tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Family Ch. 02

My Sexy Family Ch. 02


From the author: The incest/taboo categorization for this chapter is due to a brother/sister relationship. There is also lesbian and group activity. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it. If you do like it, please give me a good rating and leave me a note. I love to hear from my fans!


Over the next few days Allyson and I fucked like rabbits every chance we got. There was always the danger of getting caught, which only fuelled our passions. We had an especially close call one afternoon after work when Dad had left to get lumber and Mom was out with her friends.

Allyson had worn a black knee-length skirt and a black tank top. I had sat down to watch TV and she came in, showing off her new skirt. She asked, "Where's Dad?"

"He left to get some lumber," I told her.

My sister got that twinkle in her eye and before I knew what was happening she was kneeling on the couch beside me. She unbuckled and unzipped my pants, fished out my hardening prick, and proceeded to give me a vigorous sloppy blowjob. The wet sucking sounds filled the house.

I was in heaven as I watched my little sister's head bob in my lap, taking as much of my cock into her face as she could while stroking the rest with her little fist. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar tingling in my balls signal to me that I was approaching the point of no return. "I'm gonna come," I breathed.

Allyson didn't slow or falter in her work on my cock, bringing me to the brink and then pushing me over with all of her might.

At that moment the jangling at the lock told both of us that someone, either Mom or Dad, was about to open the back door and discover us.

Allyson registered the sound an instant before I did. She quickly lifted up, spun around, and sat on my lap. Within a second my cock slipped up between Allyson's firm thighs and her skirt draped my entire lap, covering up the fact that my pants were even unbuckled.

As Dad strode through the kitchen and into the living room, Allyson said, "But I don't see why they have to answer in the form of a question. Why don't they just ask a question and answer it like every other game show. I mean, what's the big deal?"

Dad paid us no attention as he walked past us and sat down in his chair.

For my part I pretended to watch the show, Jeopardy, on TV as I came. I tried to hold back my orgasm. I succeeded for a moment, but in reality I was too far gone and Allyson's thighs were too soft as they rubbed against my inflamed prick. Cum rushed up my shaft and blasted out of my cock.

Looking down, I watched each wad of cum cause Allyson's skirt to dent up in her lap. I pumped cream up and out of my dick, against her skirt, and down across her thighs again and again.

She glanced at me with a smile as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. She looked a little worried, a lot scared, and extremely turned on.

I took a ragged breath and said, "Well, that's what makes the show different, isn't it?" The cum coated my cock and her thighs, at first warm, and then, as it spread, it began to cool. I was in heaven after my orgasm but I tried not to let it show on my face.

As we sat there in silence and watched the show, my cock deflated and slipped from between her thighs. I could feel my pants getting wet and I was glad her skirt was black because I couldn't see any stain on them, though I knew her thighs were covered in my cream.

All Dad had to do was ask us to help him with something and we'd have been busted. Instead, during the next commercial, he went to his bathroom.

Allyson and I slipped out of the living room and into the two bathrooms on the other end of the house to clean up.

It was a close call and we resolved to be a bit more careful in the future. Problem was; we didn't stick to that vow. If we had, things might have turned out much differently.


Several days later, still a week away from the concert, Allyson gave Dad the money for the concert tickets. I was so proud of her, though I still felt a little guilty for her buying my ticket, but that was her gesture of thanks to me for providing the transportation.

Karen and her kids had been coming by to visit more and more frequently. At one point I thought she had caught a look between Allyson and me but she hadn't said anything. We were pretty good at hiding stuff from Mom and Dad, but Karen and her kids were more observant. We were trying to be even more careful around them.

Karen and I had spoken a few times over the weeks and during those talks I had noticed a change in her. I was attracted to her, always had been, but she had started wearing somewhat more provocative attire. She had always worn sundresses but one time, for example, she showed up wearing one that had a hemline well up her thigh and a neckline that showed off her big full breasts to great effect.

Despite myself, I grew hard in my jeans as we talked, imaging my cock sliding in and out of the valley between her big breasts or thinking about bending her over, flipping up that skirt, and slipping my dick inside of her cunt. I wondered how different she would feel from Allyson. Being older and having had twins I could only assume it would be looser around my dick.

