tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sexual Awakening Ch. 5

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 5


I awoke Sunday morning quite late, as we had spent the longest and certainly the most eventful Saturday I could remember since Des and I was married some seven years earlier. A few of the parallels were quite extraordinary as the matter of fact. I was a little sore from frequent lovemaking, I was happier than ever before, but there were some subtle differences. If anything, I was feeling more confident as I dreamily recalled yesterday's events. I was still in a state of euphoria as I recalled the day's events with a smile of satisfaction.


It had started with me nervously running out to the car, even before daylight, naked but for a gold waist chain and a pair of sandals. The day had culminated around midnight, before a large mixed crowd of very enthusiastic spectators. Again I had been totally naked but for my golden waist chain, but this time parading with nine other ladies on a stage. It seemed like some kind of erotic dream but as I touched my vagina tenderly, I realised that it was certainly very real. I had rinsed out my little toga dress last night and it hung over the bedroom door before my eyes. It had been the only item of clothing that Des had permitted me to wear on the trip, almost totally open on the sides and making it quite obvious to others that I was wearing no underwear. Further to this the material was light, almost translucent with the light behind me, and the slightest breeze easily lifted my skirt to expose my newly shaven pussy with the gleaming new gold clit ring. Not that that mattered to me now. I had completely lost any past inhibitions, well before last night's show.


Des woke up when I jumped out of the bed to look out the curtains to see what the weather was like.

"How does your piercing feel this morning, my love?" He asked drowsily as he looked at me with an unusual mixture of lust tempered with concern. "Come back to bed for a while?" He pulled aside the bed sheet invitingly. He had that look on his face that I knew so well. "C'mon darling?" He urged as I confirmed my lack of pain wordlessly. It was another sunny day outside but I turned and ran back into his waiting arms. There was still time for another bout of anal and/or oral sex before we departed to the car and I wanted to feel his flesh inside me again. I was becoming as randy as he was.

"It's fine at the moment" I almost purred as I melted into his arms and cuddled in. "Just be gentle with it."

The ring was healing well but alternative sex was prescribed for the following two weeks, just to be really safe. My acceptance of anal sex was becoming healthier all the time. I now found myself rather enjoying the sensation of having Des's vibrant penis pressing past my tight sphincter muscles and invading the long forbidden regions of my bottom. At this stage I could still only fantasise about a double entry situation, but the thought was certainly far more tempting now. Prior to this weekend it had only been an unspoken fantasy but Des had promised that he would accommodate my desires if I could entice another suitable man into our bedroom. He couldn't say that I hadn't upheld my part of the bargain after this weekend. His libido hadn't been so strongly pronounced for years. My hidden fantasies were well with my reach and only served to excite Des even more.

Sex between us this morning was even better that the night before. I rode on top of him clenching my muscles, making him delirious with delight as he gripped my hips and closed his eyes with a dreamy look on his face. The throbbing heat of his penis as it stimulated my inner organs caused me to enjoy multiple orgasms and squeal with delight as I eagerly anticipated the warmth of his own climax. Never again would I refuse to please him in this way, I decided.

It was almost 10am when we finally left the Motel car park. We drove through town to pick up some papers and a light snack to enjoy on the journey home. We planned to pick up some local newspapers to check out the real estate pages for buying opportunities in this great location. With a number of new friends and exciting weekends away from home to look forward to, our lives had changed for the better.

I wanted to get back early, as I was bursting to tell my friend Cathy all about our trip away. I was hoping to persuade her and Ken to come to our place for dinner and drinks while we acquainted them with all our news.

Des noticed Burt, the cab driver, sitting in his car on the main street and chatted briefly to him in order to gain a little bit more local information. We intended to come back the following weekend, if we could get away. We had a lot of shopping to do before then.

Finally, we returned to the deserted picnic area for a quick swim to freshen up before heading to the freeway. I didn't bother to put my toga back on, much to Des's delight. I just left it in the back seat knowing that Des would enjoy our return to the city so much more if I was naked and available at his side. I relaxed and reclined my seat.

