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My Sister Katie


I look like a fucking Two-dollar hooker.

Hey. My name is Sarah, Sarah Burkley. At the moment my sister, Katie, is pounding on the dressing room door for me to come out. But there is no way I'm going to prom in this dress. It has a plunging neckline that shows almost all of my cleavage, the bottom barely covers my red panties and it's the ugliest shade of pink I have ever seen.

"Katie I'm not coming out in this!" I yell. The longer I have it on, the more I want to just rip it off. I don't even know why Katie picked it out. I've always had a thing for Katie, even if she is my younger sister. With her caramel, wavy locks and pools of blue eyes. Her B-cups and round ass. Katie was - is beautiful. Sure, I'm decent with her same body but my hair is black and my eyes are brown. Katie is the most beautiful 18 year old I've ever seen.

All this thinking about Katie has made my nipples hard, and you can see them through the thin material of my dress. I quickly take it off and after running my hands over my body, I change into the other choice, a dark blue, knee-length traditional prom dress. It looks way better.

"Sarah, you look... Stunning. As always. " Katie cries when I come out of the changing room. I feel a blush spread across my cheeks. The woman who owns the store, Lauren also showers me with complements. I guess this is the dress then!

"Thank you both!" I smile. I walk back into the changing room to take it off. When I pull at the zipper, it won't budge. Suddenly, the door bursts open. SHIT I FORGOT TO LOCK IT!

Katie pins me against the wall, closing the door with her foot. She starts kissing my neck, tracing my nipples through the dress with her delicate fingers. I shudder with pleasure.

"We have thirty minutes until Lauren comes back from her coffee break. Better make this fast." Katie says in a seductive voice that makes my pussy ache. I need her. This is my dream come true.

"K-Katie..." I groan. She smirks and crashes her lips onto mine. It's a perfect fit. I slip the tip of my tongue into her mouth, running my hands feverishly along the small of her back. I'm overcome with emotions of pleasure, confusion and adrenaline. Making out with my sister in a small changing room is new. But I love it already.

"Get down, bitch." Katie orders me, pulling her sweet lips away. I obey and rip her tights off. She's wearing no panties and I can see her smooth, dripping pink pussy. I lick my lips, plunging my tongue deep into her sweet entrance. "Sarahhhh.... Fasterrrrr...." She moans, grabbing onto my hair. She starts shaking and screaming, about to cum when I slip my tongue out. She gives me the evil eye. "Tease." She says through a smile.

I take off her small tank-top and to my surprise, she's not wearing a bra either. Her tits are small and perky. They're perfect.

I start slowly massaging her soft tits, our lips meeting once again. Her hands pull my dress up and find my panties, which she rips off. I shudder as she first slips one finger in, then two and then three. I've never had someone else finger me . It's much better than playing with myself. She starts tracing my clit with one finger and pumping in and out with the other two. Suddenly, my knees start buckling as I'm overwhelmed with pleasure and euphoria. I start moaning. The feeling is indescribable. And then it hits me. "Fuuuccccckkkkk!" I scream. The orgasm is extremely powerful. And then just as fast as it came, it left.

I crumple to the floor and Katie comes beside me. We lay there, just kissing until the door opens. Standing there is a very shocked Lauren. Oh shit.

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by Anonymous

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by plumberdon06/15/17

When the chance arrises- Take it

Short but sweet. Well done for your first. Now give us a follow up on these two lovely ladies. Thanks-Loved it

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by Randee205805/29/17


Hey girl I ability in you. Keep writing, perhaps explore expanding on story. 5🌟's

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