tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Eva Continues It All

My Sister Eva Continues It All


Hi guys and gals! This is my entry into the Winter Holidays Story Contest. Some useful background information can be gained by reading 'My Sister Eva Started It All', but you can skip right to this and still follow the action. Please keep in mind that this is a fictitious fantasy story. So please don't post comments like "his cock is too big" (it isn't, just more than average), 'no one can cum that much' (I know it, but it is a fantasy), and 'unfuckingbelievable' (I know, but again, it is a fantasy). If you accept this request, then read on. Also keep in mind that it involves incest, anal sex, lesbian sex, oral sex, group sex, etc. If you don't like any of those, please read something else. Please note that if somebody screams I SHOW it. If somebody holds a word, screaming or not, I shoooooowwwww it. With that in mind, if you read on then please don't grumble about it or knock down your vote because of it.

In this fantasy land STD's do NOT exist! However, pregnancy does occur here. This one is on the long side so if you want a quick jerk off story, either pick something else or read this one in spurts (sorry, I couldn't resist that one). Also I did my best to proofread this and remove errors but, as a human, mistakes happen. If something slipped past me, I apologize in advance for it. I hope you enjoy my little story. Please don't forget to vote! Hope you all enjoy the upcoming holidays, whichever ones you celebrate! dezurtdawg


Psssst, don't tell my brother Dale that I found this Diary of his! My name is Eva but you probably know me as Evie. GOD I used to hate that name!!!! But now when he says it my legs weaken and my pussy gets wet in 2 seconds or less! Hmmm, I wonder if he ever reads back over his entries. If he does then he will for sure read this and know that I snooped into his book. If what he wrote before that mix-up at the Halloween party is even half true then he was some stud! I can't figure out why those high school girls didn't know how lucky they were to have him hitting on them. Oh well, their loss is my gain ... and my best friend's ... and my mom's if she knows what's good for her. Our dad seems to have forgotten what his dick is for!

But enough reminiscing. (Does that make sense? After all, I am adding to my brother's diary with my account of things that happened since the spook night fiasco!) So anyway, as I was going to say, after Dale fucked the shit out of me and Amber (she is my best friend in the world) mom came home and caught us. Mom made Amber and me leave his room so she could talk to him about how incest is wrong. Considering how many times she screamed in ecstasy I don't think that plan worked out the way she hoped it would! She certainly looks sexy when she's been rode hard and put away wet ... like she was that day after their 'talk'.

After fixing lunch for Dale and ourselves we had a relaxing meal after which Amber left, as she said, 'While I can still walk!' As wild as the day had been up till then, it's hard to believe that the only thing that happened between Dale and I the rest of the day was the one blowjob I gave him while watching a DVD. Okay, so it was from start to finish of the movie ("Titanic" with my man Leo, god he's such a hunk!) You have no idea how sexy a girl feels when she can keep the man in her life ... shit, it seems strange to think of my BROTHER that way ... hard and so aroused for such a long time. I kept track and I had him close to cumming twelve times -- Jesus, 12 fucking times! -- only to ease up on him and let his balls recover. Twice I was certain I had pushed him too far and he was going to blow but a tight grip with my hand strategically placed at the base of his cock prevented that. I've seen the movie so many times I can recite the dialog so I didn't need to 'watch' it as I focused my attention on my brother and his fantastic cock. Shit I still can't get over the things he can do to me with it! Who knew?

I keep getting sidetracked and I apologize for it. It must be obvious that I am head over heals in love/lust with my brother! What a difference a day makes! Back to that incredible blowjob. By the time the movie ended my jaws were screaming for relief. So was Dale as I pushed him back to the brink of climax and then groaned deeply as I slammed my face fully onto him and drained his balls into my oral cavity. I'd say into my mouth, or throat but I only took the first three blasts into my throat. His spunk is damned tasty so I just had to pull back and work my tongue around his knob while encouraging his balls to shoot more jizm. Guess I didn't really need to worry about him having more stuff.

Due to all the near climaxes he had experienced up till then, Dale pumped my mouth full with nine more powerful cum shots that overwhelmed my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and still it poured out of my tightly sealed lips and onto my hands. My heart was pounding so hard I didn't even realize Dale was screaming until mom came down to see what was wrong. I'm embarrassed to admit that I came five times during the movie while sucking his cock and I never once touched myself down there. Fuck was I turned on!

