tagIncest/TabooSister Angie Asks for a Favor

Sister Angie Asks for a Favor


Ever since I first started having sex with other people, I've been of the strong contention that sex should never be equated with love. Sure, intercourse can be affectionate and very personal, but sexual release in humans was never meant to be monogamous. And from that train of thought came one of the most sizzling nights of my life.

It had been about two years since I'd visited the family back in Milwaukee. My job in Los Angeles had me busy and my mom, brother, and sisters were all living their own lives. My sister, Angie, called a month ago to let me know she had to be in the L.A. area for work and asked if she could crash at my place. I hesitated at first. I am a very independent person, for one; but I am also very, very sexual. It is not uncommon for me to have a playmate over several nights a week; or, at the very least, to be found masturbating to Literotica. My family would definitely put a dent in my lifestyle.

Alas, I gave in and told Angie she could stay with me. It was only for two nights and I could forgo a couple of nights of sexual activity.

Angie arrived on Monday evening and I picked her up from Burbank Airport on my way home from work. When I pulled up, she hopped in my car and, grinning from ear to ear, gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

"Hi, big brother," she said. "How the hell are ya?"

Angie was 32 and unmarried. The only time she'd left home was during her four years in college; otherwise, she has been at home with mom and dad to this day. She rarely dates, and through mutual friends I've heard that she lost her virginity when she was 25 during a drunken one-night-stand that turned out to be a dare by the buddies of the guy who took her cherry.

Angie wasn't unattractive by any stretch. But most people didn't notice her. Even by her own admission she was pretty plain. Shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, slightly chubby (but by no means obese), and a bit awkward in social situations.

There were times when I felt bad for her. My mom and dad never hid their liberal sexual views and could often be heard spending an entire night fucking their brains out. The rest of us inherited that sexual prowess, but Angie, to my knowledge, never did.

Or so I thought.

After a quick dinner, we got back to my place where Angie put her things in the guest room and then joined me in the backyard, where we caught up over a couple of beers. The conversation started with work, moved to family news, and then, as we polished off our second beers, moved to subjects of a more personal nature - the women and men I dated, mom and dad's swingers club, which in turn led to talk of Angie's off and on bouts with depression.

"What usually brings it on?" I asked.

"Oh, you know...dead end job, the fact that I'm still living at home...you name it," she admitted. She remained quiet for a few seconds before adding, "Loneliness."

I needed another beer. On my way into the kitchen, I walked over to her side of the patio table, gave her a hug, and a big ol' kiss on her cheek. "Relationships aren't all they're cracked up to be, little sister. Look at me...no long term relationship and I'm fine. A few fuck buddies and a small group of really good friends and I'm happier than I've ever been."

She looked up at me, smiled, then squeezed me tighter in our embrace, pressing her head against my stomach. "I know, big brother. And I'm not necessarily interested in a relationship either. I'm just...well..." She paused.

"What is it?"

"Well...(big sigh)...this could be the beer talking, but damn...I'm horny for a good, solid, sturdy fuck."

Some people might have been shocked by having their sister say that to them. But not me. I just chuckled and as I walked into the kitchen, said, "Well, then you just need to go out and get yourself laid." I came back out with two beers, handing Angie one of them.

"Ha!," she exclaimed. "Easier said that done! I'm not exactly comfortable in social situations, in case you hadn't noticed."

I had noticed. For her entire life, something in her brain just sort of got stuck when it came to social situations. "Well," I said, "when I don't feel like jumping through hoops to get laid, I have a couple of escorts I go to when I need to blow off steam."

After I'd admitted it I realized I may have just shared too much. The beers were going to my head faster than normal. But, my admission that I partake of the occasional hooker didn't phase Angie. "I looked. Believe me, I looked. But, I don't have that kind of money to spend - straight male escorts are pretty expensive for a coffee shop manager's budget."

"Well, we'll have to find you some dick while you're in town. My treat." She hesitated for a second.


"Maybe? I thought you were horny. Come on! It's me! I don't care. My sister needs a hot man to get her off, why can't I provide it for her."

Out of the blue I felt something climb into my crotch. It was so totally unexpected that I jumped out of my chair. As I looked down, I saw Angie putting her foot back on the floor.

"Whoa, there, Sister Girl," I said. "I was sitting in that chair."

"I'm aware that you were sitting in that chair," she said. "But didn't you say you could provide me with a good lay?"

"Umm, yeah, but I think you misunderstood. I thought a buddy of mine would be a good match."

"Oh god, Brian, no." she moaned. "You know that won't work. You'll bring a friend over and my lack of social grace will flare up immediately. Things would be over before they even started."

"So...what...you think I should be the lucky bastard?"

"I'm comfortable with you, you approach these things from the same point of view that I do...that sex is just adult play. We're two adults...why not...you know...play?"

Perhaps it was the beer, perhaps it was her foot which had slowly made it's way back to my hardening crotch, perhaps it was her gi-normous rack sitting across the table, but the idea didn't repulse me. In fact, I was more than willing to entertain the idea.

"Ooooh k...tell me more."

"It stays between you and me, no one ever knows, but .... god...it's been several years since I've had a good, hard lay. Masturbation just isn't cutting it anymore." Her eyes started to tear up. "I just want some physical attention...and...well...I thought I could depend on my big brother to help me out."

