My Sister Is a Freak


"Sex with no strings. Get your rocks off and then go your separate ways," she repeated herself and then began to embellish. "Women get just as horny as men."

She was sitting crossed legged, with back leaning against my bed watching the T.V. The couple on the screen were talking as they were pretending to engage in sex. I my sister looked a little enthralled by what she saw.

"I don't think that works, there are always complications," was my reply because in my limited experience, as soon as sex entered the equation things got difficult. When Scott was dating Katie Duncan after she had dated Monty, well that it nearly ruined ten years of friendship between all of us. Everyone was taking sides. Of course she was hot, so it was hard to blame him but then there is the unwritten Bro-Code 'You never date another guys EX, without his expressed permission, followed by the provision – YOU NEVER DATE ANOTHER GUYS EX.

"There doesn't have to be, why couldn't it be like masturbation?" she said plainly.

"You masturbate?" I asked nearly spitting out my popcorn. After I said it I almost regretted it but then I doubted I'd get an answer. I thought that would stop this conversation dead in its tracks. And we'd move onto some new and equally awkward moment.

"Of course I masturbate; it's not a gender specific practice." What the fuck do you do with that? I mean where does that conversation lead to next? We start talking about grandparents having babies, doesn't happen.

"Ok well then... I don't know what to say about that." I was embarrassed and intrigued all at the same time.

"Do you think my boobs are as nice as hers?" she says completely out of left field.

"Pardon?" I do not believe what I'm hearing at this point.

"Mila Kunis. Hers are kind of cute and perky, but mine are bigger." She looks at me dead pan as we're taking about snow accumulation, yesterday we had four inches they only had three.

"Uhm, I never really notice before." Which I hadn't really, Monty had a thing for my sister back when we were in grade nine but a short sharp shock to the head cured him of that and we never spoke of it again.

"There pierced you know." She said.


"Not Mila's mine." She looked at me as she spoke.

"Fuck Janie?" I was being flooded with emotions I didn't know how to process.

"Now look who's dropping the F-Bombs." She laughed.

"Well this isn't our normal conversation." I said.

"Ok well it should be." She said plainly as she continued to watch the movie. "You ever make out with a girl with a piercing?"

"No?" I said again startled by the direction this conversation was headed.

"Well it's weird at first but oral sex is great!" at that point she was looking me square in the eyes. I couldn't tell if she was playing me or not.

"Jesus Janie! I'm not sure I'm comfortable having this conversation." I said.

"Well get comfortable. I've got piercings and tattoos and I made out with a chick before." She turned back to the TV almost like she was pouting.

"Wholly Fuck TMI much."

"Well I did more than make out actually. Now that was an experience." I couldn't tell if she was serious or not but the sly smile on her face was unnerving.

"I got pictures." She said it in a sing song tone that was deliberately meant to tease and provoke.

I just sat there dumb founded and listened as she went on. Images of my sister with one of her friends kept permeating my thoughts.

"Fuck I miss sex!" she spouted. "Getting laid, big cocks, wet pussies."

She rolled over on her side and looked straight at me as she spoke, "Looks like it's me and the three sisters' tonight."

"Again Janie T - M – I!"

"There's nothing to say, I get horny and I masturbate." She wasn't giving up; we were going to have this conversation. "Don't you get horny?"

"Uhm... Ok well, uhm... so." I was literally turning red and blushing. I was lost for words and stymied.

"Oh my don't tell me you're embarrassed. You don't know what to do about the thought of your big sister masturbating?" She was right I didn't.

"Uhm... well I ah..." I was a babbling fool.

"My nipples get hard, my pussy gets wet and I have this unbelievable urge." Her voice was soft and sultry.

"Oh my." Again I was barely able to form sentences. Best grades in my class and I couldn't form a decent thought.

"I want to spread my legs and slide my hand down between them." She began to lean back and I could see her legs spreading under the blankets. "My hand wants to travel down over my mound to touch my soft full pouty outer lips, gently spreading myself open and sliding a finger into my soft centre."

"Oh god." What was happening here? Suddenly I was in the middle of some cheap dime store novel. 'Dear Penthouse...'

"My clits pierced too you know." She dropped that like the bomb she knew it was.

