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My Sister Amy


(My first story, please give constructive criticism! It's pretty short too. Sorry!)

My little sister had always preferred me. Even when we were young, she would seem to only be content when she was in my arms, or when she was spending time with me. I was 4 years older than her, at the time this story took place I was 22 and she was 18. As she grew older she continued to depend on me for advice, and, well, just about everything.

My sister, Amy, had a very nice figure, she had a very clean and glowing face, with beautiful, enticing eyes that just made you want to stare into their depths for as long as you could. Moving down her body she had very firm 36C breasts that were just the perfect size, not so large as to look fake, but not so small as she looked flat chested. Perfect. She had long, supple legs, too. She had a body that could drive any man crazy.

Except me.

I always looked at my sister as, well, my sister. I never dreamed that she would look at me any differently, or that I would one day look at her differently as well. In fact, I could never figure out why any female would take a second glance at me. In my opinion, I was just an average joe. I was about 5'8, average build, green eyes. Nothing too special, but maybe I'm being too humble.

Anyway, let's get to the story. It was the end of an average day in mid summer, the house was quiet as I took my shower before I went to bed. Some people would think taking showers before going to bed is strange, but I always thought it was very relaxing, so it became part of my routine every night, before I went to bed.

I got out and slid on a grey T-Shirt and a pair of shorts to fall asleep in, ( I always preferred going to bed in regular clothes over sleep clothes, for some reason.). I made my way to my sister's room to give her a good night kiss on the forehead as I did every night, she said she couldn't fall asleep without it, so I obliged her. I noticed her light was already off through the crack of the open door as I approached, so I figured she was already asleep. This would happen occasionally, and when it did, I still gave her a goodnight kiss, just to make sure she had a peaceful sleep.

I slowly pushed the door open just a little and began sneaking in. Just as I was about to kiss her, she opened her eyes and spoke, in an emotionless voice. "Go away." I froze, my heart twisting at these words. She had never said anything mean to me, even on accident. She had never denied my comfort, or my love. I stood there, not knowing what to to do or say, my eyes wide. So I left.

Over the next few days I fell deeper and deeper into a spiraling depression as my sister continued to ignore me and look past me with cold eyes. I wondered what in the world could have caused such a sudden change in my little Amy. My girlfriend broke up with me because I refused to go on dates with her anymore, I was just too depressed. As I lay in my bed, sobbing, I realized I needed Amy just as much as I always thought she needed me. I always thought she was the fragile one that needed my protection, but without her, I was a wreck.

I decided that I needed to fix this, I needed to find out why she was so cold. As the day came to an end and my sister was climbing into her bed, I stepped into her room and closed the door behind me. She looked at me with surprise for a fleeting moment, then her expression again changed to indifference and she turned her attention from me to the wall. "What do you want, Matt?" I walked to her bed and sat on the edge. "Amy...Why....have you been so cold to me lately?"

She gave no response.

I sighed and put a gentle hand on her thigh, not in a sexual way, but a caring one."Please Amy...you're scaring me..." I could tell she was struggling to keep her cool demeanor, and it finally cracked. Her face exploded into a combination of tears, worry, and guilt. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to my chest, rocking her back and forth. "Sssshhhhh.....Amy....don't cry....please....just tell me what it was....okay?" She nodded and slowly calmed down until she was ready.

"I...I was...." She blushed deeply. "T-touching myself....and....I suddenly....though of you, Mark....and I....I had the best orgasm I had ever had....I was scared....I thought I was a freak....so....I thought it was best to avoid you and not talk to you....for fear of you finding out somehow....finding out i'm a freak...." She looked away embarrassed and I stared at her with a mixture of shock and pity. I gently pressed my lips to her forehead and smiled reassuringly. "My little Amy? A freak? Never." She looked up at me and smiled some, hugging me again.

I thought for a moment. My little Amy loves me, and not just in a sibling way. The way a woman loves a man. I gulped slightly out of nervousness for what I was about to do. She suddenly felt the soft touch of my fingers on her chin, bringing her face up to mine and pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her with a calm, deep, passion, more than I ever knew I had for my sister. Her eyes were wide for a moment before she hesitantly began to kiss back.

The kiss deepened and escalated until my arms were around her waist and hers were tightly wound around my neck, our tongues in the depths of each other's mouths, exploring and chasing each other. I made a move to crawl on top of her, and she did nothing to resist, effortlessly sliding under me. She slid her hands under the fabric of my shirt and felt my warm, rough chest. I moved my hands under her sleep shirt and felt the smooth, supple skin of her belly, tracing my finger around her belly button, making her shiver with sensitivity and excitement.

I took the edge of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head, not rushing. I wanted this to last. She lifted her arms to allow me to do so easily. I now layed my eyes on her bare breasts for the first time, instantly making me harder than granite. They were even more perfect than I had imagined. Round, shapely, and springy, I found out as I gently grasped them. I rolled her hard, aroused nipples in between my fingers and leaned down to take her left nipple in my mouth, sucking softly as I pinched the other very gently, making her cry out softly in pleasure.

I quickly moved down her body, becoming more and more excited for what was to come. I reached her waist and tugged her pants down and off, tossing them behind me and gently spreading her legs, revealing her dripping crotch. I licked my lips a little before diving in and devouring her young pussy, hurriedly dragging my tongue up and down her slick labia, teasing her clit with my tongue, making her nearly scream in ecstasy. I could wait no longer.

I pulled back and tore my own clothes off, crawling up to her and pressing my shaft, slick with precum, to her entrance. I rubbed it up and down for a while, causing her to moan out of anticipation and try to push me inside of her. I smiled at her and began to push myself inside of her, slowly inching my way in. I knew of course that virgins were supposed to be tight, but I never expected this much resistance. When I was finally all the way inside of her I began to move in and out of her, like a well oiled machine, my pace steadily increasing.

I began to pound her pussy harder and harder, like a piston pumping away. With each and every thrust she let out a sharp cry of pain mixed with pleasure. Both of our bodies were drenched in sweat by this point, and every hard thrust pushed her back on the bed. I held her knees to keep her from being pushed away completely. I felt my orgasm approaching fast, like a speeding train, and opened my eyes in fear. "A-Amy...I'm going to cum...I'm gonna pull out...."

"NO!!" She shouted, and in desperation she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist, preventing me from leaving her. I ran out of options as my hot seed began to spew out of me and flow into her, filling her up to the point that it was leaking out of her and forming a small pool of my cum on the bed below us.

No words were exchanged as I slipped off of her, panting. We simply sat there for a long time, thinking, and eventually we fell asleep together, not as brother and sister, but as lovers.

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