Happily our mom let me finish draining his balls, then again waited as I cleaned up the mess from all the cream that had somehow escaped my overwhelmed mouth. Dale was mumbling incoherently about how good his cock felt, then how sensitive it was, then how good, sensitive, good ... well you get the idea.

"My god Eva, are you trying to kill him?" mom asked once I was finished.

"No way!" I quickly answered. "I was just trying to let him know how I feel about him ... and I think he knows."

"Do you Dale," mom asked.

"Oh fuck mom ... that was so awesome! Holy fuck sis!"

"You're both lucky that your father hasn't gotten home yet. I didn't think he'd be this late." Mom looked at me and then at Dale who was still trying to recover from what must have been a monumental orgasm for him. "Son, why don't you go take a shower and then lie down to rest. Eva, it's time for our talk. Your room now!"

So I gave Dale a parting kiss then followed mom to my room while he slowly headed to the shower. I didn't quite know what to expect from her but she looked totally pissed! "Just what did you think you were doing, young lady?"

Well, that puzzled me as she should have obviously known just what I was 'doing'. But trying to humor her I said, "Um, mom, I was just thanking Dale for the ... um ... wonderful orgasms he gave me earlier."

"And that makes you think it is perfectly all right for you to suck him off right in the living room on the couch!"

"Um ... nooooo."

"Seemed like that to me!" Mom's face looked red with rage as she said that emphatically. Then it calmed and lost its reddish tint as she much quieter said, "It is quite the cock though, isn't it?"

"Uh ... mom?"

"Well, we both know it to be a fact, I'm ashamed to admit. But god now that I've had my son's cock drive me up the wall all the way to the ceiling, I don't want to chance losing it! What that means is YOU, and I as well, must be careful that your dad never figures out what the three of us are doing!"

"Does that ... mean ... um ... that you ... um ... mom, want to fuck Dale again?"

"Oh honey, you must know what a gold mind of pleasure we have right across the hall! Of course I want to be with your brother again, and again, and again! I have never been fucked like I was when I had my ... um ... talk with Dale. That sure didn't work out like I had expected, but I am SO glad that it worked out the way it did! So I am depending on YOU to be very careful so your dad doesn't get suspicious."

"So ... you aren't mad at me ... um ... us for fucking each other?"

"Well, I was at first, but then ... god help me ... Dale's cock went hard again while I talked with him. I haven't gotten that kind of a reaction out of your dad in well over a decade, if ever! And his cock looked so damned big and powerful and I melted under its heat! Next thing I knew was this man ... my son ... was making me cum and cum and cum some more! And I knew then that it was heaven on earth and I wanted more! No, I knew that I NEEDED more! Much more!" Mom's eyes glazed over and she had that dreamy far away look again.

Some moments later she continued, "So, no, I'm not mad at you. I was shocked at you because you were obviously fucking Dale. But then he fucked me and then I knew WHY you would want the top, it's easier to control your own climax that way! So now the only way I will be mad at you is if you hog your brother too much and I don't get my fair share, or if you screw up and your dad finds out."

Believe me, I sighed a huge sigh of relief at that news! I expected to be grounded, and that sucks when you're in college! But what really surprised me was when mom leaned in and kissed me right smack in the middle of my lips ... hard and with lots of tongue!!! Hell, Amber and I have had several make out sessions together so the only problem with doing it with mom is she is MOM! That thought lasted about two seconds before my tongue shot out and into her mouth while our arms clasped each other tightly.

Nothing else could happen though as just then we heard the door close downstairs and my dad called out, "I'm home, hon! Hello! Anybody home?!"

Mom pulled back and locked eyes with me for a few moments before calling out, "Be down in a moment dear, I'm just talking with Eva." Then much softer she said, "Darn, we'll have to get back to this later. I love you, Eva."

"I love you too mom," I told her as she gave me a quick kiss then left my room. I just leaned back onto my pillow wondering if I now had two lovers in my family! If so then I have one more thing to 'thank' Dale for!

So anyway, I know that Amber is hooked on Dale too so he's really going to get worked over trying to keep the three of us satisfied! Hint, hint, Dale! Shit, I can't believe I just wrote that in his diary! I guess I really DO want him to know how I feel about him!

Hope you find this addition to your writings, brother dear! Love ya, Evie!


