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My Shadow Lover


The room is dark except for the beams of moonlight coming through the two windows on either side of the bed. Laying in the bed, a women sleeps alone; her mate far away. She moans in her sleep, dreaming of her lover. The curtains move in the breeze as a shadow enters the room. Stealthily it moves to stand at the end of the bed. Moonlight shines almost, but not quite through the shadow of a man, wide of shoulder and full of strength.

He smiles as he looks down upon the sleeping redhead he loves so much. "Will she know I'm here," he thinks to himself, "will she feel my presence?"

As if in reply to his very thoughts, she moans again, shifting in restless sleep. He watches her, laying there, uncovered because of the warmth of the summer night. Her pink nightshirt has risen up over her hips exposing her womanly charms to his loving gaze. His breath stops at the sight he has kept in his memory all these past months. His heart beats faster remembering the way she has always responded to his touch. He loves her.

The shadow slowly climbs onto the bed, hands walking up between her slightly parted feet, then up between her knees. He kneels there, looking down onto her angelic face and sighs deeply. How he has missed her, his soul aches. Placing his hands on either side of her shoulders, he leans ever so closely to her ear and breathes a whisper, light as the summer breeze itself. "I love you my fiery redhead." Then places a feather light kiss upon her cheek.

The sleeping beauty moans a soft reply, "I love you too my Darlin', forever and a day." A tear escapes from beneath her closed right eye and slowly travels across her cheek; his finger catches the dewy drop from falling onto the pillow below and places it against his lips. A bitter sweet kiss from his beloved.

His eyes search her face, taking in the features he has loved for so long. The softly rounded cheeks, the freckles across her nose, the little scar on the bridge of her nose from a dog bite when she was 11 years old. All these things made up the face of the women he loved so much, for so long. The ache in his body blooms into desire. He needs her.

He didn't understand how he was here, only that he was happy to be with her, even for just a few minutes. Was he dreaming? "No", he thought, "couldn't be; if I am, then the bed would be against the window. How would I know that it's in this direction now, that the room had been rearranged?"

The dark shadow sat back on his heels and looks down at his love. Talks about astral projecting and dream walking returned to his mind. Many times she had told him of her ability. "Is that what had happened to me? Have I astral projected to her?" He thought, "And how is it I can feel her when I touch her? She's never spoken of being able to touch and feel during these events."

Moving ever so slowly, he places the back of his hand against her downy cheek, caressing downwards to her chin. Loving the way she feels beneath the questing digits. His hand continues down the side of her neck to her collar bone. He looks to her face to see if she can feel his touch, her even breathing tells him it's safe to continue his exploration of her sleeping form.

His hand continues down to cup her breast, feeling her nipple ripen beneath his palm. "God how I've missed that!" He thought. She moans softly to her body's slow arousal, her back arching to meet his hand, filling it completely. He moans as well.

Leaving her breast he travels past her waist to her soft, bare hip, her skin velvet to the touch. His body reacts strongly to the contact of skin upon skin and an idea forms in his mind. Knowing now that she can feel him as well, he decides to have a bit of fun and see how much he can pleasure her with out waking her.

Lifting the night shirt even higher, he exposes her breasts, nipples erect from his exploration. Leaning down he takes the tip of his tongue and licks slowly around the rosy tip making it swell even more. She moans, deeper this time, a sweet sound of rising desire. His eyes watch her face as he begins to suckle, first softly, then with more force, making her gasp in her sleep. Her lips purse in pleasure as he gently kneads the sweet mound as his mouth sucks and licks the savory tip. His other hand takes hold of it's twin, kneading in sequence. Her response is immediate, once again her back arches and then her hips move to her sexual heartbeat. Moving his leg to the other side of hers, so that now one knee is touching her sweet heat and the other on the outside of her thigh...he knows what she wants, to rub herself against him.

Pushing his knee against her, she automatically begins to rub her swollen clit against his thigh. She moans loudly. Still sucking her nipple, he revels in her sweet response. His ghostly cock swells as her musky scent fills the room.

Leaving her swollen breast, he leans once more over her and begins to nibble on the side of her neck, almost biting her in his passion. Her hands reach up in her sleep and wrap around her phantom lover's shoulder's. She bucks beneath him, a wild cat in heat for him. He growls softly as her body begins to tremble, her climax races through her body. Spasms of pent up sexual frustration flood her over and over again. Her sweet cream runs down his thigh to his knee. Then she quiets once more.

Gently, he once more moves both knees between her open thighs. Taking her knees and bringing them up very slowly as to not wake her up, he moves his cock to the dripping opening of her sex. He slides his straining cock inside her. Inch by delicious inch, loving the feeling of her heat as it surrounds him. He stops; she's so hot and wet it brings him very close to cumming himself.

With great restraint he begins to move inside his sweet lover, the friction once more making her moan in her sleep. In a matter of seconds she is panting as her body responds to him. His cock, with each downward thrust gently scrapes her swollen, and badly neglected, G spot.

Putting her legs over his shoulders, he leans closer and is able to thrust even deeper and faster. Their moans fill the room as they climb higher. Then, just when he thinks he's not going to last, he hears the telltale purr that tells him she's cumming. His body instantly reacts, his cock bouncing off the G spot triggers both of their orgasms.

They cry out together at the sweet apex of their joining. "I love you!" she says, almost breathless. "I love you too!" is his reply, tears streaming down his face. "God I love you!"

A minute passes as his heart rate returns to normal, their breathing begins to slow. Then his heart stops at the sound of her sweet voice in the night.

"If I open my eyes, this wonderful dream will be over, won't it my Love?" She whispers. Tears slowly escape her closed but no longer sleeping eyes.

His voice, low and choked with sorrow. "Yes, my sweet Turtledove, I think it will be. Know that I love you and if I can, I shall return."

Then he places once long slow kiss upon the quivering lips of his lady love and disappears. Leaving her alone once more in the warmth of the summer breeze and moonlight.

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