My Sister, Kelly Ch. 03


"Okay, you start the water while I clean up the lunch mess," Kelly said and picked up the plates. I'll keep it light, she decided. Janice needs to get off and I'll help her, but... Damn, my life is getting complicated again. A week ago, I would have jumped at the chance for some sexy fun and a few afternoon orgasms with Janice. I'd have joined her in the tub in a second. Now? Now I'm wondering if I should or not? I'm wondering how John would feel if he knew I had sex with Janice after professing my love for him. I'm wondering how I would feel if he was out having sex with an old girlfriend instead of meeting with his attorney on my behalf.

When Kelly entered the bathroom, she watched as Janice bent over for balance and placed one foot in the bubbling water. Kelly could see the back her sister's pretty pussy between her spread legs, and Janice's bountiful breasts swayed alluringly. Kelly felt her heart start to beat faster. She loved the sight of her sister's naked, voluptuous body. The two of them had given each so much pleasure in the past. One last time, Kelly thought and started to strip off her clothes.

Janice settled into the water. "Heavenly," she sighed and started to fondle her own breasts, which excited Kelly even more. Janice's nipples poked up hard and inviting, up through a thin film of foaming bubbles. "I'm really hot, Kelly."

"Yeah, me, too," Kelly said and carefully sat at the opposite end of the tub. She noticed Janice staring at her body.

"God, you're beautiful!" Janice gushed. "So slim and perfect. You could be a model."

"I envy you, too. I was just feeling jealous about your breasts. They're so round and full. Mine are too small." Kelly slid forward between Janice's legs and over her body until her face was directly above her sister's breasts. "And so very kissable." Which Kelly proved by kissing each of them before taking a nipple into her mouth and lashing it with her tongue.

Janice groaned. "That's so nice. I love your mouth on my tits. You handle my tits better than anyone I've ever been with, Sis. Do the other one now."

The foaming, bubbling heat of the water matched Kelly's heat between her legs. She sucked and licked her sister's other nipple and pushed forward and kissed her. While they kissed, nipples brushed across nipples. The feel of Janice's body sliding frictionless against hers thrilled her.

I'm such a slut, Kelly thought. I'm as much a slut as Janice. I love this. It's so different than with a man, including my lover, my brother - the love of my life. But Kelly steeled herself. This would be her last time with Janice, and with determined resolve decided to make the event memorable for both of them.

The tub had a platform at one end, and Kelly helped her sister up onto the platform and pushed her lovely legs apart. The outer lips of Janice's cunt separated like a flower opening to a morning sunrise. She licked the petals and tasted their flavors, a combination of lavender from the bath oil beads and Janice's aroused liquids. The fragrances mixed, too - a wonderful combination.

Janice moaned when Kelly tongue fucked her cunt. Looking up through Janice's neatly trimmed pubic patch, Kelly watched as her sister pulled on her nipples with her fingers and finally forced one of them into her mouth. I wish I could do that, Kelly thought and increased the slow pace of her tongue moving in and out of Janice's cunt. Kelly brought a finger up and alternated thrusts with first a finger and then a tongue, finally adding another finger, and then another. She moved her mouth up over Janice's clitoris, leaving the inside of Janice's cunt for her fingers. Janice moaned and brought her hands down to the back of Kelly's head. She didn't try to guide Kelly with her hands, merely wanted the connection, Kelly assumed, because she made no attempt to push Kelly's head from wherever it was as Kelly explored and tasted and licked and sucked.

"Oh, Kelly, that's so good. Don't stop! Please, don't stop!"

Kelly not only didn't stop, she increased her pace yet again and added her other hand to the Sapphic embrace, pushing fingers up through the crack of her sister's lovely ass.

When a finger rubbed across Janice's asshole, she squealed. "What are you doing? No, don't answer and don't stop. That's so nasty - so naughty. I love it."

Kelly pressed the finger at the pucker, and Janice relaxed, letting the digit slip inside her.

"Yes!" Kelly exclaimed. "Oh, I'm so hot. I'm going to come soon, Sis."

Kelly finger fucked her sister's cunt, finger fucked her ass, and licked and sucked her clitoris, and Janice's voluptuous body stiffened as a low wail started and increased in volume, reverberating off the hard, tiled walls of the bathroom. Suddenly, Janice pulled Kelly's head hard to her cunt, and her hips started to slide, not subtlety as before, but with exaggerated jerks as contraction after contraction wracked her body.

Finally, Janice slumped back against the tiled wall, and her legs fell limply into the bubbling water.

"Oh, Kelly," Janice whimpered, "that was exquisite! I can't remember ever coming so hard before."

"Good," Kelly said. "Because this is the last time we will be together like this. I'm in love with John, and I want to be faithful to him."

Suddenly a deep voice reverberated like Janice's wail moments earlier. "I have only one question, Kelly," John said. "Why did you pretend to an aversion with incest?"

Kelly whipped her eyes toward the voice and her heart sunk. John, the love of her life, stood in the doorway.

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