She told me, again, how she wanted us to be closer. She spoke about our childhood and occasionally touched my arm as she spoke. I felt an overwhelming urge to kiss her.

When she stopped and waited for me to respond, I wanted to tell her that everything was fine, but, despite my growing physical attraction for her I could help but be honest. I said, "Look, I was twelve when you left home. I thought you were so cool and I was proud that you were my big sister, but you left."

Karen frowned. I didn't enjoy the fact that I had put it there. That look didn't suit her cute freckled face, though I had seen it on her quite a lot lately. She put her hand on mine and asked, "Is there no way we can get back to the way we were before?"

I wanted to say something reassuring but I couldn't. I said, "Geez, Karen, that was a lifetime ago."

"Well, then, can we start over? Maybe have a new type of relationship?" Karen insisted.

What was she suggesting? Surely she wasn't feeling as attracted to me as I was to her. Though Allyson had shared my attraction, I had no illusions that everyone wanted me. Still, what did she mean? I finally said, "Maybe."

She smiled at me. How I loved that smile. "Just give me a chance, baby brother. That's all I ask." Then she kissed me, hard on the lips. I almost opened my mouth to her but stopped myself just in time as she broke the kiss. "You won't regret this. I promise."

My cock throbbed in my jeans as I watched her walk away, her long black hair flowing down her back and her toned legs flexing sexily. She was six years older than me and was my sister. Maybe it was what I was doing with Allyson but I found the feelings of that old crush right at surface.

I doubted she wanted the physical relationship that I had running around my head. She probably meant something else, like a new adult sibling relationship. Still, I had a hard time keeping my lewd thoughts at bay.

With Karen visiting so often, I shouldn't have been surprised by what happened next. It was that Saturday morning, after we got up, and we were all at the breakfast table when Dad announced, "I'm going to need your help today."

Allyson and I both asked, "Mine?"

He nodded and said, "Yes, from both of you. We need to move your sister's things into the back two bedrooms."

"As storage?" Allyson asked.

Mom shook her head and said, "No dear, Karen is moving in with us. Isn't that wonderful? We'll have all of the family back together again."

Allyson sighed and said, "Great."

Dad asked, "You aren't happy about having your big sister living here? She's not going to take your room or anything."

Allyson waved her hand and said, "I know. It's not that."

Mom smiled and said, "Well, I think it's wonderful. This will be a great chance for you kids to get closer than ever, don't you think?"

Allyson perked up and admitted, "It might be. It just might be." She had a familiar sparkle in her eyes.


It took several trips to get all the items as well as put the furniture back in storage. Leesville was thirty minutes away, so each round trip took at least an hour.

At one point, Allyson and I managed to find ourselves in the house alone together. After unloading the furniture from my truck into the storage unit in town we had taken the rest of the furniture back home and moved it into the back bedrooms. Mom, Dad, and Karen's twins had just left to get another load. Karen had left too, saying she was going to check on the storage unit before going to get another load.

We had the house to ourselves for maybe the last time, so we decided to make the best of it. It was a fateful decision that changed everything. Had we been able to restrain ourselves we might never have gotten caught.

When we were discovered, Allyson was sitting on the bathroom counter with her legs spread wide on either side of me. I was standing in front of her, sliding my long hard cock in and out of her tight dripping snatch. We both had our head down watching it slip sexily in and out of her tight clasping cunt.

Allyson said, "That feels so fucking good, Joe! That looks so hot! I love watching your cock siding in and out of my puss, don't you?"

"Yes," I sighed in pleasure, loving when she called it her 'puss'. Her tight cunt felt so good around my rock-hard cock and I was completely turned on, as I gently stroked myself in and out of my little sister.

I felt Allyson tense below me and, for a moment, I thought she was coming. I was so mesmerized watching her juices glisten along my shaft as I slowly stroked in and out of her, that I wasn't aware of the fact that she had turned to look at the doorway for a good thirty seconds.

When I finally noticed, my heart sank. Was someone in the doorway? After another fifteen seconds, and a half-dozen heavenly strokes, I finally decided to turn and look. Yes, I still fucked her while I suspected someone was at the door because I feared they would be the last strokes I got from Allyson. If it was Dad, they would probably be the last strokes of my life.

