tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Secret Revealed Ch. 04

My Secret Revealed Ch. 04


After Karen had me well under control, I was wearing panties all the time. I had begun wearing a bra that she had bought for me while she was out of town. Our latest love making session consisted of me wearing the panty to her sheer white gown set. She had let me out of my chastity device to make love to her. Of course, I had to satisfy her orally first. I was now comfortable ingesting my own cum whether it be directly from a glass, off her body or out of her pussy. I was more that comfortable with the taste and really relished the texture of it sliding down my throat. The key feature, however, was that she wanted me to do it. I wanted more than anything to please her. It was just a bonus that I now enjoyed eating my own cum.

The morning after, she suggested that I try on some of her gowns. We were fortunate that we were near the same size around. She was taller than I, but I never felt like that was a problem. Now that I was becoming her submissive sexually, it heightened the illusion of her superiority. I never felt like she was belittling me in our normal lives, but sexually she was definitely in charge. The feeling of being submissive to her made me feel more alive and able to enjoy our fetishes even more. She ran her business and I ran my business. We consulted with each other on occasion, but she was never in charge of my decisions. I loved having an equal partner with business savvy. It was a comforting thought to have her experience available if I needed it.

We modeled some of her gowns and decided what was most attractive on me. Also what was more comfortable to sleep and lounge in. As the morning wore on, she suggested that we go shopping later. I spent about three hours catching up on my business activities for the day and she attended to her job also. Mid-afternoon, she stuck her head in my office door and asked if I was ready for shopping. We went to a mall across town and browsed gowns in the lingerie department. She picked out a sheer navy short one for me and also a long pink one. The short one had panties, but the long gown of course did not.

"Let's go look at some bras for your honey."

"Uh, together?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. We wear the same band size so we know what to buy."

We went down to Victoria's Secret and began browsing the bras. They were pretty, but expensive. Karen chastised me for complaining about the prices.

"Dear, you must buy good quality foundations. Both for looks and comfort. You are worth the best."

A sales lady came by and asked if she could help us. Karen thanked her and asked if they had some of the newer styles she had seen advertised. The young lady led us over to another aisle and showed some very pretty cupped bras.

"Oh," Karen said, "That is exactly what I was looking for."

"Let's see," the young lady asked as she removed a few from the racks. "You look to be a D?"

"Actually, we are more interested in 36A and 36B." Karen interjected.

"Yes, of course." Our A cups are a little more limited, but we still have a very good selection of these uplifting new bras. And the other racks you were just looking at have many A cups also. Do you like these colors?"

Karen looked at me and inquired with her eyes.

"Uh, yes, I like navy and peach." I squeezed an answer out to my own amazement.

The young lady, Becky, her name tag said, placed the D cups back and pulled out two A cups and two B cups in size 36.

"You should try these on." She said while making eye contact with both of us.

Karen and I followed her back to the changing rooms and entered. Becky told us to feel free to take our time. She said she would be nearby in case we needed another size


"Just call out and tell me what you would like and I will bring others if you like."

I stripped down to my panties as Karen instructed.

"You want to get a good look at how the bras will look with your panties. You can match panties and bras later, but seeing the whole picture is the first step in selecting lingerie. Some of the bras look great, but you must match to your physique. See?"

She was right. I noticed the fit as well as the overall effect. We selected three bras. When we walked out of the changing room, Becky asked if we wanted to try on some other ones. Karen gave her our selections and placed the others on a rack to be restocked. On the way to the register, Becky pointed out some soft sleep bras that she thought we might like. Karen and I selected one each.

After we checked out and left the store, I remarked to Karen how professional the sales lady was. "Do you think she knew that the bras were for me?"

"Of course, she knew."

"But she didn't act surprised when you corrected her on the cup size."

"Karl, she is in sales. She would sell lingerie to a camel if one came in. I am sure you are not the only guy who loves wearing lingerie."

I thought about that and wondered to myself. I had never seen men wearing panties before. I am sure everyone would be just as careful as I had been. Karen had never caught me wearing panties. Except for a few close calls, I was successful in hiding my fetish. Now that it was out in the open, I felt sorry for others who share my fetish and must continue keeping it as secret because of fear.

