tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Secret Revealed Ch. 06

My Secret Revealed Ch. 06


I had crossed a line by myself. Here I was at Sally's apartment, not knowing who was there for sure and transformed completely into a passable woman. I had ventured out and found a crossdresser shop on my own. The sales "person", Tammy had not only helped me with shoes and clothing, she had me come back in for a complete makeover before I was to go to Sally's. I had texted Karen that I would meet her at Sally's but she did not know what I had done. She did not call me back, so I was fairly confident that she was okay with whatever I had up my sleeve.

Tammy had loaned me her feminine overcoat for the cab ride. I was excited beyond even events of the night before. I was boiling inside thinking about Karen taking me up on my offer to let Hugh, her ex- lover, fuck her. She had smiled, but not confirmed her desire. She had said, "We will see." I knew she wanted to fuck him. He had fucked her girlfriend the evening before. Karen had been content to have me service her and her friend, Sally, orally. My excitement brushed aside any hesitation and I was getting in more deeply just by showing up in my new clothes and makeover. For better or worse this evening would be the start of the rest of my life.

I rang the bell and held my breath. Sally opened the door and just about freaked out. She first thought that another girl was crashing their party. As soon as she realized that it was me, she screamed in delight. She had me turn and model my lingerie and stilettos as soon as she took my coat.

"Oh, my god, Honey. I can't call you Karl. Oh my god, Girl. You look fabulous. My oh my. Did Karen put you up to this?"

"Actually, Karen does not know."

"Well she will now." Sally exclaimed. "Karen, Honey, we have a new guest I would like you to meet."

Karen came toward us, not recognizing me at first. She was wearing a sexy navy dress with plunging neckline and no bra. Her makeup was exquisite also. I knew she had on stockings and I imagined a garter belt and maybe a thong. Sally was in her hostess gown. It was sheer and revealing similar to the flesh colored one she had worn the evening before. She wore a red thong under the sheer white toned transparent gown. Her magnificent breasts were clearly visible through the material and sat lusciously on her chest like two beautiful melons. God, she was gorgeous. And I had sucked her to a thundering orgasm the night before on the instructions of my wife.

Karen did not recognize me immediately. Slowly she sensed the familiarity. "Oh my god, Karl. You look fabulous. What gave you this inspiration? Where did you get the new clothes?"

"You are not angry, are you Karen?"

"Why would I be angry?"

"I didn't know if I should do this without your instructions."

"Oh, dear. We still have more work to do. Look, Karl. Oh, we can't call you Karl tonight. How about Charlotte?"

I just waited and nodded that the feminine name came so easily from her lips. Karen had me model and turn, and then took me into the living room where all the guests were sitting.

"Everyone, please meet my new wife, Charlotte."

She continued, "I am not a lesbian, but she looks good enough to eat."

The guys looked and smiled. They had no reason to be put off. They both had enormous cocks and were fucking some fantastic women. Chris came over and gave me air kisses, not wanting to smear my makeup. He was in a silk pajama bottom and crop top. They were all still having drinks. Dan and Hugh were still in their street clothes having apparently just gotten there themselves.

Hugh looked at me and asked, "Special occasion?"

"Well, yes," I answered. "I would like you to fuck my wife this evening if she is willing. I know she misses your big cock and quite frankly, I was mesmerized by it when I saw it myself. It is okay with me if she is willing. She is a special lady and has helped me become more comfortable with myself. I just think of letting her fuck you as a reward for being there for me."

"Wow." Hugh said. "Just like that, you are giving me your wife?"

Karen replied, "No one said anything about giving anyone to anyone, Hugh. He said you could fuck me if I wanted. Don't be such a dick. I am not his to give and he is not mine to give. What he said is that you can fuck me. Now that is on the table. You do have a magnificent cock and I really appreciate Charlotte going to all the trouble for us. What this means, I think, is that Charlotte will be involved. Am I correct Charlotte?"

"Yes, Madame." I replied.

"Let's have some drinks first and we will see what my new wife, Charlotte, has in store for us. I think this is going to be some fun. Are you in, Hugh?"

Hugh grinned a stupid grin. "Anything you say, Karen. You are the most desirable woman I have ever been with."

Sally served some more drinks. Since open sex was the order of the evening before, no one suggested that we should separate from the others. I watched as Sally instructed Chris to help Dan out of his clothing. When Dan was down to his boxers, Sally indicated to Chris that he might need some attention.

"Go on baby, we are definitely a very eclectic group this evening. Let's see if you can get him hard enough to satisfy Sally and Jill."

It became apparent that Chris was the fluffer and that Hugh was lined up for only my sweet Karen. We had more drinks and watched as Chris removed Dan's briefs. His huge cock flopped out and was bobbing to full attention. Chris could not possibly get that big cock any harder, but Sally knew that. She just wanted Chris to suck Dan's cock for her benefit. And suck his cock he did. Sally was trying to encourage Chris to deep throat that massive cock. He kept gagging. His saliva was flowing everywhere. Something about the gag reflex automatically producing a massive amount of saliva. Dan was quite excited and before he blasted Chris' throat, Sally offered some to Jill. She took over and feasted on the ten incher until Dan was near cumming. They did not want him to cum that quickly, so they let him rest. I think as horny as all the women were, they could have fucked a stable full of men all evening.

