tagErotic CouplingsMy Sister's Boyfriend Comes Home

My Sister's Boyfriend Comes Home


This is my first time writing here, so please be gentle with your comments!


I have to make an introduction about myself first, so you can know what this story is about. I'm 20 years old and I'm horny most of the time. I'm a sexy latina girl with long, straight black hair. 38DD natural boobs and a body made just to sin. I'm also a very smart and social girl. Yes, not all sexy girls are total bitches. But there's something I ever wanted and it is Mark, My older sister's boyfriend. It is not that I want what I can't have, it's just that he is perfect for me and my sister is simply not enough for him. I know I'll be a better girlfriend, lover and friend. He is a very tall blonde with blue striking dyes, muscled arms and legs plus a smile to die for.

So, I find myself daydreaming about him everytime and every waking moment. I have heard through our thin walls the sounds he makes while fucking and how rough he can be. I know I could easily handle him.

One Saturday morning I was alone at home preparing some breakfast, when I hear the front door bell. It's weird, no one was supposed to be here. I open the door to find Mark there, just like my Christmas present, standing by the door. I was wearing a tiny black top and white boy shorts. When he looked at me, he couldn't hide unashamedly the look of desire in his eyes. He looked like a starved man. I urged him to enter the house.

I cannot describe how happy I was at that moment. There he was, the man of my dreams all alone to myself and staring at me like the last soda in the dessert.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

"Some water," he says a little nervous.

"Did Lana told you she was going shopping today with mom?"

"Yes, Jenny, but I had to come here today." He says while he walks to the kitchen.

It isn't lost on me that I am bent with my head low on the fridge looking for something to prepare Mark a sandwich. By the time he gets to the kitchen, he could have a great view of my rounded soft ass. Everything has gone silent so I turned just to collide with a bit wall of muscles.

"Mark!" I gasp.

"Hello there Jenny! Do you want to know why I came here today?"

I can feel his breath as he leans toward me and presses himself to my flushed body. I'm feeling so turned on.

"Why are you here Mark?"

"I have a problem that needs to be solved."

"And it is..." I'm almost shivering by now. I see the smirk form in his beautiful lips.

"I'm tired of pretending. Everytime I fuck the sister I seem to not stop thinking about you. Your boobs, your hair, your lips. I can't stop thinking about you. Everytime i think about you I'm instantly hard, in lust. Can you feel my cock throbbing for you right now? I need you. I can't pretend anymore how much I want you. How much I desire you."

I'm so hot right now. I had known he liked me a little because he is always ogling me even when my sister is there. But I didn't know the extent of his attraction to me. I tilt my head to look him in the eyes and both of us are enthralled in this divine bubble called desire and lust.

We start kissing. At first it is slow and kind of tender. Like a recognition kiss. But then it turns wild and almost animal. I can feel his hands everywhere, my boobs, my butt, my hips, my waist. I can't even hold myself. His long hair, shoulders, butt. He is perfection, a solid mass of muscles. Our tongues dance in sync and I feel as he carries me to the kitchen counter. He takes off his and my clothes and I gasp as I see his big thick cock. He continues kissing my mouth and neck and caressing my big boobs.

"I have been lusting after you for a while Jenny. Yesterday I saw light when you stared unashamedly at me although the sister was there. I thought I was alone in this infatuation I have with you. But now I know you are as hot for me as I am for you."

"I've been dreaming about this day Mark. I always dress for you when I know you are coming home. I always try to catch your attention. I'm so happy you came to your senses."

He tugs on my hard nipples and I give a cry of pleasure. his big hands feel soooo good on my. I take his cock on my hand. It feels velvety, hot and powerful. Mark grabs a condom from his jeans pocket. I love to know that he already knew what he was doing today with me.

"You are my slut now Jenny. Your tits and ass only belong to me. Everyday you are getting a dose of my cock in you"

"Yes Mark. I'm your slut. And the cock is only mine to do as I see fit. My sister is not getting it anymore. Only me."

"That fucking cow is never touching it anymore. It is yours and only yours."

The pleasure of his words is heighten by his savage thrust. I feel his cock enter me again and again as we start kissing again grinding our body as fucking machines.

"My slut likes me to cheat on my girlfriend with her, doesn't she?"

"Yes baby it feels so dirty and so right. Make your slut scream!"

"Take it baby. Feel how good it feels in your soaking wet pussy... Ohhhh baby you are so tight... On my slut."

My hands yank his hair and his are glued to my hips. I feel my pussy contract and he can feel it too, so Mark turns me back and start pounding me from behind.

"That is what sluts are for. For fucking. Your tits and gloriuos ass is for me to take as I like rough and hard baby. Get used to it. Enjoy it."

I can't control my moans. His words are music to my ears.

"Aahhhh ohhhh Markkk."

"Jenny... Ohhhh Jennnyyy."

He slaps my ass and pulls my hair and we both cum with a painfully delicious orgasms that makes me scream again and again in pleasure.

We stay tangled for a while talking about how much we have been lusting for each other for a long time. We decide to take a shower together and can't hide our happiness as we part ways that day...

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by gemnycricket05/31/18

loved itno

not bad for someone who just started writing

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by Averygoodlay05/18/18

too short

could have made it a little more interesting taking off your clothes maybe him going down on you, by the looks of your picture I would spend a lot of time worshiping those tits before eating that sweetmore...

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by Anonymous05/17/18


How do I know your name?? From the Forum perhaps. But about the story, I found it to be just a little slam bam nothing but the facts mam! I had hoped for better.

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