Since I last updated you nearly two months has passed. I have been soooo fucking busy! And I DO mean 'fucking' as I have three horny women constantly rotating through who is getting fucked at any moment! It's tough work but somebody has to do it! Heh, heh! Okay, lame joke but it's the truth.

Today is the day after Christmas and the weather is threatening snow. My aunt (mom's younger sister) and uncle and my only cousin arrived two days ago and spent the holiday with us. Dad and my uncle are about one hour from leaving on some sort of hunting trip -- don't ask me what for, I have no idea -- which will leave me the only guy surrounded by five sexy ladies.

Let me explain that fact. Ever since November first I have been fucking my sister Eva, her best friend Amber, and my mom Robin. Before the first week of November had passed mom and Eva convinced my dad to let Amber move in with us as neither of them wanted her to starve for want of my cock! Having her around is really great, not only are we perfect together in bed but we have gotten to know each other really well and I think I really do love her! Surprisingly mom is the one that craves sex with me the most, as we fuck at least twice each day! Evie has turned into a blowjob queen as she never misses the chance to suck me off and no day passes without her swallowing at least two huge loads. Dad didn't say anything when I moved Amber's stuff into my room; instead he congratulated me on my taste in women! Needless to say I never have to wank off anymore as each of them is ready to fuck several times each day. Am I blessed or what??

With all three of them eager to fuck or suck me, my cock has been getting a royal work out! The first week after Amber moved in with us was hard on me (pardon the pun) and my cock hurt a bit and even failed to rise to the occasion twice. Even then my tongue worked just fine so I got through it without embarrassment. But I have been surprised since then. I don't mean to brag, but now my cock NEVER gets tired! Never! It may droop just a bit after a good fuck session but then it just perks right back up hard as ever and is good for as long as one of my gals (as I some times call them) needs it. And they seem to need it quite a bit. Amber generally lets mom and sis have dibs when dad is gone, since he expects me to be doing my 'girlfriend' when he is home. So far there have been no problems and dad hasn't a clue that Evie and mom are also getting boned by his son.

The three ladies have never shown the least bit of jealousy at each other, gladly sharing their time with me by either just calling "Next" and leaving the room, or climbing onto the bed (or whatever) and joining in. Sadly things came to a screeching halt when our relatives showed up, as I could only fuck my girlfriend Amber.

Dad at first was surprised at Amber's screams of joy when we ended the night fucking, but now he seems just happy that his son can satisfy her so totally. If he only knew! When we awoke on Christmas day there were three new comers who just stared at us, especially me, for quite a while. Dad took my uncle Ted out to the garage to 'talk' and I'm sure explained how the previous night was the norm in the house. I guessed that mom did the same thing with my aunt Jessica, while Evie told our cousin Mindy right in front of Amber and I. Mindy just looked at both of us before softly saying "Bull-fucking-shit!"

This morning I was greeted by more stares of wonderment as last night was a repeat of the previous night. Amber is a real screamer and she has been at her finest the past two nights. Mindy pulled her off to talk and gave me some interesting looks when they were finished. Then all attention was put on the two dad's getting ready to go be 'manly'.

While they did their packing I scoped out my aunt and cousin. Aunt Jessica is mom's younger sister, barely 37 herself, and is a near carbon copy of mom, except she's 2 to 3 inches shorter and about 12 pounds lighter. Her auburn hair just barely reaches her shoulders but her light blue eyes sparkle with her radiant personality. Definitely another MILF!

Mindy is an incredibly sexy 19 year-old, only 4' 10" tall and about 93 pounds, maybe less. She is a fantastic gymnast with a rock solid 32C-22-33 body! (I know what you are thinking ... her waist is simply TOO small to be real! I asked her about her tinyness and she proudly handed a measuring tape -- where do women keep all this shit -- to Evie who readily measured her vital spots.) Trust me, in her bikini she is the hottest one on the beach with her great shape and really ripped body! Evie told me that Mindy and her boyfriend of two years had broken up about two weeks ago. Cheap 'no present' bastard!

Time passed and soon we all waved goodbye to the two warriors and then went back inside where it was much warmer. Aunt Jessica elbowed me asking, "So big boy, how do you feel about being surrounded by five women?"

"It doesn't bother me one bit! In fact, I rather like being surrounded by five drop dead gorgeous women!"

