tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Mouth Ch. 03

My Sister's Mouth Ch. 03


I had finished mowing the front yard just as my Dad got home, and was wheeling the mower to the back yard to return it to the shed. The back yard had very little grass beyond the pool area so I'd get the weed-whacker out tomorrow and trim. Since my Dad always came home about 15 minutes later than my mom, I thought it odd that he was here and she wasn't. He parked his car in the driveway and got out to go inside.

"Hey Dad," I called out to him. "Where's Mom?"

"She went to pick up the ottoman from the cleaner," he replied, still walking towards the house. My Aunt Jackie, my mother's sister, had spilled wine on it during her previous visit. She had a habit of talking with her hands and got a little overzealous telling a story about her dog attacking the UPS man. "I'll need you to help me bring it inside when she gets home."

He stopped on the stairs, turned to me and asked, "Is your sister behaving? I trust you not to lie to me, Daniel. She's not sneaking out while we're gone or having people over when she's not supposed to, is she?"

I pretended to be distracted with something stuck in the lawnmower's wheel while I thought about my answer. He'd put me in a tough spot. I was scared to death of lying to my father, but the new dynamic of the relationship with Anna and Beth was too precious for me to risk. Lie to my Dad, or get Anna in trouble and sacrifice all the sexual gratification I'd been receiving? After a moment's hesitation, I decided it wasn't really much of a choice.

"Other than my outing with James earlier this afternoon, I've been home with her since I got back from Cali. It's just been the two of us; hanging by the pool, reading; you know, quality sibling bonding time." I couldn't look him in the eye while I lied to him, so I maintained my charade of dicking with the lawnmower while I spoke.

"Well, alright then. I just can't stand to see her wasting time with that spoiled, bratty Collins girl. That girl is what's wrong with society today. Her father gives her everything and she just comes to expect handouts and for all her problems to disappear by throwing money around. I raised my children to be better than that. Help me keep an eye on Anna, Daniel. She loves you and respects you. I suspect she'll listen more to you than to me," the last part trailing off as he made his way to the house.

He could really rub it in, couldn't he? Here I am bringing pot back from California for my sister and her friends, banging both of them, well...sorta, right in our family home. Way to make me feel like a hypocrite, Dad. I thought. He was right, though. My sister always took my advice. Even after Mom and/or Dad would counsel her, she would always come to me. We were practically the same age; I was only about an hour older; but for some reason she developed the little sister complex anyway.

I decided I would respect his wishes and try to get Anna to take more control of her life. To my knowledge she had no real plans for college. We'd just graduated and for all I knew she was just going to go to community college. Maybe I could talk her into trying for late admission and going to McDaniel, like I planned on. It wasn't too far away from where we lived; we could still see our friends and parents, she could make new friends in the dorm on the Hill, and best of all, we wouldn't have to be apart.

As I put the lawnmower back in the shed, I realized my feelings for Anna might be problematic. A brother shouldn't feel this way about his own sister.


My mother got home shortly after and began making dinner while Dad and I brought the ottoman in.

Afterwards, I went upstairs and took a shower, ridding myself of the chlorine, sweat and stink from my afternoon activities. When I walked into my room with only a towel around my waist, I found my sister using my computer. I should call it our computer; she used it almost as much as I did. Not that I minded, on the contrary, I'd always liked being around her; even more so in light of recent developments.

I pushed my door till it was not quite shut, leaving it open about an inch so we would hear Mom when she called us down for dinner, and stripped off my towel, hanging it on the hook on my door. My sister noticed my nakedness, and turned to face me in the swivel chair.

"Nice, Dan; I see we've tossed all sense of modesty out the window," she said, eyeing me up and down.

"Nothing you haven't seen before," I smiled and sauntered unabashed over to my drawer to get some underwear and a t-shirt.

She swiveled the chair around to follow my movements, and rolled towards me. When I had retrieved my underwear and t-shirt from my top two drawers, I turned around to find that she was right smack in front of me. She leaned forward and kissed my stomach, encircling her hands around my waste and grabbing my ass.

"Mmm, nice and clean..." she said as she licked my belly button. That was another first for me, and felt strange; good, but strange. She was initiating something here, and it aroused me. Our parents were right downstairs and could call us down at any time. Here I was, with my sister fondling my naked body, my cock rapidly hardening.

