tagErotic CouplingsMy Sexual Awakening Ch. 2

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 2


Well, after the most hectic night of my married life, and Des had dressed and gone off to work, as usual, my thoughts turned to the investigation of the piercing that I had now resolved to surprise my husband with as soon as possible, when the phone rang. It was my new friend Cathy. Ken had gone off to work and she was nearly finished with the moving chores and would have their apartment tidy by 10am if I would like to come on over for morning coffee and a chat before lunch. She was keen to get established in her new city and find out about work prospects and where the best shopping centre was around the town. I agreed to see her as soon as I had organised my household activities and could get out for the day, as I needed to go shopping anyway.

Memories of the previous night flooded back and brought new feelings of wonderment as I recalled the mixture of embarrassment and excitement I had felt to be swimming and relaxing around our pool with complete strangers in a state of total nakedness with my previous inhibitions almost forgotten, after a lifetime of nervousness at being seen, even in a generously cut one piece swimsuit, at the beach packed with others clothed in considerably less. The best nights sex with my husband that I could remember had followed and I felt considerably more adventurous and liberated than ever.

I found myself doing all my usual housework that morning as naked as a jaybird and even when I went out to the pool to get some empty glasses from the previous night I strode on out with no thoughts of covering up. The breeze on my newly shaved clitoris felt great as I slowly gathered up the glasses and gazed at my reflection in the pool. I walked slowly back into the house, as I realized that only last week, I would never have dared to venture outdoors without, at least, a bikini to cover my modesty, and a thorough check of the area that nobody was in a position to see me, even then.

As I selected a modest knee length skirt and a sleeveless woollen top, I briefly considered whether to wear a full bra but decided to go without underwear altogether as the day was warm as it had been yesterday and I felt more daring than ever. Just a light makeup and I left the house to drive over to Cathy's apartment.

As I parked outside the complex I noticed that the area below the stairs to the main entrance had a flower garden being tended by two men and I would have to ascend the stairs past them where they could potentially see right up my skirt as I climbed on past them. Too late for worrying now, I thought, as I approached the stairway. I blushed as I swept past them and began to ascend the stairway, keeping my legs closely together as I reached my destination. I looked back and smiled as I reached the top, but they were busily carrying on with their work and hadn't apparently noticed my lack of panties. My confidence returned as I carried on to Cathy's, congratulating myself on my very first outing without being "fully" dressed. I felt more aware of my sexuality as the air caressed my skin and I marvelled at my increasing confidence as I chatted with Cathy for the next hour or so. We had many things in common as we discussed, almost like long lost sisters, our respective interests and sipped coffee and resolved to make these visits between one and other a regular event.

Cathy changed to go out to the shops with me as she had an old faded dress on while she had been making the apartment presentable earlier and hadn't had time before I had arrived. She dressed in similar clothing to mine except the skirt which I noted was considerably shorter and as she bent to retrieve her shoes from the closet I became aware of her lack of underwear and her smooth shaven pussy was clearly visible.

"All set now" she said as we headed for the door. "I am really looking forward to this, my treat for lunch" as she grabbed her purse on the way out. Cathy was leading the way as we got to the stairs and the men were looking up. She appeared to be totally unconcerned as she made her way down, chatting to me in an animated fashion, as the men watched. I followed closely behind her so her body was between their gaze and my trembling form. I was in awe of her boldness and excited at the same time. I knew that those two men had just witnessed the view of a lifetime as Cathy and I carried on over to my car and drove off, but there was obviously no embarrassment on her part, I marvelled.

The next three hours were spent as if we had known each other for a lifetime as we talked about our interests and of course our husbands and by the time I dropped her off at her apartment I had changed my attitude to exhibitionism quite considerably. I revelled in the looks that we had attracted from the odd "accidental" flash we had given as we toured the shops and parks around our fair city. I have to say that I was as turned on by the attention from admiring male passers by as I was by the highly charged sexual feelings that I was having with the open air caressing my now very sensitive and alive naked pussy. As I drove into our driveway I was looking for release of my sexual tensions and thought that if I could go back to my "stairway adventure" this morning I would have probably made sure those young guys were watching me as I slowly climbed up the stairs, perhaps even dropping my car keys at the halfway mark, then bending over in front of their eyes as I retrieved them. I resolved not to be so inhibited in the future as I opened my front door. Cathy certainly wouldn't have been at all nervous to have given them a real good look, I mused.