"My other hand wants to reach up and cup my breast, squeezing it firmly, exciting my nipples so I can pull and pinch on them, imagining my lover coming closer to me." She closed her eyes and parted her lips, her tongue just barely protruding from her mouth as she slowly licked her lips.

I thought I was going to die. I was literally having an out of body experience. I was aroused and panicked all at the same time when suddenly.

"Hahahaha." She laughed and began to roll over across the mattress on the floor.

"Janie that wasn't funny," I said more embarrassed than angry.

"Yes it was," she giggled as she replied. Her whole body was laughing and the smile on face was from ear to ear as she chuckled at my expense.

"No it fucking wasn't," I was still embarrassed and somewhat hurt I think.

"What's the matter little brother did big sister get you all hot and bothered?" she smiled as she spoke, giving me a devious look.

"Shut up," I said emphatically.

"Hahaha," she again broke out laughing. Then she began to giggle even more again giving me a sly smile. "I'm sorry little brother you know I love you, I just needed to tease and play."

"Well it wasn't funny."

"Did I make you horny?" she said doing a terrible impression of Austin Powers. "I did, didn't I?"

I sat silent not sure how to respond. She had made me horny. She made me feel things and think things I hadn't dared considered and in a split second the relationship I had with my sister was topsy-turvy.

"Oh baby I'm sorry I didn't mean to piss you off. We were having so much fun and I really enjoyed being with you tonight I didn't mean to spoil it," she said looking deeply into my eyes. "If it's any consolation I got a little horny too while I was doing it."

"Fuck off," I said curtly.

"No really I did." She moved closer to me as she spoke. "It's just Jamie gave me the E and I'm feeling and doing stupid shit."

"Don't blame the E," I said

"What's the matter got a hard on?" she asked. "Let me see. Let me see."

Suddenly before I could do or say anything she was on me. In a split second I was flat on my back with this laughing giggling girl on top of me, trying to tickle me like she did when I was six.

"You do don't you?" she said her eyes bright and scheming as she continued to tickle and poke. She was pulling at my pyjama bottoms as though she was intent on finding out if did indeed have an erection.

"That's enough," said trying to hold her off but she was relentless.

"Oh big boy with strong words, think your big enough to put your sister in her shoes." She was completely out from under the covers and on top of me. I couldn't help but notice that she was only wearing panties with her nightie. Her legs were on either side of me and she was reaching between them to get at the draw string to my pants/

"Janie quit it" I said becoming more aware then I had been of her body and its impact on my psyche. Not to mention my groin which did feel rather inflamed and was certainly far from flaccid, disturbingly so.

"Come on big boy show me what you got." Her focus was completely on my crotch as she pulled and succeeded in untying my draw string.

"Janie I said stop" This was getting out of hand in two second she was going to have my pyjama pants open and would be staring directly at my erect or at least semi erect penis, how would I explain that. My answer, I wasn't and with that I decided to take charge and not play the victim, l was fighting back.

"Whatcha doing to do big boy come on show me what you got tough guy you aren't so big that you can't..." She had them undone and was pulling them open

"Janie!" I yelled fearing we'd attract the attention of our parents but still I reacted. And with that I had had her pinned. I was now on top of her. I had flipped her over and held her down. She was pinned beneath me arms to the side of her head being held firmly in place by my hands. Her legs were spread wide apart and my lower torso and hips had her pinned to the mattress. I had won I was in charge, I was the dominant one, I was on top.

"Little brother?" her voice was soft and sensual, a tone I had never heard before, at least not coming from her.

"Yeah?" I questioned

"Look down."

I did and as soon as I did I couldn't believe what I saw. Everything came rushing in and I was instantly flooded with emotions my brain couldn't process. My pants were down around my thighs. My hips were pressed tightly against my sister's hips. And my erection, no better yet depending on how you looked at it, cock was pressing firmly against her sex. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my stiff hard cock and all at once I knew a number of things. One, my sister shaved, two, her panties could barely be called that as they covered nothing, three, my cock had never been harder and four, my sister, the biggest pain in my ass, the girl I sometimes referred to as a freak, was hot and wet and receptive to my sexual advances. She was moving her hips in tight sensuous circles grind her sex into mine causing her increasingly wet panties to bunch and give way, allowing the skin of my cock to press firmly into the folds of her hot wet cunt.

