tagBDSMMy Shy Neighbour Ch. 02

My Shy Neighbour Ch. 02


Marty had regularly visited my home over the last 6 months. He seemed to wait patiently for my call and within a matter of minutes he would be standing naked in my kitchen awaiting his first instruction.

I’d had Marty doing a number of things for me like dressing up in my underwear and parading around the house with his swollen member poking out of my panties. I’d had him kiss and lick my entire body from head to toe, but I’d never let him have sex with me. I just used and abused his body for my personal pleasure.

Recently I’d started to get a little bored with our routine and have spent many hours planning and plotting what I’d do next with Marty. He was transfixed by now and I knew he’d deny me nothing. He was besotted and completely at my mercy.

Well, here it was Saturday again and this was the day I deemed as the start of our next new adventure together. I must admit that what I had planned was already making me tingle all over. Poor unsuspecting Marty had no idea what was install for him.

It was about 7am when I rang Marty. He instantly answered the phone. It was like he’d been sitting there just waiting for my call. I told him his instruction was slightly different today. I wanted him to arrive dressed in his bike shorts, t-shirt and runners and NO underwear, and that he had less than 10 minutes to be in my kitchen or I’d cancel the day.

I was already dressed in my black leather mini (no panties) and a red crop top and black sandals. I knew I looked very provocative.

Marty was in my kitchen in 5 minutes flat. A little disheveled, like he’d thrown his clothes on, but ready all the same. We did not often exchange words; it was more I making demands and Marty obeying them without question. “Today, Marty, we begin a new venture,” I told. “Yes Ma’am,” he immediately replied. He seemed almost breathless with anticipation. “Today we’re going out in the car,” I informed him. Marty’s eyes flew to search mine. He had a look of concern on his face. “A problem?” I asked. “No Ma’am,” he kind of stuttered.

We headed out my front door, as my car was parked in the street. Marty followed behind obediently. We both got into the car. Marty in the passenger seat and I was definitely driving. Slowly I left the curb and pulled out onto the road. We never spoke a word, as Marty wouldn’t dare speak without me first asking a question. I wasn’t ready yet to tell him what I had in store.

We drove, without speaking for over three hour, heading away from town out onto the open road. I knew exactly where I was heading, but poor Marty sat there in total silence just wondering. Before long we reached the outskirts of another town, our end destination. I drove into town, right up the center of the main shopping area. I began to slow, as I was searching for a car park. As I parked the car I spoke to Marty for the first time. “Have you ever been here before, Lil Boy?” “No, Ma’am, I don’t think so,” he replied. His eyes darting in every direction looking for a place that I might be taking him.

I told Marty to get out of the car, as I reached over into the back seat and grabbed out a large carry bag. We headed in the direction of the main plaza. I knew Marty would be feeling uncomfortable dressed in only bike shorts, as it accentuated the outline of his cock beneath. I could see his cock leaning to the left, firmly held in place by his tight bike shorts.

We entered the front sliding doors of the plaza and once inside I told Marty to wait for me. I quickly entered the Ladies Room and slipped into a cubicle. I reached into my large carry bag and dragged out the short black wig I’d packed earlier. I donned the wig, tucking my blonde hair up inside. From inside my small carry bag I grabbed out my make-up kit and applied quite dark eyeliner and a thick coating of mascara. I plastered my lips in a deep shade of red lipstick. I glanced around with the mirror making sure all my own hair was tucked tightly inside. I stepped out of the cubicle, washed my hands at the basin and quickly checked the wig again. Not a hair out of place! My god, I hardly recognized myself.

I left the ladies room and wandered in Marty’s direction. I knew he recognized me from my tarty attire, but the stunned look on his face, at my new appearance, was enough for me to realize that nobody would recognize me if I happened to stumble into someone I knew from home. “Follow me,” I said in a commanding voice. The tone of my voice and my slutty appearance attracted quite a few looks. Some looks of disgust from other women and looks of lusty from some of the local lads. I didn’t care a hoot what other women thought, as I was feeling confident and even a little horny already. I knew as I walked along the cheeks of my bottom would be almost popping out below the hem of my mini. But I didn’t care a damn. I didn’t want to cause such a spectacle that we would be arrested or asked to leave, I just wanted to have a bit of raunchy, naughty fun.

I spied a small 24 hr tavern inside and decided a stiff drink was in order to click the day into gear. As we entered I gave Marty money and told him to buy to rums and join me on the club lounge along the back wall opposite the entrance. The tavern was dimly lit, which was a good thing for what I had in mind. There were a few well-seasoned drinker perched along the bar. I few bleary eyes had strayed in my direction when we entered, but they’d now resumed drinking.

Marty was walking towards me with our drinks. I patted the seat beside me and told him to take a seat. We were in full view of the entrance, but I knew it would be hard for anyone looking in to see us clearly, due to the bright lighting in the plaza. Marty placed the drinks on the small table in front of us and sat patiently waiting my instruction.