Des was home earlier than usual that afternoon and he suggested that we go out for a swim, as he was very hot and sticky from his drive home. When he saw that I had been wearing no underwear under my clothes as I undressed by the pool he became quite aroused and said "I bet you're not game to go out for a drive like that" He was transfixed as I explained that I had been out most of the day and related my day's events to him. He was awestruck when I told him that Cathy was dressed similarly and where we had been. He just couldn't believe that his conservative little Barbara would be so brazen.

We made love out by the pool and in the pool for the next hour. He was as excited as the previous night as he pounded away into my very receptive pussy and made it very clear to me that he couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive so we could go out together. He asked if I would wear anything he selected and go out dressed, as he thought appropriate to where he would take me. His tastes in clothing were usually less conservative than mine, but remembering the thrill of the day just previous I agreed to let him have his fun.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful but I confess that I was getting more nervous as Friday approached and I hadn't managed to wheedle out of him where we would be going or what he might consider having me wear. All manner of scenarios ran through my mind and some of the more outlandish adventures that I considered in my fevered mind on the Friday afternoon were causing more than a little anxiety and doubt in my mind that I had agreed so readily to allow him to dress me in clothing of his choice. However, I decided, I'm probably worrying for nothing.

Des arrived home that night a little later than normal, and carrying a couple of parcels, which he refused to let me look at or even have a peek to see what he had bought for me. I tried to persuade him in all the usual ways but to no avail. My curiosity was almost overwhelming but I conceded to his wishes and that night he rewarded me with a hint of where he was planning to take me. We went to bed early but after only a brief lovemaking session he said we had better get some sleep as we had to be up early as we had a long way to travel.

I guessed that we were going out of town for the weekend, away from where we were known, and worse, I still had no idea what was in those parcels. They we very small as I remembered. My mind was racing as I tried to imagine what Des could have been expecting me to wear. I didn't get much sleep as I debated the wisdom of my promise to allow my wonderful man to decide on what I would have to wear. I had not long been asleep when I felt a nudge from Des. I looked at the bedside clock and it was only 5am.

Protesting, I went to have a shower as per his instructions, and presented myself in the lounge, dried, perfumed and hair immaculate but totally nude. He gave me a wicked grin and gave me the larger of the two parcels. I eagerly opened it, as I heard the car running in the driveway and realised that it was almost daylight outside. We have to be going soon. I was in shock when I realised that in the large parcel was a beautiful gold waist chain and a really nice pair of Roman sandals. This meant that the smaller parcel contained all the rest of what I was expected to wear. I put on the sandals and the chain and surveyed my image in the lounge mirror. Very sexy and possibly adequate attire for around our pool, I thought. Des was standing by the door with the other parcel in his hand and urging me to go out to the car. "Come on sweetheart, the longer you argue with me the more chance the neighbours will see you getting into the car " he said grimly. "remember your promise and don't make me angry or I might not give you the second parcel for even longer than I have planned." I realized that his mind was made up and that no amount of pleading or reasoning was going to sway his mind.

I ran out to the car and quickly shut the door while he took ages to lock up the house and check all the windows. It was daylight by the time he got into the car and slowly drove away. A couple of early morning Joggers had passed close to our car and I had moved down in the seat as much as I possibly could but I imagine that they could see that I was topless as they had passed by waving and smiling at me sitting in our car in the driveway, so close to the road. I had been grateful that neither of them had stopped to ask if I needed any help, as it must have looked unusual to see a lady in the passenger seat, the motor running and no driver in sight. I asked Des for the second parcel as we drove off but he said "We have a long way to go yet and the view from where I sit is too nice to spoil just yet, You can recline your seat and when we get out of town a bit further I will stop and you can get the second parcel out of the back , in a more secluded area.

I reclined the seat backward and before long I nodded off to sleep, the soft music of the stereo, Des's soothing touch and my lack of sleep the previous night combined to make me so drowsy that I must have slept for nearly two hours when a truck's airhorn woke me up and I realised that Des was overtaking this huge truck on a very busy freeway and the driver had a perfect view of my reclining naked form clad in only a wispy gold waist chain and sandals. I looked over and it was obvious that the trucker wasn't about to complain by the leering look on his face. I have to say it turned me on too, to know that a total stranger, who I would never see again, was enjoying a view that very few other people in my life had seen and I felt quite excited by his attention. I removed my hands from where they had automatically placed themselves when I first woke up and gave him a smile and a friendly wave. Des was not in any hurry to complete his overtaking manoever as it was a three lane freeway and he seemed to be enjoying the trucker's attention to my body as much as I very obviously was. I realized that this whole scene was totally planned by Des from the outset, so instead of being angry with him, as I probably would have been just a short week ago, I decided to give a real show as I stretched out my legs and parted them. By now the bulge in Des's shorts was growing by the second. That poor trucker couldn't keep his eyes off me as I performed before his lusting eyes. He almost ran off the road before Des accellerated away in order to prevent an accident. Des asked if I wanted to pull over to get the second parcel in the next rest area, but by now it was warm and sunny and I was feeling beautiful with my earlier discomfort at being naked almost dispelled so I said "Just as long as you don't get pulled over by the police or have an accident I'll be fine until we get off the freeway and find a less populated area to dress." Des was happy with my reply as he said "We still have a lot more mileage to cover yet. so as long as you are enjoying yourself why not give a few more shows."

