tagIncest/TabooMy Sisters Ch. 05

My Sisters Ch. 05


I awoke the next morning and just lay there for a while. In my mind, I went over the events of the prior evening. The image of Cassie filled my thoughts, her tousled brown hair, her pouty lips, and the dimple that was apparent every time she smiled.

I envisioned her as she stood before me in my apartment, her breasts exposed, her shaven pussy beckoning me. The evening had been a dream come true, the memory of the taste and texture of her pussy was so strong I almost felt she was in the bed next to me.

I absently stroked myself as I went over every detail, from the flirtation at the restaurant to the incredible moment when she stood before me naked. The kisses, the tender touches that followed, the moments of orgasm we both experienced. My one regret was not actually fucking her. As good as the oral sex was I knew that filling her up with my cock was going to be even more intense.

I got out of bed and showered quickly. I knew that all three of my sisters would be getting ready for work and I had but little time to act. Finishing my shower, I turned on the TV and viewed the various cameras.

Lauren was in her room, already dressed and getting ready to head out. Kayla was in the bathroom she shared with Cassie, brushing her teeth in her bathrobe. Cassie was in her bedroom, sitting on the edge of her bed, still wearing a set of pajamas.

I turned off the TV and quickly walked down the hall to her bedroom. I knocked quietly so as not to make any loud noises. The door opened and Cassie greeted me with a shy smile.

"Hey Don," she said.

Before she could continue, I interrupted. "Cass, take off work today, call in sick."

"But I really should..."

"Please Cass? I want to spend the day with you. We have....unfinished business from last night." I gave her a wink and a roguish grin.

She glanced up and down the hall to make sure our other sisters were not within earshot.

"Um....OK" she finally stammered. "Now get out of here before Lauren or Kayla come out."

I quickly went downstairs and was reading paper when both Lauren and Kayla came downstairs.

"Hey guys." I said, looking over the paper at them. They both greeted me and started to prepare some breakfast for themselves. I continued to read and within a minute or two, Cassie came down, still in her pajamas.

I smiled to myself as she gave a very credible performance of having a touch of the flu. Her voice was raspy and for added effect, she threw in a few sniffles and coughs as she explained to us that she was not feeling well and was staying home today.

Kayla broke in and said "That's what you get for staying out late little sis. Maybe Don should go in and replace you at work, considering he is the one who kept you out last night." Kayla then laughed and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Hey...I have my own job to attend to. Sorry Cass, you are on your own. I am sure the store can find someone to fill in." I said.

"Oh, it won't be a problem I already called one of the other employees, she said she would be glad to fill in."

"Then it's settled," I said and got up from the table. "I should get going soon myself." I went upstairs, called my own store, and told them I would not be in. I waited until I heard Lauren and Kayla leave and then came back downstairs.

Cassie was sitting at the kitchen table and I approached her from behind and placed my hands on her shoulders. She glanced up at me, I bent down, and our lips met. The kiss was long and sensual. It seemed like an eternity passed before I reluctantly pulled away and looked her in the eyes. "Cass, my beautiful angel...last night was wonderful. I hope you feel the same."

"It was wonderful," she replied. "I never dreamed that you would want me like that."

"Not to worry honey, I want you even more this morning." With that, I pulled her to a standing position and kissed her again. Her body melted against mine as I cupped her ass cheek and held her tight. Our tongues met and I felt her hands as they mimicked mine and found my ass.

I broke off the kiss and told her "Last night we explored each other with our mouths...today I want to take it further....I want to feel myself inside of you. I want to look into your eyes as we make love, as we get as close as two people can possibly get."

She looked back at me and I saw the doubt in her mind. "I know you are nervous, Cass. I know you are afraid. Don't be, what is happening here is something beautiful." I bent down and kissed her again. My hand found a breast and squeezed it lightly through her pajama top.

Her body seemed to relax and she kissed me back with increasing passion and desire. I felt her nipple grow hard under my palm as I grew erect myself. She broke the contact our lips had and her breathing was ragged as she said "Oh god...I want you too Don, I want you to fuck me."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs and into her room. She closed the door and undid her top slowly. I stared into her eyes as her top fell to the floor. She then pulled her pajama bottoms down her legs and stepped out of them.

I finally allowed my eyes to drop and take in her naked body. She stood there unashamed, almost proudly. "Is the second view as good as the first?" she asked with a grin.

"Damn, Cassie." I replied. "Good does not even begin describe the way you look. There are no words that can do you justice." I sat on the bed and beckoned her over. She approached me and I put my arms around her waist. I then said, "Cassie, sweetheart...I love you...and I want you." I slowly moved my face towards her and lightly touched each nipple with the tip my tongue. As I pulled her ever closer, I began to kiss all around her full breasts. My lips, after brushing every inch of her chest found their way back to her nipples, and began to suck them fervently.

Cassie breathed heavily as I finally broke away, her fingers reached down to my t-shirt and she pulled it up and over my head. She then pulled me up off the bed and knelt down. Quickly, she undid my jeans and in a moment, we were both nude.

She pushed me back down onto her pastel colored sheets and lie down beside me. Her hand grasped my cock and as she held it, our lips found the others and we kissed passionately. The heat building between us intensified the warmth of the early summer morning outside. Our skins grew slippery with sweat as our hands moved with tenderness and love over each other's bodies.

No words were spoken, the only sounds heard were the heavy breathing and occasional light moans as fingers hit sensitive locations. I reached down and my finger pushed aside the now wet folds of flesh that surrounded her slit. The need we both felt was becoming increasingly desperate and she pulled me on top of her.

