tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, My Lover

My Sister, My Lover


The only thing I regret in my life is the last two years. It is not for what I did, but what I didn't do. I spent these two years exclusively at college, and found innumerable excuses to not return home even during breaks. I just could never admit to myself how much I was in love with my beautiful little sister Susan. I used college as an excuse to disappear and avoid facing the whole situation. If I had even an inkling of how she really felt about me and how much she suffered in my absence, things might have been different.

I had stayed away from home, so that my little sis, Suzy, could live her own life. It was too painful for me to see her everyday and know that I could never have her as my woman, never ravish her wonderful tight little body and know the joys of sex with one whom I loved unlimitedly. I was so much in love with her, that just seeing her was unbearable for me. So I left, turned my back on my all-devouring love for her, and tried for two years without success to forget the most wonderful young woman I would ever know. Susan had graduated from high school and studied for a year before getting a good secretarial position, but she never dated and lived a very reclusive and sad life at home with our mom.

And here I was, home for Christmas. I walked right back smack into the feelings and lives of what I had been trying so hard to deny. No sooner had I walked in the door than my mother said to me, "Please talk to Suzy, she hasn't been herself for a long time now. I think she misses you. See if you can figure out what is her problem. It seems very serious, but I haven't been able to get anything out of her."

I wasn't quite prepared for what I found. She was a ghost of her former self and I felt so very bad to see her like this. However, it still took me several days and a lot of prying to get to the bottom of it. The third day I really started to get somewhere when she became somewhat happy as we reminisced about our many activities together during our youth. Suddenly she started to sob uncontrollably after blurting out, "You just don't get it do you." As she continued crying, I didn't know what to say or do, so just embraced her gently.

I couldn't get anything more out of her, as she was too upset, so I just held her tight and tried to comfort her. She melted in my embrace and suddenly became very quiet and serious when I begged her to just tell me what I didn't understand. "I don't care what it is, just tell me. I won't be upset or angry, no matter what. You know I love you more than anything and can't tolerate to see you suffer. Please tell me what is bothering you."

"Ok, I'll tell you," she said. "But you have to give me some time, this is very difficult for me." She continued to hold on very tightly to me, her sweet breath falling on my ear as she breathed deeply. I was overly aware of her bodily heat and close embrace and struggled with my very strong feelings for her. All the powerful and overwhelming feelings of intense love for my dear sister, had all rushed back into my head as soon as I had seen her and I knew now that there was no denying them. I was still very much in love with my baby sister and she had some major problems, which I had to help her with at any cost. She clung tightly to me, seemingly in desperation, for a long time as she gathered her courage to speak.

I wasn't expecting her sudden admission of love for me. She started speaking slowly and clearly, with much emotion, and a very obvious nervousness. "I only live for one thing, and that is you Nathan. I have always loved you far more than as a brother and can't see myself with anyone else. When you left I died inside and haven't been the same since. I don't know what you think of me now. Probably you think I am terrible and now you will leave and never come back. But I just had to tell you how much I really and truly love you. There is nothing else with any meaning in my life, other than you."

I was dumbfounded. This was a total surprise to find out after so many years that she felt the same way about me as I felt about her. My head was spinning and I couldn't think clearly, but knew that I had to tell her of my strong feelings for her, so she wouldn't suffer any further on my account. I had done enough to hurt her and realized that I had made the biggest mistake of my life, by leaving her to suffer alone for two long years.

"Suzy, the truth is that I left because I am so much in love with you and I didn't want to mess up your life. I thought that if I left, you would find your own life, without me. But I see that this didn't happen. I don't know what to do now, but I just want you to know that I love you more than I have ever loved anyone or anything. I love you with all my heart. And I only want you to be happy. I can quit college and stay here with you, if that will make you happy. I will do anything for you, anything at all. Just tell me and I will do it. Anything. I love you more than life itself."

She was filled with conflicting emotions and clearly didn't know how to deal with them. But one thing was sure, she was extremely happy to find out that I really did love her. I could see that she was overwhelmed with emotion as she began to cry softly to herself. Damn, why do girls cry when they are happy. It just seems so contradictory. But I held her tight and we both melted in each other's embrace. I think this was our first loving embrace, where we both realized that we loved each other so much.

