My Sister Eva Started It All


We rolled around on my bed, her on top, then me again, then Evie once more as she came at least three more times on my rock hard cock. I returned to the top position and began pounding her relentlessly as she stared into my eyes. I grabbed her feet and placed them onto my shoulders making her groan in pleasure before she cried out "Oh god yes, Dale. Fuck me and make me cum WITH you. Fill me with your cum, claim my pussy as yours and yours alone!"

I rose to the occasion and released my cum as it plastered the back wall of her pussy with my huge load of cream. Evie screamed and kissed me deeply as her body shook violently as she came with me. Once we had both come down I gently let her feet back down and then rolled us over to keep my weight off of her.

"Christ almighty, you are incredible! I can't believe my little brother is the best fuck ever!" She kissed me several times before laying her head on my chest and just resting. Every few moments I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock as another convulsion passed through her body. After a particularly strong one she lifted her head up and said, "I can't believe it but I just came again! Not a big one or anything like that, just a nice soft shake as my body reacted to your huge cock pulsing inside of me!" She kissed me once more and then settled back into my arms as we just enjoyed the sensation of being so incredibly close.

I thought I heard something but Evie kissed me when my cock lurched inside of her once more and I forgot about the sound. Moments later I heard Amber scream out, "OH my god Eva! Not with him! Not with your shit head brother, oh my god! Oh Jesus how could you?"

Evie rolled her face towards her friend and gave her a grin before saying, "You ought to know, he's the best fuck I've ever had!"

"No, last night you got the best fuck you've ever had! I watched some of it! I got fucked pretty good as well! But shit girlfriend, do you have to fuck your own brother so soon after that? I couldn't fuck today if I wanted to!"

I looked up at my sister and said with a sad face, "Shit, she only got fucked 'pretty good'. That can ruin a guy's image."

"Shut up dick head, Spiderman fucked me quite well last night. But god Eva, you've reached a new low here." Amber glared at me before pleading with my sister, "Please come to your senses Eva and stop fucking him and get off of your albatross!"

Evie kept saying Amber's name while Amber spoke and finally she literally shouted out a super loud and extremely long "AAAAAMMMMMBBBEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Her friend stopped talking and just looked at my sister with disgust written all over her face. "It's about time you shut up! Look over there," and she pointed to my costume hanging from the hook. "Guess who didn't stay dressed as Hop-a-long for very long?"

"Shit, anybody can get that costume and hang it on a hook! That just shows he heard about us and got creative!"

Evie grinned at me before giving me a quick kiss. "Amber, take a look at your forearm for just a minute. Good, now take a look at this," and she slowly lifted up and nearly off of my granite shaft. An audible gasp was heard as Evie neared my tip. "Satisfied now? Ahhhhhhhhh fuck he's so good," she said as her pussy slipped back over my shaft.

I noticed the sudden change in Evie's demeanor and she suddenly cried out, "Oh fuck, what a turn on that was! Oh god Dale, I'm cumming again! Oh fuck, oh shitshitshitshit!" My sister's hips began pounding her pussy on and off of me rapidly as she came again but then she slowed way down until she finally stopped all movement.

"HO ... LY ... SHIT!" Amber softly said as she walked around the bed and stared at our connection from where our feet were intertwined. Evie leaned way forward which pulled her nearly all the way off of me and Amber cried out, "Oh my god, you are him!" In a flash she was naked on the bed beside us pleading, "Oh god, Eva, get off of him so I can ride his wonderful cock again! Oh god I need it so bad!"

Evie looked at her and said, "But you said you couldn't fuck today if you wanted to! Sounds like you want to which means I don't need to move because you can't fuck!"

"Selfish bitch!" Amber cried out as she pulled on Evie's arm.

Evie laughed at her saying "Hey girlfriend, I'm just yanking your chain, and it was really wound up tight! I'm good for now. Besides I want to watch him in action as I was busy up until just before you keeled over last night." As she spoke she lifted her delectable ass off of me and gave me one last kiss before moving away so Amber could climb onto me.

"Hey sexy!" I said as she positioned herself over my cock.

She looked into my eyes and snarled, "You'd better be HIM! If you are just a fake, I'm going to cut this fuck-stick off of you!"

"I'm not worried, and for your information I have a LOG, not a stick!"

Evie laughed out loud at that and Amber gave me another glare before she slowly lowered her body down onto my flagpole of a cock. "Oooohhhhh fuck," she groaned as she bottomed out, our pelvic bones crushing together. Amber and Evie looked at each other and she said in a wavering voice, "Oh gosh, he certainly FEELS like the guy from last night!"

