tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, Kelly Ch. 08

My Sister, Kelly Ch. 08


"Good morning, Mom," John said on the telephone.

"Good morning, Son. Ah - ah, fiddlesticks. I admit it; I'm embarrassed. I assume Kelly filled you in on our - ah, activities yesterday." Harriet was surprised how truly embarrassed she felt.

"Yes." He chuckled. "I'll tell you what I told her. The next time you need a trim, I'd love to do the honors."

Harriet burst into laughter, pleased her son had accepted what happened and had let her off the hook without a lot of inquiries or recriminations. "We'll see. Was that the reason for your call?" she asked as a vision of her handsome son shaving her pussy flitted through her lively mind.

"Yes. No. What time is Jennifer arriving?"

"I was about to leave to pick her up at the airport."

"Let's meet at Kelly's place. Kelly and I are at my apartment. She'll leave here now and go directly to her house. I'll be a little late. I'm meeting with Elmer first. You and Kelly can explain the situation to Jennifer."

"Okay. How did your meeting with Mary go?"

John spent a few minutes and brought her up to date. "I'll be introducing Mary and her fiancé to my attorney this afternoon."

"Will it be possible to add Peter to your plan?"

"It's possible but certainly complicates things. We'll need another lure besides Jennifer, and timing becomes an issue. Any ideas for another lure?"

She pondered his request. "No, not immediately."

"Okay, think about it. Gotta run. Love you, Mom."

"I love you, too. Bye."

She was hanging up the phone when Mel walked into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. She enjoyed the feel of him behind her, up and down the length of her body. After making love with her into the wee hours, Mel had slept late and this morning had called to tell his employer he wouldn't be in until afternoon.

"Who was on the phone?" he asked as he nuzzled her neck with his mouth while he fondled her breasts over her clothes.

"John. After I pick up Jennifer, we'll stop by Kelly's place for a while. Kelly can hardly wait to see Jenny again, and John plans to drop by while we're there." We need to bring Mel into the plan, she thought and made a mental note to discuss his involvement with Kelly and John.

"I have a question, Honey," he said and kissed the nape of her neck. "In the cold light of day, are you still serious about our decision last night?"

More images of John shaving her pussy flashed through her mind, but this fantasy included the young man rinsing off the soap and sucking her clitoris into his mouth.

"Yes," she said simply and felt her husband's cock start to grow, pushing against the small of her back. She chuckled. "I see the idea still intrigues you." She turned in his arms and kissed him. At the same time, her fingers lingered over the expanding bulge in his trousers.

"Janice is still in bed. I need to go to the airport and pick up Jennifer. I'll be gone at least two hours, maybe longer. If you want - ah, Mel, now is as good a time as any to - let's just say you have my permission to join Janice in her bed. I'll call from Kelly's before I bring Jennifer here, so the two of you can make yourselves presentable for a guest before we arrive."

"I love you, Harriet. Are you sure?"

"Uh-huh," she said and kissed him again. Damn, I'd like to stay, maybe join them, she thought when she remembered how much pleasure she received with Kelly the previous day. She was confident Janice would give her just as much pleasure. No, she decided, joining them wouldn't be fair to either of them. Their first time together should be private. Maybe tonight. No, Jennifer will be here.

She pushed him away. "Honey, you're making me hot! I need to go to the airport, damn it!" She squirmed out of his arms. "If you're successful with Janice, I'll want details - graphic, step-by-step details. Okay?"

He gulped and nodded. "Are you really suggesting I merely climb in bed with her?" he questioned, a little distraught by her suggestion.

Harriet laughed and replied, "Yep. I don't think she'll kick you out unless you're eating crackers."


Mel decided jumping into bed with Janice would be like playing leapfrog with a unicorn - not wise. So he put off the encounter with Janice while he drank a cup of coffee. Opening the morning paper, he tried to read but couldn't concentrate. What will happen to my marriage, he asked himself, if I join Janice in her bed? Oh, Harriet gave me permission, but how will she really feel if I actually fuck our daughter? And Harriet wants to fuck Kelly! Amazing! He shook his head, thoroughly confused.

He felt his cock becoming erect again as he continued his speculations. He shuddered, shaking away the sexy images in his mind of his wife and oldest daughter, naked and joined, mouths to cunts. His cock lengthened some more.

