tagIncest/TabooMy Sister & I

My Sister & I


At 21, My sister is 3 years elder than I am and is a very beautiful woman. She's fair-skinned, thin and has a switch in her hips that I admire. When I first became attracted to her, I first started noticing her body and watching her from a distance. When she would wear skirts, I loved to catch a glimpse of her legs and slim thighs. I even found myself noticing her breasts growing and always wanting to watch her when she was not looking.

Often, I fantasized about my sister and masturbated to the scenes that played out. I used to go in her bathroom where I could see her clothes and smell her, and I would simply close my eyes and think about her. Sometimes, that was all the fantasy I needed. I was very obsessed with her legs, constantly watching and hoping to get a glimpse of her legs. She wore skirts almost everyday, and that only heightened my attraction to her silken skin.

We shared a room as we had a small house. We slept together in a very large bed and had quite a bit of space for ourselves, but it was still one bed and oftentimes we were too close for comfort. Some nights I found myself unable to sleep because I was so aroused thinking about the woman sleeping next to me. It was one of those sleepless nights that I took the initiative of touching myself.

I lay on my back, turned my head towards my sister and scanned her body with hungry eyes. I slowly touched myself and found myself really hard and dripping with pre-cum very quickly. It didn't take long after that to cum and it didn't require much movement. After that first night, I didn't hesitate. As soon as my sister fell asleep I, would lie there next to her, touch myself until I was rock hard and then masturbate until I came.

She slept in a loose large shirt and a knee length skirt. Most of the time she slept with one of her knees slightly bent and the skirt would expose her legs up to the beginning of her thighs, slightly above the knees. Sometimes I tried to lift the very soft, silky material of the skirt to see more of her thighs, but I was usually too afraid to wake her so I would just watch what I could.

One night, I did manage to lift up the skirt slightly and was able to very gently expose most of her thighs. It was obviously very dark in the room so I couldn't see much even after lifting the skirt upwards but I had created enough space between her legs to be able to see inside her pussy if there had been enough light. It was just so dark that I couldn't see much and I didn't want to move very much as I didn't want to wake her. Still, I was so hot and hard that when I took my fingers to my cock, I was dripping with pre-cum. The whole situation excited me so deeply... the fact that she was my sister, the view of her thighs, the darkness, the danger of being caught... it was pure bliss.

I slowly masturbated just inches from her thighs, and very, very gently with the tip of my fingers, touched her thigh. I touched it ever so gently so as not to wake her up. It wasn't very long after that that I started pouring hot cum out of my cock, filling up my palms. After I had completed my orgasm, I just sat there for a few moments trying to control my breath. I did one last thing before I wiped my hands within my pajamas (like I usually did). I took just a very little bit of my semen and gently touched my sister's thighs with the wet finger covered with my cum.

I don't know why, I can't explain it, but it excited me so much. It was a sexual high that I can't really describe. Just seeing that little drop of my cum on my sister's thigh was beyond erotic.


In the following days I repeated this kind of behavior quite often. I would watch her body and masturbate at night... sometimes lift her skirt up... sometimes touch her with my fingertip... always very cautious. But it was one day by accident that I discovered something that brought a whole new world of incestuous sexuality to me. It was between 7 & 8 in the evening when my parents were out at a function. My sister & I were alone in the house and my sister was taking her usual shower before we had dinner. I was playing around in the room with the lights off and the lights from the bathroom escaped from the corners of the bathroom door and I could hear the water running. When I got up, it was as if desire pulled me and I walked towards the bathroom door. At that point, all I knew was that my sister was naked inside the bathroom and the lust it sparked inside me was the only thing I could see.

I stood silently in front of the bathroom door, tracing the lights that escaped the edges of the door, and brought my eyes closer to the edges, trying to peek inside. At the height I was, I could see nothing but the wooden edge line. I slowly moved downwards, bending myself as I traced the edge, and I hit one spot where the doorknob was and saw a small gap between the door and the framework. For a moment I was struck; my heart raced violently. I saw my sister standing in the shower, completely naked, with the gushing flow of water from the showerhead falling on her beautiful, gorgeous body. My penis twitched and jumped to a full erection in a second. I stood as if stoned, my eyes glued to my nude sister in the shower.

