tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Little Sis

My Sexy Little Sis


"See you in four years!"

Those were the last words I heard from my little sister. For the past four years, Crystal has been in France. After some rough teenage years, she wanted a fresh start, so she picked a university in France and went for it.

At first she started out studying international architecture, but after a few months decided that wasn't for her. She then freelanced around Europe for a while, before settling into the modeling industry.

From some of the letters I got from her, I could tell that Crystal was loving it. She seemed to really be into what she was doing. But more than that, she said a few things that piqued my interest. In one letter she referred to being "happy with the changes I made to my body" and that "it really gets me noticed". I was very interested in what she meant.

It was four years to the day when Crystal left, and today is the day she comes home for a visit. Since I had a few weeks I could take off work, I decided to go home for the week, so I could catch up with my little sister.

I was really looking forward to this time with her. From very little, we were always real close. Since it was just us two kids, we would do everything together. Play ball, camping, talking, video games; you name it, we did it.

That is, until high school. Since we were a couple years apart, it was just hard to be close to your little sister in high school. So we slowly drifted apart. So when she left for France four years ago, I was a little sad that I was losing my little sister.

But this weekend would change that.

When I got to my parents house, there was a note on the kitchen table. It said that they had to leave for the day but would be home the next day, and that Crystal should be taking a cab and getting home around 2 pm. I looked at my watch and noticed that I had about 20 minutes before Crystal might be home.

I headed upstairs to drop off my things. As I started unpacking my suitcases, I heard a knock on the door. I was so excited to see my sister, I bounded down the stairs to get the door.

I flung open the door, ready to give my little sister a big hug, but then...

I couldn't believe my own eyes.

Standing in front of me was without doubt the hottest girl my eyes have ever seen. Playing with her long golden hair, dressed in a form-fitting exercise outfit that showed off every curve of her body, Crystal gave me a huge smile and basically jumped on top of me, giving me the biggest hug I've ever had.

"Hi brother! I've missed you so much!"

With her jumping on top of me, I couldn't really respond very well, except to give her a hug right back. Except for one big problem...

Her tits were huge, and firm.

I could barely get my arms around her, as her hugging me was causing her big tits to rub up against my chest. Adding to that, my instantly hard cock was now threatening to cause me a lot of embarrassment, so I quickly ended the hug.

"It's great to see you too," I finally muttered.

And with that, I picked up her luggage and walked her into the house.

"How have you been little bro? Where's mom and dad?"

"Oh I thought they would've let you know, but they won't be back until tomorrow. I think they had to go visit Aunt Marcia for the day, because she's been pretty sick. But they left a note saying they'd be back tomorrow morning."

"So we get the whole house to ourselves?"

"Yep, it looks that way."

"Awesome! Some alone time with my little bro. I'm going upstairs to get more comfortable, then maybe we can catch up."

As she bent over to pick up her luggage, I couldn't help but notice her perfectly shaped ass. When she bent over, her tight shorts were barely enough to cover her ass. But more than that, they were so tight that I could nearly see every fold of her skin. It was almost as though her shorts weren't even there.

As she struggled to pick up her suitcase, I quickly offered to help take it upstairs.

"Thanks bro," as she gave me yet another hug.

This time she could tell that I was slightly uncomfortable with the hug, as her clothes had shifted and her tits made it nearly impossible to give her a good hug.

"Sorry about that. I'm sure you've noticed, but my boobs sometimes get in the way. They've just way outgrown my body."

"You mean they're all natural?"

"Of course they are. Why, did you think I had them done or something?"

"Well, you did you that I'd be surprised at the changes you made to your body."

"That's true, but I meant the 30 pounds I lost by dieting!"

"So you're saying these are real? No way, I just can't believe that."

"Well, I can prove it to you if you want. You want to see them?"

At that moment, my mind started racing. How do I answer a question like that? Do I want to see tits that are as magnificent as hers? Yes. But she's my sister!

"I'll tell you what," she continued. "I'll go upstairs and put on something where you could see them, but won't embarrass you." She then took her suitcase upstairs, dragging it along each stair.

I stood there motionless. I was about to somehow see my sister's huge tits, and I didn't know what to do about it. For a couple minutes I went to the kitchen to grab a beer. Just about when I was finished, I heard my sister.

"Ready when you are!"