Amber lifted up and pushed herself back down twice before she looked at me in awe saying, "Oh my god YOU ARE HIM! Oh god Dale, I'm sorry I doubted you!" Amber was moving rapidly as she worked herself towards her first huge climax of the day. I grasped her face and pulled her lips to mine, our kiss reaching heights of passion I had never reached before! All through our kiss she was moaning in joy as she took my cock to her core over and over. My hands had found her tits and were tweaking her sensitive nipples when she clung tightly to me, her face by the crook of my neck as she cried out, "God yes, I'm cumming! Oh fuck Dale you're making me cum!" Then she kissed me again and didn't stop until her orgasm was over!

Once her climax had waned I rolled us over, finally taking the on top position with the love/lust of my life! I instantly started powering my cock hard into her, eventually lifting her ass in my hands and fucking her with her head and shoulders on the bed while her legs hung limply in the air behind me. She was groaning out "Oh ... oh god yes ... ooof ... oh ... god ... oh ... OH ... OH ... Fuck ME Dale, SHIT GOD OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHOHOHOHOHOH GAWDDDDDDDDDD!" My hands looped around her thighs and were pulling her pussy into me hard as my hips rapidly slammed into her gash like a jack hammer. Amber's eyes bulged out as she screamed in orgasmic bliss again, her hands gripping the sheets by her sides.

Once more she suddenly fell limp as I held her body by her thighs and ass, her head arms and feet lying on the bed unmoving. Her eyes opened as tiny slits and she moaned out, "Ohhhhhh Dallllllle!" before struggling to pull her torso up until she could hug me and smother me in kisses. "You are TOTALLY the guy! I love how you make me cum so hard, but why were you looking for me at the party?"

"Yeah brother dear, why ... her?"

I ignored Evie's implications as I said, "Amber, you know that we really got along whenever Evie wasn't there. The only time you acted mean to me was when she was there."

"I'm so sorry, Dale" she said.

"Oh gosh, was I really such a bitch to you?" Evie asked.

"Yup," I said to my sister before turning my attention back to Amber. "I've always wanted to date you but sis made sure I couldn't even have a chance to prove myself. So I thought maybe I could get into the party and you'd be in the, um, party mood ..."

"Wild and horny?" Amber volunteered.

"Well ... yeah. Anyway I guess my suit got quite a bit of attention and I was lucky to find you. I never thought it would turn out so good with you, but I'm sure glad it did."

I had lowered her body to the bed and was slowly fucking into her as we talked. Our talk was peppered with our moans and groans and soon she said, "Please, Dale, fill me with cum!"

"As you wish, my sweet Elvira!" I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go as I speared her body with my rampant cock. Amber grabbed her legs by my hands and pulled her legs back until they were touching the bed, still spread wide. My cock was dragging hard across her g-spot and her eyes rolled back in her head as she soon began to shake.

"Oh my god you wonderful man, I'm going to cum again! Oh god fuck me Dale, fuck me! Harder! Pound that cock into me hard and give me ... ooooohhhhhhh goddddddd ... your cummmmmmmm!" My balls churned and when my cock lurched its first time she screamed "Oh god damn I'm fucking cummmmmmminggggg Dale! Do it! Give me your cum! I WANT IT ALL! OH FUCKING HELL!" My hips were slamming into her pussy, which she had totally opened for me, her hands still spreading her legs wide and I used mine to brace myself as I pounded into her, my cock spraying my cum deeply within her.

Our mutual climaxes finished and I leaned down to gently kiss her. Amber would have none of that as she pulled my face tight against hers and her tongue forced its way down my throat. She eventually broke off the kiss with many small pecks on my lips before she looked into my eyes and said, "You have truly fucked the shit out of me, and I LOVE IT! I need to rest and then I want to do it again, if you want to."

I just gave her a thrust with my hips as Evie said, "That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Why didn't I know my brother was such an orgasm maker?"

Leaning over and giving her a quick tongue kiss I said, "Because you were too busy telling me to go to hell to notice!"

"True and to the point," she said. "I am forever sorry and hope you won't deprive me of your wonderful cock!"

We spent the next four hours switching back and forth as I would fuck one of them to two or three orgasms and then switch to the other to give her the same treatment. Each of them begged me for my cum and I didn't hold back, filling them over and over with my spunk. Amber was riding my cock as Evie lay beside us recovering when Amber looked down into my eyes and said, "Dale, would you please do me the honor and marry me!"