Neither of us wanted to let go of the other, so we just held on for a long time, savoring each other's presence. We fell back on the couch, she on top of me, as we each lost ourselves in emotional turmoil. I could feel Suzy's heart fluttering rapidly as she clung to me so tightly. I was happy for the first time in years, our love was expressed and would make sorting out our lives easier now. At least I thought like this. I couldn't tell what Suzy was thinking. She was so quiet and thoughtful, it made me afraid.

Finally, she said with an almost breathless whisper, "Do you really love me? Do you want to be with me? Can we be together?" She asked with great trepidation and an earnestness that was so touching.

This was a lot for me to deal with all at once. I wasn't sure what she meant by our being together. I knew the full implications of such a question, if this is what she really wanted. It meant my every dream coming true, that we would be lovers. It meant that I would ravish her beautiful body daily and we would have children together and live as husband and wife forever. But I had never previously allowed myself to think like this. I had never had the courage to face this destiny, and was still frightened by the implications of such a bold and courageous life. It was what we both really wanted, but I still didn't know if I had the courage for this and I could see that Suzy was also overwhelmed with the situation. But I had to answer her, if only to ease her pain, to give her hope of the future. I couldn't deny her in any way, any longer. I knew she had suffered greatly due to my absence and I could not tolerate seeing her suffer another second.

I answered her, "Yes, Suzy. I love you with all my heart. I love you with my soul. I love you with every breath. And I want to be with you always, forever."

"Oh Nathan. I am so happy."

"Suzy, we will work this out. Don't worry. I want to be with you and share the wonderful love we feel for each other. It won't be easy, but I have faith that it won't be that hard either. Ok?"

"Ok, Nathan. I love you so much. Please don't ever leave me. I would die it you did. I couldn't bear it again." And I didn't doubt for a minute that she would if I left her.

We continued lying on the couch in our tight embrace and fell asleep. After an hour or so mom walked into the room and saw that we had bonded so well, perhaps too well, in her estimation. But she could feel the love simmering between us and knew Suzy was going to get out of her funk. Suzy's happy demeanor in her sleep exuded joy and peacefulness. Mom was a bit alarmed however to see our tight embrace, wondering what it really meant. But, she was actually quite liberal, having been a very enlightened hippy in her youth, so I had faith that she could accept just about anything her loving children decided. Mom watched us sleep for a long time and finally sighing deeply, left us and went back into the kitchen.

After Suzy and I slept deeply for a few hours, I woke up in the wonderful embrace of my true love. I didn't move, just wanting to lay still and relish my warm sister's perfect body sleeping peacefully on top of myself. I felt more love for her now than I had ever felt before and I was happy to bask in her wonderful presence. My long suppressed emotions and feelings for my dear sister surged from the depths within and took over my every being. My head swooned and I became dizzy as I became overwhelmed with my love for her. I had never felt so many strong feelings before. I was totally and madly in love with Suzy and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Nothing else mattered. I only knew I loved her far more than I thought I was capable of loving anyone.

All this time I hadn't seriously thought of sex with Suzy, but the close proximity and warmth of her very wonderful body was having its effect on me now. I was getting aroused without moving a muscle. She was so perfect and she had proclaimed how much she loved me. She had said she loved me unlimitedly. I still hadn't realized what this meant, that she wanted to be with me. Slowly I was realizing that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. It meant that we would probably end up fucking each other very soon. That's what lovers do. Surely she would want me to take her very ripe cherry and ravish her tight little body forever.

These wonderful thoughts of sex with Suzy filled my consciousness and aroused me greatly. I felt a powerful compulsion to satisfy my sexual urges, one way or another, but I was pinned under Suzy and didn't want to wake her from her peaceful sleep. I tried to visualize Suzy naked as she invited me into her room, but this was difficult. I had never seen her naked, not since our childhood and had only seen her in modest bathing suits since then, so didn't really have a clue about her wondrous charms in this regard.

