tagIncest/TabooMy Shattered Mom

My Shattered Mom


I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, with my Mom, Dad and younger sister. My parents were both only 17, when Mom gave birth to me. After graduating High School my parents got married and got a place together in Reseda. Then my sister Hanna was born, I was just a 1 year old and my parents were 18. My Dad began working as a truck driver and my Mom became a hair dresser. A few years later, my Dad's parents helped us purchase a small home in Canoga Park. Life was going along fine and we were all happy together. Things changed for the worse, several years later.

My Dad was killed by a hit and run driver, while riding his motorcycle to work in Los Angeles. It was such a tragedy for all of us, I was 15, Hanna was only 14 and Mom was 32. It changed our lives forever, my entire family was devastated. Mom was quite a wreck for a few years and missed my Dad a lot. Hanna and I were never the same again. As time went by, Hanna and I encouraged Mom to start dating again. Mom tried but it wasn't easy on her, or us kids. We all loved our Dad very much, he was a good guy.

My Mom is very attractive woman and keeps herself in good shape by doing aerobics and eating well. She never smoked and only drinks once in a while. She has beautiful long blonde hair and adorable blue eyes, she always looks great. She also has a nice big rack and cute little ass. She gets lot attention from men where ever she goes but is blind to their attraction.

Last year Mom began dating a slightly younger guy named Mark, she met at work. He was a construction worker and pretty good guy at first. She cut his hair and got to know him fairly well, he asked her out several times and she finally gave in. They dated for quite a while and then he moved in with us, the summer after my freshman year of college.

I loved junior college and worked part time as a waiter at night. I was in a semi serious relationship with my girlfriend Chris. We met at Malibu beach a couple years ago and really hit it off. My house wasn't like home anymore with Mark around. He started getting on my nerves and drinking a lot. My girlfriends parents were well off, they owned a beautiful home in Calabasas. Her Dad was cool and her Mom loved me. They built a 1 bedroom guest house out back for her grandma about 5 years ago. Her grandma passed away that summer and the guest house was cleaned out and vacant. Nobody used it and they didn't need to rent it out. Chris asked her Dad if we could move into grandmas old place. He let us have it for free, as long as we stayed in college and kept the place clean. We moved into the guest house and were happy most of the time. I was able to save money and pay for all my college tuition by myself.

My Mom was starting to have big problems with her new guy Mark after I moved out. He got laid off work and began drinking more and more. Mom would come home from work and find him hammered by 6:30 PM. Hanna became scared of him, she said he was always checking her out and made her feel very uncomfortable.

Hanna recently turned 18 at the time and was becoming quite a beautiful girl. Her breasts were now big like Mom's and she had a perfect round ass to die for. She had developed into a very sexy young woman. Then one day after school, Hanna came home to find Mark in her room sniffing her used panties. She freaked out and called me all shook up. I was on my way home from college so I swung by and picked her up around the corner of the house. I pulled up and she jumped in, she was real upset and freaked out.

"His Sis, are you OK?" I asked sincerely.

"Mark is a sick pervert, I hate him." She spat.

"I hate him too." I said in anger. "That fuck head is history, I'll see to it."

"I don't want to tell Mom and I don't want to hurt her." She said between tears.

"Mom has to know and we need to get his asshole out of the house today." I replied in anger.

I drove us to Mom's work and got her outside to explain the situation. Mom was shocked and mad as I've ever seen her. She took the afternoon off to take care of the situation. Next door to my Mom's work is a glass shop and she's good friends with the owner. He came out to see what was wrong. They have a big strong ex football player named Larry working there. The owner suggested we take big Larry to the house to kick him out. We all agreed that would be the best plan.

We all met out front of Mom's house and barged in together. Mark was drunk and surprised when we walked in and confronted him about the panty sniffing incident. He was speechless, as Larry towered over him with hate in his eyes. Mom spoke first.

"Mark it's time for you to move on, I mean right now!" She said in a loud angry tone.

"You better do as she says or I will break you fucking neck, you panty sniffing little freak!" Larry said as he got in his face.

"Uh, what do you mean?" Mark said nervously.

"I mean get your shit and get out of here now!" Larry said in a loud aggressive tone.

"Uh, OK fine." Was all he said.

