tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Secret Revealed

My Secret Revealed


A short time ago I got an email asking if my family, friends or co-workers knew about my frequent lack of clothing. Well my family and co-workers still don't know but a few friends know about it now. I knew sooner or later some people close to me would find out about me. I had thought it would be when I was ready to divulge my little secret.

However circumstances beyond my control led to my friends finding out. I said that I would tell the story so here it is. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows about Ed. He is the one who continues to encourage me to be more daring and watches out for my safety.

He also had not yet met any of my friends, as I was not ready to have them find out about my secret life. So I kept him, my friends & family separate. Well they are separated no longer.

I had been talking to Ed telling him that I really want to try and be naked for a longer period of time with no access to any clothes, but that I still have my fears and that I think

I need to take baby steps to this goal. We made plans to go out on a Saturday afternoon and agreed we would go to places where we had gone before that had no problem with my lack of clothing.

It was also agreed that I would leave the house naked and would remain that way until Ed brought me home later that night. When Ed arrived we had a drink before leaving my house. It was a very nice day out so the temperature was not going to be a problem. I took a deep breath as I walked out the door totally naked and barefoot, I didn't even wear any jewelry.

My goal today was to see if I had it in me to walk out naked and stay that way for the afternoon and evening. If I succeed with this then I hope to do it again but for a longer time and a greater distance from home. We decided that we would first go for drinks and food at a place that had said we were always welcome in there.

A short while later we arrived at the bar/restaurant and it looked like it was a little busier than the last time. I felt those pangs of fear I get before getting naked in public but I also could feel the excitement building as I entered the bar.

The bartender ( who I later found out is also the owner) had a great big smile when he saw me walk in behind Ed. I was immediately the center of attention as everyone around the bar and at the tables stared at me.

As my friend Adrianna once said, I like her am an attention whore so that's why I love being the only naked person in a place full of clothed people. As soon as I knew that I was not going to run into any problems from anyone I relaxed and just enjoyed myself. We sat at the bar and had a drink then we made the move to a table in the center of the restaurant to eat and just enjoy everything.

We were in no hurry and I was very pleased to spend the next few hours there. I made several trips to the bar and a trip or two to the ladies room. I was feeling so relaxed and pleased with myself. Soon though Ed thought it was time to shake things up a bit so we said goodbye to Rick the owner and made our way back to the car.

I of course began to wonder where we were off to next and Ed said we were going to another bar we had been to before that had a pool table and jukebox. We had only been there once or twice before but as like the last place my lack of clothes never caused a problem. Once again we were greeted warmly as we entered.

It looked like maybe one or two older females with men there were not so thrilled with my arrival. They didn't say anything but the looks on their faces said it all. Not long after our arrival a few couples left as the women gave me glaring looks. As long as the staff there had no problem with me being there I didn't care what others thought.

We sat and had a drink as I enjoyed all of the compliments and the questions about why I would do such a thing. I heard from guys who said they wish their wife or girlfriend would be this daring. After a while Ed and I decided to go play pool. The pool table was in the back which was partially separated from the bar.

I had been here before with Ed but never with any of my friends. I never gave a thought to seeing anyone I knew because it was far enough away from my home and not a place any of my close friends had ever mentioned.

I was having the greatest time playing pool knowing that I was once again the center of attention. I had been naked for more than a few hours now and I knew that I would have to stay that way until I got home. I told Ed I needed to go to the ladies room which was in in the front between the pool room and the bar.

The jukebox was just outside the pool room against the wall in the path to the ladies room. As I started to make my way through the opening to the front room I stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting at a table between me and the ladies room were three of my friends.

My first thought of course was that Ed had set me up. As I stepped back into the pool room I realized that he had never met my friends so there was no way he had done this.This was just one of my biggest fears being realized. I went back to Ed and he could tell I was shook up about something.

I told him that three of my friends were sitting right on the other side of the wall. I really had to use the ladies room and there was no way I could get there without being seen by my friends. I asked Ed if he had by chance brought any emergency clothes for me in the car. I really already knew that answer which of course was no.

I asked if he would at least take off his button down shirt for me to put on but that wasn't going to happen either. I really didn't have many choices to choose from. I could run out through the bar and outside to pee and hope that my friends would not realize the naked blur was me. I would of course have to hope that Ed would follow me outside to let me in the car.