He wondered what would happen if four of the five members of his family became incestuous. Would John become involved, too, or would he condemn the rest of them? Mel sighed, finally summoning enough courage to stand and walk toward his daughter's bedroom.

He stood in the open doorway and gazed lovingly at his youngest offspring. Janice lay asleep, sprawled on her bed, her hair spread like a fishing net over the white pillowcase. The sheet had slipped to her waist, so he could see her youthful, full breasts. Gazing at the wondrous sight, the little devil sitting on his shoulder made him lick his lips and groan as his hand grabbed his erection. He took a small step into the room.

The cautious good guy perched on his other shoulder advised, "You can't do this, Mel. You'll be committing incest. She's not a minor anymore, like before, but nevertheless you'll still be breaking the law."

The little devil countered, "But you want her. Look at those tits! You want to suck on them, play with them. And your wife literally ordered you to rut with the wench. Go ahead. You know you want her."

Ignoring the entreaties of both imaginary entities, he desperately wished Janice were awake. They could talk then, sort of work up to it. He didn't feel comfortable shucking his clothes and hopping in bed with her while she was still asleep. She'd probably scream she'd be so shocked. At the very least, she'd...

"Good morning, Daddy."

He stood rooted to the floor, his hand still grasping his hard-on. He tried to speak but no sound exited his mouth. He wanted to turn and run away but for some reason couldn't move at all. He watched as her eyes moved from his face and traveled down his body.

She smiled sexily and slowly pushed the top sheet to the foot of the bed, displaying the rest of her voluptuous, naked form.

"Come here, Daddy," she said softly. "Come here and kiss me good morning."

She looks like Goya's "Naked Maja," Mel thought, but more beautiful - slimmer, less voluptuous. He took a tentative step and stopped.

"It's pleasant to wake up with your eyes on me," she said, her voice low and lusty. "You're hard, aren't you?"

He nodded and took another step.

"I was dreaming about you. You were kissing me and touching me like you used to when I was younger. I really liked your sexy kisses and adored your sensuous hands on me. Come here, Daddy. I need a good morning kiss."

His mind whirled. Yes, she had liked his touches. He had given her so many orgasms when she was just a snip of a girl. He had finger fucked her, and she had loved it and had wanted more. He stepped forward and sat on the edge of her bed. The good guy disappeared in a puff of air, and the little devil had enough sense not to gloat.

Mel's mouth felt dry, but still he swallowed.

Janice reached and took his hand, pulling it to her breast. "They've grown since you last touched them. Do you like my tits, Daddy?"

He nodded and squeezed his hand. The breast was more than a handful, and he felt her long nipple stiffen in his palm.

"Kiss them. Kiss and suck on my nipples, Daddy. I want your mouth on me. I want your hands on me. I want you!"

Her hand grasped his shoulder and pulled him down.

"Yes," she said with a gasp when his mouth sucked in as much of her large breast as it could take.


Kelly opened her door to her mother and Jennifer. With Jennifer six years older than Kelly, they had never been close as children, but from time to time Jennifer had assumed the role of an older sister, advising Kelly about makeup, clothes and boys. The two younger women hugged each other.

Kelly decided Jenny certainly qualified as drop-dead gorgeous, but then she remembered ominously that John had had a crush on the woman when she was a girl. It was about the time John was nine or ten years old and Jenny was twelve or thirteen - just before Jenny moved away. Kelly studied the beauty while they chatted. The woman's blue eyes shined like the highlights in her blond hair. Her skin presented a perfect tan, and her sundress accented her large breasts, tiny waist, womanly hips and long, shapely legs. She could give a dead man a hard-on, Kelly decided and chuckled inwardly.

Kelly outlined the situation and told Jennifer about their plan for revenge, making a point about the risks involved for the woman who would act as a lure.

Jenny burst out laughing. "Good for you, Kelly. If you left it up to the lawyers, nothing of substance would happen. This is real justice. I wish I had had the courage to do something similar to my ex." She turned to Harriet. "What's the favor you wanted? I take it you want me to help with this plan in some way."

"We need a beautiful woman Jim doesn't know to lure him to the hotel room. Will you be our lure?" Harriet asked.

"Sure, if you think I can do the job."

"You're perfect," Kelly said. "With your beauty, you'll have Jim's nasty, scab-licking tongue dragging on the floor while his evil heart beats out of his scrawny chest. You're the perfect lure, Jenny."

