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My Sister's Boyfriend



100% fiction. This is the first time I've written anything like this. It just sort of hit me one day as an idea and I've wanted to submit it ever since. So yeah, please don't judge it too much. I'd appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism you have to offer.

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years old or more. All sexual interaction is voluntary.


My Sister's Boyfriend

I'm Nico. I've got dirty blonde hair, a sharp face, and I'm relatively in shape. Nothing impressive, but I'm not fat or skinny, and I'm pretty fit.

I'd just finished school for the day. I was supposed to go bowling with some other guys from school, but I'm pretty sure they only invited me because they felt they had to. I didn't have any real friends.

It's not like I never had friends at all, but since my dad died two years ago I just sort of became much more resigned and kept to myself. Any friends I had had left. And I was ok with that. Even two years after the shock of my Dads death I still didn't feel like enjoying other people's company. This reclusive behaviour was especially strengthened by the fact that I'm gay.

Sure, being gay doesn't mean I have to keep to myself. But hanging out with a bunch of immature guys from school who didn't understand me or even pretend to understand me was not what I was interested in doing. Not that my family understood me either. I hadn't told anyone I was gay yet.

So I decided to skip on the bowling and walk straight home. My 18 year old sister Emma would be there probably hanging out with her boyfriend, Todd.

Oh Todd.

Todd was quite possibly the first guy crush I'd ever had. He was 22 years old and HOT. Like, porn-star-material hot. He was at least six foot tall with light brown hair, tanned skin, and rippling muscles. The most noticeable of which were his massive pecs which clearly showed through any T-shirt he wore. He had a habit of wearing shirts that were a size too small and you could always see the outline of his washboard abs and huge pecs. Not to mention he was a super friendly guy and an extremely kind boyfriend to my sister. Unfortunately, Todd was straight.

Or so I thought...

I was able to walk home in about twenty minutes. Loud music was playing inside, so after knocking on the door a few times I pulled the spare key out from under the doormat and let myself in. The radio was playing loudly in the front room but I couldn't see Emma or Todd anywhere. Mum was going to be out until at least 8:00pm because she works full time at the local grocer, and she wouldn't have left the music playing. So maybe Emma put it on and went out with Todd somewhere?

I dumped my bag at the door and walked upstairs hoping to take a long shower before anyone returned home, but as I walked past my room I thought I could hear noises coming from my sister's bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, so I crept softly over to the crack and peered inside.


I had a perfect view of the sex scene playing out in front of me.

Emma was lying on her back at the end of her bed with her legs hanging over the end. Stark naked. Standing in front of her and holding her hips, also completely naked, was Todd. His bare cock was deep inside her, and you could see the muscles on his chest and arms ripple with each thrust. Over and over again he slammed his dick inside her with such force that the bed was shaking. It was the most intense and erotic thing I had ever witnessed.

I couldn't look away.

Emma was facing away from me, but Todd could look up at any moment and see me watching through the crack in the doorway. Lucky for me he was too engrossed with my sister to be bothered looking around. His eyes were shut and his hands were crossed above his head now. Moans escaped from both of them as they began to climax, and still I couldn't look away. Id only ever dreamed of seeing Todd like this, and now here it was playing out before me. I wished it were me in my sisters place.

The moaning increased as they each reached orgasm. Emma reached down to grab Todd's hips and pulled him deeper inside her. Todd obliged and gave a few thrusts so hard that I was sure Emma was going to be sore afterwards. Milky white cum began to leek from Emma's pussy as Todd emptied his load into her. And then he pulled out.

And oh my gosh. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen.

I'd showered with my Dad before and he had a good six inches, so I'd seen the size of a normal dick. My own dick was 6 inches as well, which I was immensely proud of. But Todd's manhood put all that to shame with his 9 inches of uncut cock.

I hadn't been able to see it at first because it was buried inside my sister, but now that he had pulled out, it was hanging there in all it's shining glory. Still covered in cum, it was glossy and wet, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

That is, until Todd opened his eyes and saw me staring.

I swear an electric shock raced through me as our eyes made contact. For a moment I thought he was going to say something to Emma. But then he broke eye contact, leaned down and kissed my sister on the lips, and pretended like nothing had happened.

