tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sister-In-Law's Body

My Sister-In-Law's Body


I was eighteen years old when I met my wife. Our relationship was hot from the start; I was crazy for her, she was crazy for me. However, she wasn't the only one in her family that seemed to have feelings for me.

It was cute at first when Erin and I discovered that her little sister Jenna had a crush on me. Jenna was only eight, so obviously this was an innocent childhood crush. Erin thought it was adorable how Jenna would love to hug me, and kiss me on the cheek whenever I'd come by the house to pick up her big sister.

Over the next few years as I grew into my twenties, Erin and I grew closer, and Jenna's crush didn't subside. What was cute and adorable at first, became a little annoying to Erin as Jenna reached her teens. What made matters worse for Erin was irritation seemed to appeal to Jenna, which made her flirt with me more.

Naturally I should have told her little sis to knock it off, but she never really did anything extreme, just a flirtatious smile, especially when Erin was looking. After a while I wasn't sure if she indeed still had a crush on me, because it seemed more and more likely that she was doing it just to annoy her older sister.

Of course, a natural flirt myself, I enjoyed the attention, and decided to join the little game we had between us, and smiled back whenever I could. There was no harm in it, and I had no attraction for her little sister. It was all in fun, and I even told Erin that we were only doing it to annoy her.

More years went by and as they did Jenna's body developed into that of a young woman. Her flat chest magically became two large round breasts that she seemed very proud of. It was hard to ignore seeing this little girl grow up. With the flirting game still going on though not as strong years later, the crush she had had on me when she was little, seemed to be transferring over to me.

I couldn't help notice her cleavage whenever she'd wear a low cut top, which was often enough. And in the summer, when she and her family would come over to use our pool, Jenna looked amazing in her bikini, and D cup breasts just begging to be released from those fabric triangles keeping them in.

I'm not sure when I first started imagining what Jenna looked like naked, but I know after a while I would do it pretty often. I knew it was wrong on many levels obviously. For one, I was 27, and she was 17. Two – I was her sister's boyfriend. And three – she was underage. I knew my imagination could get me into trouble, but as long as it remained my imagination, there would be no harm in it. And those amazing tits were hard to ignore.

My wife had smaller breasts, which didn't matter to me because I'm a fan of small breasts as well, but seeing her sister grow a pair basically in front of me, made me all the more eager to see them.

On occasion I found myself waiting at her house for Erin to get home from work. On one day in particular, Jenna told me her back was sore, and if I would be kind to massage it for her. I knew it was probably a bad idea, but I always thought I was a good massuse, and Erin would never let me massage her for some reason.

So I jumped at the opportunity to use my skills, even if it was on her little sister. What started as an innocent back massage, turned to more back massages, under her shirt, with her bra strap open. I recall stratleing her from behind, my dick rock hard in my jeans as my hands would glide over her bare back; her shirt rolled up to her collar.

My hands wanted to wander, they begged to wander, but my nerves and conscience wouldn't allow them to, at least not yet. Eventually my attention for the time being moved from her breasts to her ass; as my hands would move up and down her spine, I found my fingers dipping below her belt line.

I wasn't sure how far she'd let me go, but I decided it was time to find out. Worst that could happen was I could play stupid, apologize and pray she didn't tell her sister, or worse, her mother. I knew my dick was thinking for me, but I didn't care. My hands went into her panties and caressed her bare smooth and perfect ass. She didn't say a word, and let me massage her ass every time after that.

I knew I should stop this, but I just couldn't. It was too naughty having this little secret between us to stop, and on one occasion while massaging her back while she was sitting up, I went for broke and slipped my hand inside her bra and massaged her tit. She let me. I felt her rock hard nipple slide between my fingers, and I just wanted it so badly.

That was the last of the massages though, for she had a boyfriend and had more willpower than I did to say it should end. So it did, no questions asked. It shouldn't have happened anyway.

Until later that summer when she came over my house to spend the night. She would often spend the night in the summer. She'd come up and have dinner with Erin and I, and we'd watch a movie or something before going to bed. She'd sleep on the couch.

Everything was perfectly innocent, and since the flirting had toned down tremendously, Erin didn't mind it at all. One summer night however thing got a little daring, more daring than I ever thought I could be.

A year after Erin and I had gotten married, Jenna (now my sister-in-law) was spending the night at our house and we had watched a movie and had a few drinks. Erin was notorious for falling asleep during movies. It was almost impossible to keep her awake for an entire flick.

With my wife out cold on the couch as usual, I poured Jenna and I another shot and both of us got pretty tipsy. It was a warm night, and the alcohol was making me sweat like a pig. I told Jenna I was going to take a dip in the pool, and quickly she said she'd join me.

Quietly, we changed into our bathing suits and met outside by our in-ground pool. I walked in slowly as not to draw attention from the neighbors who's windows overlook my backyard.

As be both relaxed in the warm water, we started talking. The conversation started innocent enough, talking about relationships, work, movies and other things. Then suddenly that devil on my shoulder woke up and I found myself asking her if she had ever skinny dipped.

She smiled at the question and told me no, that she had always wanted to try it but the opportunity never arose. I told her I had a few times, but usually it was by myself. It was almost impossible for me to get my wife to skinny dip. She wasn't a fan of swimming in general, and even though she had a great body, she didn't think it was too great and hated to show it off, even to me.