“Is my Lil Boy UP for a bit of fun?” I asked. “What ever Ma’am wants,” he obediently replied. I took his hand and placed it between my parted legs and instructed Marty to play with my pussy. Mmmmm I purred as his fingers delved between my legs. I knew my pussy was already very wet, as I had been anticipating this event all week. I parted my legs a little further and told him to insert his finger inside my cunt. I felt his fingers push my lips a part and easily enter inside me. As his second finger delved inside me I slid my hand down and gentle began to masturbate.

It’s about now that I need to explain that I am a total exhibitionist. I simply love doing the daring things and parading myself like a slut in public. I totally get off on it. However being a fairly high profile professional in my hometown means I am well known and recognized. Hence the need for a wig and heavy make-up to hide my true I identity and the need to drive three hours to reduce the risk of being caught by a work colleague.

Marty sat there obediently fingering my now very wet cunt, as I played with myself. I knew about the only person who could really see us was the bar tender, who hadn’t yet glanced our way since we sat down. I spread my legs even wider so that Marty could penetrate me even deeper. I was now exposed for all to see, that’s if the bothered to look that is. I was so engrossed in the moment that I took hold of Marty’s wrist and started to pump his fingers in and out of my cunt. I knew that if I didn’t soon stop I’d be bringing myself to orgasm. I jerked Marty’s hand away and told him to lick my juices of his fingers. Of course he did what he was told immediately. “Do I taste sweet, Lil Boy?” I asked. “Oh yes Ma’am,” he quickly replied. I leaned over and run the tip of my tongue around his lips, tasting my own salty juices. I then took hold of his fingers, which had just been deep inside me, and licked and sucked them dry. I could tell this action alone was turning Marty on.

I ordered Marty to quickly finish his drink, as did I. I ordered him to stand and told him we were going shopping. I stood, but Marty hesitated for a moment. “A problem?” I asked. “No Ma’am, it’s just that I have a full erection and that it will be very obvious in these tight short out in the plaza,” he replied. “And that’s a problem?” I asked in a hard voice. “No Ma’am, he replied and quickly stood to his feet.

I strode out into the bright light and as my eyes adjusted I turned to make sure Marty was behind me. I glance down and noticed that Marty’s hands were crossed in front of him covering his bulge. I ordered him to placed his hands behind his back and walk beside me. I glance down and could see his bulge standing out beneath his tight shorts. The fear and the excitement were doing its magic as his erection wasn’t going down. At every opportunity I patted, groped and massaged his cock, making sure his erection never subsided.

People were glancing at Marty’s swollen cock constantly as we strolled through the plaza window-shopping. I was caught time and again groping him, but couldn’t have cared less. In fact the more bold I become the more obviously I played with his cock as we strolled a long. He never said a word, just accepted that it was my right to take any action I wanted, after all I truly was his Mistress and he my slave.

We stopped in front of a luxuriously decorated boutique, with dresses worth hundreds of dollars displayed sparingly in the window. I told Marty to stand slightly in front of me and then took hold of his hand and slipped it between my legs again, poking his fingers between my pussy lips. From the shocked look on the face of the sales assistant I could tell that she could see exactly what was happening, but she didn’t really look away immediately. I pulled up the front of my mini, slightly parted my legs and thrust my pelvis forward to give her a good look. I stuck out my tongue and run it around my lips while staring directly at her face. She caught my action and spun away in embarrassment. I laughed out loud at that, coz I am sure she would have continued to watch, if she could have got away with it.

After a few minutes we moved on to a ladies underwear shop. I knew Marty would stay aroused in here, as he had such a fetish. I strolled around in a really brazen manner, which kept the toffy nosed sales lady at a distance. She was only lucky the store was almost empty, as I began to say in a loud voice. “Look Lil Boy, panties you can wear at home tonight.” I rubbed them under Marty’s nose and told him to sniff deeply. When the sales lady wasn’t watching I run them between my legs soaking up my pussy juices. I them wafted them back under Marty’s nose and waited for his reaction. Right on cue a small moan escaped his lips and the bulge in his bike shorts almost burst through the seams. I purchased the panties, not passing them over to the sales lady, and said loudly no need to wrap them as my Lil Boy like to play with them as we shop. Marty’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson and the sales lady threw my change at me and asked us to leave the shop.

We wandered around aimless from store to store playing my games over and over again. I was so intent on having us noticed in the worst possible way, as I found it so erotic to get caught in compromising situations, like Marty’s hands between my legs or standing behind me tweaking my nipples, as people passed us by. Once I even had my hand inside his bike shorts stroking his cock, as it had gone a little soft. We were right there amongst the shoppers and I had his cock in my hand give it a good tug. No one person said a thing. They either looked away in disgust or stared totally transfixed. I even popped the head of his cock out once and exclaimed…”Ohhh look at all the pre-cum Sugar, I could just lick that off right here and now,” in a loud slutty voice.

By this time I was almost over the edge with arousal that I was getting gamer and gamer with my antics. I knew that I had to get off soon or I would just stand there in the middle of the plaza and have a massive groaning and moaning unaided orgasm. I wanted more than that though.

