My Secretary


"Sit down, sit down," Nathan roared in an Oxbridge-coloured Middle-Eastern accent. "Welcome to Fleming, Kenneth. And hello to you, Karen, my little flower. How are you?"

Karen grinned back at him which sent a twinge of unjustifiable envy through me. "I'm fine Nathan, thanks. I'll leave you to it, unless there's anything you want, Kenneth?"

"No, that's great Karen. I'll see you later."

Nathan watched her arse admiringly as she swayed out of the room back in the direction of my office.

"A fine woman! You are a very lucky man. She was my SW for two weeks until my own dear Josie was recruited," he whispered loudly.

"Oh, of course. I hadn't really thought that she might, you know, with other men."

I must have sounded a little despondent because he immediately replied, "You mustn't get jealous! The SWs are professionals, one and all. In fact I insist that you spend time with my Josie. She's a truly wonderful cock-sucker!" He nodded significantly down under the table.

"Erm, right, OK. But surely I can't insist on her, um, well doing that for me."

"Ah but my Josie is a very generous woman, aren't you dear?"

In reply I heard a muffled assent from below the table.

"Oh my god, is she..." I nodded to his lap.

Nathan nodded serenely. "And unless I've misunderstood she would happy to meet up with you later to welcome you to Fleming more warmly."

He paused before adding, "Yes, she's nodding."

And so I had an excellent and informative lunch chatting to Nathan about the company, the clients and the culture while his secretary fellated him unseen under our dining table.

In the end I left without meeting Josie as I had to get to another meeting while Nathan finished his coffee.

My meetings that afternoon were useful but hardly noteworthy. I got back to my office around 4pm, looking forward to seeing Karen.

"Hi, Kenneth. How's your afternoon been?"

"Great thanks; I'm starting to begin to understand how things work around here. I'm looking forward to getting out to see some clients tomorrow though."

"Yes, I've got us down to see two different ones, both in the City. I've got cars booked and I'll come with you to both."

"Oh, that's great."

"How was your meeting with Nathan?"

"Again, really interesting. It was a bit weird as his secretary was under the table, um..."

"Sucking him off?" Karen finished matter-of-factly. "Josie's a naughty little slapper," she added fondly. "Did Nathan offer you her services?"

"Oh, yes, well, yes, he did," I mumbled embarrassedly.

Karen laughed, "Don't worry! She absolutely loves giving head. And she's really good at it too. You'll enjoy it."

I paused while I considered how to articulate my next statement.

"Erm, Karen..." I began.

"Yes, Kenneth," she smiled back at me knowingly,

"Um, well, I was just wondering, if you wouldn't mind, um, er, before you left for the evening, you know..."

"Would you like me to suck you off again, Kenneth?"

"Yes," I whispered, aghast at my forwardness.

"Really, there's no need to be so shy! I said earlier that I want to satisfy you with my mouth any time you need it and I meant it."

Within seconds, Karen has stripped down to her skimpy g-string and was on her knees in front of me sucking languorously on my straining erection. She took her time, lazily sucking each of my testicles and slowly, inch by inch, swallowing my cock until her face was buried in my pubes. She held the head of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, whilst gradually increasing the suction. And then she did it all over again and again.

Having already come twice that day, I was able to keep going without fear that the experience would end too quickly. I lost myself in those laughing emerald eyes, as I enthusiastically fondled her large creamy tits and gently pinched her pretty brown nipples.

After a good twenty minutes of utter joy, she pulled her head off my cock with a popping sound and gave it a few playful licks.


"Yes, Karen," I replied enraptured by her beauty.

"I know this might be a bit forward, but I'm feeling a bit horny myself. Do you fancy a bit of a fuck?"

"What, with me?" I asked stupidly, amazed that this beauty would want to actually take things a step further to full sex.

Laughing affectionately, she nodded, "Yes, with you! Don't sound so surprised. I might just be giving you a blowjob but I do get aroused myself now and again. And my boyfriend's out tonight so it would just be me and my vibrator which can be a little dull. And here you are with a stiff cock and nowhere to put it..."

She swiped her tongue around me for a few seconds before continuing, "And anyway, we're going to working together closely and it would just be a nice way of bonding as a team."

"A kind of team-building event?" I smiled.

"That's right," she said with a giggle. "Well do you want to fuck me or not?"

There really wasn't much of a decision to make. In response I pulled her to her feet so that her crotch was level with my face. There was small yet distinct dark patch on her thong where she had got damp.

I peeled her g-string down to reveal a tiny trimmed thatch of dirty-blonde hair. She sat back on the desk with a moan and opened her long lithe legs.

Her lips were pink, pouting and perfect, a delicate treasure hiding between her creamy thighs. Without thinking or asking, I leant forward and licked up and down her pussy, savouring the heady taste and smell of her delicious sex.

"Oh, Kenneth!" she exclaimed. "You dirty bastard! I bet you can't believe you're licking my cunt!"

After a few more minutes of the most delightful groans and grunts and several more interesting obscenities, Karen pulled my head back and slipped off the desk and straight into my lap, one leg on each side of me. My cock slid into her pussy smoothly until I was buried in her to the hilt.

Looking me in the eye she began to grind her hips back and forth, her pussy muscles rippling impossibly around my dick.

"That's right, fuck my pretty pussy with that dirty ugly cock. I can't believe I've let you invade my most secret special place!" she screamed out an orgasm as I bent to suck hard on her nipples.

I was amazed at her fitness as she slid up and down my cock, coming countless times until I couldn't hold back any further.

"Oh fuck, Karen, I'm coming!" I shouted spurting my third load of the day deep into her pussy.

She collapsed on my shoulder and I held her tenderly, marvelling at the smoothness of her skin and the fresh smell of her hair, my cock still wedged inside her.

Eventually she looked up and she kissed me for the first time. "Thanks, I really needed that," she breathed.

"No really, I can honestly say that I'm very happy to have done you a favour!"

She laughed before pulling me to the bathroom where we freshened up.

Once we were back in the office she was all business again, as if nothing had just happened.

"Right, so tomorrow there'll be a car here for us at 09:00. I've got the client files here for you to read tonight. And I'll book Josie in to see you the day after tomorrow – I think Nathan's out all day anyway so you might as well try out her mouth. You never know, maybe we could both do you at the same time."

"Oh, OK," I said weakly, once more amazed at her forthrightness although part of me was amazed that I was amazed.

She continued without missing a beat, "And I'll suck you off in the car in the morning so you'll be fighting fit and raring to go by the time you get to the client's office. Right, Kenneth, if that's all, I'm going to get going now."

"Yes, thanks," I started before clearing my throat. "I mean, thanks. This has been a fantastic day. Thank you very much, Karen."

She smiled, "My pleasure! And welcome to Fleming! I'll see you tomorrow!"

I couldn't help but watch her wonderful arse swaying out of the door; she looked back as she left and gave me a knowing wink.

If I'd had any doubt that coming to work at Fleming was the right thing to do, Karen had completely dispelled it.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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