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I will love for everyone to give me a comment on my story about my sister. Even if I am in the wrong. I want all opinions. Sorry for my venting!


I have always thought my sister was the prettiest even though her weight was a BBW size weight. I was the skinny one even though now I am a BBW but not as much as my sister is. Her personality was what I wanted cause she could make friends and I couldn't when I was growing up. Her complexion was awesome compared to mine since I have seborrheic dermatitis which is a form of psoriasis. She now has rosacea but my skin problems have gotten a lot worse through the years.

She had lots of boyfriends and got married twice but divorced twice. She has 1 son and I had to put my son up for adoption when he was a baby due to the fact that I was a single parent and he has Down Syndrome. I was married for a little over 17 years and now I am a widow which makes me the only sibling that ever outlived their spouse without divorce.

I had 3 brothers which 2 have already passed away and 2 sisters which 1 passed away before I was born cause she was deformed and back then they didn't have the medical technology they do now. I am the oldest female living sibling. My sister is 2 years younger than I am.

We were both born in October and I always called her the spook of the family cause she was born on Halloween. So we are actually 2 years and 13 days apart in age. But to this day she thinks she is my big sister.

I know it is because our mom always let her control me and I resented it and our dad tried to get me to take up for myself. But never did cause I was really lazy. That is why my sister does what she thought was the right thing so to this day she is controlling.

She is also controlling in her own personal relationships and that is why she is twice divorced. Plus she doesn't have any special boyfriends cause they all think she is trying to control them which she does.

I remember when I was young and had a speech problem that made me stutter and she told me one time to just slow down and think about what I am going to say. But when her son had the same problem then she told him to spit it out cause it was irritating to her for him to do that. She went wrong with that when she told him that. She had to have him take speech lessons in school to overcome the problem. I never did that cause she was more helpful to me.

She told my dad one time that he was not going to let me move in with him cause she thought I was going to take advantage of him cause when I was working before I moved into the home I still reside in, I was working part time. I worked full time after I moved into the home. So she got him to move in with her and her husband and had our dad sell his house and she moved everything she wanted of his into her home she wanted. I got the leftovers and the rest they sold and pocketed the money. Oh by the way, she got my dad to make her the executor of his estate before he passed away. So now she controls the land here and gets the royalty checks, Neither my brother or I see them at all.

She says she pays the land taxes with them but she is always asking me to help her pay a part of it cause she says it is not enough. I have paid the land taxes before for her.

She was always borrowing money from our dad and when he would ask me if I needed money I would tell him no but he would give me some anyway. My sister found out and got so mad at him and started telling him to stop it cause I was just freeloading off of him. He ignored her cause he knew she was the freeloader. She was always asking for money from him and I was the one that was hurting for money but told him I did not need it.

She works for a refinery and makes good money and I worked for a convenience store as a cashier. She always told me that I make more money a year than she does but knew she was lying cause her yearly salary was twice the amount as mine. Later on, she was still working for the refinery and is the warehouse supervisor and I was a janitor for the refinery until my husband got so bad that I had to quit working to take care of him. He became a amputee with a stroke and could not even fix himself something to eat and I did that for him. Then my income went considerably down after that and also after my husband passed too.

Well today I got into a fight with my sister and she told me that everyone has problems and that she has a right to gripe at me about anything she wants to. I told that did not give her the right. I told her I knew everyone has problems.

Her son was getting married and we all grouped together and had went through all our stuff to downsize and sell the stuff in a garage sale earlier in the year to help pay for his wedding. He finally got married last month and my sister still wanted to do the sale cause she wanted to pay off hers and her sons student loans. I was still in the process of bringing all my stuff which she told me every time that she was not going to do the sale forever and for me to stop going through my stuff.

She had 30 times more stuff that she was selling and what I had already took to her house has almost been sold but she still has a lot of stuff to sell. I told her that almost all my stuff was sold and that I did not have much to sell for her to keep. But she was griping about everything I brought. She even at one point said that she wanted to sell her stuff first before I piled anything of my stuff in a box that she had of the same thing. Too me that is selfish.

I am struggling cause I live on a real small widows pension and she has a income that is triple what I get a year. But I wanted to help her cause that is the type of person I am. She told me just because I could not buy meals when she wanted to go eat that she thinks that what we sell of my stuff that the money should go to me. I don't feel that way. I feel like since I had already told her that I wanted to help them pay the student loans off and that only to do that was bring more stuff that sells into her garage.