Jenny grinned, flashing perfect white teeth. "Thanks, Kelly. I needed to hear that. A divorce tends to attack a woman's self-confidence."

The door opened and John entered. He reset the alarm and joined the ladies. Jenny rose, and John hugged her. He stepped back and looked her over, still holding her hands. Grinning, he said, "Perfect. Jim doesn't have a chance. As a girl you were pretty, Jenny. As a woman, you're gorgeous!"

Jennifer squirmed with pleasure, her thick eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings. "Ooh, you've become a charming rascal, John. It's good to see you again, too. The last time I saw you, you were a gangly boy, skinny and awkward. My, how you've changed!" She stepped back into his arms and hugged him again.

What is this, Kelly thought wryly, a mutual admiration society? Now I know why the average woman would rather have beauty than brains. The average man can see better than he can think. She groaned inwardly and watched as Jennifer flirted with her man, watched as John thoroughly enjoyed her flirtations.

And jealousy struck her with the force of a sledgehammer.


The sun crept into the window in Janice's bedroom, brightening the room and glinting off his daughter's sultry, dark eyes. The light enhanced the tones of her glossy skin and warmed him, though additional warmth was the least of Mel's needs.

He stood and removed his clothes. Janice lay placidly and watched. When he pushed down his shorts, he heard her small gasp.

"It's beautiful, Daddy."

His mind rushed through past events, incidents that brought him to this bed. He recalled his aunt, how she had slowly seduced him over a period of months, how she had instructed him in the ways she liked to be touched and kissed. Kissed. Yes, he thought, it's time for a kiss.

He settled onto the bed and took his pliant daughter into his arms. Their lips met, and again he was struck by the similarities of his emotions about his aunt and his daughter. He knew the likenesses existed because he was breaking the incest taboo with Janice like he did with his aunt. He wanted to teach Janice, like his aunt had taught him, but he suspected his daughter needed no guidance, and as the kiss continued and evolved from romantic to passionate, he gave up the concept of teaching. No, he'd merely enjoy. His hands roamed over her luscious body, exploring, searching for feedback in addition to experiencing the sheer pleasure merely touching her gave him. When his fingers slipped over the soft skin behind her knees, she squirmed with joy, and her kiss became more passionate. His mouth left hers and traveled across her face to her neck just below her ear, and his nibbles produced excited shivers.

Her hand encircled his hard shaft, and she stroked it slowly with just the right amount of pressure. No, he would need to do no teaching.

As his finger and thumb clasped her nipple in a gentle pinch, he swirled his tongue in her ear and whispered, "I want to taste you first," he said. "When I used to play with your pussy, I often thought about putting my mouth on you and licking you, but..."

"Oh, yes! Please, Daddy."


Kelly felt her mother's hand on her arm.

"I need to talk with you, Kelly. Excuse us for a moment," Harriet said to John and Jennifer. "You two get reacquainted. We'll be right back."

Her mother pulled Kelly from the living room back to her bedroom.

"Take a big breath, Kelly. You're jealous, aren't you?" her mother stated.

Kelly nodded, her eyes flitting fearfully in the direction of the living room where she had left her man with a woman he obviously admired; at least, he admired the way she looked.

"Are you so lacking in confidence about how deeply John loves you that you really need to worry?"

Kelly blushed. "I guess. I know I'm jealous. The beastly emotion nearly overwhelmed me."

Her mother chuckled. "I noticed. Love doesn't work that way, Kelly. The more you love the more love you have in you. Also the capacity to love isn't limited to one person. I love your father more today than I did yesterday. I love him more intensely, with more passion. After you and I made love yesterday, did you love John less?"

"No, of course not." She sighed. "I see what you mean. I loved him more."

"I was thinking about the time your father had an affair. It was before Janice was born, but I remembered how loving he became with me while at the same time I'm sure he loved the woman he was seeing on the side. Your father isn't the type of man to fuck around merely to bolster his ego, so he had to have strong feelings for the woman or he would not have started the affair, let alone allowed it to continue."