"Aren't you the flatterer? At least you are right about three of them!"

"Hey, did I hear you correctly?" Mindy interrupted. "Did you just include me in a group that is 'gorgeous'?"

"No, Mindy, I did NOT!" I said as her face fell. "I included you in a group of 'drop dead gorgeous' women!" Mindy's face beamed as she smiled widely at me.

Evie looked at our aunt and asked, "So you don't think Amber and I fit into that group, do you?"

"Oh heavens no, Eva! Both of you are incredibly beautiful!"

I looked to my mom and boldly asked, "Hey mom, why is it that ALL of the MILFs in the world deny what they are?"

"I have no idea why we do, but maybe we just haven't seen ourselves in that way for so long!"

"Robin, don't encourage him!" my aunt cried out.

Mom stepped up to me and grabbed my arm, obviously crushing her tit against me and rubbing it back and forth. "My big man here knows what he is talking about, and if Dale says you are a MILF, then you most certainly ARE a MILF!"

"You probably don't even know what that means, Robin."

"Dear sister, we will talk about what I know later, but he is right!"

Evie interrupted with, "If nobody objects I'm going to steal my wonderful brother for a while, okay mom?"

"Two hours, max!"

"Thanks mom, you too Amber!" Then Evie grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs and then into my and Amber's bedroom. Downstairs the ladies paired off by age to discuss the just finished discussion. They had hardly begun their talks when Evie began screaming in climax as we fucked hurriedly trying to make up for nearly two days not being together.

In the kitchen Aunt Jessica gasped at the sounds we made, then she asked, "Are they really doing it? That sure sounds like two people doing it!"

"Doing what, sis?"

"IT!" Aunt Jessica said.

"What is 'it'? You have to tell me, don't wimp out on me now!"

"Robin you know very well that it sounds like they are ... they are ... screwing! But they are brother and sister! And Eva hates Dale, everybody knows that! And his girlfriend is in the TV room with Mindy! And ... and ... and it just isn't right!"

"Oh good grief!" mom said as her sister looked at her in shock. "First of all, Eva loves her brother just as much as he loves her; and he loves her so much; just as much as he loves Amber."

"Oh god, AMBER! Oh the poor girl, having to hear THAT! God he is so cruel to her!"

In the TV room Amber and Mindy were talking softly about how she had been screaming out so loudly the past two nights and now here she was sitting downstairs while her boyfriend was very effectively fucking the daylights out of his sister upstairs. "Trust me Mindy, my guy is way more than any one woman could handle! We sure have a hard enough time as it is!"

"You mean both of you fuck him all the time!"

"Ummm...yeahhhh. Sort of...yeah it's something like that!"

Mindy let that sink in for several seconds before her eyes bugged out and she gasped, "You can't mean the THREE of you, like you know, Aunt Robin too! Oh my god!"

Just then they heard Robin call out "Amber, Mindy, please come in here!"

Both of them got up and walked to the kitchen, Mindy still trying to sort things out. When they entered the room Robin said, "Amber honey, why don't you go up and join them for a while. They've had about 40 minutes alone so it shouldn't be too bad for them. Just don't over stay your welcome!"

Amber rushed over to my mom and kissed her on the lips happily saying, "Oh thank you, Robin! This will be so much fun! I'll see you girls later!" and then she practically ran from the room, her feet loud on the stairs.

Jessica and Mindy stared at each other and then at mom as they heard the sounds from upstairs go silent, soon followed by the familiar cries of Amber joined with Eva's renewed screams of pleasure.

Mom smiled as in less then five minutes I brought both girls to powerful orgasms, their voices joining in harmonic screams of release.

Mindy looked at her stunned mother and asked, "Mom, are we at the right house? I mean, Eva absolutely HATES Dale, yet it seems like they are getting along VERRRRY well right now. And Amber told me that AUNT ROBIN is fucking him too!"

"Robin! How could you? He's your son! Have you lost your mind?!"

"You two have no idea what you are complaining about! I was so depressed because Simon is good for no more than two quick fucks per month, and I'm at my prime. I was so damned horny; I was wearing out dildos like crazy! But now Dale takes good care of us all, we never need to worry about trying to get him in the mood or having him turn away and fall asleep in ten seconds. And that is exactly what Simon was like. Hell, sis, I'll bet you don't fair any better than I did!"

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