That evening Karen had me model the bras. We picked out one for me to wear the following day. I pulled on as soft cup camisole type sleep bra to sleep in. With my satin panties and the bra, I slept comfortably. Karen wore a flimsy baby doll with no panties. I performed oral sex on her. After two huge orgasms, she kissed me and we fell asleep. I was content to bring her to orgasm without her letting me out of my cage.

The next morning, Karen asked me, "Do you trust me, Karl?"

"Yes, of course I trust you." I answered.

"I have something I want to ask of you. As always, you can say no."

I was curious especially since she waxed very serious before she asked the question. What could it possibly be that she showed some reluctance to ask me? I thought everything was on the table already.

"You see, Karl, I have a couple of friends in New York. Work friends really. I have known both of them for many years. I met them at different times while I was on work sites. We sometimes had lunch together and later on started meeting for drinks after work. We developed fast friendships and became confidants really. One of them, Sally, has been a little put off that I have not shared much detail about our lives after we got married. You see, we would use each other for sounding boards about our relationships. In doing so, we became comfortable with sharing intimate details. I mean, nothing was off the table. Sal was especially descriptive of her lovers. She freely shared details such as cock size, sexual variations and, well, you know, just girly talk. She thinks I am hiding something from her. But she said that well before I discovered what really turns you on. It's just that marriage is a whole different level for me. I have always considered it so. That is one of the reasons that I never married before. I just hadn't found someone who was more important than just a lover."

She continued, "I have a trip coming up to New York and Sally wants to get together. I know it will be fun, but I am reluctant to be alone with her. She will bug me to death with all the questions about our sex life. What I am asking is for you to come to New York with me so I don't have that much time with Sal alone. Whatever comes up can be said in front of both of us."

"Wait, Honey, really? You want me to accompany you so your friend doesn't ask too many questions?"

"Would you, Karl? Please."

"I don't know if I can stand that much girl talk."

"Two or three evenings, I promise. I will be working most of the days and you have all your business on your computer. We can catch some shows or go clubbing or whatever you want to do. We will probably meet my other friend, Jill, also."

Something told me that I would be getting in over my head. I did trust Karen, but I had no reason to trust her friends. She explained that she wanted me present to discourage any historical comparisons. I was worried that some of the historical comparisons might leave me uncomfortable. However, I agreed.

A week later we were off to The Big Apple. We arrived at our hotel around mid-day. Karen went straight to her client's headquarters and I settled down to pay some bills and finish some quotes. That evening we were going to meet Sally for dinner. We left for the restaurant at around seven. Karen had not described either of her friends to me. It was a pleasant surprise when Karen walked up to a tall auburn haired woman. I swear she had the body of Nicole Kidman. Tall, very tall. However she was much curvier. I would say she was sporting a big G pair of breasts with no bra on. Her dark green dress draped across the front leaving her cleavage wide open for inspection. Otherwise the dress was fashionable, just below the knee. A beautiful formal with the enticing neckline.

Karen introduced us.

Sally quipped, "So this is the marvelous man who took you off the market, Honey?"

"Karl, she has told me so much about you, I feel like I know you already."

I assumed that this was just my general background and business. After we were seated, I felt more comfortable as Sally kept peppering me with questions about my business. She had heard that I was very successful and how I went out on my own to start my business. There was never a hint that Karen had shared even the slightest of details about our sex life. We finished off two bottles of wine during dinner. By the time we were finished, we were all feeling quite giddy and Sally was sharing some of her recent romantic details with Karen. Sally suggested we get a cab and go to her apartment for drinks and to show us her place.

Karen asked, "So I take it, Sally, that there is no live-in boyfriend right now?"

"Correct," Sally shared. "I have turned quite casual since Don and I broke it off. Although, I do miss his big cock sometimes. It was getting to where it was more trouble than it was worth. He got kind of clingy and had trouble accepting that I had a much better job than he did. I was gone quite a bit, but you guys seem to make it work."