She brought one hand around to hold my shaft, while the other hefted my balls from behind.

"I like that you shave," she told me, feeling the soft texture of my freshly shaven skin. "Dan, what we're doing is supposed to be wrong. Do you feel weird about it? I don't know if it's because we've always been so close or what, but it doesn't feel weird to me. It doesn't bother me at all; in fact it feels kind of natural now that we've broken down the "this is forbidden" barrier.

I took the opportunity to pull my t-shirt on and dropped my boxers on the floor by my feet. She took the unspoken hint, and knelt to hook my feet through the holes. As she pulled them up my legs, leaving them around mid-thigh, I looked down into her eyes. I hesitated a second, framing my reply in a philosophical approach. Finally, I said to her "Banana, you know I love you more than anything. You're my best friend as well as my sister. As for this, yea it was weird at first. Hell, it was super-weird today, doing what we did in front of Beth. It's only weird because it's not supposed to happen. Do I mind that it is? Hell no, I love it. We've always been close, and it feels sort of natural. The weirdness is only there because society tells us we're not supposed to do what we've been doing. It's just our preconceived notion of what's socially acceptable fighting with our primal nature to mate. That's all."

She smiled up at me, as she had resumed her previous activity of playing with my half-hard shaft. "So it's ok if I keep playing with this anytime I want?" she asked.

"Do you hear me complaining?"

We both laughed softly.

I took hold of the back of the chair and rolled her with me, so I could sit on the bed as we continued our conversation. "What do we do about Beth?" she asked.

"What do you want to do about Beth? She's your best friend. Whatever else she is to us now, that's secondary. We've known her since we were what, three? I won't lie, I've had a crush on her for years but I would never do anything because she's yours. It's great that you have shared her with me, but I won't do anything that would hurt you. You come first, Anna; always and forever." I pushed my face into hers for our signature eskimo-kiss; something we'd done since we were kids. As we rubbed noses, I couldn't help but give her a peck on the lips.

She sat thoughtfully for a minute, staring down at my cock, which had hardened under her ministrations. Finally she bent her head down and licked the crown, drooling on it a bit. I just watched her toy with it, waiting for her to make her decision. After another minute of soft suckling, she sat back up and said "She really likes being involved with us. When I talked to her while you were mowing the lawn, she wouldn't shut up about how hot it was to be hooking up with twins. I'll share her with you, D. But you have to promise you two won't run off and forget about me. I couldn't bear losing you to her. You two are the most important people in the world to me, besides Mom and Dad obviously, and if you both left me, I'd be crushed."

"That won't happen, Anna-Banana," I told her as I kissed her forehead.

Just then we heard Mom shout "KIDS! DINNER!"

"So, are we good?" I asked her, standing to dress myself for dinner.

"Yea, we're good," she said, smiling.


After dinner, we settled in the living room for our routine. It was my turn to pick the show or movie we would watch, and I decided on "The Avengers," which had just been added to Netflix the previous week. Being of the nerdy persuasion, I was big on superheroes and such. My mother groaned with my selection, Dad was ok with it as he had been a big fan of Iron Man growing up. My sister feigned interest, I assumed because she knew I liked it and was adopting the girlfriend-like role of taking interest in things I liked. Our new dynamic was certainly to my advantage.

Anna and I got comfortable on the loveseat, appreciating that the large ottoman was now restored to our use. We propped our feet up together on it, as Anna covered us with a blanket. Her legs mingled with mine, and she cuddled up to me like she normally did. We'd always been this way, so it was nothing new to our parents. Stretching out, I held her close, my arousal from our pre-dinnertime conversation quickly returning; her firm, warm body so close to mine igniting my teenage libido. She slid her hand under my shirt, laying her palm on my belly and tucked her fingers under my waist band. It was just enough to keep me aroused, the possibility that she might explore further. She did not disappoint.

My viewing pleasure was made even more enjoyable by my sister's wandering hand. She caressed my freshly shaven skin, brushing her fingers over the head of cock. At one point she just rubbed the glans with one finger, using my pre-come as lubricant, just enjoying teasing me, keeping me hard throughout the movie. While she played with me, she would ask me who certain people were, what their super powers were and why they were significant to the movie. It was cute, and I enjoyed talking to her in whispers, our faces so close together while she was toying with my erection.

