My Sexy Family Ch. 01


"See something you like?" she asked, as she put her arms out and slowly turned around for me.

Her ass was so fine, round and firm, that if she hadn't been my sister I would have definitely made a run at her. I tried to shake the lewd thoughts running through my head of taking her back into that changing room, pressing her up against the wall, pulling her bikini bottoms to the side, and sliding my long hard cock straight up inside of her tight cunt. I had to get my dick under control before she noticed the effect she was having on me. "Yeah, you look good and you know it, don't you? Can we go now?" I asked, trying to deflect attention from my ogling of my own sister and the erection in my trunks.

"Fine," she said. She wasn't too happy with my response but I had to say something more brotherly than what I wanted to say, which was, 'holy shit, Sis, you are so fucking hot!'

We joined the group at the lockers, where Mom and Karen were each stuffing their belonging into a little locker. I took off my shoes and handed them to Mom so she could add it to her stash. Allyson gave her stuff to Karen, since she had less stuff and therefore more room in her locker.

Karen said, "Wow, you look good, Ally. Want some sunscreen?"

Allyson nodded and took the bottle from Karen. She squirted some in her hand and began applying it to her own shoulders and chest. Her hand glided across her tanned skin with great speed and efficiency, spreading the sunscreen to every inch of skin. She saw me watching her and asked, "Problem?"

I quickly said, "Just waiting for my turn. I need some too."

"Oh, okay, well, if you do my back I'll do yours."

I licked my lips and said, "Okay." I knew it was dangerous but I couldn't think of a reason to say 'no'. I wanted to touch her so badly and feel her soft but firm flesh under hand hands. I knew it was wrong and it just made me want her more.

I took the bottle and squirted a liberal amount in my hands. I spread it on my chest as Allyson watched.

Karen handed her a quarter and told her, "Put the bottle in when you're done and don't forget to get the key out."

Allyson nodded as everyone, except us two, headed for the water.

I squirted more sunscreen into my hands and Allyson turned around to let me spread it across her svelte and sexy back. Her skin was warm under my hands and I took my time, savoring the feeling of running my hands across her smooth skin.

I imagined sliding my hands around her sides and cupping her small firm breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers as I nibbled at her neck. I fantasized about bending her forward and slipping my cock into her from behind, pressing my hips against that beautiful ass. I wondered how tight she would feel around my prick.

I ran my hands down her body, spreading the lotion. I ran them down to the small of her back, just at the top of her bikini bottom. I tipped my hips down as my cock grew inside my trunks, trying to hide it.

Suddenly, Allyson spun around and said, "My turn! Give me that and turn around!"

If she noticed my boner, she didn't give a sign so I turned to my left and walked a step or two so I was facing away from the pool. My cock throbbed with forbidden excitement inside my trunks and I knew, even though I tipped my hips, that someone would have noticed if I had faced the pool.

Allyson touched me. She ran her sunscreen-coated palms across my shoulders and down my arms. She ran them across my back and then down to the small of my back. Her touch was soft, her hands small, and I found myself wondering what her slick hands would feel like stroking my hard cock. How little would her hands seem as she wrapped her fingers around the breadth of my prick?

My skin protected, my little sister unexpectedly slapped my ass and said, "Done!"

I instantly thought of her hands on my ass as she sucked my cock. I wondered what her face would look like with my dick in her pretty mouth. I was so turned on, I couldn't face her. I croaked, "Thanks."

"You have a great body," she said matter-of-factly as she put the sunscreen in the locker, closed the door, put the quarter in, and pulled the little key out.

"You too," I said, after considering what to say for a moment. There was no denying that my sister had a wonderful body. I knew the lewd thoughts of fucking her were wrong. I also knew that I had to shake them off before something bad happened.

"Thanks," she replied. "Here, stow the key in the pocket of your trunks. I'm going on the slide."

With that, she handed me the key, and scampered off. I was relieved. I needed to get in the water to hide my erection but to do that I'd have to either run the gauntlet of the kids or the lifeguards. So, I just stayed right where I was, put the key in the little inside pocket of my trunks, and watched the clouds pass overhead until, finally, my dick deflated.