There, in the doorway, stood Karen. She immediately gasped in surprise and dropped the armful of clothes she had been carrying. Her hands went to her mouth in shock as the neatly folded dresses unfolded themselves and pooled at her feet.

I was so turned on in that moment that as I pulled out of Allyson I turned toward Karen instead of turning away to hide my hard cock from her, as I might have done had anyone else discovered us. It was a subconscious reaction that I didn't really think about until much later.

My cock stood out obscenely from my groin, not only coated with Allyson's fuck fluids but actually dripping with them. It pulsed strongly as my heart beat even faster from the excitement and the danger. For some reason I wasn't terrified like when the cop pulled up. It was almost as if I were showing off to her.

Karen said, "Oh my god, Joe. What the fuck do you think you're doing?" her hands halfway covering her mouth as she spoke. To my surprise she didn't shout at me.

"Karen, I can explain," I said, not quite sure how I could in fact explain to her how I had wound up fucking our little sister on the bathroom counter. I knew there was a chance if I did or said the wrong thing she would fly out of the house and tell our parents, but for some reason I wasn't afraid of that happening.

Allyson hopped down off the counter in front of me as Karen challenged me, "Explain how I found you fucking your little sister? My god Joe, she's just a kid!"

"I'm not a fucking kid! I'm eighteen. I'm a woman," Allyson retorted defiantly.

Karen hesitated and muttered, "Yes, well, I can see that, but still-"

Still defiant, and not self-conscious about her nudity as she took a step toward Karen, Allyson challenged, "'Still' what?"

"You can't fuck your brother," Karen declared, but the softness of her words and a lilt in her voice made it almost sound like a question. "What would Mom and Dad say?"

Allyson took another step forward, halfway between me and my older sister, and said firmly, "Mom and Dad will never find out; unless you fucking tell them!"

Karen looked as if she'd been slapped. She said, "No, I'd never say anything. You can trust me!" Then, softer, she muttered, "It's just that this is so wrong."

Allyson took another step forward and said, so softly that I almost didn't hear her, "If it's so fucking wrong, then why are you still standing there?"

"What?" Karen asked.

Allyson flashed me a smile as she asked Karen softly, "How long were you standing there, watching us?"

"I- Well-" Karen stammered.

Allyson eased up alongside of Karen as I took a couple steps closer to hear what she was saying. She nearly whispered, "You stood there and watched us without saying a fucking word until Joe looked at you. I know because I was watching you. If he hadn't seen you, would you have said anything? Would you have watched Joe slide his long hard cock in and out of my tight wet pussy until he filled me with his cum?"


Allyson barely paused for a breath as she continued softly taunting her sister. She said, "I mean, look at you now? During this entire fucking conversation you haven't looked me in the eyes once. You can't take your fucking eyes off of Joe's cock, can you?"

Karen was breathing heavy. She glanced down at Allyson's naked form not two feet from her and then, slowly, up into her eyes. She said, "It's been a long time since I've seen one that big, or seen one at all for that matter."

Allyson smiled softly at her and whispered, "You want to join us, don't you?"


"Hah, you do!" Allyson exclaimed triumphantly. "You want to join us. You want to fuck him too, don't you?"

"No," Karen mewled weakly, her tone contradicting her word.

"I know you do," Allyson soothed as she moved around behind her. "It's okay. We're all family here," she said as she pulled the zipper slowly down the back of Karen's sundress.

I was as mesmerized by my little sister's words as much as Karen was. With Allyson behind her, Karen had nowhere to look but at me, because she was frozen to that spot like she had stepped into wet cement and, not only was she not able to move, she didn't know if she even wanted to. Her eyes locked onto my hard cock which was bobbing and throbbing obscenely in front of me as I eased forward. Then, finally, she looked up my bare chest and up into my eyes. Her eyes were glazed with lust.

Allyson pushed her older sister's dress down her arms until it fell away. She whispered, "You have a beautiful fucking body, Karen. Do you know that?" She unhooked her bra and ran her hands forward into the loosened bra, cupping her older sister's big tits in her little hands. "How long has it been since someone touched you like this?"