A little more than two hours later, the movie ended and my parents headed to their end of the house, leaving Anna and I alone in the living room. Her hand still down my pants, she finally took a firm grasp of my cock and gave one slow pump, with just the right pressure. A large dollop of pre-come oozed out and dripped onto her fingers and my belly. She tossed the blanket off of us, and pulled the waist band of my pants up and over, where she could see the prize she held in her little hand.

"I love your cock, D," she said in a low voice. Now that are parents were gone we didn't have to whisper, but it's not something she wanted to risk being overheard either. "I wish you could just not wear pants, ever."

I chuckled, thinking it over. "I don't start work again until Monday. We could pretend to be nudist's for a day if you want. I wouldn't mind lounging around the house with my naked sister all day."

She giggled and said, "We could work on our all-over-tan out by the pool. Mmm...we'll grease each other up...I'll make sure to pay special attention to your white bits," winking at me as she released my cock and traced her finger along my tan line.

She released my waistband unexpectedly, and jumped to her feet. "Come on, let's go upstairs," she said as she skipped off towards the stairs.

I folded the blanket and placed it back on the loveseat, watching her cute little butt bounce in her tight pajama pants. I followed her up the stairs and smiled when she went into my room instead of continuing on into hers.

When I rounded the corner, I was astonished to see her naked back as tossed her shirt in my hamper and leapt onto my bed. It occurred to me that in our previous encounters, I'd yet to play with her breasts. I'd never really even gotten a good look at them. The only time I'd seen them was when her left breast had been exposed to me while she slept next to me the day before last, and what little I could see of them in the dark the night she first blew me. My smile grew larger as I shut my door and went to join her on the bed, excited to finally have an opportunity to end the sexual suffering she'd inflicted on me during the movie.

"Put something on, I want to sleep in here," she said, pointing towards my monitor as she worked her way under the covers. I knew she usually fell asleep at night with her TV on, I'd been the one to show her how to set it to automatically shut off, so I obliged. Detouring to my computer, I rolled my chair off to the side so we could see from the bed. As the monitor came to life she clicked off the lamp and the room darkened. I fired up Netflix again and put on "The Office." It was good, mindless sitcom background noise; perfect for what I thought might take place when I joined her in my bed.

When I turned around to get in bed, I was blasted in the face with something cotton. I reflexively grabbed the offending item, my sister giggling at having startled me. It was her pajama bottoms. Unless Anna was wearing underwear, which I'm pretty sure she wasn't, she was now naked in my bed.

I dropped them on the floor, pulled my shirt over my head and shucked my pants down in record time. She giggled again at my eagerness and lifted my side of the covers back so I could join her.

As I slid in next to her, our naked skin collided. She was so warm and smooth against my hairy legs; she felt amazing. I tossed the covers over me and scooted in until I was pressed against her, running my hands from as far down her legs as I could reach up to her perfect C-cups, confirming she was indeed as naked as I.

She cooed at the sensation, enjoying what was, most likely, her first time being completely naked with a man. She put one leg over mine and leaned her face into my chest, pressing her nose into me. She wrapped her arm around me and held me close, breathing in the scent of my body wash.

"Mmm...sometimes I use your soap in the shower just cause I like how you smell," she told me. I smiled knowingly; I did the same thing with hers.

"Sometimes I use your shaving gel because it smells like you," I told her, reciprocating her admission. We'd clearly been into each other for longer than we realized, or admitted to ourselves.

While the loving embrace was nice and everything, this little minx had been teasing me for hours, and I intended to do something about it. She gave a pout as I pushed her off me, which I quickly interrupted with a kiss. I pressed my forehead against hers and said, "You've had me on edge for hours, and now you're naked in my bed. Either you're finishing what you started or I'll do it myself."

She smiled at my aggressive attitude, and rolled on top of me. "Oh yea?" she asked coyly.

"Damn right," I replied, sighing with the feel of her warm skin straddling me. Hers was only the second body I'd had on top of me like this; not counting Lindsay and the prom party fiasco. I ran my hands across her skin, down her legs, and up her ribs, touching her hardened nipples with my fingers. I rolled them between my index and middle fingers, pulling ever so slightly. She moaned at the contact, and I alternated this action with cupping them in my palms.