I made my way to the kids' section and walked through. I got splashed a few times as the spraying splashing devices to the left of me spread water all over the frolicking kids. To my right were a couple parents sitting in two feet of water as they watched their kids play. I spotted Karen and my nephews in the kids' section. When they waved at me, I waved back.

The water was cool but not cold. The sun beat down and the air was quite warm. I reached the adult wading section which began with about three feet of water. The pool was filled with men and women of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. I skirted the outside of the pool to my left, which bordered the kids' section on the other side of a low wall. The top of the wall was only a few inches above the water but the lifeguards did not want people standing on it.

As I walked, the water filled my trunks, cooling my hot cock, which, though I masturbated every day, never seemed to be satisfied for long. As I slowly walked beside the wall the water rose to four feet; then five. Almost to the far corner I reached my parents standing in five and a half feet of water. Standing up tall and straight, the water was at my shoulders but the waves lapped at my chin.

My mother was saying to my dad, "I don't know, Jamie, it's pretty small."

"What is?" I asked, announcing my presence.

"Hey, Joe," Dad greeted me. "Your mother was just telling me that she thinks Allyson's bikini is a little too revealing."

Feeling protective as usual, I said, "Hey, it could be a thong."

Mom rolled her eyes and said, "I wouldn't put it past her. Of course, I don't think they'd let her in here wearing that."

I nodded and said, "Probably not."

Dad asked her, "Sharon, can you imagine some of these women around here in a thong?"

Mom laughed at that with a foul look on her face.

My parents got along great. They hardly ever argued or yelled. I was glad to have grown up without all that.

I felt a cool hand on my left shoulder. There were people everywhere so it could have been anyone. It turned out to be Karen.

She was so pretty. I felt my cock stirring at the closeness of her body as well as her hand on my shoulder. I slipped my left arm lightly around her waist, ostensibly to help support her, but in reality I was feeling how firm her waist was and fantasizing about pulling her in and kissing her. I had an overwhelming urge to drop my hand to her ass and try to feel if it was as firm as her waist, but I resisted.

I watched the water lap back at forth at the valley between her breasts for a moment, thoughts of my cock sliding in and out of that cleavage just as the water was doing filled my mind. Finally, mentally scolding myself, I managed to force myself to look at her eyes and ask, "Where are the kids?"

"Over there," she said, gesturing through the mesh fence at the children's area. "They're ten. I can barely keep up with them, so I figured I'd just let them run off their energy. Besides, I needed a little adult interaction."

Before I could make a comment that I would have regretted, someone grabbed my right shoulder.

"Did you see me?" Allyson asked, suddenly appearing to my right.

"See what?" I asked with a smile. I was happy to see her and I knew she had probably already been down the slide once.

I slipped my right arm around her waist, enjoying the feel of both sexy women so close to me. I knew it was wrong. I knew they were my sisters and I shouldn't be touching them in a way that made my cock so hard in my trunks that I felt I might rip the fabric at any moment. Still, I couldn't help myself.

"I went down the slide. What a rush!" Allyson told me as Karen moved on and put her hand on Dad's shoulder to keep her head above water. The water was at eye level to her if she tried to stand on the bottom.

I found myself wanting to pull her back and keep her close to me but I had sense enough to just let her go. There was no way I was going to do anything to betray the nasty thoughts I had of fucking my sisters that I had running through my head.

"Which slide did you come down?" I asked Allyson as she shifted closer to put her arm across my shoulders. I loved the feel of her arm around me like that and her little hand on my left shoulder.

"The big one! The yellow one!" she told me, gesturing to the big yellow slide tube. It took about fifteen seconds to reach the bottom because it twisted around and around on the way down.

I felt her slim waist under my hand, loving the feel of her smooth skin and firm flesh. I wanted to pull her to me and kiss her pretty lips. I said, "I think the boys would love the blue slide. They're too old for the kiddy section."

Karen overheard that, turned around, and said, "They're having fun over there, but if Allyson wants to take them to the blue slide, I think they'd like that."

Allyson wrapped her legs around my waist and said to her, "Yeah, I could do that. Where are they now?"

