tagGroup SexMy Sister-In-Law Comes To Visit

My Sister-In-Law Comes To Visit


Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback. One thing I have noticed about that feedback is that there are a lot of people who would love to be watching (or servicing) Nate but I have yet to hear from anyone who actually would want to be Nate. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this and I would love to hear more feedback.

When my wife announced that her sister was coming to town, I wasn't sure what to think. Terri, my wife, never seemed to get along with her sister Michelle and was always on edge when she was around. Terri and I had been married for about three years and while I hadn't seen her sister much, I knew that the two really did not get along at all. When I asked Terri about it, she just said that they had been talking and that she thought it was important to try and re-establish their relationship.

Of course, one good thing about getting to see Michelle was the scenic aspect as Terri's little sister is hot. Michelle is a tan brunette who stands about 5'4" and weighs around 140 lbs with what look like DD breasts (which Terri has complained about more than once since she is a B cup) and an ass that was sent from god. She always dresses to show off that hot body too which just makes her sexier.

Of course I'm pretty fortunate in that my wife is pretty hot herself. Terri is quite the contrast from her sister. Tall at 5'10" and slim at about 135lbs. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty nice ass always reminded me how fortunate I was to have her. Probably the only thing that bothers me is that she is taller than me since I only stand about 5'8".

As the day of Michelle's arrival approached, Terri came to me and asked if it was okay if Michelle brought a friend. Thinking I was having every guy's dream, I said sure assuming that Michelle was bringing one of her young girlfriend's on her visit. Since Michelle has a wild streak when she drinks, this sounded very promising for me.

When we saw Michelle at the airport, I was not disappointed as she was wearing a barely there top and a short jean skirt that showed off that incredible ass and muscular legs that she just lived to show off. My sister snickered when she caught me staring and told me to pick my jaw up off the floor. It was then that I noticed Michelle's friend walking behind her. Unfortunately for me, HE was not what I expected when Terri said she was bringing a friend.

Michelle quickly walked up to us both and went in for a group hug. I have to admit, I let my hands linger a little as the feel of her body was almost too much to handle. I then looked and saw her friend looking at us with a confident smirk on his face. Michelle noticed us looking and said "oh, let me introduce you to Nate."

Nate walked over and shook my hand firmly and I couldn't help but notice how his hands just enveloped mine and I had to admit he was a pretty attractive guy. Dark hair, tan skin. I guessed his height at around 6'3" or so and even though he had on a loose shirt over jeans, it was pretty obvious this guy worked out a lot as the muscles in his shoulders and arms were evident even in a t-shirt. I noticed my wife give him the once over (and a twice over I think) and I thought to myself that it was hard to blame her.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun as Nate proved to be quite funny telling stories and making jokes. Despite his jovial personality, it was obvious from these stories that Nate was the macho type of "man's man" that so many women find attractive. After a few drinks and a lot of conversation, we were all ready for bed. After about 20 minutes trying to sleep, Terri and I were both startled by sounds coming from the guest bedroom and it was obvious that Michelle and her "friend" were having sex. At first we just laughed it off but as Michelle got louder and louder, I looked at Terri and she just giggled as I got up and opened the bedroom door so that we could them more clearly.

My hands ran over Terri's long tan legs as we listened to her hot sister being fucked hard. Michelle's screams and moans filled the house as Nate lived up to the macho image he exuded. Michelle's language also got progressively nastier as she screamed to be fucked hard and for Nate to give her "that huge cock." As this continued, Terri's hands began to work on my own six inch cock and despite the fact we had never done anything like this, Terri moved over me and slid my cock inside her, rocking against me as we listened to them fuck. As turned on as I was, I knew it wouldn't take long and after only a few minutes, I pushed as far in as I could and came hard in my wife's tight pussy. Exhausted, I laid back expecting Terri to join me but looking up surprised as she stood by our bedroom door and continued to play with her pussy while Nate fucked her sister right down the hall. I tried to listen too but I was too tired and fell asleep.

A little while later, I woke up and was surprised that Terri wasn't there. I thought I heard voices so I got out of bed and walked into the hallway. I passed the guest room and it was empty so I made my way to the stairs and as I walked down them, I could hear Michelle saying to my wife "didn't I tell you? God, it's incredible, isn't it?" Not sure what to think I got to the bottom of the stairs and nearly collapsed as I saw Nate standing in front of my wife and her sister nude as my wife worked both her hands up and down his huge cock which looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches long and twice as fat as mine.

I managed to stammer a question about what was going on here and they all looked up at me. Nate just smiled and asked if I wanted to join in. Michelle just kind of smiled at me with a guilty look while my wife looked back but her hands never left Nate's big dick.

Michelle quickly walked over to me and told me to relax as I just stared in disbelief at my wife of three years being sexual with another man. She told me that she knew Terri had never been with a man like Nate before and that maybe "spicing things up" could be good for us. For his part, Nate didn't say anything. He just looked down at my wife and with his hands in her hair, guided her towards his huge cock. I could see my wife's lips stretch over the head as she tried to fit whatever she could of that monster into her mouth.

As my wife started to suck Nate's dick into her mouth, Michelle got on her knees in front of me and pulled my cock out of my pajama bottoms. As attractive as Michelle was and as excited as I probably should have been, I barely felt her mouth on my cock as I watched my wife servicing another man. Even though I was jealous and hurt, I had to admit I was also turned on more than I could ever remember. It was at this point I noticed that Nate really was in incredible shape. His muscles glistened in the light as he guided my wife's mouth up and over his cock.

After a while of this, Nate looked down at my wife and asked her if she was ready to be fucked like she never had before. Nate probably saw a flash of anger in my eyes but he obviously didn't care as he told Terri to stand up. Terri stood and quickly shed her night clothes as Nate picked her up by her hips and laid her back on the kitchen table. He looked back at me as Michelle's mouth continued to work on my cock, smirked at me and told me to "watch this." An ear splitting scream from my wife filled the house as Nate slammed his huge cock all the way inside her on one big thrust. Her screams continued as Nate fucked her hard and fast giving her all of that hard cock. As betrayed as I felt, I couldn't help myself as Michelle's mouth working on my cock finally got the better of me and I came in her mouth even harder than I had earlier when Terri and I had been listening while Michelle got fucked.

As I tried to recover from my orgasm, I slumped on our couch as Nate continued to give Terri his huge cock. Her moans and pleas to be fucked harder were all that I could hear until I noticed Michelle talking to her again. Michelle asked her if it felt good and had she ever been fucked like this. Terri could do little more than shake her head and grunt as Nate continued to fuck her. Finally after a few more minutes of this, I saw my wife's body stiffen and she came hard. Her body shook and her screams filled the house again as Nate worked that cock in and out of her pussy. Then just as she was coming down from her orgasm, Nate began fucking her even faster and harder making my wife look like a fish squirming on a hook until he plunged in much further than I could ever go and his whole body tensed as he came inside her. He just grunted "yeah" as he came and as he let go of her legs, her whole body went limp and she just lay back on the table. Nate then smiled at me and just said that he hoped that she would be ready for more soon because he was just getting started.

To be continued.....

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