Let me tell you other girls out there! It is true that a clit ring constantly reminds a girl of her sexuality. I now have a constant awareness of my femininity and I believe that my breasts are even more sensitive now with my nipples always semi erect.

Des was smiling and looking over at me as I adjusted the cool air flow nozzle so it blew between my legs and all over my body. The sensation so wonderful that I actually looked forward to flashing my body for Des again. I closed my eyes and reflected on how nervous I had been on the outward journey. I smiled as I thought about the shows that I had put on, especially once awake, to those anonymous strangers. I promised myself to do even better on the way back home.

I had discussed with Des, only last night, that I was sick of my part-time job. I had been with the same firm ever since I left university and although I was earning good money working for just two days a week, I now wanted to get part time modelling assignments. I knew that the girls who do nude work receive much more money for very few hours. I was beginning to get a real thrill myself now, out of appearing completely nude, especially to an appreciative spectator.

Cathy was new to the city and I hoped that we could work together for artists and photographers. Des had a well paid job as a merchant banker so money was not the real problem anyway. There were not many trucks on the road on the way back to the city. But occasionally we got a friendly blast of a horn as we passed slowly, keeping pace with a big rig as I spread out my legs and pointed to my ring. I didn't know if they could see it or not but I was sure they could see that I was totally naked. I gave them a show, waving sweetly to them as Des accelerated away.

I was about to put my dress back on once we were closer to the city when Des said to hang on for a bit. He could see a large bus in the distance with streamers blowing out the window.

"I dare you to give them a real show." He muttered as he sped onward toward home. His eyes were glowing with excitement.

"Why not, darling!" I replied quickly, dropping my toga back where it had been. "Do you think they'll all be men though?"

"Looks likea football trip to me from here." He urged.

The thought of putting on a show to a busload of football players with big windows and no driving to worry about was now an exciting prospect. I grew wet with anticipation as we got nearer to the bus. Thinking of all those young athletic bodies was as irresistible as it was daring. I could feel a surge of adrenalin as my nipples hardened like walnuts and my clit enlarged with anticipation. I prepared to give the best showing of the trip, urging Des to pull alongside and then pull back in behind the bus.

I wanted to achieve the maximum audience whilst keeping traffic safety paramount in my thoughts. Des drew alongside as if to overtake and then slowed for a suitable time to allow the bus passengers to observe me as I lay stretched out beside him. The response was almost instantaneous as the young men yelled and waved excitedly to their mates to come and see my demonstration. They were peering out the window and I could hear their voices from where I lay, reclined with my legs apart as if I had been asleep. I appeared to wake up and notice them staring at me with a look of horror on my face but making only an staged, ineffectual effort to cover myself with my hands. I should have been an actress.

I sat up and adjusted my seat as Des slowed to pull in behind the bus. There was now a sea of eager faces gathered at the large rear window of the bus waving and talking to each other. We sure had their full attention. Des accelerated alongside and took time to slowly travel the length of the bus, making certain that all the passengers had a really good look while I performed shamelessly before their eyes.

When we finally overtook that bus and sped away I was tingling with sexual excitement and accomplishment. I decided to leave my dress in the back seat until we got home, which was just fine with Des.

Des made good time during the rest of the journey home and before long we turned into our driveway. It was just after three pm. The trip home had been much faster than the outward drive but the traffic had been lighter. Our adventures had not been as time consuming as they had been on Saturday morning but almost as rewarding.

There were a few of our neighbours mowing lawns and cleaning cars in the near vicinity so I reluctantly slipped my toga on before going inside. I wasn't so worried about being seen naked now but I still didn't want to be the subject of neighbourhood gossip. It was one thing to strut my stuff shamelessly in front of strangers, but quite another to create discussion around our home turf.