As Dan sipped his drink, Sally and Jill got rid of their panties and treated everyone to some hot girl on girl action. It was hot. They embraced in a tight sixty-nine and proceeded to eat each other's pussy until they both came violently. Dan got down on the floor and stuck his massive pole swiftly into Sally's dripping cunt while Jill tickled her clit with her tongue.

"Honey," Karen said, "I am so happy to see you all dressed up. And serving up your wife to Hugh. I am so hot seeing the girls go at each other. Why don't we get started? You have invited Hugh to fuck your wife. I think you might want to give us a hand getting started."

With that she removed her dress. She wore no panties, but did have on a sexy black garter belt to go with her back stockings. The top of the stockings had little white bows. They had Cuban heels and toes and a heavy seam up the back. Karen flicked her finger into her pussy.

"Dear Charlotte, I think I am way beyond wet, but Hugh might need some attention."

There it was. It was out of my hands now. There was no decision to make. The intent was clear. Karen wanted me to suck Hugh's cock. It was trick or treat time now. I was feminized fully and I knew my wife wanted me to suck that massive cock just like Sally had instructed Chris. After hearing about Chris' submission to Sally and then actually seeing him clean up a big cock the evening before, I knew that the thought did not disgust me. Doing it however was a step beyond submissiveness to my wife. Would I have regrets? Did that mean I was gay? I was in such a heat that those thoughts had not taken over my brain yet. I was resolved to seeing Hugh fuck my wife. That was something she had been missing and I was totally dedicated to her pleasure.

If I sucked a cock because it was what I craved, it was one thing. If I sucked a cock because my wife instructed me, it was another. Consent was the key word. But consent could be pro-active. If I wanted to please my wife and sucked a cock in order to make her happy, I should in my own mind still be heterosexual. But what if I enjoyed it myself? Then where did I stand in the great scheme?

Probably if I had weeks to get used to the idea, I would have found many reasons not to. However, I was still incensed with the euphoria of the evening before. I decided to go for it. I went over to Hugh, shook his hand and reached for his belt. After removing his pants, shoes, shirt and socks, I gently grasped the band of his briefs and slowly pull them down his legs until he could step out of them. I slowly reached for his throbbing cock. I held my breath as I touched the soft forbidden skin of another man. The feel was so warm and sensual. He held still savoring the moment. To him it was the prelude to him fucking my beautiful wife again. To Karen and me it was foreplay for our mutual satisfaction. Whether or not I received pleasure from sucking his cock was totally a sideshow from the act in front of my wife. He could have been anyone. Well, anyone with a ten inch cock, that is.

As he reclined back on the couch, I held firm to the middle of his cock. My hands were shaking and my breath coming in short rasps. He relaxed his legs and spread them hanging his lower legs over the couch seat. I glanced at Karen. Her eyes were riveted on the scene before her. The reality had her mesmerized. I wondered if she got more sensation from me kneeling in front of a handsome man with a huge cock or from the man and the cock.

Hesitation would send the wrong signal. I leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. I immediately got a rush from the distinct taste of his precum. It was much like my own, but this being the first time I had tasted another cock, it was all the more erotic. Karen was slowly massaging her vaginal lips as she leaked her own lubricant onto her probing fingers. I engulfed the mushroom head with my lips. It was massive and I had to open wide to get it in. I was afraid I would scrape the head with my teeth for my mouth was stretched so wide. I slid my tongue to the underside of his phallus and he issued a low groan. As I relaxed my mouth, I slid my lips further down his shaft until it reached the back of my throat. I knew that I had to stop there. I would certainly gag if I went any further down. I pinched my eyes downward and saw that there was much more cock out of my mouth than in my mouth.

I bobbed up and back down on his shaft. My eyes were beginning to water. I wondered what the effect would be on my makeup. The long lashes and heavy mascara must surely be in jeopardy. I wanted to maintain my appearance so I could enjoy the moment when Hugh entered Karen's pussy. I licked the underside of his penis and then all over. Knowing what a proper blow job consists of, I took his cock in my hand and licked his huge ping pong ball sized testicles. I engulfed one and then the other getting a full mouthful of ball each time. I was thankful that his whole pubic area including his balls was hairless. It seems that is becoming more prevalent in modern society. Even if I weren't submissive to my wife, I would continue to maintain a slick pubic area.

Again, knowing my place in the act, I released his testicle from my mouth and guided him by his cock over to my wife. She had relaxed back against the arm rest of the couch and propped up on pillows awaiting the grand entrance into her womb. As Hugh began to mount my wife, she told me to place his cock between her vaginal lips, "like a good cuckold". I realized that it was about to come true. It may not be the usual scenario where the wife cheats on the husband, but I was about to be cuckolded nonetheless. I did as instructed. My hands, like the rest of me, are small and I could not close my fingers around his cock as I guided it to my wife.