I bolted.

I ran for the shower. Turned the water on, stripped naked, jumped in, and sat down. I sat there with the water rushing over me for ages, just reliving the scene I had just witnessed. Was Todd going to say something? Was I going to be I trouble? Was this the end of any possibilities I might have had to see him again?

Technically my sister isn't supposed to have sex until she's 21 years old. That's a family rule. And Todd knew about it. So if anything they would be the ones getting into trouble.

But I still felt as though I'd watched something private. Well I had. I'd just seen my sister have sex with her super hot boyfriend. And I felt as though I'd intruded on something I really shouldn't have seen.

I felt awful.

After a good twenty minutes in the shower, I turned the water off, wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way to my bedroom. I just heard the door close downstairs, so the two of them must be leaving. That was good. I'd have time to think through everything.

I searched through my clothes for a pair of boxers and changed into them. I always went about in boxers at home if no one else was there. It was so much more freeing and comfortable than wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

I lay down on my double bed.


I'd just seen Todd naked.

After all those dreams and fantasies of seeing him in underwear, I'd just seen him without the underwear. And ohhhh it was so much better. I kept remembering the sight of his dick. Wet, shiny, and most importantly, huge. I had no idea dicks could even grow that big. Curious, I peeled back my underwear to take a look at my own cock. Two and a half inches flaccid, but it could definitely get to six inches when hard. Trust me, I'd measured. I started to stroke myself. I wanted to get my dick as big as it could so that I could really compare the size difference.

With the images I just seen replaying in my mind it wasn't difficult to get quite a boner really quickly. I grabbed a ruler and measured. Yep. Still six inches. Todd's cock was at least three inches bigger than mine. Maybe more. Oh, how I wanted to hold his dick in my hand. To see what it really feels like.

I continued to stoke myself and was nearly to orgasm when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. Maybe they hadn't gone out after all?


"Hey Nico, it's Todd. I just wanted to talk to you about before."

My heart died just a little. I couldn't even manage the brainpower to form words. Todd was standing outside my door while I was lying on my bed stroking myself to him.

"Uh-umm i-"

"Can I come in?"

Oh my goodness.

Completely ashamed, I jumped under the covers of my bed to hide the very obvious tent in my boxers.

"Uh yeah sure" I managed to squeak out.

Todd opened the door and took a step in. He was fully clothed again and looked just as handsome as he usually did; if not more. If I'm completely honest, I was slightly disappointed he wasn't going shirtless like he sometimes did at our house.

He walked over and sat on the bed beside me. There was an awkward pause before he started.

"First off, Emma's gone out. She went to pick up some dinner for us, and doesn't know that you saw what happened."

Holy. I was alone in the house with Todd, and the boner in my boxers was getting stronger.

"Can I ask, how much did you see?" He asked uncertainly.

"Most of it. I watched for about 10 minutes..."


"Look, I'm really sorry..." I started. "I didn't mean to watch you guys, but when I saw what was happening, I really couldn't stop myself..."

He looked at me with those big brown eyes of his and actually laughed.

Yep. That's right. Laughed.

"It's alright mate, I get it. I would've done the same thing if I was your age. I'm not upset at you for watching."

"Wait. You're not?"

"Not at all. Though Em might be, so don't tell her. But yeah, the reason I actually came to talk to you was to make sure you weren't going to tell anyone. I know Em's not supposed to have sex until she's 21, and I don't want her getting in trouble because of me."

He wasn't even upset one bit. I think I liked him even more, if that were possible.

"Oh no I wasn't gonna tell mum, don't worry." I started. Then I decided to go one further. "I just thought you'd be more worried that I saw your dick..."

"What? You actually thought I'd be worried? Mate, we're both guys. We're allowed to see other guys' dicks."

Woah. That hadn't occurred to me. I mean, it made sense, but because I was gay I just assumed that guys didn't show other guys their cocks.

"Plus, I get it. You lost your Dad a few years back, and you don't have another male role model to look up to, right?"

The conversation had taken a slightly weird turn. I didn't just look up to Todd, I adored him. But I could hardly say that to him, so I just nodded.

Todd got a strange look in his eyes.

"In fact," he began, "You probably haven't seen any other men naked since your dad died. Right?"