My dick was throbbing due to these meditations and Suzy's hip, which was right on top of my hard-on, made matters worse. When my love finally woke up, she looked straight into my eyes and smiled the most wonderful smile I have ever seen. Then she kissed me right on the lips and I melted again into her embrace. We kissed for a long time, each relishing our strong loving exchange. The kiss intensified as we made out and gradually we ground our bodies together more and more. Soon we were both panting as we became sexually excited. For Suzy it was her first experience of sexual arousal and for me it was the first experience that I truly cared about. We were totally and utterly lost and absorbed in our kiss as we made out for what seemed to be forever.

I had tried dating in college and had even had sex a few times, but never felt anything much for my partners. They just didn't measure up and I never put much into dating. But now I felt more intense feelings of love and pleasure in kissing my wonderful little sister than I ever had before. We were so happy to have found each other's love and were satisfied just to be together. Mom walked in again on us when we were making out and knew then that we had serious feelings for each other. She saw that we were tonguing each other as we kissed and seriously rubbing our genitals together. There was no mistaking that we were either lovers or would be soon. After watching us for a while, she flopped down into the easy chair and the noise caught our attention. Now we knew she knew about us, at least she knew as much as we did. We hadn't figured the rest out yet, other than the fact we were going to be together in every way from here on out.

Mom had always been totally up front with us and frank to the point of having sex with dad in front of us when we were young. Free love and all that, you know. So we knew we could tell her the truth and she wouldn't judge us the way most of the world would. I just told her, "Mom, I left home and didn't come back for two years because I am madly in love with Suzy and I didn't want to disturb her life. And she has been morose for two years because she loves me so much. Now that we have discovered our mutual love for one another, we are determined to explore that love and not waste our lives anymore. That's the short explanation."

Mom replied, "Well, when you put it like that, there isn't much I can say. It seems you already have it figured out. Just be careful not to hurt each other. And make sure that you really want this. Hardly anyone will accept it. I hope you realize what this means and how hard it will be."

Suzy, who had been quiet, suddenly piped up, "Mom, I love Nathan. I have been totally miserable for two years without him. If we are together, everything else is secondary. That's all that matters to me."

I also spoke up, "I feel the same. I tried to date in college, but nobody measured up to Susan. Now I realize I was comparing everyone to her. I was totally miserable, but felt I was doing the right thing, ignoring my love for her. Now I know better. She is everything to me."

Mom replied, "I love you both very much and only want you to be happy." She didn't say more than that, so we weren't sure how much she approved of our burgeoning lover's relationship. Then mom left the room. A little later she called us for dinner and we suddenly realized we hadn't eaten all day. After a wonderful meal, along with some light talk, we went upstairs. Suzy's room was just across the hall from mine, so we were close.

As we separately prepared for bed, our thoughts were each independently absorbed in how we could arrange to spend the night together. I left the bathroom door unlocked as I did my ablutions and Suzy walked in wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her in. It was a short nighty and skimpy panties. I could see her amazing body in most of its glory and only had one thing on my mind at that point. I wanted to sleep with Suzy and ravish her tender body as she begged me for more. As it turned out, it happened naturally.

She looked shyly at me with a slight smile as she asked, "Your room or mine?"

"You have the bigger bed, so your room. I'll be right there." Wow, it was finally going to happen. I rushed back and stripped down to my boxers, arriving in her room a minute later. "Well, that was fast. Are you in a hurry for something?"

"Damn right woman. I am in a hurry for you. I need you. I love you. I want you more than I have every wanted anything in my entire life."

Susan held out her arms inviting me into her embrace. As we hugged each other, we slid slowly down onto her bed and melted together into a pool of love. She was a virgin in every sense, having only ever kissed me and that was earlier the same day. She had never been touched by anyone ever in any way and now offered herself totally and absolutely to me. Even though I had had sex, I never gave myself to anyone, nor ever cared for anyone but Suzy. So, I considered myself a virgin also. My love for Susan was pure and untouched by these other experiences. Because of our great love for each other, we both knew that our first experience together would be incredible and we were both nervous, anxious that we would not disappoint each other.

