My Sister Is a Freak


Now I had a clear view of her magnificently stunning shave cunny. I saw where we were joined and how my cock appeared to stretch the opening of her tiny pussy. And for the first time I saw her piercing. It was a vertical hood piercing and it was magnificent. She noticed me staring at it right away.

"You like that baby brother?" she said teasing me. "You like your sister's little clitty piercing?"

"It keeps me horny a lot you know? You think you're going to be able to handle that?" she once again had that devious smile from earlier this evening.

As she spoke she continued to ride my cock, grinding it deep into her cunt. I could feel the tip rubbing against her cervix. She was moving on top of me in circular motions, pressing down hard, like she was trying to get the head of my cock to push past the mouth of her womb and lodge itself deep inside her uterus.

"You're going to love playing with it, fingering it, licking it, I know I do. Well I don't lick it." She paused mid-sentence as her hand trailed down her body to her sex, where we were joined. Her fingers spread her outer lips open displaying her most intimate self and showing me just how hard and aroused her little clit was and then she began again. "Believe me baby brother; you are going to be licking it. You're going to be licking it a lot."

And with that her middle finger began to flick the little nub against the shiny steel bar that appeared to have stimulated her beyond measure. The sight of this erotic display was too much and my cock began to thrust and jerk inside her, flexing its head in and attempt to unload the cum that boiled in my balls.

"Are you going to cum baby brother?" she said. "You going to cum in my pussy?"

She was now riding me pushing my cock deep into her. She was deliberately grinding into me, there was no way I was going to last. It was at this point I realized that I wasn't wearing a condom. In the heat of the moment I hadn't thought, I hadn't worried, I just wanted and so did she. We wanted sex and we weren't thinking about consequences.

"Yeah baby brother you're going to cum, you know you want to." Her movements were excruciatingly pleasurable and I couldn't think straight. There was something I wanted to say to her. There was this logical part of my mind that wanted to speak but with every circular motion of her hip the words just slipped and all that escaped was a groan. "Arrrrggghhh."

"That's it cum in my pussy." She said as she leaned forward, raising hips off of me so that I could fuck her back.

Her head came forward and our lips met again and we kissed. My tongue met her with equal exuberance. They dance a dance of lust and love, confirming our wantonness for each other in that moment. A moment I wished repeated and repeated over and over again.

"Mark me baby," she groaned into my mouth. "Mark you're pussy."

"Harder baby, harder fuck up into me just like that, pound me, ruin that pussy." She was on fire and so was I. The passion we felt was over powering and nothing mattered in that moment but the sheer ecstasy we were bringing each other.

"Make it yours. Show me who I belong to you nasty boy." II was slamming my cock into her fast and furiously, the slapping sounds echoed and reverberate throughout the room. She continued to kiss and suck my tongue and lips, devouring my mouth in whole gulps of wet sensuous kisses.

"Fuck your sister. Fuck her," she screamed into my mouth, her body tensing as it had done before so few minutes ago.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum again. Oh fuck, oh fuck..." her voice trailed off as she sat frozen perched above me. But I didn't care I kept slamming into her vigorously, fucking my hard cock up into wet sloppy pussy as it gushed juice down her thighs and all over my shaft.

"Oh god you beautiful bastard." Again her eyes failed to focus and seemed to have a faraway stare as her lashes fluttered. She was frozen above me, mouth open in that silent scream and mask of ectasy. Her hands gripped the bed sheets as she fought to maintain her balance.

And then it happened. Something that I hadn't expected, she gushed volumes of liquid all over my stomach, thighs and cock. My sister squirted. She was a squirter and from the look of her it was as much a surprise to her as it was to me.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuckk. Oh you fucking bastard!!!" Her whole body convulsed, froze and then collapsed on top of me.

She lay of top of me breathing deeply as she recovered from what appeared to be an exhaust experience. Slowly she began stroking my cheek with her hand and placing gentle kisses on my mouth, lips, eyes and forehead.

"Fuck baby that was amazing! I can't believe you made me cum twice." She said softly but ensuring that I understood the gravity of her experience. "that's never happened before, I've never done that. God you've got a talented dick."

"I don't know what to say, are you alright?" I asked.

"I think I'm falling in love," she said as she looked at me straight on with no pretext. "Cat got your tongue?"

"I think I may be too," I said looking straight back at her.

"It's okay baby we'll work this out," was her reply. She lifted herself up and looked down where we were joined and realized as did I that I was still inside her and I was still hard.

"What do you want?" I wasn't sure how to reply the question had so many possible answers and to be honest I didn't know. But she did.

"Do you want more of this?" she said as she moved her hips. Slowly we rolled over on our side with my cock still buried deep inside her.

"Me too baby, me too," she said not waiting for me to answer and taking our sex life into her hands like it was the most natural of things to do.