We made it back to Sally's apartment and she began mixing high balls for all of us. She and Karen were sharing old memories of past boyfriends when Sally asked, "What ever happened to Hugh?"

"We lost track of each other over time."

"I am surprised you didn't keep in touch. After all you used to call him "HUGE".

"Stop, Sally. No need to get in to that in front of Karl."

Sally gave a hearty chuckle and asked, "So, Mister Businessman, I guess there is plenty of junk down there to make her forget about "Mr. HUGE?"

I didn't know how to answer, but Karen came to my rescue. "Now that is just the kind of question that I wanted to avoid. That is why I asked Karl to come with me. I miss you terribly, Girl, but you are way too inquisitive. How would you like it if I asked about Chris in front of your date?"

Sally broke into a sly grin. "I would love to talk about Chris in front of my date. He was a great guy, not much in the size department, but he was devoted. I could have married him, but I thought it might not be fair. He was so easy to control. He would do anything for me. Still does. He just needs to decide what he wants in a relationship."

Karen asked, "You mean you still see him?"

"Yes on occasion. I still have a need from time to time and he gives the best head of any man I have been with. He is better than most women I have been with."

"Sally." Karen chided her.

"Oh, Karl, I certainly did not mean your Karen. That was back in my younger days. Anyway, Chris is a real sweet guy."

I was curious about what Sally had said about oral sex with other women and also what she had said about Chris. We had all had a few drinks so I picked up on the thread of how long the women had known each other. Sally winked and said, "Over ten years, I guess, we know all the sexual preferences of each other.

"And what are Karen's preferences?" I asked foolishly.

Sally cut a glance at Karen.

"We have no secrets, Sally, but none of our histories seemed relevant once we decided to get married." Karen stated.

"So, Karl knows about the two guys you fucked one night?"

Karen laughed, "Well, he does now."

I looked at Karen and asked, "Care to elaborate?"

"It is not a secret. I met two guys at a holiday party for one of my client's company. These two guys kept hitting on me and trying to outdo each other. After a night of that and all of us drinking, I invited them both back to my room. Neither one wanted to go if the other went, but that was what they had to do to get in my panties that night. It was wild. I made them undress each other and hold each other's cocks to see who got to go first. The larger cock got to go first. The other guy got sloppy seconds. It turned out that they were both well hung. I mean this big."

She held her hands wide apart at what looked like ten or eleven inches. I assumed that she had exaggerated for the shock value of the story.

"Yeah, we used to tease Karen about being a size queen." Sally volunteered.

Karen said, "Well, Sally, you kept Chris around for the S&M thrill more than his ability to suck your pussy."

"That's true, but he looked so pretty in his maid's uniform. I mean this guy really looked hot in makeup, stockings and stilettos. It was almost like reliving some of the girl sex I had."

For someone who wanted to keep the conversation on a higher plane, Karen was having no problem striking back at Sally.

Sally responded, "You just wish I had loaned Chris to you. Karl, does she still love oral sex?"

"It is her favorite." I heard myself blurt out. "Sometimes that is all we do."

"Really?" Sally asked. "You are pulling the denial routine, are you Karen? Why don't you just lock him up also, Girl?"

"She does that, too." I quipped.

Sally raised her eyebrows curiously. Karen was in no mood to be beaten down by her friend. She had made such a point of honesty when we got married, that she was now obligated to be open about everything. It was beginning to get interesting until Karen said, "OK, Honey show nosy Sally your cock cage."

"Uh, what are you doing, Karen?"

"Karl, this nosy bitch will bug me to death until I share everything with her. She has been at me for months. Just pull your pants down and give her a glimpse. You can leave your panties up. She can see the cage through them."

The women were having a good time. I was, too. I figured with what Sally had already shared, what the heck. I unbuckled my belt, zipped my zipper and showed my frilly pink panties to Sally.

"Oh, my god. Panties too. Girl you struck it rich, just like you said. A successful businessman and a willing- to- please lover. You Bitch. I am so jealous."