But we didn't rush anything. We were so much in love that we were happy to be together and could take our time, savoring every precious moment. I couldn't believe that our love was so wonderful and so pleasurable. As we kissed passionately, the intense grinding of our clasped bodies propelled us into another dimension of pleasure and we slowly rose higher and higher in the enjoyment of our union. My hands roamed over Suzie's back and buttocks, squeezing and pulling her very hot mound into my inflamed cock. She was on fire. I was amazed how hot she was for me, as she told me again and again how much she truly loved me.

Soon, she pulled off her nighty and ground her bare breasts into my chest, groaning and moaning her satisfaction. I moved my kissing from her lips to her ear, her neck, her chest, her swollen breasts, her belly and finally I approached her sexual vortice. I passed it by and licked down her legs and back up. Then I pulled down her damp panties as she lifted her perfect cheeks off the bed. Smiling greatly, she spread her legs, offering her ripe unblemished flower of youth to me unconditionally.

I slowly licked her pink pussy lips, and my tongue entered deeply into her untouched pussy, bringing a shiver of delight to her. Then I moved up to her throbbing clitoris and nibbled on it tenderly as she shivered again more violently and began a massive orgasm. I was surprised at its intensity and furthered it by keeping my attention focused on her erect clitoris. As I continued nibbling and sucking, she entered one orgasm after another, her body becoming rigid as she shuddered and groaned with intense pleasure. When she finally finished her orgasm she said, "That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and you didn't even fuck me yet!" Hearing her say 'fuck' was so wonderful. I had never heard her swear before. Never.

I continued licking her dripping aromatic pussy, relishing the liquor of her sex, intoxicated with its musky aroma. I fucked her deeply with my tongue, pushing her raw sex into my mouth, my hands grasping her full ass cheeks strongly, pulling her sex into my mouth. She had the nicest ass, so firm and full, that I loved squeezing it as I ravished her sex. I only knew her wet pussy, which was covering my entire face with its juices as I dove as deeply as I could into her essence. I was crazy for her and sucked and licked madly, devouring her pussy.

Suzy reached for my pants and undoing them, pulled them down as she squeezed the spongy head of my bulging cock. Pulling my boxers down, she licked my balls and slid her hands around my hard thick cock, sliding the skin up and down softly. The feeling was heavenly, as she worked it slowly back and forth. She is a natural. If I didn't know better I would have sworn she had done this before.

As she leaned over, her full breasts hung down invitingly and she took the head of my cock into her mouth between her wet lips. She smacked on the tip and worked around the head with her tongue, sending jolts of electric joy through my body. The only other time I had been given head was totally raw sex, just for the sake of sex, and I hadn't much liked it. But Suzy's lips gave me so much pleasure that I was soaring.

I wanted to make this last, but she was so good that I soon felt the tightening in my balls as they prepared to empty into Suzy's mouth. I relished the great pleasure of pre-orgasmic feelings and prolonged them as long as I could. I delayed coming for a few minutes by pinching my dick strongly but was soon lost again in the incredible orgasm welling up in my body. Then, as the pleasure rose greatly in the height of my orgasm, I came and came, in what seemed to be an endless climax. Suzy continued sucking enthusiastically on my cock and I stayed hard as a rock as I pumped her mouth full of my love juice again and again. As she swallowed my cum, she looked me in the eyes with a wondrous look of joy and lust, so proud of her accomplishment. She was so happy.

Then she asked with intense emotion, "Nathan, fuck me. Fuck me now. I want you so much. I can't wait anymore."

I licked her swollen pussy mound again and found her still sopping wet and ready for me. Positioning myself at the entrance to her eager little cunt, I rubbed my cock head in her ample juices. Suzy was breathing heavily and kept pulling me into her in her eagerness for me to enter her. I didn't even get started pushing into her, before I was blocked by her virginity. Not wanting to hurt Susan I didn't move for a while. Then I slowly started to push my large cock into her tight pussy, relishing the total experience. I knew that without pain I would not be able to fuck her, but held back anyway. Susan realized also that it would have to hurt, and was afraid of that. So I just rubbed her body everywhere and kissed her breasts, suckling her erect nipples and pinching them. As Suzy got more and more excited, she gasped, "Just do it. I can't stand waiting. I need you in me. Just push it in. I don't care if it hurts. Fuck me Nathan. Fuck me now!"

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