"Now fuck me," she commanded. "That's it... Fuck me."

"Fuck me with that big thick fucking dick." God she was magnificent. My sister was the hottest sexiest woman I had ever met and she was fucking me. Better yet she was letting me fuck her.

"Cum in me, cum in me." With that I flipped her over on to her back and brought her legs up placing her knees on my shoulders.

"I'll fuck you alright and I'll cum in you too," I said. " I'll fuck your beautiful tight pussy and fill you so full of cum you'll be leaking for days."

"Is that what you want you big sister? Is that what you want?" My tone was surly and forthright. I wanted her to know two could play at this game. She was far better at the dirty talk than I but that certainly wouldn't stop me from making an effort.

"Give me your cum," she whispered back her voice now a little more demure but still demanding. "Give me your seed."

I continued to fuck my cock in and out of her abused but beautiful pussy. I sat up on my knees and held her legs apart. Holding them at the ankles, she made a perfect sexy V. The sound of my cock sloshing in and out of her sex was music to my ears and I kept a steady pace. This was all about me now I was going to cum. I was going to bury my seed deep in my sister's womb and I didn't care.

Each stroke was deep and I could feel her cervix against the head of my cock causing shivers to travel up my shaft and into the rest of my body. I was going to cum now.

'Oh god, oh god. Not again." Her words almost broke my concentration. Prior to this she had just been moaning over and over.

"Not again." Her stomach flutter and her legs and hips began to shake.

"Fuck, fuck, oh you beautiful bastard fuuuuccckk!!!" Her eyes opened and she stared at me hard and then they rolled into the back of her head and all I saw was the whites.

"Cum too please, cum too. I can't take any more cum too. Fill me, cum in me. Oh god, oh god. I promise this is the last time, ccuuuuummmm!!!"

And with that I came. Rope after rope of cum shot out of my cock. The sensation was remarkable. One, two, three deep hard spurts followed by three more shorter less intense but no less pleasurable ones.

I collapse on top of Janie as she held me and kissed my forehead murmuring to me over and over. "There, there it's alright. That's my guy. your cum feels so good baby so good."

And without meaning to, I drifted off to sleep lost in the arms of my sister, my lover, my friend.

4:30 a.m.

"What are you doing Sis?" I asked dumbfounded as I began to wake from the craziest dream I'd ever had and stumbled straight on into the craziest reality I'd ever experienced.

"Sucking your cock," she said as simply as she would have if I had asked her what she was having for breakfast that morning. Master of the obvious though I am, the question still bore asking, I mean what the fuck was she doing?

"I know that but why?" I asked. This conversation was getting harder and harder to have, no pun intended. My thoughts wouldn't form, my mouth wasn't really working and a voice in my head was screaming - SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR GOING TO BLOW THIS FOR US.

"How else am I going to get it hard?" she retorted without missing a beat and proceeded to engulf my entire shaft, head to root. She was amazing.

"Oh I see." Came the barely audible squeak that was now my voice. Her head bobbed up and down three more times covering my cock in a slick coat of spit as her hand stroked my shaft. Then removing her mouth she stroked the head running, her thumb over the very tip causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head and my right leg to shake uncontrollably.

"You are going to fuck me with it again aren't you?" Her tone was sexy and soft, yet very matter of fact. There was no doubt in her mind we were going to fuck, it was a forgone conclusion.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked knowing full well what the answer would be.

"No," she said plainly.

"I didn't think so." I said resigning myself to the facts as they were laid out to me.

"Now lay beck shut up and let get back to work." God I loved it when she took charge.

"Yes Mame."

"Oh look at that nice and hard. God baby brother you are so fucking big." She held my cock straight up appreciating its size and girth. I knew from Gym class that I had nothing to be embarrassed about in fact I could be rather proud if I chose.

"Shouldn't I be wearing a condom?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, fuck no. Do you want to be wearing one?" she said looking at me without even blinking.

"Uhm, well are you on the pill?" I enquired; I mean I should probably know shouldn't I.

"Do you feel how wet I am?" She said grabbing my hand and placing it at the mouth of her sex. Her scent filled the room deliciously.

"Now move your hand out of the way." I did as I was told and my sister climbed on top of me as though she were casually sitting down for breakfast or joining me in the living room to watch TV. My cock slid smoothly into her vaginal open and seated itself as though it belong there.

"So, do you feel how deep you are?" asked looking at me. I simply nodded.

"And do you really care?" I simply shook my head.

"Well no... But?"

"Don't worry baby brother it'll be ok and if anything happens I'll deal." She smile at me and proceeded to ride my cock like it was her personal exercise cycle.

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That was awesome, never laughed so hard and had a boner at the same time, thanks.

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