tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Xmas with Daddy's Exes

My Sexy Xmas with Daddy's Exes


It's Christmas and I'm about to have Christmas dinner with my Stepmom, Carol. There's nothing out of the ordinary about that. Plenty of Stepsons have Christmas dinner with their Stepmoms on Christmas Day. Only, no longer together with my Stepmom, my Dad is home alone and drunk again, no doubt, about this time of day. The only thing he does for himself that resembles a Christmas tradition is microwaving a frozen TV turkey dinner and eating that with the fresh apple pie he bought at the bakery, while drinking beer after beer and watching football. I haven't had a decent holiday since Carol left.

That's what he wants to do. I've invited him over my house for the holidays and asked him to do things, as would a father do with his son. He's always made the excuse that he had to work or that he was tired. He's content doing nothing with no one. He's a hopeless case. After working 50-60 hours every week, year in and year out, getting drunk in front of the television is his idea of a good time, I'm afraid.

At 29-years-old, I'm still alone. I haven't found the right woman, yet, and I don't have any kids that I know about. I hope I don't end up like my Dad, alone and drunk, much like his Dad did. The only difference between my Dad and my Grandpa is that my Dad always managed to hold down a job, even with his closeted drinking. Fortunately, I don't have that gene that makes me want to drink.

What makes this holiday dinner a little bit odd for me, bizarre even, is that I haven't seen my Stepmom in eleven years, that is, before yesterday, when I had hot sex with her that lasted until the early morning. I still can't believe I bumped into her and I'm still in shock over what happened sexually between us. Long story short, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking that this is just another imaginary incest story written by a creative writer. Only, I assure you all the happenings in this story are true and real, even the names, but wait, it gets even more unbelievable as the story continues.

Debbie, my Stepmom's bi-sexual girlfriend will be dining with us, too. Debbie was once my Dad's girlfriend, too, after he kicked out my Stepmom on Christmas Day, eleven years ago. Then, not much longer after he kicked out Carol, he kicked out Debbie for making a pass at me by coming in my room naked and getting in bed with me. If this wasn't a true story, even I wouldn't believe it, but I lived through it and survived it, somehow, after my Mom died. I could see this being made into a movie, only it'd be XXX rated.

Anyway, my Stepmom, Carol, is 47-years-old, Debbie is 35-years-old, and I'm John. I've always had a crush on my Stepmom, when she lived with my me and my Dad for six years, from the time I was 12-years-old to 18-years-old. Then, my Dad lost his mind and kicked this gem of a woman out. I don't know what he was thinking. It must have been all that beer he had been drinking for him to chose Debbie over Carol. Carol took care of us, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and raising me as the man that I am today, albeit, a man who lusts over his Stepmom. Okay, I can see your point.

Anyway, I never liked Debbie. She was skanky looking back then and I couldn't believe my Dad kicked out Carol for her. After hearing Debbie and my Dad together in the room next to mine, I realized why my Dad kicked out Carol and moved in Debbie. Debbie sucked cock and Carol didn't. I'd hear my Dad getting a blowjob every night.

All of that cooking, baking, cleaning, shopping, running errands, doing the laundry, taking care of the house and me didn't matter because my Dad wasn't getting a blowjob from her and was getting nothing but blowjobs from Debbie. Debbie didn't cook, bake, clean, shop, run errands, do the laundry, take care of the house or me. She just watched television all day long, talked on the phone to her friends, and sucked my Dad's cock at night.. Unbelievable. I can't imagine how angry Carol must have felt when my Dad asked her to leave and when she saw he was replacing her with skanky assed Debbie. I'm embarrassed for my Dad just to remember that part of his life.

My Stepmom, was 36-years-old when my Dad asked her to leave on Christmas Day, of all days. That in a long procession of bad holidays with just me and my Dad, was the worst Christmas I ever had. While she left all the gifts she had bought for me and my Dad under the tree, my Dad didn't buy her anything. I was shocked. For all that she did for him and me, I couldn't believe it when I discovered he didn't think enough of her to even buy her a gift. I had bought her a gift of course, but she was no longer there to receive it. She left. She was long gone. I carried her gift around with me for eleven years in the trunk of my car, until the fateful day when I ran into her at the grocery store, yesterday.