Evie and I both exclaimed "WHAT!"

"Think about it. We really do get along well, like you said and I know we have similar interests besides sex. And we are definitely compatible in the sack! Plus I love Eva dearly and would never deprive her of your incredible cock! You could fuck her any time you wanted to and nobody would be the wiser!"

"Sounds good to me," Evie said.

"That's a big step, especially for a LITTLE high school boy!" I said as both of them punched my arms.

"I didn't say you needed to do it today, but after you get out of school would be nice. Just think about it."

The subject was dropped but I knew all of us were thinking about it. Around 4:00 PM I was laying on my back with Evie riding my cock at a leisurely pace while Amber was riding my face as my tongue worked wonders on her clit. I heard a car door open and close and tensed at the thought our folks would be home early, but then heard it drive off and returned to my task at hand of getting both girls off at the same time.

Less than two minutes later both girls bodies stiffened as they cried out in unison speaking over each other, "Oh my god, I'm cummmmmingggg! Do it, oh fuck don't stop...DON'T FUCKING STOP! Oh god it's so good, cumming so hard!"

They froze when our mom shouted "EVA JANE PARKER! HOW COULD YOU? AND IN YOUR BROTHER'S ROOM!" She took some deep breaths while the girls blushed and looked at each other and then back at her. "I know you are both adults, girls, but if you must bring home a boytoy for the two of you, at least use your own room! Just because you hate Dale is no excuse to use his room!"

Evie tried to speak, "I don't hate..." but mom cut her off angrily.

"Shut up! Everybody knows how you detest your brother! Now you two need to get off of Mr. Boytoy and send him home. Then Eva, we need to talk!"

"Mom, where's dad?" Evie asked.

"I felt tired so I took a cab home. He's trying to get some really nice items at the auction so he'll be two or three hours more, why?"

Evie nodded to Amber who slowly lifted her leaking pussy off of my face and I said, "Hi mom, I'm home!" as mom gasped hard and fell back against the wall!

"Oh my god! This is impossible!" our mom said as she shook her head and looked at us again, sadly seeing the same sight each time she tried. "Dale, how could you! I mean with your...EVA GET OFF OF HIM THIS INSTANT! My god, Eva, that is INCEST!"

Mom was standing at the foot of my bed and had a perfect view of our joined sex when Evie very slowly lifted her ass into the air as my cock slid slowly out of her hot love box. When she was half way off of me our mom gasped softly. After another two inches mom softly said, "Oh my god," and when Evie reached my tip Mom said in a much louder voice, "Oh fuck me, oh my god, Dale!"

I noticed that evil look in Evie's eyes just before she started to dismount my still imbedded shaft. Mom could see her balancing over my 8" shaft before she shouted "OOPS!" and slammed back onto me as she groaned out "Oh fuck me, Dale!" in imitation of our mother. After a brief shudder Evie grinned at me and then once more slowly, and I mean very slowly, pulled all the way up and off of me. She looked at our mom and said, "Happy now?" before quickly leaning over and sucking about three inches of my cock rapidly into her mouth and then pulled right back off. "Yummy! My pussy tastes sooooo good!"

"EVA!" mom yelled once more as she stomped her foot. "Both of you girls go wait in Eva's room; we'll talk when I'm finished with Dale!"

Sis leaned over and gave me a quick kiss saying "Go easy on her, my soon to be mother-fucking brother!" I was speechless as she winked and slid off the bed. Both girls then walked out of my room without bothering to gather up their clothing that was strewn about my room. Evie got a look from our mom and she shut the door behind them.

It took mom several moments to start our 'talk' and I studied her while I waited. At 39 she was looking better than most college girls, the definite source of Evie's good looks and my handsome features. Her body is a solid 34B-24-34 that she easily maintains with her part-time job as an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Lustrous golden brown hair, bright green eyes and fantastic legs put the finishing touches on my awesome mother.

"Dale, how could you do that to your sister? And please put some clothing on."

"Mom, in case you missed it, Evie was on top and therefore 'doing me'!" I noticed her pointed nipples poking through her bra and top and decided to push the envelope a little with, "and this is MY room so I'd rather stay like I am," and waved a hand over my body and drooping cock. Drooping but still aiming at the ceiling.

"," mom stammered as her eyes looked at my cock, then my face, then my cock where they stayed for several seconds before she blushed and looked away.