Mom went to the kitchen and grabbed a roll of trash bags. She handed out bags to us and threw the rest at Mark.

"Now start packing asshole!" She yelled.

Mark got up and went to the bedroom and started packing his stuff in bags as fast as he could. Mom asked me to go to the garage and toss his junk in his truck. Larry & Mom had him packed up in short time and kicked him out. He drove off drunk and scared, we never saw him again.

I drove Larry back to his job at the glass shop and offered him some cash which he declined. My Mom and Hanna spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house and I head home after I dropped off Larry at his work. I called my Mom that night and she seemed relieved and glad it was over with Mark. She also sounded like she had been drinking, who could blame her. What a terrible situation to be in.

Then things started to go very bad for Mom. She went out with friends for drinks that Friday night to blow off some steam. She's not a big drinker and got pretty wasted. Since she was close to home she stupidly decided to drive home drunk. Big mistake...

Mom smashed a parked car a few blocks from home and was arrested for DUI. I got the call at 4:00 AM from the Van Nuys jail. I got there as fast as I could and bailed her out. She looked terrible, make up running down her face and her eyes were very red. I've never seen her look so bad before. She came up to me with tears in her eyes and I hugged her long and strong. I got her home and put her to bed.

I decided to stay over and slept on the couch for a few hours. Hanna was at a friends house for the night and when I woke up, it was very quiet. I started to clean up the living room and kitchen. Since it was Saturday morning I had no school to deal with. I decided to call in sick to work and also called my Mom's boss to let her know she wasn't feeling well. I called my girl Chris next to let her know I was going to stay here for the rest of the weekend. She was busy with family stuff so it was fine with her.

I wanted to take care of Mom and help her through this rough patch. Mom came out of her bedroom around 11:00. She looked upset and worried.

"Hi honey, thanks for taking care of me last night. I was so scared." She said scratching her eyes.

"It's OK Mom, I'm just glad your not hurt." I said sympathetically.

"Oh son, I love you so much. Thanks for bailing me out, what a mess I got myself into." She said in a sad tone.

She came up to me and gave me a nice warm hug. I squeezed her tight and kissed her softly on the cheek. We embraced for almost a minute before we broke apart.

"Guess what Mom?" I asked her in a positive way.

"What David?" She asked.

"I have the weekend off from school, work and Chris. I want to spend some quality time with you." I said with a big smile, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh David, that sounds wonderful." She said in relief.

"I also called your boss and said you were not feeling well. She said no problem, just to take good care of you. That's all I want to do this weekend Mom, just be with you and help you feel better."

"Thank you honey, your so good to me. You are my favorite man in the whole world." Mom said with a sad smile.

"Mom why don't you go get cleaned up, I'm taking you out to lunch. You feel like some Chinese food?"

"Yes, that sounds nice. Give me a while to get showered an dressed, I'm a mess."

"Take your time Mom, I want to clean up the garage. Ass face Mark trashed it."

"Have fun with that, I can't even look in there. Thanks honey, I'll be ready in a while."

Mom went to take a shower and I went out to the garage and started the clean up. There was trash and junk all over the place from Mark. I got the garage cleaned up so you could park a car in there and swept it out. It was a big improvement. I lost tack of time and Mom surprised me when stepped out to say hi. She looked stunning, she was wearing a sexy blue dress that hugged her body.. He hair and make up was perfect and her juicy lips looked very kissable. I was never more attracted to her than at that moment.

"Mom you look stunning, is that really you?" I said in awe.

"It's me, you look surprised." She said slightly embarrassed.

"Pleasantly surprised I assure you. I will be the luckiest guy in town with you by my side." I said buttering her up.

"Are you teasing me David?" She asked shyly.

"Not at all Mom, you look hot! Let me wash up and we'll take off in a few minutes." I said.

I washed my hands and face and was ready to go. I treated Mom like a queen, all day long. I got the car door for her, held her hand as we drove and escorted her inside the restaurant. We had a nice lunch and a great time together. Mom was beginning to lighten up and started to smile more.

My sister called my Mom's phone as we were finishing lunch. Mom took the call and Hanna asked if she could spend the day with her friend and sleep over again. Mom assured her it was no problem and didn't tell her about me being there or her DUI. Hanna must of figured Mom was working and everything was fine. Mom kept it brief and hung up the phone.