I got her to lose her bikini once, in a community pool where I lived when we first started dating. She was a nervous wreck and clutched her breasts the entire time while asking me if I was happy and if she could put her bathing suit back on now. It did nothing for the excitement of it.

So here I was years later, married to the girl who hates to remove her clothes and in a pool alone with her flirtatious and incredibly hot little sister. The devil was getting louder. When she asked me how it felt, I told her it was indescribable. I told her it felt wonderful to be free of that wet drippy bathing suit and just float around in the water in nothing but your skin.

She said it sounded nice. I took a leap. I asked her if she wanted to try it. I knew I was out of my mind. My wife was sleeping on the couch inside, with a view of the very pool we were in from the window. But my dick was taking control, or the little thing on my shoulder, one of them was.

She blushed and said we shouldn't. Stupidly, I asked why not. Which made her crack up and she reminded me (like I needed it) that her sister and my wife was sleeping just beyond the window.

I found myself saying it would be really quick, anything to get her to try it. Truth was, I knew this was the best chance I would ever have of seeing those amazing breasts I had been thinking about for years, and I even admitted that to her! How desperate I sounded.

She blushed again and told me she knew how I'd like to see her girls, but she liked having that over me, teasing me with them. I laughed and told her it wasn't fair. If she teased me with them so long, I should at least get to see them once. She reminded me I got to touch them. I told her one of them! And she laughed.

She seemed to be considering it though, so I pressed. I told her that she should at least take off her top, to feel that water against her breasts. Then suddenly she made me an offer. She said she'd do it if I took off my trunks...and then added, and fifteen dollars. I laughed and asked her if she was serious, and she said yes.

I told her she was on. Before she could rethink it my trunks were in my hands above the surface of the dark water. She giggled in shock and said, "That was fast!"

I told her it was her turn. She rolled her eyes with a flirtatious smile and as she reached her arms behind her back I felt butterflies invade my stomach. I was finally going to see those amazing breasts, and not by spying on her. She was going to show them to me! The last thing she said before untying her top was, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" and suddenly she pulled her top over her head and completely off.

Her tits were amazing, better than anything I could have imagined. My eyes were glued so much I didn't see the reaction on her face. Her soft pink nipples grew hard immediately, and her milky white skin had small bumps from the cool air and the excitement. Finally she asked me if I had a nice look jokingly, and I said yes, laughing. Instead of putting her top back on though, she put it on the side of the pool and lowered her breasts into the water and swam around.

So here I was naked in the pool with my topless sister-in-law. Only one thing could make this better, or worse. I told her, "You know, your still not going to be able to say you've been skinny dipping unless you lose it all." I know I was asking for it, but I was shocked when she didn't hesitate. She simply said I was right, and without hesitation slipped her bikini bottoms off her flipped them to the side of the pool with the rest of our bathing suits.

It was amazing, we swam together naked for a few minutes. And with the glow from the moon and the stars, I could see her naked body easily though the calm glassy water.

After a while we began talking again, about how the crush we had on each other was so silly, yet so real. I admitted to her how long I had wondered what she looked like naked, and now I finally knew.

Then she shared a secret with me. She had wondered what it was like to kiss me. I told her she let me have what I desired, if she wanted I would giver her what she desired. She told me it probably wasn't a good idea. She said it's one thing to skinny dip with your brother-in-law, it's another to kiss him.

I agreed and told her we didn't have to do it, but I told her if she wanted to, we could keep it innocent. She asked how. I told her just on the lips, just a peck.. I was trying to prove to myself there was nothing wrong with it when I knew everything was.

She liked my idea and before I could say another word our lips came together in a soft and gentle kiss. Our lips parted for a moment before kissing again, and as I felt my mouth start to open I pulled away. I wanted to kiss her badly. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. But I knew I was playing with fire, swimming in fire. My marriage was at stake, and I needed to get a grip.

Before we could get into trouble, we decided it best to put our bathing suits back on, get dried off an inside. When we got there, Erin was still sleeping. After changing, I quietly woke her and moved her into the bedroom.

Sleeping that night was impossible. I was so horny I couldn't stand it, with visions of my naked sister-in-law dripping wet in front of me, I wanted nothing more than to go into the living room and fuck her until the morning. I knew I couldn't do that, I shouldn't do that. I paced in my room like a maniac, until I decided it best to get myself off.

I stripped off my sleep trunks and jerked off right there in the doorway, hoping to get a glimpse of her as she slept, wondering if she was thinking of me.

The following morning when Jenna was leaving I walked her to her car. At first neither of us mentioned the night before, and then she joked, "Where's my fifteen dollars?" I laughed, and to complete the joke, I opened my wallet and gave it to her. It was well worth it.

Then I looked at her seriously and began to talk but she stopped me knowing what I was going to say and said, "Don't worry, it's our secret until the grave."

That calmed me a lot. And as she got in the car, I told her about my feelings before going to sleep, the hesitation, and the insomnia. That's when she gave me the greatest shock of all, she told me had I come into the living room, she would have let me fuck her. She said she didn't care I was her sister's husband at that point, she wanted me and needed me to fuck her.

Since that day I've fought with regret and thoughts that I did the right thing. It never happened again, and once in a while when we are alone we speak of it. But it's our secret forever, and I'll never forget it.

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