Cause not all her stuff is going to sell and I know some of mine will not either. But she thinks her stuff is better than mine. Which to me all our stuff is the same. She has always been a little on the selfish side. My late husband use to tell me that he could not believe how selfish she is compared to me. I love to help people and she either puts them down or thinks they should have helped themselves in the first place.

She told me one time that she would never help anyone. She let our cousin stay in her house for over a year and he gave her money every month to help her pay the utilities and cable. Then all of a sudden she told him that if he was going to stay any longer then he should help her pay half of her house payment. I thought that was a little on the greedy side for her to say. He moved out and moved into his travel trailer he had on the family land us siblings had inherited from our dad when he passed.

He put electricity in his name and he paid me for the water every month on what I told him to pay. He felt guilty for not paying us rent but we both told him that family does not pay rent. He told us that he still wanted to pay us rent and my husband and I told him a real low amount for renting the space he was on. My sister told me to not let him move on the property cause he would take advantage of us but he didn't. I went against her wishes and she thought I took his side but was taking both sides cause I knew how she was.

I did not ever tell her he paid us extra cause I knew she thought she should get some of it. Oh by the way the trailer I live in and have been living in for 35 years which use to be my sisters trailer. She never paid our dad rent to have the trailer on the land the whole time she lived in it and even after she moved out of it and I moved in. When my husband moved in a few months later then she thought we should be paying her rent. I told her no I wasn't cause family does not do that to one another in our family.

Then she decided that I should make her an offer on the trailer and then she would give me the title for that amount. I told her no. She let it go for awhile and then she just handed me the title to the trailer and said this title is yours free and clear and for me to put it in my name.

Before she gave me the title about a year before that, the trailer got broke into and a bunch of stuff was stolen out of there of mine and my dads and my late husbands before he passed. My sister and her husband at the time fixed the door jam so I could shut the door and they filed on their insurance and got money back but kept it which was more than what the door jam cost cause they even said the front door was messed up which still is.

Then 8 months, later the trailer got broke into again by the same people whom we found out was due to a sting on me from a insurance agent that I was paying life insurance to every month. He set it up where one of his people went to work in the same convenience store as I did. My husband and I had to go to a funeral of one of our friends out of town and the guy worked in my place.

We got home and noticed our front door was opened. We called the law again and noticed they had busted out the middle room's window completely. It was going to rain a few days later and had to get it fixed and all we had to our name was $40 and so I called my sister and asked her if she would spend $40 more dollars to help me get the window fixed cause of the rain. She said no that she was through helping me with repairs to the trailer even though it was still in her name. Plus she said that she cancelled the insurance on the house.

So we boarded up the window and it has been like that ever since. These are just a few things that my sister and I have had happen between each other. There is more. My husband passed away in 2015 and my sister told me just because my husband passed away did not mean she was going to change her vacation plans so she did not even come to the funeral. She went out of state to visit a close cousin. I put her in her place a few times after that and she has always told me after that, that she was a bad sister and she was going to try to change but she hasn't.

We were putting out painted hope rocks one day and she wanted me to write something on the back of them so she would know they were hers and not someone else's rocks. I asked her if she wanted me to write on the bottom part that was painted and she said yes and when I did she screamed at me to stop writing on that part. I told her to stop being so childish. She got mad at me but on the way back home then she apologized to me for being so childish.

So today was the final straw. I went to her house sick at my stomach but wanted to take some stuff to her house for the sale today which wasn't much at all. She started griping like I told you in a earlier paragraph about her wanting to sell her stuff first and for me to stop bringing my stuff to her house cause she was not going to do the sale forever even though she wanted to pay the student loans off as early as she could and the only way was to sell more stuff.

So after our fight I left her house and she told me in a text that she was coming to get her house key and was bring mine to me and she would never see me again.

So tell me in a comment who was right and who was wrong in everything I have told you!

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by Anonymous

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by redkissy08/10/17

You are so in the right.

Don't back down. Stand your ground and she is so wrong.

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by Brittni4u08/08/17

Great Job

Very hot...keep it up.....Britt

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by SoNaughty08/08/17

Sorry for the mistakes

I just noticed a few mistakes and need to proofread them more than 5 times I guess! And thank you Bill for the nice comment

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by FOUNTAINPEN6708/08/17

You've done nothing wrong. Your sister I think is a manipulator.

Karma is on your side. You are a good person. Continue to be the good person you are.

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