I sat there dumbfounded...not by her request, but by the fact that I was ready to accept it.

"But if you'd rather not, I understand. We can forget I mentioned this."

I finished my beer, walked over to Angie, took her hand in mine, and led her to my bedroom.

"Oh, thank you big brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." I put my finger on her lips. "Sshhh," I whispered. I leaned in and kissed her gently as I brought her into the bed with me. She groaned.

I laid her on her back and slowly made my way down her neck toward her chest, giving long, gentle kisses along the way. I removed my shirt and then pulled hers up over head. Those gorgeous tits were right there...mine for the taking. I leaned in and brought each breast out from behind her bra, holding each firmly in my hands, alternating back and forth between the two, kissing and licking as Angie moaned some more.

Her hand reached down and started massaging my rock hard cock trapped inside my jeans. She sat up, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then reached in and hauled out my piece.

"Damn! You really are my BIG brother." She looked and grinned wickedly before flicking the head of my dick with her tongue.

"Mmmmmm," I mumbled. "Let's finish getting undressed." I tore off my jeans and socks and before I knew it, Angie was naked in my bed. I climbed back on top of her and slowly kissed my way down her breasts, her stomach, down toward the wonderland that was her pussy. She was completely shaved and already sopping wet. Damn, I thought, that nectar is going to taste mighty fine.

I tapped her clit with my thumb before giving it a long, slow, steady tongue bath. Both of her hands were on the back of my head as I got lost in the taste and scent that was my sister's beautiful cunt. It was pure ecstasy. Within a minute, maybe two, Angie was holding my head really tight and bucking under my face, groaning that she was going to cum and then voila! Her pussy spasmed and juiced all over my goatee.

That was my cue.

I climbed up over her, spread her legs wide apart, and slapped the head of my cock against her clit.

Holding my cock at the entrance to her wet hole, I grinned and asked "You sure you still want to go through with this?" She looked at me and without hesitating said, simply, "Positive."

I placed the head of my fat dong at the entrance to her dripping pussy. "Here it goes," I said, and pressed myself inside.

We both groaned. Long, low, and passionate. We both groaned loudly and happily.

I watched myself enter her slowly: First the head, then the shaft, taking my time to make sure she was comfortable. "Oh, Brian, yes. Please, PLEASE...fuck me! I'm so horny." I pulled back out, her juices covering my dick, and then pushed right back in; this time, all the way.

As we started to get our own rhythm going, a minute or so into the fuck, she grabbed the pillows on either side of her and started to squeal a little. What happened next almost brought me to the brink.

Angie eyes rolled in back of her head, she started gasping for air, and she started bucking hard and fast against my crotch, with my dick buried to the hilt. Her entire body shook with pleasure as, her orgasm overtaking her, her pussy juice leaked out the sides of my cock.

"Whoa!" I said, amazed at the orgasm she was experiencing. A devilish grin spread across my face as I watched her tremble with pleasure. "That's it, Sis," I said, "ride it out."

She groaned and shuddered and gasp for air before her body finally returned to earth.

"Holy shit!," I exclaimed, looking at the juices she just leaked all over my bed. "You are really horned up, aren't you?"

"Holy hell!" she exclaimed, beginning to hump my dick again. "You have no idea."

We spent the next hour fucking up one side of the room and down the other. Doggy style, her on top, up against the wall, on the floor, over the side of my dresser in front of the mirror. I made my sister cum four more times, her juices covering not my just my fat cock, but my bed, dresser, and bedroom floor as well. Angie was insatiable.

Finally, as she rode her way to her fourth orgasm, I couldn't control myself anymore. She was on her side, I was behind her, slamming my cock into her pussy.

"Angie, I can't hold it anymore. I'm gonna cum."

"Oh yes, big brother, I want you to unload inside me. Let me feel you squirt."

I was so close I couldn't stand it.

"You sure?" I asked.

But before my sister could respond, I was screaming in pure ecstasy as my cock unloaded inside her. As she rode out her fourth orgasm of the night, my own nut was fucking mind blowing. I couldn't remember the last time I had an orgasm that long and so fucking good.

We collapsed on my bed, sweaty, tired, but blissful and so fucking satisfied. It took us a few minutes to catch our breath, to come down off the sexual high.

"Damn, girl," I told my sister. "That has got to be the best fuck I've had in years." She grinned at me as she got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. "You're insatiable," I told her.

"And you're a hung stud who fucks like a piston." she said as she came back out with towels. "Damn, big brother, you really throw a great fuck."

She leaned over and planted a long, wet kiss on me, then whispered in my ear, "Thank you. So much. I really needed that."

"Any time," I said. "And I mean that." Why can't my sister be a fuck buddy, I thought to myself. We're adults about it. And we make each other feel really good. So why not? No one besides us needs to know.

Angie went to bed a few minutes later - in the guest room. We'd fuck again the next night - in my backyard - in the hot tub. When she left the day after that, my sister thanked me again for the "hottest fucks of my life" and promised to come visit more often.

Damn. I can hardly wait.

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Not bad

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Pretty good.....

I liked it.......

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