I was surprised to feel her strong sexy legs wrapping around my waist and the urge to take her right there in the pool was overpowering. With the cool water swirling around my balls, the lewd thoughts in my head, and Allyson gripping my waist with her legs, her crotch against my hip, my cock felt as hard as a rock. It managed to fill out completely despite being pulled to the left by the trunks. Because the water was making the material float about, had someone been swimming by underwater it wasn't completely obvious that I had a hard-on.

"Right there," Karen pointed to her boys through the fence. They were playing in the big plastic fort-looking thing, water spraying all around.

I gripped Allyson's thigh with my left hand, holding it up to be sure she didn't drop it and bump into my hard dick. If she detected my erection I was sure that our close relationship would become very strained. I didn't want that. Her thigh muscles were firm under my hand, which just made my forbidden desire for her that much harder to resist.

"I'll go get them," my little sister said as she kicked away from me and swam off to get the twins and take them to the slide.

I tried not to let the relief show on my face to Karen before she turned back and resumed talking to Mom and Dad about whatever it was they were discussing. I was relieved that Allyson hadn't noticed my hard-on but I found myself looking at her as a very desirable woman. I tried to shake the thoughts, but I couldn't seem to.

I looked around at the other women around the pool. Except for a lifeguard or two, none of them looked nearly as sexy as Allyson. Hell, none of them looked as good as Karen, or even Mom, for that matter.

I socialized with my parents and my older sister, being nicer to her than I had been of late, my desire for her, and her apology, softening the hard feelings I held against her for so long. I did want a closer relationship with her as my sister, despite my forbidden desire for her.

After a while the twins swam up to us. I was impressed. I was not a swimmer. I was just there to get cool and socialize with the family, but the twins swam really well.

"Did you see us, Mom?" both kids asked in unison.

"I did! Was that fun?" she asked.

"Yeah, we're going to do it again," Mitch said.

Aaron said, "We want to try the green one next."

"I don't know. What do you think, Dad?" Karen asked.

I didn't hear the answer as Allyson came swimming up beside me. She put her arm around my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. She told Karen, "There are some ten-year-old kids using the yellow slide! It might be scary because it's so long but it's not dangerous."

"We can keep an eye on them from here," I added as I, again, held on to Allyson's thigh to keep it above what I knew would soon be a solid erection. I put my other hand on her back. I felt the bow that tied her top together across her back, imagining what her little tits might look like. The urge to pull the string was profound.

Karen looked at her kids and said, "Go ahead. Just get on the green slide; not the yellow one!"

The kids excitedly swam off and Karen turned to discuss her concerns with our parents.

As my cock began to rise at my little sister's closeness, I looked at Allyson and asked, "Why are you hanging on my hip?"

"It's too deep. I can either tread water or hang on to you," she replied with a smile. "Is that a problem?"

I shook my head, my cock beginning to throb inside my trunks as I looked at her pretty face. I wanted to kiss her. My dick was just below her left thigh and I wanted to be sure she didn't bump it as I gripped her leg firmly. "Just wondering," I replied with a smile.

"I figured you could handle it. I mean, just look at these muscles," she said, running her free hand across my chest and shoulder. Then she ran her other hand down my back.

I glanced nervously at Karen and my parents but they were deep in conversation. I was so horny for Allyson I could hardly see straight. Her little hands running across my body made me want to do the same to her. Caress her back, cup her tits in my hands, or grip her ass as she held onto me. I said, "You're so small, I could put you in my pocket."

"Hmm, that sounds like it could be interesting," she said giving me a smile and then quickly added, "Watch me this time, okay? I'm going on the yellow slide."

I nodded, smiled, and said, "Okay, I'll meet you at the bottom."

"Great," she said before kissing me on the cheek and pushing off toward the slides.

I chuckled for the benefit of those around me while inside I was really watching her ass as she swam away. My cock throbbed with desire for my younger sister. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it.

I slowly moved away from my family though the frolicking crowd. The water where the yellow slide came out was a foot shallower, making me a little bummed that Allyson would not need me to aid in keeping her head above water. There were floating ropes cordoning off the landing area and there was a lifeguard at the bottom making sure that everyone swam away safely after splash-down.

