My Sister Eva Started It All


"I am not! Dad is crazy if he doesn't fuck you every night!"

"Well then he is crazy because I get it about once or twice a month!"

"Bull shit!"

"Back at you son! And from now on, you are only Dale to me and I am only Robin to you! I can't deal with 'mom' and 'son' while we make love. And I said 'make love'; I don't want you to fuck me. Yet!"

I didn't say a word, just took her gently into my arms and kissed her deeply as I turned her and placed her on her back. Slowly I kissed all around her face, each eye, behind both ears and then slowly dragged my tongue down her sexy neck and into the valley between her firm perky breasts. Robin moaned in excitement as my tongue found her left nipple and licked it hard as I sucked it deeply into my mouth. My fingers found her right breast and tweaked her rock hard nipple as she groaned loudly.

As I moved from one nipple to the other several times she gasped, "Oh Dale, I love having my tits sucked! Simon (my dad) doesn't do it anymore! Oh god yesssss, don't stop!" Mom held my face tightly to her chest as my mouth and fingers worked her into a frenzy. I didn't stop teasing her tits until her body shuddered beneath me and she let out a huge sigh of satisfaction. "Oh ... Dale, that was so good, just wonderful! I haven't been made to feel like that for soooooo long, so damned long! Thank you my darling!"

I quickly kissed her before dropping back down and giving each tit one last lick. My tongue slowly surfed down her body to her stomach where I kissed her several times before deciding to give her a hickey, just to claim her as mine. Mom knew it but didn't even try to stop me. My tongue slipped into her belly button and I fucked her navel with it for several seconds as mom moaned in pleasure. "Oh baby, you're making me feel so special!"

"You are, Robin!"

Slowly I left her navel and kissed and licked my way to the light wisp of pubic hair she left as a thin landing strip pointing the way to her love center. I kissed my way up to her clit and then slipped around to her right and kissed my way down along her gash...close but not touching it. Mom shuddered again as I teasingly worked her into a higher level of arousal.

My lips slid between the bottom edge of her pussy and the sweet puckered hole of her anus making her grab my head and gasp "Oh god Dale!" Then I slowly moved my lips up the left side of her slit, licking and kissing every bit of flesh I encountered. Finally I reached the top of her slit again and I lightly brushed my mouth over her clit and breathed onto it hard. "OOOOOOOoooooooooo fuck! Oh please suck my clit!" she cried out as I instead passed it by and plowed my tongue from the top of her gash to the bottom, where I continued on to her back door and stiffened my tongue into a point and pushed it into her ass.

"OH MY GOD! OH SHIT!" she screamed out as I increased my tongue's fucking motions into her anus. I was holding my face tight to her brown opening while her hips jerked and spasmed before me. Finally she settled down and I slowly slid my tongue out of her ass and back into her slit, as mom groaned softly once more. My tongue found her opening and I forced it into her fuck hole as deep as possible. "OOooo ... ooooo ... ooooo ... ooooo ... ooooo ... ooooo ... ooooo" mom cooed in time with my tongue thrusts into her sopping wet pussy.

My right hand slipped down to where my tongue entered her and replaced it seamlessly. I slid my tongue up her slit and onto her rock hard clit where I flicked my tongue rapidly onto it. "OHHHHHH FUUUUCKKKKKK! Suck my clit, Dale, suck it and make me cum!" I took her request to heart and sucked her clit into my mouth as my tongue attacked it with gusto, making my mom scream as her hips bounced wildly on the bed.

Her fingers were trying to pull my hair out as she held me to her pussy, my fingers fucking deep into her as I sucked harder and harder onto her clit, my tongue teasing it frantically. I turned my hand over and pushed my fingers in hard and deep as I rubbed her g-spot, while at the same time I bit down lightly on her clit and pulled it out as far as I could as I sucked it hard. My mom's legs went stiff and her hips rose and hung in the air as she screamed in climax! Finally no longer able to hold her position mom's hips dropped to the bed, only to begin bouncing high and fast as I worked her hard to prolong her orgasmic release.

Sensing she could no longer maintain her climax I eased up on her and gradually brought my efforts to almost a complete stop. Almost! Every few seconds her body would shake before me as she groaned once more, then again. My mom finally pulled my face up to hers and kissed me hard and long before holding me tight and saying "That was wonderful baby! I haven't felt so loved in years!" I kissed her, my tongue dueling with hers for several seconds before I started to slide back down her body for round number two.

I never made it as she grabbed at me and said, "No Dale, now I want your cock inside of me! Give it to me! I want to feel you pulsing inside of me and spraying your juice all over my pussy! Put it in me ... give it to me!" So I guided my cock to her opening and gently eased my cock head into her making both of us gasp at the tightness of it all. Robin lifted her head as far as she could and then watched as my hips slowly moved forward, my cock disappearing into her hole. "Oh my fucking god it's HUGE! Faster, harder, pound it into me and make me cum! Oh baby, I want to cum on your cock!"