Debbie, my Dad's new girlfriend, at the time, was just 24-years-old, only six years older than me. Suffice to say, my Dad, who was then 42-years old, was a pig. I know, I need to give you a scorecard to keep the ages straight. Yet, I wanted to give you a sense of who the players of this story are.

As you can imagine, it shocked the shit out of me to discover that Carol and Debbie had not only reconnected and become friends but also had been living together, after my Dad kicked them both to the curb. To discover that they were lesbian lovers was beyond belief. I couldn't make this stuff up, if I tried. I guess they commiserated in their misery over my Dad kicking them out a little too much. I never would have figured my Stepmom for a bi-sexual woman. I would have guessed that about Debbie. She's the type who'd try anything, even lesbianism.

Now that I've reconnected with Debbie, again, after nearly eleven years, I'm glad. I didn't like her before, but I really like her now. She's fun. She's funny. She's exciting. And she's hot. She was still young enough, when she quit cold turkey, to transform herself by not abusing drugs and alcohol, anymore. Now, she looks amazing, tall, blonde, busty, and beautiful, she's every man's dream woman. Before she was unhealthy thin. Now, she has a body much like Kim Bassinger had in L A Confidential.

Here I am ready to have Christmas dinner with the woman of my dreams, Carol, my ex-Stepmom and Debbie, the hot blonde and blowjob queen, ex-girlfriend of my Dad. I bet Freud would have a field day making something out of me not only bedding my ex-Stepmom but also me wanting to bed my Dad's ex-girlfriend. I'm sure there's some weird sub-conscious shit happening in my brain to create my imagined or real attraction to my Dad's exes. I'd understand Sigmund Freud analyzing me had I slept with my Mom, too, but I was too young when she died, suddenly. Besides, all that psychological mumble jumble is beyond my comprehension. I'd rather not think about any of that stuff and just go with the flow.

I'm just glad I'm unattached and available to have some fun with these two women. Because of Carol and Debbie, I don't miss not having a girlfriend or a wife. I have a funny feeling, though, that this is going to be one hot Christmas dinner and I don't mean the temperature of the food. This is my true recount of what happened during dinner.

Everything was very cordial and polite, appropriately dressed for Christmas, Carol was wearing a short, low-cut, red dress that flattered her figure and Debbie was wearing a bright, green dress with a plunging neckline without a bra. She was still young enough to get away with not wearing a bra. Her C cup breasts sagged only just a little bit. Both woman looked very pretty, hot actually, especially in the candlelit setting of the dining room.

"May I have some wine, John?"

"Of course, Carol." I always called my Stepmom Carol, even when she lived with my Dad and me. "May I pour you some wine, Debbie?"

"No, I'm going to stick with my diet soda. Thank you," she said with a giggle. It was then that I realized she was clean and sober.

"You ladies look lovely, I must say. That's a very pretty dress Carol and green is your color Debbie."

"Thank you, John," said Carol. "You look nice, too."

"Thanks Johnnie," said Debbie with another giggle, while looking down at herself and pulling her dress closed to deny me more of a show of her deep cleavage.

Once we sat down to eat, what happened next was surreal. It was contagious. Debbie started and then Carol joined in her fun. As if they had suddenly become prepubescent preteens, laughing and giggling, they were playing with their food and making everything on their plate a sexual object and eating it, as if they were having sex with it.

With the wine flowing freely between Carol and I, Debbie didn't need the excuse of alcohol to be erotically sexy. Just the way she looked was enough for me to desire her. I couldn't help but join in their fun myself. Maybe it was because of the strangeness of the unique threesome we formed, a Stepson who just had sex with his Stepmom and who was celebrating Christmas with her lesbian girlfriend. We all just started laughing. Everything we did made us laugh even more. I felt as though I was in a Tom Jones scene, not the singer Tom Jones, but the movie Tom Jones, where they made eating a meal a sexually erotic experience.

Only, once it started, none of us could stop it. Immaturity has a way of rearing its ugly head, whenever the sexuality of seduction comes into play. Besides, sometimes sex is funny and laughter cut whatever tension we felt we had traveling down this untraveled path that could conceivably lead to us having a threesome. Looking back, I understand that now. Gees, this Freud stuff is suddenly giving me psychological insight to why I do the things that I do.

Even though the women played with their food in a sexual way, they acted as if they were demure and coy virgins and didn't know that what they were doing was driving me wild with excitement. Only, in this instance, much like in the movie, Tom Jones, the roles were reversed. Alone in a raging hormonal den of female lions, I was the one being hunted and seduced. I was more the demure virgin and they were the voracious predators. I had a funny feeling that I was the one soon to be eaten and devoured and I was okay with that. What a way to go?