As we were never likely to see any of these truckers again I became quite brazen and more daring with each "show" and how those poor guys kept their rigs on the road I just don't know. The nature of our activity combined with the air conditioning directed toward my clit, {Des's suggestion} combined to keep me in a state of constant arousal. My nipples were as erect as they had ever been and my pubic area was engorged and swollen with desire as we approached each new truck and Des would slow down to match the speed of our spectators. By this time I would give them a cheery wave and a big smile as I put on my little show without any of my earlier inhibitions. Finally Des could stand it no longer and he pulled off the freeway in a deserted rest area and pulled me from the car and behind some bushes.

He was as horny as I have ever seen him. His sticky fluid glistening in the sun as he pulled off his clothes and freed his raging erection. I don't believe I have ever felt so needy myself as he plunged his raging manhood into my aching pussy and proceeded to give me the longest outdoor fucking I could ever imagine. And all this with the traffic of the busy freeway only about 50meters away, although we were quite hidden behind those bushes thankfully. There was a small stream further down the bank and we used it to clean ourselves when we were finally ready to continue our journey. It was nearly lunchtime so Des gallantly went back to the car to get the second parcel and brought it to me as I lay behind the bushes drying myself off in the sun. As I was about to open it a truck pulled into the rest area and I realized to my horror that it was the first truck that I had flashed as I woke up. I looked at Des and scrambled to open my package. I was startled to realise that all it contained was a short Roman toga type garment with open sides secured by three ties and two of them were at the shoulder and one at the waist. The rest of the dress was open along the entire length of my body, making it very obvious to the casual observer that I was wearing no underwear at all and the material was thin enough to see through with the light behind me. I blushed at the thought of appearing in public dressed in this revealing little number. I now understood the reason for going out of town to an area where we weren't known by any neighbours or business associates. I slipped it on quickly now as I heard the trucker stop with a squeal of brakes and a whoosh of air, as he parked beside our car. Des was unconcerned as usual as he straightened my toga and saying to me "Don't be nervous, just follow my lead and do as I say. He probably just pulled in here for lunch and may not recognise us at all."

I was just meters away from my door when he saw me and came over to congratulate me on my show that he had so enjoyed. Apparently many of these trucks were in touch with one and other by C.B. radio and he had received a running commentary on all our subsequent shows. He said that his only regret was that he didn't have a photo as proof of his encounter with us. Although he did have a camera he was unable to access it while driving. He was so persuasive that I looked at Des and he nodded approvingly. I stood by the car and posed for him in my brief toga and he snapped off two photos. The truck was in the background and blocking the view to the freeway, so I slipped off my toga and let him have a few nude shots as well, much to Des's approval. I was feeling cheeky and after all he had already seen me like this before so before I put my toga back on I placed one foot on the bonnet of our car and let him have a real photo to remember me by. My vagina was stretched open and the breeze felt exciting as I threw back my head and allowed his camera access to my most secret place for the next few moments. It was making me feel so excited standing there with my husband and a complete stranger showing myself off this way. My breasts were firm and the nipples were so hard as I slipped the toga back over my body that they were showing through the thin material like beacons. The driver couldn't thank me enough. He was raving about the best photo opportunity he had ever had and complementing me profusely about my body. I felt really beautiful and I knew Des was beaming with pride as we left the truck driver, waving and smiling like we had known him for years. Des was beside himself with excitement and pride and we chatted as we drove on to find a suitable place to have lunch. After my experiences this morning I was feeling more sexually aroused and comfortable with my body than ever and found myself looking forward to the experience of whatever Des had in store for me that day.

My only regret was that we hadn't started this much earlier in our marriage and my inhibitions had been only so recently liberated. I was on top of the world and I felt sooooo Sexy.


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