tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Afternoon Delight

My Sister's Afternoon Delight


It was a cool April afternoon and I was returning home from work, I quietly unlock the front door, just in case my parents or my sister were asleep. I could faintly hear some romantic music coming from my sister's bedroom, which was right next to mine. I silently took off my coat and dropped my bag, then I took off my shoes and went to my room. As I went down the hallway I could hear my sister's boyfriend, Ian, moaning softly, I knew what was going down, or maybe I should say who.

There is a hole in my bedroom wall, I didn't put it there, it was there when we moved in. I covered it with a poster, just in case I felt the need to use it one day, and today was that day. I quietly shut the door to my room and took down the poster. I looked through the hole to see what I could, and it was in a perfect position, directly across from my sister's bed, where she had her hands and mouth wrapped around Ian's cock. Ian was propped up on his elbows moaning and groaning and generally enjoying himself, as was my sister. Ian's head tipped back and he let out a sigh, my sister swallowed his load and then kissed and licked her way up to his mouth, where they shared a deep, passionate kiss. I had come in at the perfect time.

Apparently my sister forgot that today was my day to get off work early. Lucky me. Now it was time for Ian to return the favor. My sister got on her back and spread her legs, unbeknownst to me my sister had a very nice, and very shaved pussy, at this I found my hand going into my pants, and I did nothing to stop it. I watched as my sister was pleasured by Ian, who looked very skilled in this task. He was licking and sucking and my sister was moaning and sighing, and squeezing her nice tits.

Even though she was my sister, I had fantasized about those tits on numerous occasions, they were beautiful, they were the perfect size for her small frame, and now seeing then unclad, I knew that more and better fantasies were to come. My sister gasped as her moans got higher and louder, that's when Ian stopped and took his erect cock, which looked about 6 or 7 inches from my perspective and rubbed the head of it around my sister's waiting pussy.

She gasped and quickly got back on her knees to take it into her mouth once more as Ian unwrapped the condom. At least they were being safe. She took his cock out of her mouth and masturbated it a bit as she rolled on the condom, then it was time for the main event. Ian whispered something to her, she nodded and got on her knees, facing right towards me! He got behind her and they proceeded to do it doggy style. Little did Ian, or my sister, know that they were facing directly at me, and I could see every emotion and every twist of my sister's face as she was filled by his cock.

She moaned and she groaned, and she ground against him, and he ground back, he took her hips in his hands and pumped like a piston in and out of my sister, every time eliciting a groan and a contortion of her face. My hand was going fast and furious now, I could not believe I was jacking off to my sister, but hell, I hadn't been with a girl in three months, and I needed the release any way I could get it. I could tell Ian was about to come because his pace became faster and faster, he came in a series of groans and grunts that ended with his cock buried completely in my sister, with him pressing against her and her pressing against him.

I am proud of them for using a condom, cause I would probably be on the way to being an uncle by the looks on her face. Ian came and they switched positions, she was now on top and grinding away at his cock, she was still facing me, she was facing away from him, and Ian had his legs hanging over the end of the bed.

My sister began coming and I heard her say something I never thought I'd hear coming from the lips of my younger sister, she said, "Oooh, spank me, Ian!" I was in awe at the sexual mastery of my younger sister.

Ian took both hands and began spanking and groping my sister's ass, and this put her over the edge, she began moaning louder and louder and yelling things like, "YES!" and "OH GOD!" and I was so proud of my sister that day. I quickly grabbed my stuff and snuck back out to my car to enjoy a quickie with my left hand, I then walked back into the house as if nothing had happened and greeted my sister and Ian, they had gotten dressed by this point and were watching a movie in the living room.

I greeted them with a simple, "So, how's your day been you guys?"

My sister gave me an innocent smile and said, "Great!"

I bet!

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