Karen continued to stare up into my eyes as she whispered honestly, "Too long!"

I leaned forward and kissed her. She didn't back away, opening her mouth to me. She tasted like cinnamon and I was startled to feel her hand immediately and firmly wrap around my hard cock. I realized in a flash that the one thing I had always wished for, to fuck my big sister, was about to come true.

Allyson pushed Karen's bra down her arms and rolled her older sister's nipples in her fingers. She kissed the side of her neck as I kissed her mouth; it was all very intimate and seemed to be happening in slow-motion. Of course, that suited me fine. I wanted the moment to last forever.

Karen slowly stroked my cock in her fist, feeling the full meaty girth and taking her time with it. When her bra traveled down her arms, she didn't have the presence of mind to release her grip and so her bra hooked onto my dick like some sort of bra holder.

I could feel the smooth cups brushing against my thighs and knees. I would have found it funny at any other time but in that moment I couldn't have cared less; I didn't want her to stop stroking me and I couldn't wait to feel her as well. I put my left hand to the back of her head as we kissed; on the side away from Allyson's head. With my right hand I caressed down her stomach quickly to her soft cotton panties. I pressed my fingers between her thighs only to find Allyson's fingers already there ahead of me, probing from behind, much to my surprise and delight.

Karen moaned in pleasure up into my mouth as Allyson and I pushed our older sister's panties down off her hips and we both stimulated her pussy. I gently pressed my fingers up against her clit and rocking them side to side, the hard little nub of her clit rubbing firmly against her pelvic bone. At the same time, Allyson eased, first one, and then two of her fingers up her dripping snatch, working them slowly in and out.

I was a little surprised by Allyson's passion toward Karen. I hadn't expected that but I was not complaining because it was so fucking hot I could barely stand it. I released my older sister's head and broke the kiss, looking into her eyes; they were glassy with lust. Her mouth hung open and her breathing was heavy. She looked so sexy.

Karen's tits hung a little loosely on her chest, bigger and fuller but less firm than before she had the twins. I collected the one that Allyson had released in my hand and, bending low, took the hard nipple between my lips. Her skin tasted salty and she smelled divine as I sucked as much of her warm tit-flesh into my mouth as possible.

In bending down like I did, Karen was forced to release my cock, letting it bounce free in the cool air of the bathroom. She put her hands to the back of my head, interlacing her fingers into my short hair, as she moaned in pleasure, both at my mouth and tongue on her breast but also at Allyson's fingers plunging rapidly in and out of her dripping cunt, the wet sloshing sounds loud in the confined space.

I grabbed both of her tits in my hands, brushing Allyson's hand away, as she pulled me tight against her chest, smothering me with her warm tits. I rolled the nipples between my fingers, turning my head from side to side, lapping and sucking voraciously at first one hard nipple and then the other.

"Oh my god," Karen whispered as she began to shudder, the orgasm that Allyson and I were producing rushed through her and washed over her. My little sister's fingers sloshing in and out of my older sister's cunt was the main driving force despite my best efforts on her tits.

I held her steady as she pitched forward against me, her breathing heavy and fast before suddenly slowing to normal with a great sigh. I stood up into my older sister's arms and lifted her onto the bathroom counter to my left. She didn't resist and Allyson pulled back, content for the moment to watch and see what I did next.

Karen laid back on the counter, her head against the hard mirror and her ass slightly over the lip of the counter. Her legs fell open before me revealing my older sister's pussy to me for the first time. I had dreamed of this day for a very long time.

I took in the sight of her in like a photograph that will forever be etched into my memory. Her face was covered in lust as she looked at me, her mouth slightly open. Her big tits rested on her chest, sagging somewhat to each side, the nipples hard and wet from my saliva. Her freckled and lightly tanned stomach which was usually flat was rippled up because of her position on the counter. Her pale thighs parted; framing and exposing her most intimate places to my prying eyes. She was waxed completely free of hair so I could plainly see that her entire crotch had the ruddy hue of excitement and Allyson's fingers had made the whole area wet and glistening in the bright bathroom lights. The dark lips were puffy and flowered open with anticipation though her pussy looked to be as small as Allyson's.

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