I lined him up and he took care of the rest. He was dripping. She was dripping. As soon as I touched the head of his cock to my wife's pussy, my immediate job was over. Hugh slowly inserted his cock into my beautiful spouse. He moaned. She moaned. I moaned. The picture was orgasmic as I sat behind him now watching his monster tool impale my wife time after time. He was slow and methodical. She was enjoying every bit. It did not take long. Karen reached an orgasm quickly which I am sure was due to the size and girth of his cock stimulating her clitoris. She settled down just as quickly and began fucking her body against his pounding. They moved like two old lovers who had been denied for so long. I understood it was just physical to Karen, but it was so erotically physical that I was near cumming myself.

As he pushed against her pussy, I thought that he surely was deep into her cervix now. I wondered if birth control could be negated by a direct blast into her womb. She was so excited, but you could see that she had felt this fullness before. She was not the least bit overcome by his size. I remembered what Sally had said about her being a size queen. I vowed to get her to tell me more about her single days when we got home. I wanted to get made up and giggle with her like her New York girlfriends.

Hugh began stroking harder. I did not think he could get much deeper. Karen was moaning in a low growl as he thrust into her. The others in the room had totally stopped any activity. They were all captivated by the rutting couple on the couch.

"O, god, yes, Hugh, god. Fuck me hard with that big dick."

He grunted and thrust on. He was pounding the daylights out of her waiting pussy. The whole room was treated to the intense sloshing noise as they released their pent up lubrication into the mating. Between the pounding and squishing noises, all you could hear was the heavy breathing of the audience. I vowed to re-imburse Sally for having her furniture cleaned afterward.

Hugh began groaning and jerking. His cum was about to blast into my wife's womb. I was watching as if in an outer body experience. And I was in another body now, Charlotte's, my new name. I was dressed all sexy and helping my wife achieve a wonderful release. She began cumming as Hugh pumped his cum into her. I knew it was a G-spot orgasm, something I could not do for her. I was excited for her to be able to have this wonderful experience. They slowed their thrusting and finally Hugh relaxed on top of Karen. He was spent. As she lay motionless for a few minutes, his weight finally began to bear on her. She nudged him off. I could see his massive cock softening and slipping out of her swampy pussy. I helped him back to where I had been sitting.

I immediately went to her ravaged pussy. It was wide open and beginning to show the front end of a huge creampie. I noticed that she was drenched in their common body sweat. The whole room smelled earthy. There was a dull aroma filling the air. The release of body fluids, sweat and glands had a primal smell. It was not an odor at all, but rather like an aura. I wasted no time and began ministering to her vaginal lips. I kissed the swollen red pussy and licked her clit. I then placed my mouth over her and began allowing the cum to flow into me. It was a torrent. It quickly filled my mouth. I had to swallow several times as I maintained contact with her flowing pussy. I thought it would never stop. Finally, the flow slowed to a stop. I swallowed their love juices and then kissed her on the mouth. She stuck her tongue into me and tasted herself and her lover from me.

As I came back up for air again, I noticed that her pussy had begun flowing cum again. I assumed my position and sucked another load into my mouth. I kept doing this until she told me not to forget Hugh. There was no hesitation either. I moved over to the other side of the couch and removed his hand from his still wet cock. I licked the head and then took as much of the softening shaft into my mouth. I got much further this time as he was softening and when he hit the back of my throat, the soft tissue gave. I vowed then that if this ever happened again, I would wait until afterwards and see if I could get the smaller length completely into my mouth. I did a good job on his balls also, licking each one and also underneath each. I licked his perianal area, but stopped just short of his back hole.

Sated, we all three watched as Chris, Sally and Jill took turns sucking Dan's cock. Dan fucked both women and as luck would have it, he finally shot his cum into Sally. Jill wanted to eat his cum load from Sally's pussy so Chris set about cleaning Dan's cock and balls just like Charlotte had done for Hugh. Before the night was over, Charlotte sucked Hugh's cock back to life and Karen rode him like a cowgirl on a wild horse. She plundered his cock, lifting herself almost completely off him until she dropped back violently taking the whole length into her womb again and again. Charlotte ate the creampie resulting from that rough coupling. Karen's pussy tasted different this time. Gone was the slick sweetness of her flowing lips. The taste was more dull and metallic this time. I thought that all the glands and hormones had been expended or burned out in the rough fucking.

Everyone fucked and sucked until dawn. Karen and I caught a cab back to our hotel in the wee hours. I had all of Charlotte's clothing on and scrunched back into Tammy's overcoat. Our flight was in a few hours. I hated to wash away Charlotte's makeover, but it was quite the worse for wear anyway. After cleaning up and eating some breakfast, I arranged with the concierge to return Tammy's coat to her and buy a fed ex box to ship my overcoat back to me. I really wanted to go myself, but time did not permit it. I did put in a note thanking her for her help and sealed it in an envelope with a check for $200.00 to cover shipping and her time. I told her I would come back into her shop whenever we returned. I gave the concierge $100 to arrange all this. He had no idea what everything was for, but he was happy to help me out.

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That was nice

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Fab read

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