as we drove ahead and Sharon now sat bolt upright.

"Out of sight - I'll say it is!" she said quietly, "It's amazing, so peaceful, so secret."

"I don't think anyone would ever know we were here," I added as I stopped the motor, "I love it."

We climbed from the car, each of us almost silent as we let the sounds of nature surround us. There was a light wind rustling the trees above us, birds sang and flitted all around, bees buzzed industriously but equally as noticeable was that there were absolutely no human noises at all.

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