Again, I just nodded. I didn't trust myself to speak, and Todd was acting a little different.

"Well, how about this. I'll strip down, you can strip down, and we'll have a men's moment together. Just me and you." He said nonchalant. "You can see what a fully developed man looks like for the first time in years."

Oh. My. Holy. Heck. Todd just asked me to get naked with him. I had been dreaming of this day since I first met him, and now it was happening. I couldn't nod, I couldn't speak, my body just froze for a bit.

Taking my silence as nervousness, Todd said "Oh come on, it'll be fine. Just two men together getting to know each other better."

Snap. Something clicked inside me. My body unfroze, my nervousness died, and I was able to function again. If I was getting naked with Todd, I was going to make the most of it. I could not be a ball of nerves right now.

"Um.. ok sure." I said.


He jumped up off the bed and began to strip. Just like that. I couldn't help staring; he was the picture of perfect physical health and in the prime of his life.

First the shirt came off. Slowly, like he knew I was studying him the whole time. One by one his abs appeared from underneath the shirt, and now that I was up close I could see that he had a light brown treasure trail on his tanned skin. Then his pecs popped out, and they were huge with dark brown nipples. I hadn't noticed it in Emma's room before but he also had a dusting of light brown chest hair covering his pecs and trailed down to his belly button. Then the shirt was fully removed and I could take him all in at once. Perfectly sculpted arms with bulging biceps and a little bit of hair on his forearms. I also noticed that there was no difference in tan line on his arms compared to his chest, just showing how often he went shirtless.

I looked up and saw him looking at me. He'd noticed how much I was staring. Then he actually flexed his muscles for me, and put his hands behind his head. He had just the perfect amount of underarm hair, and it wasn't scruffy or bushy either. Just nice and smooth. I wanted to feel it instantly, but restrained myself.

"Well? What do you think of this rig?" He ventured, still flexing. He had a sly look in his eye that made me think he might be hinting at something.

I paused, not sure what to say. "You look... amazing..." I said, and I sincerely hoped I wasn't drooling. Here was this super hot guy standing shirtless in my bedroom flexing his muscles for me. I'd only dreamed of this.

He started to unzip his jeans and I could feel my boner returning with renewed force. First the zipper opened and I could clearly see his package sitting inside his dark blue boxers. The head of his cock was extremely obvious and I guessed he was about 5 inches flaccid. He pulled the jeans off without wasting any time and stood there in his underwear letting me stare at him.

I must admit I was slightly disappointed he wasn't going commando, but I was hardly complaining. I climbed out from under the sheets so he could see that I was already in my boxers.

Todd looked at me mischievously. "First one out of their boxers wins."

We both dropped our underwear at the same time and stood staring at the other persons package. Both of us were sporting full boners.

"Woah, Nico... you got quite the cock there, eh?" Todd said whilst staring at my dick.

It felt kind of weird having someone stare at my cock, but then again, I suppose I owed him one after what I intruded on before. "It's nothing compared to yours though..."

"Oh nonsense." He crouched down so that he was eye level with my dick and actually held it with both hands, examining it. "Why, you must have a good six inches here."

"Yeah, but you must have at least nine inches. Your cock's huge..."

"9.2 inches actually, but even mine wasn't this big when I was your age. You're gonna be bigger than me for sure, Nico."

This was so weird. Todd, my major crush and sister's boyfriend, was naked in my room holding my dick in his hands telling me that I had a really big cock.

"You really think so?"

"Oh absolutely. The girls will love it." He said, averting his eyes from mine.

There was something about the way he said 'girls'. Something that made me think he might know I was gay. Or at least have a suspicion. But if so, why was he doing this with me? And why was his cock so erect? Surely he wasn't turned on... by me?

There was no way I was going to say anything to confirm his suspicions. If I was wrong, and he didn't know, this could go really badly. I needed to change the subject.

"So what exactly did you have in mind when you suggested this?" I asked. "Do we just stand and stare at each other or what?"

"How about this. I'll lie down on your bed, and you can explore me. Anywhere you like. Touch, feel, rub, or stroke, I don't mind. It's a chance for you to completely understand what will happen to your body during puberty and you can see what a real man looks like. No area is out of bounds."