Taking a chance I asked, "Mom, how big is dad?"

She looked at me puzzled before her eyes grew and she gasped "His cock? Dale, you shouldn't ask something like that!" Her gaze had locked onto my cock once more so when I repeated my question I purposely flexed my cock making it bounce above me. "Oh god," mom said softly, then offered, "He's 5, maybe 5 ½" long and much smaller around than ... never mind!"

"Mom, come sit by me, it'll be more comfortable for you."

"No, I can't!"

"Sure you can! You were tired, you need to sit down. Sit DOWN mom!" I ordered her. She did, her gaze still on my cock. "Um, son, how long ..."

"Just over 8 inches mom!" I said proudly.

Mom scowled at me as she continued, "As I was saying, how long has this been going on?"

"Oh let me think, oh yeah, we started going at it around ten this morning and haven't stopped for very long since then."

"That's not what I ... SINCE 10 THIS MORNING!" I nodded and she once more looked at my now fully rock hard cock. She stared at it for several seconds before asking, "Dale, you were getting soft when I sat down, but now you look fully hard. How come?"

"Gosh mom, when I am nude in front a totally hot female it just happens!"

"But it's just you and m ... oh STOP IT, I'm your old mother for goodness sakes!"

"Duh, I know that! Except you are NOT old! But besides being my mom you are also one Grade-A genuine MILF! All my friends say so!"

"What is a milph?"

"Gosh mom, you really should watch more movies!" I said incredulously. Her look told me she meant it so I went on, "A MILF...M-I-L-F... is a 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck'!"

"DALE ROBERTSON PARKER! How can you even say such a thing?"

"Shit mom, all guys think it! Whose mom do we know that would be great to ... well you know. All my friends have picked you and I couldn't agree more!" She started to speak but I cut her off, "Face it mom, you are totally HOT! Those days when you, me, sis, and her friends would be swimming and sunning out back, I was scoping out you, not them! I think you are ... no, I KNOW that you are totally a MILF."

I had been supporting myself on my elbows but I let myself flop back down making my rod look that much bigger as it twitched above me. Mom had been sitting over the side of the bed with her head turned towards me, but now she swung her knee and leg up onto the bed and turned her body towards me as her skirt was stretched to the limit. Her knee brushed my leg and then her hand was lightly stroking the outside of my thigh.

"Since 10 this morning," she mumbled softly. Then louder she asked, "Aren't you tired, or worn out? Or just a bit sore?"

"Oh heck no mom, I've never met the girl that can keep up with me! And up until you got home I was doing a good job taking care of TWO of them."


"DAD says it isn't bragging if you can do it!"

"And you THINK you can?"

"Mom, I KNOW I can, even now!"

"Oh god. Um, I, um ..." and mom looked into my eyes hard before dropping her gaze to my pulsing cock then slowly pulling her eyes back to mine. "We might just have to find out, Dale." And her hand slid up my leg and lightly grasped my shaft. She gently jerked my shaft three times before biting her lip as she lowered her face closer and closer to my pole.

"Oh lord forgive me," she said softly just before her lips slid around my shaft and she bobbed her head on my first four or so inches! Mom lifted her mouth off of me and gasped "Eva was sooooo right! Her pussy tastes divine!" Then mom returned her attention to sucking my cock as she pushed five inches into her mouth and up against the opening of her throat, making her gag slightly. Mom hungrily worked her tongue around and around my shaft and cock head as she fucked her mouth on my cock.

I stared back into mom's eyes as she bobbed on my shaft, her hands jerking the remainder of my cock. She pulled back until about 1-½ inches remained in her mouth where her tongue went wild on my cock head and she sucked onto me hard! "Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk mommmmmm!" I groaned in pleasure.

That made her sort of smile with my cock still in her mouth, then she slowly took me to the back of her mouth once more before sucking harder than before and pulling back rapidly! I jumped as she popped off of me and grabbed my cock head as she grinned at me. As she repositioned herself onto her knees beside me she said, "So I'm a MILF in your eyes, is that right son?"

"Yes mom, you most definitely are!"

"Well, in that case you are a SILF...a 'Son I'd Like to Fuck'!" She kissed me hard as her tongue searched my mouth and we worked together to remove her clothes, tossing them around the room.

Once she was dressed as I was, I leaned back and looked her over. "My god mom, you are more beautiful than I imagined...and I imagined you were a TEN!"

"You're just trying to be nice to me before we fuck!"

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