By this time it was mid afternoon and I was decidedly hungry. We came to a small eatery and entered inside. Again it was a dimly lit little restaurant selling Italian cuisine. I ordered pasta for both of us, without consulting Marty. The waiter said it would take a few minutes, as today he was both waiter and chef, as the other waiter had just gone home unwell. He told us that we’d actually just caught him, as he was about to close up, as he couldn’t manage on his own. I told him we didn’t mind waiting. He was a young man, maybe 30 and quite cute with his dark Italian looks. He asked if I would mind if he locked the door, as he didn’t want any more customers. I didn’t object.

I dragged Mary’s chair around beside me once the chef had wandered into the kitchen. I instructed Marty to play with my nipples. In fact, I pulled my top right up and exposed my breasts completely. I knew it was safe, as nobody was going to walk in nor could they really see in unless they peer right up close against the glass. Once Marty had fondled my nipples for a few minutes I then told him to suck them. I was squirming beneath the table. By now my cunt was soaking wet. The excitement from the day and the obvious pleasure I was getting from Marty sucking my nipples was almost more than I could stand.

After a few minutes I pushed Marty’s mouth away and slid my chair back. I stood a little and hitched my mini up so that my pussy was totally exposed. I sat back down and spread my legs wide exposing my inner pink lips and them huskily ordered Marty to eat my cunt. He dropped between my legs on all fours and began to lap furiously at my dripping cunt. I am sure the seat beneath me must be drenched with my juices. I began to tweak my nipples, as Marty lapped and probed his tongue deep inside me.

By this stage I was desperate to be fucked. I want to be fucked hard and fast and was about to break my golden rule and let Marty drop those bike shorts, expose that pulsing cock and thrust it deep inside me. I’d actually ordered him to his feet and told him to lower his bike shorts. He too was beyond caring, as he immediately complied. Just as his big cock bobbed out the chef came hurriedly across the room. His time couldn’t have been worse I was aching for it so bad right there and then. Here I was with my tits and cunt exposed and Marty standing there with his cock dripping pre-cum and the chef waltzes over.

What to do…what to do

One look at the chef and I knew instantly that he’d been watching us for some time. His eyes were focused right on my tits. I didn’t care and made no move to cover myself. “What the hell are you two about?” he asked. I replied, “Just a little horny, that’s all.” “I can see that already, but you aren’t about to fuck in my restaurant, unless I am part of the action, ok!” he said.

I started to rub my exposed pussy and said, “So, what do you propose then?” “I know exactly what I propose and that’s to get my cock between those swollen pussy lips.” I was breathing deeply and I was so aroused at the thought of being fucked in public by a total stranger. I told Marty to sit beside me. He wanted to pull his bike shorts back up, but instead I told him to remove them. I leant into my bag and pulled out the panties I’d bought earlier and told him to slip them on. Of course, he obliged within a second. They were to small his swollen cock wouldn’t fit inside them, but they snuggled tightly under his balls. I told him I wanted him to watch me getting fucked, as he stroked his cock in rhythm. I them turned to the total stranger and said, “Unless you get your cock out and into me I’ll be finished solo here” The young chef quickly dropped his pants exposing a huge (9”) fully erect cut cock. The head was pulsing purple and the pre-cum already dripping. I stood up and swiped the table clean. I dropped my mini, stripped off my top and lay back on the table totally naked. My legs and pussy were hanging over the edge. “Well don’t just stand there I demanded. Without the need for another word he was between my legs. With cock in hand he searched for the entrance to my cunt, prodding and poking in his haste.

I quickly grabbed hold of his shaft and guided him inside me. Once there he thrust deeply sliding straight into the hilt. I was so wet and accommodating after all the teasing Marty and I had done all morning. My hips instantly began to buck as he pounded deep into me. Thrust after thrust we matched. I could feel his balls, heavy and full, slapping against the cheeks of my ass. His pubic bones was rubbing hard against my clit almost sending me wild, as I could feel my orgasm mounting. I was out of control by now not aware of anyone or anything other than cumming. It exploded with such ferocity that I screamed out in ecstasy. I’m sure half the plaza must have heard me. As I reached my crescendo my Italian stallion unleashed his load deep inside of me. Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled my cunt, as he bucked and thrust, groaning out load. My hips we still slowly pumping, as he collapsed back into the chair behind him.

I wasn’t totally sated and started to masturbate furiously extending my orgasm into a multiple one, which felt like it was rocking the universe. The next thing I heard was a grunting beside me. I looked over and Marty was there flogging his cock so hard and fast that I thought it would fall off. He had a hard grip on his balls to stop himself from cumming, as he knew he wasn’t allowed to unless I told him too. I mumbled to him, “Let go of your balls Marty.” The moment he took his hand away great globs of cum came spurting from his cock shooting at least 4 feet across the room. Load after load pumped from his cock. I thought he’s never stop. He grunted and groaned and wanked his cock until ever last drop was expelled.

Once I caught my breath and a semblance of order returned in my thinking, I quickly stood and dressed and ordered Marty to do the same. The Italian stallion still sat in the chair with his now limp cock hanging between his legs. His eyes were still bulging, almost rolling in his head, from our few moments of instant pleasure.

“Home time Lil Boy,” I ordered. I marched to the door and stepped into the plaza, without a backwards glance.

The End

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