It was getting cooler by now so I would not want to be stranded outside for very long. My only other choice was to pull myself together and go to the ladies room and then try and explain my nakedness to my friends. I was at the point that I was soon going to be standing in a puddle of pee if I didn't do something soon.

I mustered up all of my courage and moved as fast as possible past everyone and flew through the door of the ladies room and into a stall. I felt so much better, but I knew that if by some chance my friends didn't notice me as I ran past them that they would on my way back. My other choice was to just make myself comfortable and hope that they left soon.

I remained sitting in the stall for what seemed like an hour but in reality it was about 10 minutes. There was another stall and several times I heard someone enter and use the next stall. I stayed quiet as I tried to find a way out of this situation. I finally worked up the nerve to exit the stall and go peek out to the tables to see if my friends may be gone.

I saw they were still there with what looked to be a fresh round of drinks. I knew they were not going to be leaving anytime soon. I had planned to someday confide in some of my friends, two of which were at the table. This wasn't the way I planned on them finding out.

I had to do something soon, then I saw Ed coming my way. I hoped he had changed his mind about giving me his shirt but when I asked he said no. He said that this is all part of the chance I take going naked like this. H said at some point you are bound to run into someone who knows you somehow. He tried to convince me to just act as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

At this point my knees were trembling and I imagined my friends thinking terrible things about me. I knew that it was my fault I was in this situation and so I decided it was now or never as I grabbed Ed's hand for support and started my walk out to the tables.

I had taken just a few steps when I saw my friend Jenna look right at me with a look of disbelief just before she said "Nikki" very loud. My other friend Val turned and looked also. They were sitting with Matt who is a friend of Jenna. I had met him just a couple of times. After the initial shock wore off Jenna came rushing over and asked if I was ok.

She wanted to know if I had been assaulted, who this guy was that was holding my hand and why I was naked. I stammered as I said that I was ok and had not been assaulted or anything. I said that maybe we could go into the back room where there was less of a crowd.

It seems that when Jenna yelled she caught everyone's attention which caused everyone to look my way. Now everyone in the place knew that there was a naked female in the room.We walked back into the pool room followed by Val & Matt.

Both Val & Jenna offered to get me a coat to cover up but Ed said that it was not necessary. As I began trying to explain about my desire to be naked in public Ed went and got us a round of drinks. It took awhile to get them to really understand that I was not being forced to do this and that I was in no danger.

They asked how it all started and I told them about getting locked out naked. I told them that I wanted to tell them but thought they would think bad things of me. Val said she couldn't understand why I would do this but Jenna who tends to dress a bit sexier said she could sort of understand.

She said she likes the attention she gets when wearing a miniskirt or a sexy top. Matt took it all in saying nothing as he continued to eye me up and down.I could see that Jenna was beginning to accept it and I thought maybe someday she may just join me. Val seemed to be having the most trouble understanding what would make someone who she thought to be totally sane do such a thing.

Finally I thought maybe we had all been through enough for one night and said maybe I should be getting home. The question of where my clothes were had never come up. Jenna was the one who finally asked where my clothes were. When I told her that I had left my house like this and had been naked for at least six hours she looked amazed.

I could see that Matt was shifting his weight from one foot to another, apparently to adjust the bulge I could see in his pants. None of them believed that I had actually left home like this so I decided to prove it.

I invited them to follow us back to my house for a drink and they could see that I had no clothes anywhere with me inside or out in the car. They all watched in amazement as I walked through the bar and outside into the chilly night air. They walked with us to Ed's car and once inside

I showed them that there were no clothes anywhere. Ed opened the trunk at my request and showed them that it was also free of any type of clothing, blankets or anything else. Just before we started to drive to my house Ed cranked up the heat and put the top down. We drove back to my house and my friends watched again seemingly astonished as I got out and walked naked up to my house and went inside.

They came in and we all sat around while we had a drink and I once again answered whatever questions they had. I told them that I had been posting my adventures on the internet. I thought maybe they may want to read them sometime.

I have seen Jenna a few times since that night and I think that she is very intrigued by all of this. Needless to say that night was one of the most exciting I had up till that point. I have of course had a few other experiences that I will post when I can.

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