I kissed her deeply and then stared into her brown eyes as my cock parted her labia and drove slowly inward. Her eyes closed in delight and her arms pulled me tight against her body. We were now one....the feeling I had being inside of my baby sister was so powerful that I was unable to move for a few moments. I just let the sensation envelope me. The warmth, the wetness, the desire to make this one singular moment last an eternity.

A low rumble of thunder in the distance broke the reverie and I began to thrust in and out, slowly at first, then building in intensity. Cassie responded to my movement with her own.

It almost seemed the growing storm outside the window was keeping pace with us. As our motions became more hurried and forceful, the thunder and wind picked up. Cassie wrapped her legs around me and our kisses became almost desperate. The rhythmic slap of our bodies meeting together and the squeak of the bedsprings filled the room.

Cassie, between moans, cried out my name as I increased the force with which I drove into her and then pulled away, only to surge forward again. I pulled back enough to glance down and see her breasts as they jiggled with each thrust. Her sweaty face looked into mine and I felt her body tighten up. An incredibly loud crash of thunder occurred as she cried out and her fingernails dug into my back as she came.

Watching her orgasm drove me to the edge and I felt my own body stiffen. I drove into her as deep as I could and held that position as I came inside of her. As my muscles began to unclench, I opened my eyes and saw that Cassie was looking up at me. "I love you," she said quietly. I smiled back at her and kissed her slowly and affectionately.

"I love you too my angel." I then replied.

We lie there as the thunderstorm subsided. I was unwilling to break the contact between and Cassie made no move to do so either. With a sigh of regret, I finally pulled out and lie beside her. She turned onto her side and pulled me close; as I placed my arm around her, she pulled up her legs and curled up next to me.

I stroked her hair and she sighed contentedly. After awhile she spoke, "This IS right...I was sort of freaked out last night but I know now that this was a good decision."

"I think so too Cass." I replied. "I have wanted you for a few years now...ever since you started to develop into a woman."

She laughed and then said back "Don! You are a pervert! I started to develop when I was twelve!"

"Yep" I said with a grin, "even then I knew I wanted you." She then turned her head around and kissed me deeply.

"Was it as good as you imagined?" She asked.

"No complaints from my perspective." I said and kissed her back. "No complaints at all."

"God, what would Lauren and Kayla say if they ever knew?" Cassie said.

"One day we will have to ask them." I said back, with a huge grin.

"We will NOT ask them, smartass." She playfully replied.

Then she suddenly turned serious. "Don, I meant what I said last night. No one can ever know, I would die if anyone ever found out I had let my brother...you know."

I reassured her that it was our secret. We continued to lie there quietly and I thought to myself..."It is our secret, for now."

After we both had dozed for a bit I got up and invited Cassie to join me for a shower. She agreed and the next luxurious hour was spent underneath a stream a hot water.

We took turns washing each other, spending more than a few moments on certain areas of the others body. We then dried off and went downstairs, still nude, and prepared a light lunch.

As I watched her move around the kitchen, I admired the way she walked, the sway of her ass, the bounce of her breasts. After her initial misgivings, she seemed to have come to terms with what had happened. I was amazed, to be honest. She was showing an incredible amount of maturity for an 18 year old.

"Cassie," I said. She turned around to face me. "I am one lucky guy."

She smiled at me. "I am one lucky girl...after all, how many gals get to experience their greatest fantasy?"

"You are not the only one to see a fantasy come to life," I said. "Making love to you is something I will always have now. It is now a part of who I am."

"I feel the same way Don," she said. "You and I have done something...have shared something, that not many people can imagine. I can hardly believe it myself. I am standing here talking to my big brother in the nude, not long after he did me in my own bed!"

She seemed become shy right at that moment, blushed and then lifted her arms to cover her breasts. "I know we did nothing wrong, but...but it is just so weird."

I reached over and pulled her arms down, and then pulled her close. "Weird?" I said. "Maybe...but also normal. I love you kiddo, and I can think of no better way to show it than this." I kissed her again and let my hands wander down her breasts, her stomach and her mound. "If feels right, and it feels good." I then knelt down and began to kiss around her slit. She spread her legs slightly as my tongue entered her and began to probe ever so gently.

My hands clasped her ass and her hands found the top of my head as my tongue continued to explore the sweet crevices of her pussy. Her clit became exposed and I licked around it slowly before blowing directly on it. Her fingers clenched my hair and I kept up a persistent effort, drawing back ever so slightly then moving in again. She began to moan and I knew she was close. After another minute or so, her legs became taut and her body shuddered as she came for the second time that day.

Her grip on my hair slowly relaxed and I stood up. She leaned into me, placed her hands on my chest and sighed. "Goddamn, you have to stop doing that." She grinned up at me. "A girl can only take so much of that."

I laughed and replied. "Cassie, from here on out, I plan on giving you as many of those as I humanly can."

She raised her eyebrows, "Watch it, I will hold you to any and all promises."

"I would not have it any other way angel...as long as the favors are returned."

She raised her eyebrows again. "Oh, they will be Don, they will be."

We then ate lunch and went back upstairs to her room. We lied on her bed again and cuddled while we chatted for about an hour. I then got up and watched as Cassie dressed herself. I got dressed myself and gave her one last kiss. It was tender, yet had an edge to it that was undeniable. It was not around 4 pm and we knew that Lauren and Kayla would be home soon so we went downstairs and were innocently watching TV when our sisters arrived home from work.

"Feeling better Cassie?" Lauren asked as she walked in.

"Yeah, whatever was bothering me this morning seems to have gotten much better." Cassie replied. "I actually feel great right now. A day off was exactly what the doctor ordered."

As Lauren went upstairs to change, followed by Kayla, Cassie looked at me and gave me a huge smile. "Thanks Doc," she said with a wink.

End Part 5

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