"Okay, Robin, you asked for it!" and she groaned loudly as I slammed my hips home, driving my cock head into the back of her cunt. My mom spread her legs a bit wider and I began pumping relentlessly into her. Robin never knew what she would get next as I would give her several long hard and fast thrusts and then change to deep but short and hard before slowing to almost a crawl, switching later to fast but only 3 or so inches deep and then BOOM, all the way into her in one powerful thrust where I held my position, my cock pressing against the opening to her cervix as her vaginal muscles grabbed at my cock. Her screams grew in intensity as I brought her to one climax after another, her nails raking across my arms and back.

After her fifth (at least) huge orgasm she pulled my face to hers and kissed me harder than she ever had before! Then she said, "Oh god ... gasp ... you ... gasp ... are a wonderful lover ... gasp ... but now I want ... gasp ... want you to ... fuck me! Don't hold back! I want you to pound me into oblivion with your mighty cock! Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!" and her legs wrapped around my hips as I resumed pumping into her pussy with more enthusiasm than before.

It took about five minutes for her all ready ravaged body to reach its orgasmic plane, where it didn't peak, just rolled on and on in extreme pleasure. Mom cried out "Oh god, oh yes ... yes, oooooo, oh fuck, oh shit fuck me, oh god, fuck, oh, oh, shit, shit, fu-u-u-u-uck YES, OOOOOOOOGOD, oh shit, my god, FUCKKKKKKKKKK, oh my god, ohmygod ... ohmygod ... OHMYGOD ... SHIT ... FUCKKKKKKKKKK!"

Mom's climax finally peaked then and she was blubbering incoherently as I continued pounding my cock hard and deep into her. Never had I heard my mother say any of the words she had been screaming out but now they seemed natural for her. My balls were getting full and I didn't want to over due it on my first chance at my mom's fine pussy, so I worked her back up and moaned to her, "Oh god, Robin, I'm going to cum! You're making me cum inside your pussy! Oh jeez it feels so good!"

Suddenly revitalized mom grabbed my face and pleaded, "Oh yes, fuck me Dale and give me all your cum! Give it to me! Oh god, I can feel you growing inside of me! Oh god yes, there it is! I can feel you blasting into my pussy wall! Oh god I'm cumming! Give it to me, Dale; fill me with your seed! Oh god here it comes again ... ooooooooooh shhhhhhhhittttttttttttttttt I'm cummmmmmmminggg on my son's COCK! FUCK ME SON! OH SHIT I'M CUMMING SO HARD! FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSS!"

My balls finally ran out of cum and she lay under me a quivering mass of female nerve endings, her body jerking at every touch. I slowed up my movements, preferring not to just stop abruptly, as we recovered from our incredible lovemaking. Lifting up I held my weight off of her before I leaned down and kissed her passionately for several minutes. I rolled us over putting her much lighter frame on top, then smiled up at her. "Wow. Robin, you are incredible! I'm so glad we did this!"

"I believe it was YOU who was incredible, Dale. I have never cum so much in so short of a time! Jesus! And I don't know if I'm 'glad' that we did this; but I sure as hell am HAPPY that we did it! You have made me so happy...and tired, but god was it worth it! Dale my baby, any time, and I mean ANY time you want to fuck me, you just say so and I'm yours for as long as you want to do it or until I pass out!" We kissed for several seconds before she smiled and said, "Of course, if you want to you can just keep right on going and I'll catch up to you when I wake up! Deal?"

"Deal!" I kissed her again then said, "I intend to hold you to that, but dad might not like it!"

She punched me playfully and said, "If he doesn't like it then he can either do me like you do, or he can fuck off! But Dale, I am really tired now, I need some sleep."

I helped her up and then said, "Mom, do you still need to talk to me?"

"No son," she said softly as her hand grasped my cock and gave it a slow, tight pull, "I think I would rather fuck you some more!" My stomach growled as we gathered up her clothes and she said, "You need something to eat besides yummy pussy!"

I walked her to my door and when she opened it Evie and Amber tumbled into the room, having been eavesdropping through the door. Both girls gawked at Robin's naked form and then mom said, "Eva, you were right, your pussy tastes wonderful! We will definitely ... um ... talk later," and Robin winked at me. "Now be a dear and fix our stud some FOOD to eat while I go rest for a while. Oh, by the way Amber, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman!" Then mom staggered to her bedroom and fell onto the bed, asleep in mere seconds. I glanced at my Spiderman outfit and decided that Halloween was now my favorite day of the year, and November 1st was a very close second!

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by Anonymous

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by LupusDei06/14/18

So ridiculously over the top, still I somehow managed to get my pleasure from it all.

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by Anonymous06/11/18

Not dead yet

dezurtdawg here!
Hi guys n gals, just a quick note to let all of you know a few things.

First of all, I AM NOT DEAD........YET!

Besides my writer's block, my ticker started acting up a few years backmore...

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by quwykxz05/31/18


Spider-Man fucking Robin... Hmmm; I'm pretty sure there's at least one or two more fanfictions somewhere on the 'net about that pairing..... XD

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by Anonymous05/03/18


Actually in the story it was HER wrist, not his. And just as a data point, when I was 30 I had a girlfriend who often compared my cock to her forearm and the size of her wrist. We both knew she was jokingmore...

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by Anonymous03/24/18

Biologically improbable from the get go.

Either you've never seen a wrist or you've never seen a dick. I'm not sure which is more likely. Just a quick back of the envelope math - pretty sure a dick as big around as a wrist on a guy that sizemore...

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