With my lustful eyes, I traced the contours on her body. For the first time, all that I envisioned, fantasized, and yearn to view, was in my vision. I saw gorgeous breasts, full and luscious; I saw stark, poised nipples planted on each breast, looking so delicious. I could feel myself salivating as I traced her breast line down to her belly, further down to her navel, and I finally saw her delicious pussy exposed. Very short, fine hair surrounded her pussy and I could make out the slit, the pussy lips, being drenched in warm water, as I traced her thighs, her knees, all the way down to her feet. I gently unzipped my pants, letting out my throbbing cock, which was by now dripping out a large amount of pre-cum. It was only a matter of a few strokes to my pre-cum drenched shaft of my cock as I watched my naked sister, her entire body, from her breasts and nipples to her pussy and the luscious crack going across her ass, for me to be rocked with a very violent and intense orgasm. I convulsed and yet tried to remain in control. Loads of hot cum shot out of my penis... some shooting straight at the door in front of me as I tried to catch most of it in my hands. Load after load of hot thick cum ejaculated out of my cock as I watched my naked sister shower.

I finally stopped ejaculating, as I held a hard, long penis in my hand with a handful of cum dripping from it. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. I cleaned up the area very quickly and got back to a pretense of an activity just as my sister completed her shower and stepped out. While she made her way to the kitchen to prepare for dinner, all my senses waited for the next evening, for the next shower, for the next chance.


Watching my sister take a shower had become a fascinating sexual addiction for me. Nothing gave me higher sexual pleasure then watching her and masturbating. I started to wait for every chance that I got in the house, waiting for every evening to come by, hungry with anticipation, to watch my sister take a shower; I would stand beside the door, peeping through the little gap, watching her luscious, beautiful naked body, devouring every curve, every inch of her gorgeous body while I would masturbate to sexual relief.

In the days to follow, I started to dream about my secret encounter. Once, sometimes twice, and very rarely thrice a week, I would close my eyes and watch her again and almost growl when I rocked with orgasm. I cherished every moment. The more I saw her body, the more I desired her. My sister had completely dominated my entire masturbatory realm. My body & soul ached to have her. I felt fortunate at that point to have found this little 'secret' that allowed me to watch my sister naked, however, I didn't know things were about to take a drastic turn.

It had been almost 3 days since I had seen my sister shower, since I had seen her naked body and masturbated watching her beautiful curves. Images of her big breasts, the stark nipples on them, her delicious looking pussy lips, the inviting crack in the middle... her ass, her beautiful thighs... every part of her... they haunted me. I was desperate. My mind couldn't find rest. I needed to see her naked again, but I wasn't able to find the opportunity.

That night while we rested in bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I tried taking my mind off my sister and her body, but it just didn't work. Sexual frustration started creeping up on me, as I felt desperate to 'watch' my sister. She lay right next to me, and though she didn't move, I didn't know for sure whether or not she was asleep.

An hour passed as we went deeper into the night, almost midnight, and I was far from sleeping. My eyes and mind were strangled with images of my sister taking a shower, standing beneath the running water naked. All I could see was her body and as I stood beside the bathroom door all over again, I could feel the erection in my pajama pants growing and bulging upwards. While my mind wandered through the visions of my sister's ass, and traveled through the smooth crack in her ass, my cock hardened and stood erect. Gently I looked beside me and I saw my sister motionless, her long black hair over her face, dressed in her loose top and a black soft skirt that barely reached her knees.

The visions and the sexual excitement couldn't restrain me anymore and I decided I needed to release. I needed to masturbate or I wouldn't be able to get through the night.

Very gently I crept my right hand in my pants and placed on my fingers on my hard and throbbing cock. With the tip of my fingers I felt the hot pre-cum covering my entire shaft as I gently, and as motionlessly as I could, started to stroke my cock. Very softly, stroking it up and down, watching my beautiful sister lay right next to me. I closed my eyes and just lay there, stroking my cock, trying to be motionless, but gently increasing the strength of my hand on my cock. Pre-cum dripped out of my cock and onto my bare navel skin and although it felt amazing, I missed watching my sister naked.

A few minutes passed and I began to feel the sexual surge taking over me. My heartbeat increased, my ass began to gently thrust in motion with my hands, and I began to stroke faster, harder. For a few moments I lost touch with my surroundings, with the fact that my sister was asleep right next to me in bed. As I stroked my cock and masturbated to pleasure, I suddenly felt a touch on my stomach. In a second my whole body came to a jolting halt! All my movements paused; my hand, gripping my hard, erect penis, was absolutely motionless. My eyes opened and turned towards the touch and I saw my sister, her eyes open, looking into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat and then started to pound so loud that I could hear it in my ears. I was absolutely still with no clue what to do.