Everything was out in the open now. Karen described how she had accidentally discovered my fetish. She knew that Sally was especially fond of Chris because he wore ladies outfits and lingerie when they made love. It turned out that he was more than a handmaiden to Sally. He begged her to let him serve her and her lovers. Occasionally, Sally would have Chris "drop by" when she was with a man. Chris would get dressed and serve the couple. Sally loved to get the guy to agree to let Chris be in the bedroom while they made love. Some of the guys freaked out, but a good number allowed it because of the novelty.

Sally treated Chris like a Cuckold Husband and had him clean her up after the guy had cum in her pussy. What he really liked was to keep cleaning her pussy after each session and see how many times the man could get it up. Afterward the guy had to let Chris wash his flaccid cock with a warm washcloth. Sally loved the orchestration of the encounter almost as much as she loved being fucked silly. What she never got around to is having Chris suck her lover's cock back to life. She said that freaked out even the kinkier men she dated.

Karen and Sally kept reminiscing about past boyfriends and some really wild experiences that they had. It became apparent that both women were partial to size. Sally was getting rather inquisitive about the size of my cock to Karen. I had already pulled my pants back on when Sally told Karen that she should put me in garters and stockings. She kept on until Karen told me to take my pants and shirt off and give Sally a cheap thrill. I of course stood up and obeyed her. Sally was really impressed that I now wore a bra most of the time.

"Wow, that is hot. Come on into my bedroom. Let's see how you look in a garter belt and sheer hosiery. How about your toes? Are they pedicured?"

Karen told her that we had not gotten to that yet, but my feet were well kept and no callouses or scraggy nails would ruing her stocking. Sally was amazed at how pretty my legs were all shaved and soft. She fitted me with a white garter belt and instructed me how to draw the sheer nude stocking up my legs. Both women fastened the garter straps to the stockings.

"Hot." Sally said. "What size shoe do you wear Karl?"

"Eight and a half."

"Might work; I wear a nine and a half. Let's see if they fit."

"She pulled a five inch stiletto out of her closet and tried it on me. It fit perfectly. After she buckled the other heel, she had me walk around her bedroom. Both women ooohed and ahhed about how pretty my legs were. We were all pretty lit up on alcohol and I wondered if I would regret this in the morning. Right now, my cock was trying to break my cock cage.

They had me walk up and around the bedroom to get my balance on the pretty heels. I probably weighed about the same as Sally so I did not have to worry about breaking the heels although they were skinny and spiked.

By now I was beginning to doubt that Karen had been absolutely truthful with me about not telling Sally about my little secret. Right then, however I could not have cared less. My wife and her knockout friend were so hot that I would have done just about anything for their amusement. Both women began to feel my legs and ass. They thought it was funny that my little cock was all locked up with nowhere to grow.

"Karen," Sally said, "This is about how we used to fuck with guys who thought their shit didn't stink. But, their cocks were fully erect. It was fun to be a prick tease to those guys. They deserved it. Karl on the other hand is so sweet to go along with our little show and he is really pretty in my garters and stockings. Do you think we should let him out to cum? I know he wants to."

"Maybe." Karen answered. "How about it, Honey? Would you like to cum tonight? You know you have to earn it, right? And you know how you earn it, right?"

I nodded my head in the affirmative. I was about to perform oral sex on my wife and her amazingly hot friend.

"I will let Sally go first. Karl, she is a very special friend and she is a bit kinky. Just pay attention and she will guide you through this. I will be watching and waiting for my turn. Go ahead, Sal. I bet he is every bit as good as Chris. He has had plenty of training now. And he loves sucking pussy, right Honey?"

This was the first time I was going to have sex with another woman since Karen and I got married. I guess giving oral sex is sex. It sure is for the lady. I had learned to bring Karen to multiple orgasms as she directed. Sally pulled her dress off and of course she had on garters, stockings, but definitely no panties. She lay back on her bed and got comfortable before she invited me to kiss her pussy lips slowly, like I was kissing her mouth. At first, she tensed up when I touched her, but gradually relaxed and let me do my thing. She directed me to French kiss her pussy. I tasted a coating of slick lubricant just inside her. She tasted good and had a little musky aroma. We had been out to dinner and having drinks. I am sure dressing me in her stockings had worked up a little lather on her shaved pussy.

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