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My Sister


I heard the sound of the water hitting the new green tiles of the bathroom even before I was completely in the room. I walked casually into the room and dropped my book on the bed and glanced in the mirror on top of my sister’s dresser on the other side of the room.

My reddish hair looked like a halo around my ginger coloured face and I smiled at myself even as I sighed at what covered the mirror at odd angles. It was her drying pantyhose. I had shared the bathroom and the room with my sister for the three years because my parents had had another child and needed a nursery. I prayed that I would get into a good college across the country so that I could go off and leave my barely eighteen year-old sister.

At that moment, I did not think about going into the bathroom so that I could brush my teeth before I practiced playing my oboe. When I walked in, I saw that the curtain was partially open and my sister was having one of afternoon showers. It was only one week in every month that she did that, but I guessed that she was on her last one for the month. She did not respond to my entrance, so I allowed her to think that she was still alone as I picked up my toothbrush.

I squirted the greenish toothpaste on it and began vigorously brushing my teeth as I thought about nothing in particular and hummed my new solo piece. It was a piece by Bach, I remember, but the title escapes me. Anyhow, it was while I was rinsing my mouth out that I heard strange sounds coming out of the shower.

The sounds barely sounded like my sister and they had an odd effect on me. She was moaning and the flow of the water seemed to be flowing differently, so I sat up and walked over to the shower just to see if something was wrong. It almost sounded as if she was crying and I just wanted to check up on her.

When I looked, I found that she was doing something quite different from crouching on the floor of the shower and sobbing as I had expected. Instead, she was standing with her back arched against the wall, her long dark legs spread and her eyes closed. When I looked between her legs, I suddenly understood why the flow of the water had changed and I gasped soundlessly even as I felt a bulge grow in my pants. She had the showerhead in her slender right hand and was slowly massaging herself to an orgasm as she played her with her large nipples with the other hand.

Her mouth opened as she moaned louder and though I wanted to turn around and leave, I lost control of my hands temporarily and put my hand inside my sweatpants. I seemed to be rooted to the spot as I massaged my throbbing cock inside my pants and continued to watch my younger sister. I had never seen her in such a light for whenever I looked at her, I saw only my little sister who liked to follow me around and pester me as much as she could.

I had never noticed the beautiful girl my sister had become behind her glasses and thick, dark hair. She looked positively delicious as she pulled on her nipples harder and licked her small lips. As I watched her, my throbbing member slipped out of my sweatpants and I stroked it faster as she suddenly stiffened. She began moaning very loudly as her body started to shake shiver and she climaxed even as the water washed all her honey away.

She opened her eyes, and turned around before I could get myself covered up. She looked right at me as I shoved myself into my pants and I swear she was smiling even as she gasped in surprise. I ran out of the room, down the hall, and into the family’s TV room to get away from her and the shame I felt for watching her. I did not turn on the television.

I simply sat on our couch and closed my eyes as I prayed that she would not tell our parents what I had done. After about five minutes, I heard footsteps coming down the hall towards where I was sitting and when I ventured a peek in the doorway I saw my sister standing there. She was wearing a white robe that barely covered her wide thighs and a towel encircled her head, hiding her wild mane of black hair.

“I am so sorry, Tracy,” I began hoarsely. “I don’t know what came over me,” I explained to her.

She smiled one of her sweetest smiles at me then. “I think I know what happened to you,” she said.

“You do?”

“You got aroused while watching me and you started stroking yourself,” she sang happily.

I stared at her, because she was still smiling. “I know, and I shouldn’t have been watching. Please don’t tell Mom and Dad,” I pleaded.

She was giggling then and licked her lips as she came closer into the room and sat down beside me on the couch. Her movements were so smooth and deliberate that I swore that she was putting on a performance just for me and I was sweating by the time she looked at me again.

“You’re still hard,” she said as she looked down at my pants.

My eyes followed hers and I nodded numbly when I looked back into her eyes. She was licking her lips again. “What are you thinking, Tracy?” I demanded though I knew the look that was in her beautiful eyes.

“You have a really big dick, big brother, and I want to suck it,” she said as she liked her lips again.

I was shocked at the prospect of my baby sister sucking me off, but my cock was stirring in my pants and I knew I wanted her too. Something in me told me to go for it and I nodded stiffly as my sister stared at me intently. Her smile grew even brighter as she stood up in front of me and dropped her towel.

I got to see her entire body again and I almost came just from looking at her. I let out a little moan as she kneeled down in front of me, pulled my sweatpants off and began stroking me with her hands. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to get deeply involved in the feeling of pleasure as my sister’s small, slender hands rubbed me gently up and down. She kept it and it did not take long before I came all over her hands.

When I opened my eyes, she was still smiling. “Don’t move, I’m not finished yet,” she said before she started licking all my juice off of her hands and my cock. “You taste good, big brother,” she told me.

Her licking and swallowing my cum was making me wild and I was instantly erect again when she pulled away and licked the remnants off her pinkish lips. She smiled again and then started licking the tip of my dick very slowly as she stroked my shaft with her right hand. Her left hand moved along my thigh, took my hand and led it to one of her large breasts.

I rubbed and pulled on the nipple just as I had seen her do in the shower and her squeal of approval was enough to make me drip pre cum. She was looking right at me as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my eight-inch dick. I could not take my eyes off her as she kept pulling me in ‘till it had seemed like she had swallowed me whole.

She started to swirl her tongue around as she moved me in and out of her mouth with her lips still holding on tightly and her hands toying with my balls. It felt so good to me that I wanted to close my eyes, throw my head back and howl, but I could not.

I could not stop looking at her as she sucked me as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do to me. Her eyes did not move away from me either as she suddenly took more of me into her mouth. I was so far in that I could feel the back of her throat and I almost came just thinking about it. My little sister was deep throating me and I was loving ever minute of it!

I placed a hand on top of her head as I continued to tease her hard nipple and I pulled her away from me some. I held her there as I started to push myself into her mouth and ground my hips against her as if I was fucking a pussy. She squealed again and I assumed that that was her sign of approval as I pushed myself in deeper and started to go faster.

Her mouth was very wet and warm as I pounded it and I was going so fast at one pint that I swear that I heard my balls slapping against her cheeks. I was grunting loudly and my sister was moaning as loud as she could with me stuffed inside in her mouth. My grunts became shrill cries when I looked down at her and saw that her smile was still in her eyes and my body suddenly stiffened.

I came very violently, with a lot of shaking and spasms and I shot so much warm cum that I thought my baby sister would choke.

When I had stopped writhing, I felt my sister swallow the cum in her mouth and lick every drop off of my deflating rod and my balls. Even that felt excellent to me. “You are fantastic,” I told her.

My sister laughed and I opened my eyes to look her as she licked her lips clean. “Not so dorky anymore, eh?”

“Not dorky at all,” I assured her with a lazy smile.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone about today if you won’t,” she said.

“Of course I won’t tell,” I promised her, “but where did you learn to take a dick like that?”

She smiled. “That is one mystery you’ll have to live with for a while, Trevor,” she said as she stood up and picked up her robe.

“I hope we can do that again, sis,” I said as she threw the thing over her squared shoulder.

“We can do that and more if you’re up to it,” she said as she tuned her back to me and started to walk out of the room.

“I had no idea you were so beautiful,” I admitted as I admired her perfectly round ass and her long legs.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she informed me as she sashshayed out of the room leaving me with a flaccid cock and a lot to think about.

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