Before I had the time to be either embarrassed, or nervous, she moved closer to me. As she lay on her side, her face almost meeting mine, she moved her hand inside my pants, gently caressing my stomach, my navel region, reaching for my cock. I did not have time to think what was going on, nor to react to the situation; I simply allowed myself to fall into lust and be guided by desire. Gently I let go of my penis as my sister took it in her own hands and very slowly began to stroke it. Never in my life had I experienced sexual pleasure and lustful heat so intense. I felt mesmerized by sexual glory, as my body rippled in desire.

While my sister stroked my cock, driving me to a sexual high I never envisioned, she brought her lips close to mine and started to kiss me. I quickly caught her rhythm and we began to kiss passionately. I tasted her mouth for the first time and it was pure heaven; my tongue ventured in her mouth as her tongue explored mine. As we kissed each other, I felt a raging orgasm build inside my body and I began to thrust my body in motion with her hand. She began to stroke harder and faster as she explored my mouth with hers. I reached a point of no return and finally exploded in the most intense and aggressive orgasm I've ever had. Thick, hot semen poured out of my cock as my sister kept stroking up and down, her hands covered in cum.

She kept my mouth invaded with hers as I convulsed and rocked in my massive orgasm and once I began to slow my thrusts and finally pause them, she slowed her stroking to a stop and very gently held my cock in her hand. We parted our lips as she rested her face next to mine, on my body, and we lay there motionless, speechless, just embracing the pleasure that engulfed us. That night was the beginning of our sexual relationship, and changed my life forever; it took me to a different dimension of sexual pleasure and desire.


My sister and I entered a very intense sexual relationship where there were no barriers or restrictions. She gave me complete sexual freedom to follow my desires and instincts with her while she taught me how to bring absolute sexual delight to her. I was so in love with my sister that I could not resist her while she was around me... and she would leave no chance, when opportunity hit us, to take me sexually.

I learnt how to eat her pussy and bring her to orgasmic pleasures using my tongue and my finger. I was very fascinated by her ass; my fingers always wandered around it and soon I found myself fingering her ass and trying to penetrate it with my hands. Once she realized my fascination with her ass, she lovingly submitted to me at every chance we got. I loved licking her ass. She sometimes helped me by splitting her ass-cheeks with her own hands and I tried to lick her ass hole as deep as I could. She enjoyed it thoroughly and would simply lay on her stomach, spread her legs open, and allow me to play with her ass and taste her all the way through.

As we touched and explored each other almost every night, she realized very quickly that I was obsessed with oral sex and left no barriers in satisfying me orally. Her mouth was a lot bigger and wider then my previous experience, and having my hard, long cock completely engulfed inside a girl's mouth, from the tip of my shaft all the way down to the skin on my navel, was a different experience altogether. I loved it and I began to crave it all the time.

She had a very erotic way of sucking me. Most often she would look into my eyes while sucking me and I loved that. What I enjoyed most, of course, was when I ejaculated in her mouth. Sometimes she would stay firm and still, just allowing me to ejaculate all my semen in her mouth, and would then slowly let go of my cock and gently swallow every drop of my cum. Other times, she vigorously sucked my penis top to bottom, while I ejaculated... and I would see my semen dribble down my cock, escaping her lips, her mouth, while she sucked on it.

Mostly I would sit in a chair, or on a bed, with my legs stretched out while she knelt between my knees and sucked me; sometimes she allowed me to sit on her chest and fuck her mouth while she rested on the bed. I personally preferred her on her knees because she would be able to use her mouth, her head, a lot more then when I was on top of her.

She also introduced me to multiple orgasms. I remember the first time it happened. She had me in her mouth and gave me an amazing blowjob. When I finally ejaculated, she forced my penis deep in her mouth, almost touching her throat and she just rested there, keeping my cock locked and poised deep in her mouth while I convulsed and withered in sexual pleasure, coating her throat with my semen. When I was done ejaculating, she pulled up a little, but never let my cock out of her mouth. She held my penis in her mouth for a bit and then slowly started sucking on it, very gently, until I found myself erect and aroused again. She began to suck slowly and gradually increased the strength of her sucking along with the speed and started to arouse me intensely again. It didn't take me long to reach orgasm again.

As my sexual obsession with her grew, her fascination with my body also grew. I often found her licking my entire body, and I started loving it when she would reach inside my ass crack and lick my ass hole. It was a first for me and I loved it.

Our sexuality grew with each passing day as we immersed ourselves in an extremely taboo relationship guided by lust and desire.

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