"Well David, I guess it's just you and me for the rest of the weekend." She said with her gorgeous smile.

"That's great, we haven't hung out together in a long time Mom. This will be fun." I said enthusiastically.

Mom put her hand on mine and I reached over and put both hands on hers. I looked her in the eye and gave her a nice long slow smile. She had a different sparkle in her eye. We held hands tight for a few minutes as we gazed at one another. I couldn't help but notice her big beautiful breasts busting out of her dress. Her nipples were protruding a bit as I gazed at her with lust in my eyes.

"Mom I love you so much, you are such a gorgeous woman. I'm sure things are going work out fine. I plan to help you in every way possible."

"I love you too son, thanks for that. I will need some help with rides to work and other things." I will never forget this, believe me."

"My pleasure Mom, I want to help any way I can. As much as I can."

"If only Mark had an ounce of your good qualities we wouldn't be sitting here together."

"I will have to thank him for that, if I ever see him again." I said, making her laugh a little.

"Well David, we have all weekend together, what would you like to do?" She asked, sounding open for anything.

"I have a few ideas, not sure which one would be the most fun."

"Tell me, what would you like to do with me?" She asked.

"Well, you can pick from these suggestions unless you have a better idea."

"OK." She said with a grin.

"I'd love to take you to Malibu beach, or go hiking in the mountains above the coast. We could take a trip to Santa Barbara and stay the night up there if you'd like. Or we could just stay around the valley and go see a movie and go shopping. Then at the end of the day I will give you a massage and tuck you into bed."

"Wow, that all sounds like fun, especially the massage. I could go for a day at the beach, let's go to Malibu. I could use some sun and fresh air."

"Great choice Mom, let's get outta here and hit the beach!" I said enthusiastically.

"OK, it's a date." Mom said with a big sexy smile.

We headed home and got ready for the beach. Mom went to change in her room and I got some shorts out of my car and changed. I noticed Mom left her bedroom door cracked as she changed. I was tempted to peek in, then heard a crash in her bedroom and ran in to see what happened. Mom was standing there with her back to me wearing only her bikini bottoms.

"Mom you OK." I asked as I stepped in.

"Yes honey, I just knocked over my alarm clock. Can you tie the back of my bikini top?"

"Uh sure." I said nervously.

I could see the sides of her sexy tit's. Her ass looked super hot in the red bikini bottoms. I stepped up closer and tied the strings for her. She turned around and I could see her nipples were hard. She looked amazing, sexy and delicious.

"What do you think?" She asked with a shy smile.

"Wow Mom, you look adorable. I've never seen this red bikini before."

"That's because I've never worn it. I bought it earlier this summer but never had a chance to wear it."

"You wear it well Mom, are you almost ready to go?"

"Yes, just give me a few more minutes."

"Sounds good." I replied.

I fixed her alarm clock and straightened up her nightstand as I checked her out in the mirror. Then I left Mom's room and went to the kitchen. I loaded up a cooler with drinks and snacks and put it in the back seat of my car. Mom came out a minute later wearing a nice yellow sundress. She looked stunning as ever. I opened the car door for her and we took off for the coast. It was a beautiful day and the ride was fun. Mom was showing plenty of leg and we held hands most of the time. She asked me about my relationship with Chris and how it was living with her.

"It's going OK I guess Mom, but not as romantic as I thought it would be."

"Why is that honey?" She asked concerned.

"Well Chris is a Daddy's girl and sort of spoiled. She can be very difficult at times and has terrible PMS. I never noticed these things till we moved in together."

"Oh, I didn't know that honey. I'm sorry." She said sincerely.

"She is weird about sex to, she doesn't like to make love as much as I do. She says it hurts sometimes and makes me feel bad about my size."

"How often do you have intercourse with her honey?"

I exaggerated a little trying to create sympathy from Mom.

"Only a few times a month at best."

"What, at your age? What is wrong with that girl?"

"Like I said she's spoiled and Daddy's little princess. I'm not sure if this is going to work out much longer."

"Well, your doing better than me. Mark hadn't touched me in months, he was always too drunk after he was laid off." We grew apart, I'm so glad he's out of my life."