When I looked up again it was directly into her eyes. They were the deepest blue I had ever seen. Her mouth was made up of the sexiest most sensual pair lips that ever graced a woman. My grip on her arms lessened and her arms encircled my neck. She drew me closer and our mouths met and this kiss was more sensual than anything I had ever experienced. I knew in an instant I was screwed. I could not be a casual fuck; I could not have casual sex. It was too personal, too spiritual, too private I was indeed screwed and just because of those small character flaws but mostly because at the ripe old age of eighteen I was falling for my twenty year old sister.

"Little brother." Her voice brought me out of my fog.

"Yes," I said.

"Don't think... Fuck." And that is exactly what I did.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as m cock slow began to penetrate her sex. Her pussy was soft and wet and held me like a velvet glove. I fought the urge to cum and buried myself into her. She graoned as our pubic bones met for the first time.

"Are you ok," I asked unsure of anything at that moment. The heat on my cock was amazing, wet and warm like liquid acceptance.

"God you feel good," Janie whispered as she gently kissed my lips and look into my eyes, her longing seemed to match my and I was lost in her.

"Look how hard you are," she smiled as she spoke appearing more proud of me than I was. I continued to slide in and out of her draw slick wet juices along the length of my shaft. My cock never felt harder.

"You've got me really excited I've never been this turned on before." I said as I continued to move in and out of her. She met each thrust with equal exuberance, moving her hips in sexy sensual circles as we fucked.

"Oh fuck you're big baby brother," she breathed into my ear as my cock slid deeply into her. She held me tightly at the waist and ground her hips into me holding my cock deeply inside her. "And thick... Nice and thick."

Our mouths me again and we kissed. It didn't feel awkward at all, instead it felt surprising great. Her tongue entered my mouth and searched out my own. She played and probed drawing my tongue into her mouth, where she began to suck and tease it. "Mmmm, can't wait until I suck your cock like that."

Hearing her say that drove me wild and I began to thrust more deliberately. "god Janie look what you're doing to me."

"Feel how wet I am?" She smiled at me as we continued to kiss, "That's what you do to me."

I began to thrust more determinedly, long deep strokes which I hoped would bring her more pleasure as they did me.

"Go slow let me get use to you." She said mildly admonishing me. She was the more experienced lover after all. My impatience was getting the best of me. I wasn't a virgin but I was Don Juan either. "Easy we have all night."

All night I couldn't believe she said all night. My heart sored at the thought, this wasn't going to be a wham-bam thank-you-mam kinda thing she was prepared to spend the night with me.

"You're so fucking deep." Her movement became more measured; she was making sure each stroke I made hit her just so. She tilted her hips and spread her legs wide allowing greater access to her body. I could smell her scent in the air and it was magnificent. The room filled with the smell of us fucking.

"Oh yeah were doing this more than once." She stated as she began to hump her pussy against me. Then suddenly reached up and pulled my mouth to hers and began kissing me desperately. Her tongue and lips devoured mine as she fucked me back stroke for stroke.

As soon as the kiss ended I asked, "Will this be just sex?'

"Don't worry about that tonight," she said and kissed me again and again with more passion each time. She grabbed my hands and brought them to her breast, pushing them under her nightie. Both her nipples were pierced with silver barbells that made her tits actually look more erotic if that were possible. I reached down and drew the left into my mouth and sucked hard.

"Oh fuuuck," she moaned. I then moved to the right one and did the same thing.

"That's it," she moaned. "That's it."

I began sucking and squeezing each breast in turn and she was right she did have beautiful breasts.

"Your tits are gorgeous," I told her.

"Next time I'll wear my rings so you can really pull on them. I really, really like that sometimes," She said.

"You like it rough?" I asked.

She looked embarrassed and appeared to be blushing. I increased my pace and began to drive my cock in and out of her faster.

"Fast baby faster," she acknowledged, meeting me thrust for thrust. When I wasn't sucking or nibbling on her tits she was pulling and pinching her own nipples. She pulled them and squeezed them much harder than I ever would've. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed live.

"God Janie you're so fucking hot." I moaned as I continued to slide my cock in and out of her. I wasn't sure how long I'd last and frankly I was amazed I hadn't blown it by now. Her soft wet cunt held my cock like a vise. The smell of her sex enticed me beyond measure and my lust for boiled.

