My Sexy Little Sister


"Yes! Oh yes baby that's so fucking good!"

I switched between sucking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy and arsehole for a few minutes before she announced the imminent orgasm that was building up inside her. In one last effort to give her the orgasm of her life I lifted her up in one deft move and threw her on her back, then plunged back to her groin with a lust filled rage. I stuck one finger in her anus and one finger in her pussy and shoved them in and out while my lips and tongue worked their magic on her clit. She bucked and writhed against my face, barely able to breathe under the intensity of the orgasm rising up. She finally let out a mighty scream of pleasure as I finger and tongue fucked her to heaven.

"Oooooh shiiiiit Jason, I'm cummiinnnnnnnnng," she screamed as my licks became more intense. Then she did something I never expected.

At the peak of her orgasm she stopped screaming as all her energy was concentrated on her pussy and she laid there with a look of utter orgasmic bliss on her face as wave after wave of the orgasm ripped through every inch of her body, and then it came. The tidal wave of cum. My little sister was a squirter. Or at least she was now. I took my fingers from her holes and continued my devouring of her pussy with my mouth as she blasted a clear liquid all over my face and chest, filling my mouth and dribbling back down onto her pussy and her bed. I kept going until she had cum dry and she squeezed her legs around my head while the last pulses of her orgasm subsided.

I kissed up her body, pausing to spend a few precious moments sucking on her erect nipples and kissing her gigantic tits, while she lay there completely out of breath, marvelling at the intensity of the orgasm she just had.

"You like that, baby?" I asked her cheekily. I didn't really need to ask; she still had her mouth wide open and eyes shut in a state of perpetual bliss while her pussy still tingled with the afterglow of the orgasm.

She didn't even answer, she just turned and looked at me and began to kiss me passionately again, licking her own cum off my face and lips so that we were snowballing it back and forth.

"I have never cum like that, big brother. I can't wait to see what you can do with your cock."

"Then wait no longer."

Without even giving her much time to recuperate I climbed on top of her, ignoring the sticky mess I'd made of the bottom half of her bed sheets. I kept kissing her wildly as I positioned the head of my throbbing dick at the opening to her well lubricated vagina. I started to rub it around the opening, half thinking of teasing her again, but this time she was having none of it. She grabbed my hips and pulled forward, giving me no option but to sink my cock deep inside her steaming hot cunt. She released a gasp of breath as I filled her and started pumping in and out.

I was filled with an overpowering sense of lust. The realisation of what was happening hit me and I couldn't hold back from fucking her with every inch of my being, using every one of my well toned muscles to add to the power of my thrusts. Lying there on top of my gorgeous sister, fucking her hard and watching her pretty face contorted into expressions of utter bliss was the biggest turn on I had ever had.

I moved my head down and began sucking and licking her massive boobs and pert nipples. I kissed around her areolas then tenderly bit the fleshy nubs as she moaned and grabbed my arse, pulling me ever harder into her cunt. My cock was slamming in her, and she was so tight it took a surprising amount of effort to pull back, it was as if her pussy didn't want to let my dick go.

Suddenly she stopped me.

"It's my turn again, big brother."

I didn't argue and pulled myself out of her. She got up and threw me on my back with tremendous force, before jumping on top of me, grabbing my cock and rubbing it up and down her slit.

"Oh yeah, Jason," she said between kissing me and biting my lips. "You wanna see what your little sister can do, big boy?"

"Fuck yes," I moaned in reply.

She thrust herself on me and started wailing in pleasure as she bounced up and down on my cock. I reached my hands round to grab her perfect, round arse and pull her deeper onto me, but she batted away my hands.

"Nuh-huh, Jason, you just leave this to me."

Why the hell not, I thought. She seemed to be doing just fine on her own. I looked down across our bodies and took in the amazing sight of my rock hard cock disappearing into the depths of her hot, soaking cunt.

She sat still on my cock and brought her legs up so she was on her feet in a squatting position, then began rotating her hips so that she grinded her clit into my groin and the tip of my cock was making circular motions on her cervix. The feeling was heavenly, it was much like what she did when she deepthroated me except then it was her nose and tongue that tickled at my crotch.

She did this for several minutes, bringing herself to another shuddering climax in which a fresh sheet of her cum dripped down my cock and saturated my balls. Then, after she regained her strength she leant back so that I could watch the whole action in full view. Her sweet clit bouncing up and down above my erect cock. Her glorious breasts jiggling as she bounced. Every inch of her sensational body was on display to me as she rode me ferociously. After not too long I started to feel the embers of another powerful orgasm brewing in my balls.

"Keep doing that baby, I'm gonna cum," I instructed her.

"Yeah, Jason, fill my pussy with your creamy cum you fucking stud."

The dirty talk brought my orgasm closer and I rolled my eyes back and squeezed her legs as I could take no more. A fountain of cum erupted from my throbbing dick and I pumped load after load into her accepting pussy.

"Yeah! Give your sister a creampie," she screamed as she climaxed with me.

I looked down and my orgasm was only made more intense by the sight of my cum dribbling out of her still bouncing pussy, drooling over my cock and pooling in my trimmed pubes and on my balls. She collapsed on top of me as her third orgasm left her body, then lifted herself up and swung around so that her head was between my legs.

"No sense letting all this go to waste," she said as she began lapping up the pools and ribbons of cum covering my cock and balls. I swear I could've cum again as she did this, the sight of my pretty sister guzzling up my cum like it was her favourite food, and after the fucking she just gave me it was in no short supply.

Once she'd licked me clean she crawled up to lay beside me and rested her arm across my chest. Kissing me on the cheek she left me with three final words.

"I love you."

"I love you too, little sister," I replied as we gave each other a last cheeky grin, a kiss, and then drifted off into a perfect sleep, both dreaming of what just happened and how it would be repeated the following morning.

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