I rang Cathy, to invite her and Ken over for the afternoon. To my delight they accepted immediately. I wore the toga which Ken and Cathy admired enormously, to answer the door.

We sat in the lounge and we told them of our amazing, adventurous encounters on Saturday. Cathy had applied for a number of positions since our last day out, but hadn't been able to find work as yet. I discussed my ideas to leave my current job and almost immediately she agreed to work together with me, in the field of nude modelling.

Ken and Des went out together to get Pizza for dinner so we had a chance for a "Girl Talk" as we waited for their return. We had been for a swim and neither of us had bothered to dress again.

I admired her supple body as we chatted. Her breasts were flawless and she had neither tan lines nor body hair. She would certainly have no trouble finding modelling work, I decided. We agreed to advertise our availability over the following weeks and see if any suitable replies would materialise.

I discovered that her and I had many interests in common. I revealed the thrills of appearing on stage and the reactions of my husband in the crowded bowling alley. She looked at my pussy ring and asked me how it felt and so many other questions. I was totally frank with her explaining the benefits to my sex life and I found myself telling her all about my open discussions with Des, following the piercing.

She was fascinated by my candour as I told her things that I would not even mention to my own sister. She opened up to me with equal sincerity as she discussed her own fantasies and dreams. Before long, I knew as many intimate details about her and Ken as she had learned about Des and myself. I have never been as close to any of my other friends as I was to this lovely young lady.

Before the boys arrived back home, we decided to go away as a group whenever possible. Particularly when Des and I returned to our new weekend destination. Although Cathy was much younger than I was, she had a sexual maturity and confidence to match mine. We soon became intimate friends and there was almost no subject that we couldn't discuss openly and frankly between ourselves.

Over the following weeks we spent a lot of time together, planning modelling assignments and even shopping with Des and Ken during their lunch breaks in town for my new wardrobe and Des's new photographic equipment. I don't think the various shop assistants that we dealt with could tell which of us girls was a couple, with which man.

My piercing healed up so well that I could touch it, even giving it a slight tug, without any discomfort at all. Cathy had resolved to try a piercing herself when we returned to Maple Lake, The town that we had decided to return to on next fine weekend.

The weather had been often punctuated with unsettled periods of squally rain over the last two weeks and we were all hoping for better weather for our return. Des had booked a large unit with two bedrooms right beside the lake in a different motel, but still close to the bowling alley. All of us had agreed to spend the first evening at the alley so that I could show Cathy where I had made my nude modelling debut.

The 'Maple Examiner.', the local paper that Des had purchased before leaving town, had given us a wealth of information for discussion between all of us. Contact phone numbers for some of the many leisure facilities available in and around the town, for example.

Property for sale was affordable and of course Ken and Cathy were looking forward to a break after getting more established in their city apartment. I prayed for settled weather the following weekend because it was a public holiday long weekend.

Des had bought me a lot of exciting clothes and jewellery, along with his photography gear, and he was getting better results with his new camera all the time. Our two friends were frequent visitors, which gave Des the opportunity to photograph two willing and daring ladies in a wide variety of poses. We relished every chance to practice our new careers as models.

Cathy came over to the house most mornings now. If there were no assignments, we would exercise to my aerobics tape to keep our bodies in trim. When the weather was suitable, not often in the last two weeks, we would exercise out by the pool. The window overlooking the pool from our elderly neighbour's house had been opened. This seemed to indicate that they were back from holiday but if they had seen us we had not heard any feedback from the other neighbours. Meanwhile we just continued to swim and exercise in the nude, as usual.

Work was now beginning to trickle in off my advertisement. Cathy was a bit more popular, as I had expected, but I would always go with her for support and company. We hadn't had any bad experiences as yet but we always went together to make sure that no unwelcome advances were made.