I looked up at the tower and spotted Allyson halfway up the last flight of stairs, waiting behind a dozen other people. When I waved at her she waved back. The sun was at her back and I could barely make out her sexy form up there.

After about ten minutes, she made it to the head of the line and I watched her sit down on the slide. The yellow tube made several circles until, about fifteen or twenty seconds later, Allyson came splashing down out of the tube. She bobbed up to the surface and looked around.

"Over here," I said excitedly to her. Damned if I didn't feel my cock rising at the mere sight of her. I had to get that under control.

As she came up to me I realized that feeling her close to me, seeing her as such a beautiful woman, and the love that I have always felt for her was making me want her in a very real way. I don't mean in a fantasizing 'what would it be like?' sort of way but more in a 'how can I make this happen?' sort of way. I knew it was wrong and I scolded myself again.

She put her little hands on my shoulders, wrapped her legs around my waist, and kissed me on the mouth in one smooth motion. Allyson wasn't on my hip this time, but was instead square in front of me. Her butt was right above my hardening cock and I was powerless to stop the erection that was forming. How she wouldn't be able to feel it this time, I didn't know. I couldn't grab her ass and lift her off me; that would have been even worse.

I resisted the urge to open my mouth and truly kiss her as I felt her little tits press firmly against my chest. They were firm and I thought I could feel her little nipples through her bikini. I wanted to press my tongue into her mouth so badly that if she hadn't broken the kiss when she did I may have done it despite the risks.

As she pulled her head back a bit and looked at me she said, "I am so fucking happy. You are the best big brother a girl could have."

My cock was as hard as a steel pipe as I felt her press her ass down against my dick. She wiggled her little butt side to side before reaching back. She reached down as if to scratch her ass before I could do anything to stop her. She squeezed the girth of my cock between her fingers one time, her eyebrows lifted. Then I felt her fingernails through my trucks. She scratched the underside of my prick. Once. Twice. Thrice.

Pleasure flooded my brain despite the fear that was also flooding my brain. Even though I was scared to death of what was going to happen next, like Allyson slapping me in the face and never wanting to see me again, I still imagined what it would be like to pull the narrow crotch of her little bikini to the side and slide my throbbing cock inside of her pussy. Imagining how tight her little cunt would be around my dick dominated my thoughts, despite the fear.

Without another word, Allyson pushed off and swam away, back toward the slides.

I was panicked. Oh my god, what have I done? I thought. I was stupid and careless. Now my sister is going to tell Mom and Dad! If they don't call the police, they'll certainly kick me out. Shit, even if she keeps quiet, our close relationship is surely over. I have to apologize! Yes, apologize and beg her forgiveness.

I glanced around guiltily to see if anyone had seen what just happened. Everyone was frolicking and having a great time. It was just between me and Allyson.

I watched her walk to the metal stairs and begin to climb. She was so sexy. Shit, I had to stop thinking like that. What was I going to tell her when she go to the bottom? At the moment I was just grateful that she hadn't swam to Dad and told him of the erection she had discovered.

There was a short line at the top and I knew I didn't have long to come up with a plan. Problem was; I couldn't think of anything other than to promise that it would never happen again. What else could I do?

When Allyson splashed down at the bottom of the slide and swam over to me, I braced myself. I couldn't let her yell at me; I didn't want to see anger in her eyes. I had to apologize before she could lay into me.

So, as she came up a couple feet in front of me, I began, "Allyson, I am so sorry. I promise it will never happen again."

Karen's voice, just to the left of me, asked, "What did you do?"

I know I went pale. I got dizzy as the blood rushed from the head. What had I just said? What did she know?

Allyson said, "Karen, he had teasing me earlier because I'm so short that I felt the need to hold on to him even at this depth." She cast me a knowing look and slowly said, "Joe, don't apologize. You have nothing to be sorry for. I wasn't upset. It's all in good fun. Besides, you know I'll get you later."

As Karen laughed at that, Allyson kissed me on the lips like she always did. Both sisters swam off, back towards our parents. I almost fainted right there but Allyson wasn't going to tell anyone. Not only that, she had said it was all in good fun. Good fun? She's my sister! Oh shit, what have I done? And, what did she mean, she'd get me later? Somehow, I knew this wasn't over.

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