I started slowly walking upstairs and across the hall, until I got to the room my sister was in. Before entering, I said, "you really want to do this?"

"Of course. Don't worry, it's not like I'm naked."

That somewhat eased my embarrassment and so I entered her room. As I turned the corner, looking into the room, my cock instantly jumped again. Lying on her side in a see-through two-piece lingerie set was my sweet little sister. Not knowing how to act, I blurted out:

"Crystal, what are you in! I can see everything!"

"What, how else will you be able to tell if they're real. Just come here and look."

I took a few steps towards Crystal, and she sat up in the bed. Sitting up made her tits look that much better. The closer I got, the more I wanted to jump on her right then and fuck her brains out.

"I don't know Crystal, they're so firm. I can't believe they're real."

"Well, they are! Here, feel them."

She took my hands and placed them on her boobs. Feeling her boobs was so erotic. They really did feel 100% natural. I'm still not sure how they look so firm and feel so soft, but I believed her.

"I told you they were real."

Then suddenly, without notice, she gave me a big, firm tickle on both my sides. "I missed you brother!"

Being as ticklish as I am, I jumped right on the bed with her, begging her to stop. But she continued.

"Stop it Crystal! Stop it!"

Since she wouldn't stop, I decided to fight back. I started tickling her as well, all over her body. But that didn't last long, because soon her sexy body started getting to me big time.

I was suddenly fully aware that I was body-to-body with an incredibly hot woman, even it was my sister.

"What is this?" she asked. Unfortunately, I knew exactly what she was talking about. In the process of rubbing bodies with a goddess, not surprisingly my cock was fully erect at nine inches.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I'll..."

Before I could finish my sentence, she did something I still can't believe she did. She reached down, yanked down my shorts, and fully engulfed the entire length of my cock in her mouth.

I was speechless. I couldn't stop her or tell her to keep going. But that didn't stop her from keeping the pace. She kept sucking my cock like she had done this hundreds of time before, and for all I knew, she had. She would suck my cock with such force, then tease the head of my cock with her tongue, then go down on me all over again. She knew just when to stop sucking before I would cum. She was a master.

Finally, I had had enough. I had fuck her. I grabbed her head and pushed her back on the bed. Before fucking her, I had to see her tits. I ripped off her top, which was barely on to begin with, and exposed her tits for the first time. They were even better than they looked with lingerie on. I took her and started sucking on her nipples. I would suck one nipple, then suck the other one, playing with her other boob with my other hand.

As I sucked her tits, she would scream in pleasure, pushing her tits even farther into my mouth. She also had a firm grasp of my cock, pumping it up and down like it was a piston.

Suddenly, she pulled me even closer, and with her tits firmly rubbing up and down my chest, she let out a loud scream. With my hand now down massaging her pussy, she came so hard that I could feel her whole body pulsating in pleasure. My hand was now soaked, but I couldn't stop there.

It was my turn.

I sat up on the bed and with a look of determination that I'd never had before, I spread my sister's legs. Crystal gave absolutely no resistance. In fact, it was easy to tell that her pussy wanted my cock as much as my cock needed her pussy.

Without any further warning, I lined up my cock with her pussy and pushed as hard as I could. Ripping right through her vagina, I started pumping her pussy for all its worth. I looked down and saw her huge tits move back and forth with each thrust, which made my cock grow even farther. I bent down -- still fucking her pussy -- and took her tits in my hands and mouth. I was in heaven.

Finally, I couldn't hold it back anymore. "I'm about to cum!" I said. "Should I pull out?"

"Don't even think about it!" she screamed, as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in tighter.

Just as I was about to cum, the unthinkable happened.

Suddenly -- out of nowhere -- the door to the room swung wide open! Completely shocked, our parents stood at the door in horror.

Unfortunately, it was too late. At the very moment they burst through the door, my cock started emptying its cum deep into my sister's pussy. Even as they stood there, I kept sucking my sister's tits and burying my cock inside her pussy. Pulse and pulse, my cock kept cumming and cumming, as I lay on top of my sister's sexy body. It was an unbelievable feeling of pleasure to have my parents watch as I fucked up my little sister's pussy.

Finally, my cock had completely emptied itself and I dropped myself onto my sister's body. Laying down next to my sister, I looked over at my parents...

"Hi mom. Hi dad. I take it you're home early?"

to be continued...

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