Now this, I was going to enjoy. I'd been dreaming of doing this basically since I met him. And strangely enough, I didn't feel nervous or embarrassed, just excited.

"Ok sure, sounds good."

"Great! Glad your ok with it." He lay down on my bed face up, closed his eyes, and put his hands behind his head; exposing his underarms. "Good to go, man."

Oh wow where to start... Here was this sexy beast lying on my bed naked waiting for me to explore his body. I wasn't sure what to begin with. I sat down beside him on the edge of the bed and lifted my hand onto his pecs. As a gay, I'd always had a pec, abs, and underarm-hair fetish, so I decided to start with those.

His pecs were so big, but so tight also. None of the fat or jiggly bits that some guys have, these were rock hard. I ran my hand over his pecs, feeling his chest hair as I went. Todd moaned a little as my hands brushed over his big brown nipples. Slowly my hand strayed down to his abs, and I had to run my hands up and down them a few times before I was able to believe just how solid they were. These were some truly rock hard washboard abs, each one clearly defined and golden brown like the rest of his tanned body.

I could have stayed there rubbing his chest for hours, but I didn't know how long Emma would be out for and I wanted to cover his whole body before we had to finish.

I think Todd must have sense my rush, because he opened his eyes and said "Don't worry, Emma went all the way to Luigi's to grab food. We have at least an hour before she's home. Don't rush it." He said the last bit with a wink...

He winked at me... what was that supposed to mean?

I lifted my hands up to his underarms, one hand on either side, and ran my hands through his lush, brown underarm-hair. It was perfect. Silky smooth, and not too much either. I hated men who didn't keep their pits trimmed and just let a big forest grow there. But Todd's was perfect.

Just like the rest of him.

So I decided to take it a step further. I leaned in and ran my nose through his underarm-hair, breathing in deeply at the same time. He smelled amazing; it had a sort of musky manliness to it, but didn't smell either. Just clean and masculine. I loved it.

It suddenly occurred to me how gay what I just did was. Smelling someone's underarm hair? It screams gay. I was worried I might have offended Todd or something so I pulled back abruptly.

Todd opened his eyes, "What's the matter? You were doing fine." He winked again.

"I just kind of thought... you know... it's a little weird what I did."

"Nah man, all good. There weren't any problems. I told you, do whatever you like. I'm all yours."

I guess I didn't look convinced, because his next sentence was "How about next you take a look at TJ down there. I know dicks are a big part of puberty and guys get really curious, so play with him all you want."

Woah... an open invitation to explore his dick. TJ I guessed stood for Todd Junior. I reached down and began to fondle his raging boner with my right hand.

"In fact, if you're curious, you might like to see how a man blows his load too."

I just stared. I'd watched enough porn to know that this was an open sexual invitation, but I never thought I'd get it from Todd.

I looked him straight in the eye, and said, "Hell yes."

He sat up. Smiled. And said "Switch places."

We did. I lay down on the bed and Todd stood up, walked to the end of the bed, and pulled me further down the bed closer to him. He got down on his knees, looked at me slyly and said "I'll teach you how to give a blowjob. That's an important part of being a man. Then you can practise on me."

With that he leaned in and took the head of my throbbing cock into his mouth. It felt so amazing that I almost came straight away. He sucked hard on my member, and began to go up and down on it, lowering his mouth further onto it on each drop. After about a minute he pulled all the way off, took a deep breath, and deep-throated my entire six inches in one go. He stayed in that position for a while, his nose planted in my blonde pubes, sucking hard on my cock with all his might.

My pleasure metre was breaking. It had hit 10 ages ago and was now well over 11. The extreme pleasure from having my entire cock imbedded inside his mouth pushed me almost to breaking point. I was moaning like crazy. "I'm... gonna... cum" I managed to squeak out. With that, Todd pulled all the way off, paused, and dove back down, taking my entire length in once more, burying his nose in my pubic hair, and began to use his tongue to play with my piss slit whilst sucking tremendously hard.

The pleasure was too intense. I hit the point of no return and began to squirt jets of warm creamy cum into his awaiting mouth. Four... five... SIX strong jets of cum. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced, and Todd swallowed the entire load.

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