"I didn't know, Mom. I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry. I'm not. I learned a few things when it happened, not only about Mel but also about myself, and the most important concept I learned was jealousy is stupid and destructive and is based primarily on neurotic insecurity. I had some affairs to get even afterwards, my quid pro quo, if you will, and they were ill-advised, silly experiences until I met a young man who looked a lot like your father when he was young, but the resemblance exceeded mere appearance. The man had many of the traits I love about your father, and I fell in love with the young man. I tried to be very honest with myself during this affair, and surprisingly, I realized I loved your father more than I did before my affair started. I loved both men simultaneously and nearly equally, but - oh, I don't know, differently - sort of. But eventually I knew I had to give up the young man. My love for him threatened my marriage and family - a shame, because he was no real threat to either except in the minds of Mel or my children should any of them become aware of the affair. I think if I had the time and the understanding of those who loved me, I could love many men and women. I know I love you and Mel, romantic love, not merely the affection of a wife for a husband or a mother for a daughter. What I've discovered is the more I love the more capacity for love I have. Do you understand?"

Kelly grinned. "Yeah. I'm the same way." But suddenly she worried. "But is John like us?"

"I think so. I believe the concept is universal, but society has messed with it, made it evil to love more than one person at a time, using loyalty as the lever to limit the love any one person can give or accept. After Jenny and I leave, talk with John about the concept. If he agrees, share him with Jenny, if that is his wish - and hers. Let him love as much as he can, and you'll reap the benefits by receiving even more love from him than you now enjoy."

Kelly hugged her mother. "Thanks, Mom. I know I love you. I wish I could show you how much right now."

"Yeah, me, too," her mother said softly. "I'm really hot right now. If my plan worked, your father is in Janice's bed as we speak, and thinking about the two of them making love has me quite excited."


Her mother grinned. "Yeah. Hot, huh?"

Kelly groaned when she envisioned her father and her sister in bed - naked. She saw them coupled, their bodies covered with a sheen of perspiration as they moved together reaching for a shared orgasm while they touched and kissed each other. The images were so strong she could almost smell them. So much for my plan to seduce Daddy to save my incestuous relationship with John, she thought. Oh well, as long as Daddy will accept my love for John and my brother's love for me, I don't care who tripped him. Unaccountably, she did feel a little disappointed.

Kelly swallowed. "Yeah, very hot."

"Let's rejoin Jenny and John."


Mel could feel his daughter's youthful body undulate as he moved his mouth down her neck, finally wrapping his lips around a turgid nipple again. But her breasts were not his goal, so he hesitated on them only briefly as he moved down farther and farther, tasting her skin, finding small areas that elicited small gasps during the trip.

Mel noticed she had spread her legs, so he rolled between them and gazed at her pussy. Yes, Harriet had trimmed her pubic patch to match her daughter's look, but what amazed him was the size of Janice's clitoris. It appeared to be twice the size of his wife's, and its hood had fully retracted, leaving the throbbing nubbin exposed and inviting.

Using his fingers, he spread her outer lips and rejoiced at the wet and hot wonders previously hidden by her tight labia. Her aroused fragrance was nearly overpowering, and he lowered his nose and breathed deeply. When he exhaled, blowing warm air over her clit, she gasped and raised her hips to his face, bumping his nose and leaving a wet spot on its tip.

"Lick me, damn it!" she exclaimed.

He chuckled but obeyed, starting at her perineum and licking upwards through her slit and into the opening to her cunt. She tasted sweeter than his wife, he noted, and reveled in the difference. Upon reflection, he realized he didn't have a preference, merely enjoyed each women for her unique smells and tastes. He released her lips and flattened his tongue against her pussy lips, pressing forward forcefully. He felt the tight outer lips separate, and his tongue mashed against her clit. She gasped and moaned and her hips started to rise and fall, but only an inch or so.

Glancing up through her pubic patch, he watched his daughter grasp her breasts and twist her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her upper chest had blushed to a pink glow. Beautiful, he thought. Simply beautiful!

He could resist the urge no longer, so he sucked her long clitoris into his mouth between his lips and slowly rolled his tongue around its circumference, amazed again at its size.

"Yes!" she exclaimed and her hands went to the back of his head, pulling his mouth tighter to her cunt. "Suck it! Suck it!" she hissed.

Using two fingers he inserted them into her cunt and then curled them back in a come-hither motion. He felt a slightly rougher surface and pushed his fingers deeply inside her, only to curl them back again over what he assumed was her G-spot, an area about the size of a quarter, he calculated, larger than Harriet's, which approximated a nickel in size.

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