"Harder you can do it," she urged as our mutual pace increased. "That's fuck you're nasty sister. Fuck that freak."

I looked at her for a moment not sure how to respond. Her eyes blazed at me hard, raw and sexual.

"I know you've thought that, now show me what you're going to do about it." Her hips drove into me as she continued to hump and grind against me. Her slick pussy devouring my cock, sucking it deeper and deeper into the velvet chasm that is her sex.

"Aww yeah, that's it," she sighed as we continued to sensual fuck each other as only real lovers should.

"MMMmmm, smell that, that's what sex smells like. Nasty fucking sex." She was right the room smelled of us, of our sex, of our passion for one another. We were becoming much more than we were, much more than brother and sister, we were becoming lovers and I didn't think I would ever be able to stop.

"Give it to her make her take," she whined as I fucked into her. "Give it to that slut sister of yours, make her nasty. Make her you whore. Fuck her."

God this was more than I could stand I had never heard language like this and it was turning me on more and more. "God, I want you!"

"That's my baby make me pay," she continued. "Make me you're bitch. Fuck me, fuck me."

In and out, in and out. Back and forth my cock slid inside the tight orifice that was her sex. Each thrust, each jab brought with it excruciating pleasure, pleasure that I hadn't ever felt before. Ecstasy that I had never known existed. Sure I'd had sex before and sure I knew how good it felt but this, this was incredible. The sensations travelling from the head of my cock, down my shaft to my groin, into my stomach, that radiated throughout my body were beyond what I had ever experienced before. Everything before this was amateur, practice, misguide masturbation by comparison. No other girls pussy had felt like this had done this to me. I was in trouble and I knew it.

Suddenly her body change and tensed. She began to hold herself differently. I looked into her eyes to see if she was alright and then she spoke, "I'm going to cum."

She appeared to be concentrating more. Her torso was more ridged, her nipples hard point accentuating her arousal. "That's it baby brother make me cum."

She looked straight at me, deep into my eyes, like she was searching for something and then it happened. Her focus changed, she couldn't keep her eyes open, her lashes fluttered and her head was thrown back. Her mouth opened in a wordless cry and she gripped me tightly, her finger digging into the flesh of my forearm.

"Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, aaaawwww shiiiit!!!" her words slurred together as her hips jolted up and against me. If it wasn't for the fact that it was the most erotic site I had ever scene, I would've been scare.

"Oh fuck you're so deep." Her voice was low and guttural she sounded almost exhausted. My cock felt like it had no more room. The head was firmly ensconced deep inside her and I felt incredible.

"Now I'm really wet," she said and it was true. The connection between our bodies was soaking. The bedding on the mattress was drenched with her juices. I had never seen anything like it, it was amazing.

Her eyes opened and she looked at me. Differently than before, her face was flushed and beautiful bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm. The look was softer, sensual and caring, loving and it gripped me at my heart.

"You've opened me up to take you now," she said staring into my eyes. "Feel that baby that's my cervix."

I did. I felt the tip of my cock pressing against the opening of her womb and it was the most erotic, sexy thing I had ever felt and probably ever would feel again for as long as I lived. This moment was emblazoned across my psyche forever, I would forever be marked by this moment, right down to my soul and I didn't care, she didn't care we were exalted by it, thrilled beyond measure.

"No one's been that deep baby brother. No one." Her look was serious and thoughtful. She was in that moment deciding something, I could tell. I wasn't sure what but I knew my sister and she was deciding something.

And as quick as she was deciding, it was done and her look changed as though nothing was ever on her mind just moments before. "God you're so thick. So fucking hard and thick."

And just like that we were fucking again. She was kissing me and stroking me, holding and hugging me. The rhythm of our sexual activity was changing, we weren't fucking any more. We were having sex but it was different, it was still good, in fact it was great but it was different.

"Roll over little brother I want on top." No sooner had she spoke then that's what we were doing. I was flat on my back and my gorgeous older sister was on top of me riding my cock. Her beautiful sexy tits sitting firm and high on her chest, with their dazzling silver piercing accentuating their round full beauty, made the vision of ever young boy's erotic wet dream.

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