"He was not the right guy for you Mom, you deserve so much more." I protested.

"I know, I felt stuck with him and didn't know how to end it."

"Well here we are Mom, two frustrated adults ready for something better."

"Well enough of that discussion. Let's have some fun today and make each other happy. We deserve that after all we've been through." She said.

"Good plan Mom, let's change the subject."

We were silent for a while as we drove and admired the scenery along the way. I turned on some romantic music and Mom reached over and held my hand as we made our way down to the ocean. We eventually arrived at the beach, I gathered our stuff and led Mom to the sand. We were hand in hand as we walked and I was excited to see my Mom in her hot red bikini again.

We started to get set up on the beach away from the crowds in a nice secluded spot. Mom slipped out of her sundress and blew me away, she looked so fucking sexy in her new bikini. As she bent over I could see her perfect tight ass. Her bikini bottoms didn't cover up much of her buns, she got me hot and bothered right then. I watched her pull out some sunscreen from her bag. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"David, would you like me to put some sunscreen on your back?"

I didn't really care, but I acted like it was very important to me.

"Please Mom, I don't want to burn."

She applied some on my shoulders and back, she took her time and I enjoyed the sensation between us. When she finished, I thanked her and offered my help to her.

"Mom, I better do you to. Last thing you need is a sunburn."

"You don't have to twist my arm honey."

I got over my Mom as she was laying on he stomach with her eyes closed. I began to rub some into her back and shoulders. I untied her top and she didn't say anything. I continued down her back and felt my cock getting hard. I tried to let her feel my growing erection on her ass as I applied the sunscreen. I heard her take a deep breath and relax. I'm sure she felt it. Then I did the back of her legs and very, very lightly touched her camel toe from behind a few times as I did her legs. She didn't say anything or resist at all. I was slowly breaking the ice as my attraction grew for my sexy Mom.

"Thank you sweetie." Was all she said when I finished.

I finished and put the sunscreen away. My cock was big and hard, it was almost sticking out of the top of my shorts. Mom glanced over and looked in the direction of my shorts. She had to see my hard cock trying to bust out of my shorts. She looked like she was blushing a bit and put her head back down.

We were silent for a while after that, there was definitely some sexual tension between us at that point. A while later, I saw Mom starting to roll onto her back. She must of forgot I had left her top untied. I saw her breasts briefly as she covered them with her hand.

"Oh David, can you tie my top for me?" She said very innocently.

"Oh sure Mom." I eagerly replied, as my cock stiffened.

She laid back on her stomach and I tied her strings for her. Then she rolled over again and adjusted her top. She smiled at me as I tried to keep from staring at her breasts. I noticed her nipples were hard. It was very easy to make out her areolas through the thin material of her bikini top. Mom laid down on her back and took in more sun. She shut her eyes and I began to check out her hot body without her knowing. Her breasts were big and beautiful, her bikini bottoms were tight and I was able to make out her cute sexy camel toe. I wanted to ravish her body so badly. My cock was rock hard and in need of relief. Man was I a horny guy, I wanted my sexy Mom like never before.

We were silent for a while and I laid on my back with my big boner. I tried to relax and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves. I closed my eyes and had a strange feeling Mom was checking me out. I did my best to put on a show for Mom with my big boner. I reached down and adjusted my junk and did my best to show the outline of my cock for Mom to see. I heard Mom take a deep breath, she had to be checking me out.

"David, I'm going to take a walk down by the water, care to join me?" She said a while later.

"Sure, that sounds nice Mom." I said in a relaxed tone.

I got up and reached down for Mom's hand. She took hold of me and I pulled her up, he boobs bounced a little as she got to her feet. We walked down by the seashore hand in hand, we were having a very nice time. Mom began to get playful and splashed water at me. I splashed her back and got her pretty wet. Then she grabbed me and tried to push me into the water. I let her push me in and fell into the ocean. I came up and she was laughing at me. I went up to her and grabbed her and lifted her up and dropped her in. She came up and we wrestled around playfully. We splashed around and dunked each other, it was fun and games. We were in about four feet of water when I approached her and kissed her cheek.

"I love you Mom, we should do this more often."

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