The sexuality of the meal had taken a life of its own. We ate turkey legs like animals. Carrots became little penises, peas were nipples, even mashed potatoes somehow transformed themselves with me sticking my face in it, as if I was sticking my face between their legs. I licked the potatoes that hung from my mouth, nose, and chin with an over exaggeration of my tongue, as if I was Gene Simmons from Kiss. Debbie even did a deep throat act with a celery stalk that was very arousing, while Carol was content to fondle my cock through my pants with her shoeless foot. Never have I been as horny, while eating a meal. With one appetite satisfied, the hunger of the other appetite grew.

After dinner we adjourned to the living room couch, where I sat in between Debbie and Carol. With Debbie on my right side and Carol on my left side, the after dinner activities started innocently enough. We made cordial small talk catching up on the eleven years we were apart, before Carol leaned over and kissed me, while Debbie stroked my thigh before feeling my growing cock through my pants. Kissing one woman while a second woman groped me was not only a first experience for me but also an enjoyable one. I must admit, when Debbie was living with my Dad, all those times that I heard her sucking his cock, I had wished it was my cock that she was sucking. I masturbated to the sounds of her sucking Daddy's dick. Now, I had a feeling that my dream would finally come true.

While Carol continued French kissing me and I reached my hand in her dress and inside her bra to fondle her breast and finger her nipple, Debbie already had my fly down and her hand inside my pants fondling my cock through my underwear. Debbie had magical fingers. Flicking and rubbing, she played with the tip of my cock through my underwear, as if it was her tongue. The thought of two sexy women having their way with me was much more exciting than making out with just Carol or only Debbie.

Carol's kisses were taking me to a place far away. She was such a good kisser and the lust that I still had for her worked wonders in making my cock as hard as it ever was. Then, it happened. Debbie unbuckled my pants, unbuttoned my top button, and splayed open the front of my pants. She pulled the front of my underwear down and I felt her hand and her fingers grasp and surround my exposed my cock. I stopped kissing Carol to look to see what Debbie was doing. She was staring down at my cock, while holding it in her hand and watching it as it grew.

"Is this what you want," she asked looking up at me. "Is this what you want? Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me."

"I want you to suck my cock the way you sucked my Dad's cock all those times," I said shocked that I brought my Dad's name into our little threesome.

The sight of Debbie's hand around my erection, while she stared at my exposed cock was so very arousing. I reached over and felt her big boobs through her dress. They were so firm, much firmer than Carol's breasts. Instantly, my cock grew bigger, as he nipple grew erect. It was so arousing to feel her nipples through the thin material of her dress and I couldn't wait to see her tits and suck her nipples.

I watched Debbie slowly stroke my cock while looking up at me with those sexy big, blue eyes. Carol climbed off the couch and moved to the other side of Debbie. I watched with great interest, as she unbelted Debbie's dress and freed her beautiful breasts. Wow, Debbie had a rack. Her tits were beautiful. I continued watching Carol, as she touched, felt, caressed, and fondled Debbie's big boobs, while fingering her big nipples before sucking them. My Stepmom was sucking my Dad's ex-girlfriend's tits. I couldn't imagine this happening if I was home alone jerking off over this fantasy and here it was happening for real.

Then, Debbie and Carol started kissing, French kissing. They had so much lust for one another that it made me hot with desire for both of them. Debbie never missed a beat stroking my cock harder and stiffer while kissing Carol. I had never experienced two women at the same time, nor have I ever witnessed two women making out and touching one another. This sexual experience was surreal.

In an instant Debbie broke off Carol's kiss and looked up at me, before moving off the couch and kneeling between my legs. She impaled her mouth with my cock. Oh, my God. The initial gush that I felt from Debbie's warm, wet mouth and skilled tongue was something I have never felt nor will I ever forget. This woman really knows how to suck a cock. She needs to teach a cock sucking class to all those women out there who just dabble and/or who think they know how to give a blowjob. Wow, it felt so good for her to blow me and I couldn't help but think of all those times she blew my Dad.

I could have cummed instantly, but I didn't want to, not yet. I had much more to explore than to just shoot my load over an initial blowjob, but what a blowjob it was. It took all the self-control I had not to cum. Finally, I had to ask her to stop.