Whilst there had been no sexual activity between all of us together at this point, Cathy and I were not excluding the possibility or the excitement that it may bring all of us. We had shared our innermost thoughts with each other over the previous two weeks quite openly, along with our husband's interests, and marvelled at how similar their fantasies were. Ken openly encouraged Cathy to explore and develop her interests, just as Des had with me.

We decided not to inhibit their encouragement, should they be amenable to sharing us sexually in ways other than exhibitionism. The level of trust and understanding that had developed between us was that firm, even at that point in our relationship. Cathy and I were both excited by the prospect of the holiday weekend ahead, together in a shared accommodation when Thursday morning arrived. The weather was settled and fine and Des said that he and Ken had both made arrangements to leave work early for our vacation. I had already rung and booked time with Harold 'Doc.' Peterson for Friday. I informed him that I would be bringing a girlfriend of mine for a possible procedure if that was all right with him. He said that he would be pleased to see us anytime since he did most of his work at the weekend anyway.

Cathy was nervous but I reassured her that the pain was momentary. She decided to get the same procedure as mine, if her anatomy was suited to it. Visually her labia were longer and a little looser than mine were, but the 'Doc.' was experienced and Cathy shared the trust that I had placed in him. She had seen my clitoris heal up over the first week.

Thinking of the older lady at the bowling alley, I realised that her words to me after the show were very true. I had come to terms with the addictive nature of showing off my body and especially the thrill of watching men's reactions to my displays. It gratified my need to constantly believe in my attractiveness to them.

Exhibiting myself made me more confident of my body and the tingling sensation of my clit ring enhanced the experience for me. I found myself hungry for attention and approval, constantly aroused as I had never been in all the years before. I hoped that after this weekend, Cathy would experience the same sexual awareness that I did.

Cathy arrived on Thursday morning with a medium suitcase packed in her car and asked if she could leave her car alongside mine for a few days. I went out to help and brought her suitcase inside. Our two husbands intended to take both their cars on the trip to Maple Lake so we locked up both our cars. The day was gorgeous so we went straight out to the pool for our morning workout. Cathy wore only a tiny shift dress which had a long split up the sides, very like my toga. On commenting about the similarity, Cathy told me that Ken had bought her one as well, only yesterday. We were at the halfway point in our morning exercise routine when the phone rang. I ran to answer it.

"Would You girls be interested in a full day's work over the weekend? The soft male voice inquired. I told him that neither of us would be available for four days and that we both had an important assignment in another part of the country. I explained that we would be eager to help at some other time if he would leave us his contact phone number. He sounded disappointed but left his phone number.

He told me that he had heard about our service from a photographer that had employed Cathy last week. He promised to give us both a job on the same assignment with really top money. He sounded genuine so I made arrangements to visit him the following week. He owned a small boutique on the other side of the city, specialising in an exclusive line of lingerie. Our business was now picking up quite well but I was very interested in whatever he may have to offer.

I looked out the kitchen window while I was concluding the phone call and saw the old guy from next door looking out of his window at Cathy. She was touching her toes, facing away from his observation point so I watched for a few minutes. Every time she turned toward his window he would duck behind the curtain. His wife, I remembered, was in a wheelchair and wouldn't be able to see out that window. I smiled, realising that the old goat had probably been watching us whenever we were outside ever since they had returned from their holiday. He was enjoying the view and would be unlikely to complain about it. I went back outside and joined Cathy, relieved that the neighbour overlooking our pool area was a sneaky voyeur and certainly wouldn't call the cops or get us into any trouble. We had been giving him a free show. I told Cathy about what I had seen. She laughed and suggested that we give him his moneys worth in future. We lay in the sun facing toward the window, with our legs apart a little more than normal as we sunbathed and talked. The old gentleman next door had given me an idea which Cathy agreed to immediately. We could produce a video workout film featuring three or four attractive ladies working out in all positions. A nude workout video could make a heap of money while being a lot of fun to produce at an exotic outdoor location. It was quite thrilling to lay there talking about the idea, knowing that the voyeur next door was enjoying himself.

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