"Debbie, no, please, no more. If you continue, I'm going to cum."

"Okay," she said removing my cock from her mouth and giving the tip of it a big, wet kiss before sitting beside me.

It was then that we started making out, while Carol removed her dress and Debbie's dress. Let me tell you, I found it impossibly difficult to focus on Debbie's kisses when she was sitting beside me only wearing sexy bikini panties and Carol was dressed in just her panty and bra. While kissing Debbie, I watched Carol out of one eye pull down Debbie's panties. I stopped kissing Debbie to see what Carol revealed. Debbie had a smoothly waxed pussy and I couldn't wait to eat it, only Carol beat me to that.

Carol positioned herself between Debbie's knees and Debbie looked up at me before spreading her legs and fingering her clit. Then, Carol took over where Debbie left off, while I touched, felt, caressed, and fondled Debbie's big boobs and fingered her big nipples, before leaning down to suck her tits. Until today, I had never witnessed a woman going down on another woman before. To say the least, an understatement, it was exciting.

It didn't take long for Carol to get Debbie moaning with an orgasm and when she did, Debbie grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor. I knew what she wanted. She wanted my cock. She wanted me to fuck her. She wanted me to stick my big prick inside her pussy and I was more than ready to oblige her by fucking her. Only, there was a twist to me making love to Debbie.

Carol stripped off her panties and bra while I screwed Debbie. Then, she knelt over Debbie with her back to me. Debbie ate Carol's pussy while I fucked Debbie. With Carol in front of me, that allowed me to play with her Carol's titties, while my cock was buried in Debbie's pussy. We had a chain of sexual pleasure going on and I was really enjoying this.

Normally, when I'm having sex with a woman, sometimes, my mind wanders a bit and for a few seconds. Not this time. This time, I was plugged in, literally and figuratively. I was connected to Carol, as much as I was connected to Debbie. Feeling my cock buried deep inside Debbie while fingering Carol's nipples and sensing Carol's excitement from having Debbie eat her pussy was something that I never imagined I'd ever experience. Gees, if only my Dad knew what he had, when he moved in Debbie and moved Carol out. He should have kept Carol when he moved in Debbie and had a threesome like I'm having now. I have a feeling that he would have called in sick to work more.

Carol and Debbie had an orgasm nearly at the same time, Carol from Debbie's tongue and Debbie from my cock. Only, I still didn't want to cum, yet. I wanted to save whatever I had for Carol. As soon as Carol stood from her kneeling position, with Debbie still relaxing on the floor after having just been sufficiently laid by me, I stood and moved Carol to the couch.

She climbed on top of my still erect cock and rode me, as if I was a mechanical bull ride at a Texas bar. I loved watching Carol's tits bounce, while she jumped up and down on my cock. It felt so good to feel the length of my cock traveling in and out of Carol's pussy, while I reached up and hung onto her breasts. Then, as soon as I sensed her having an orgasm, I let go and shot all that I had inside of her. Immediately, I grabbed onto her great ass and buried my cock deeper inside her, while allowing my second ejaculation to fill her to the brim.

When she climbed off me, I was exhausted. I was spent. Covered in sweat, I felt as if I had run a marathon. I had sex with two women for more than two hours. I'm the man, the macho man. Only, I'm dead. I need to take a nap. Carol and Debbie excused themselves to get cleaned up in the bathroom, while I dozed on the couch.

Fifteen minutes later, they emerged holding hands and looking like they did when I first met them at the door. They looked like they were in love. After the shit they've both have been through with my Dad, I was glad they found one another. They made a good couple.

My cock was dead. It was tired, too. I was sufficiently fucked and sucked.

"We were invited to some friends house. We usually make the rounds going from house to house before heading home," said Carol. "You're welcome to come with us, if you'd like."

"No, if don't mind, I'd rather take a nap," I said with a laugh. "You two killed me."

"Suit yourself," said Carol. "We shall return in a few hours."

"Get some rest. Take a shower. Regain your strength. You're going to need it later tonight," said Debbie.

Oh, my God, this is everyman's dream to have a threesome. Without doubt, I had been sufficiently eaten and devoured. Too tired to even put on my clothes, after all that sex, I just wanted to sleep. I curled up on the couch and took a much needed nap. I knew when they arrived home, after I took a quick shower, we'd do this all over again.

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