She took my cock in her hand and laid it on my belly before settling down on top of it, splitting her labia open around the shaft. I looked down and in the dim light could see about an inch of my hardness peeking out from her folds. Her fluids seeped out and around my erection, her natural lubricant generously coating me.

She moaned softly, placing her hands on my chest, and slid herself along my shaft. "Ohhh, D..."

I placed my hands on her hips, feeling the little nubs of her pelvis. I used them to guide her up and down as she slid back and forth. As she rocked back and forth, grinding her clit against the soft underside of my shaft, we both became lost in the pleasure. She was essentially masturbating herself with my cock, not ready to go all the way just yet. I was fine with letting her be in control. If she really wanted to, she could have; I wasn't going to force the issue. What she was doing was just as pleasurable for me as it appeared to be for her. It felt like something between a handjob and a blowjob, and the realization that my cock was being pleasured by my sister's pussy was the catalyst for my orgasm.

"Anna...babe...I'm nearly there," I told her, maintaining my tradition of announcing my intent. She groaned and increased the pressure on her up-slide. She wrapped her hand around the tip of my cock, pulling it up against her pussy and rubbed the frenulum with her thumb, it was a delightful sensation and my come shot out, coating her fingers. I leaned up to her, kissing her as she kept up her motion, ceasing when I finally collapsed back onto my pillow.

I watched as she lifted her hand in front of her, looking at the dense coating I'd given her fingers in the light of the monitor. She brought them to her mouth and slowly licked each one clean, knowing I was watching her. Remembering her outburst today with Beth, I wondered what the fascination with my come was all about. I wasn't sure if it was a topic she'd want to discuss, or if I should just leave it alone; but it sure was hot.

"You didn't get to come, sweetie," I said, realizing as much.

"That's ok. You can make it up to me tomorrow," she said, slumping down next to me, pulling the covers over us.

She snuggled up to me, resting her head on my chest, as we watched "The Office" until we both fell asleep.


I woke the next morning to the delightful sensation of her warm naked butt pressed into me, her hand grasping my morning wood between her legs.

"Morning," she said feeling me stir.

"Hi," I replied, still in a fog.

"You were poking me with this, and it woke me up when it almost went inside me. You're a horn dog in your sleep...must have been a good dream."

The prospect of being inside of her turned me on immensely. I wondered if and when that could become a reality. She let go and rolled over to face me.

"Wanna shower with me?" she asked.

"Sure, let me pee first," I answered.


I extricated myself from my bed and went to walk to the bathroom when I noticed my door was open. I closed that, didn't I?

"Anna, did you leave the room at all?" I asked her.

"No. Why?"

"I'm 99.9% sure I closed it when I came in behind you last night. It's open now and since neither of us sleepwalks, that means someone had to have opened it. Which most likely means one or both of our parents saw us together. Normally, I wouldn't care since we've done this since we were like 5, but last night was a bit different..." I leaned against the wall, blank faced; that feeling you get when you know you might be in trouble settling in my gut.

"Yea...or maybe you just didn't shut it all the way. If it was them, and they didn't wake us up to scream at us, they must not have realized we were naked. Don't be such a worrywart. Today is naked day, don't spoil it," she said, walking past me to go to her room. "Hurry up and pee so you can wash me," she said, playfully.

I complied, shaking off my thoughts of being found out. If they had realized we were naked, surely they would have woken us up to berate us about it. The scenario I decided upon was that my Dad went to make sure she hadn't snuck out sometime in the night, and had peeked in my room when she wasn't in hers.

It took a minute for my erection to subside enough that I could urinate. The panic I'd felt from thinking we'd gotten caught helped a little, enough that I could complete my task. I flushed, and started the shower, prompting Anna to enter the bathroom, still gloriously naked. I was finally seeing all of her in full lighting and she was perfect. Her blonde hair cascaded messily down her sun kissed skin, her nipples stood out on her perky, young breasts, hardened by the chilly air conditioning. Her ass proportionate to her bust, giving a sort of balance to her form, and her landing strip accentuated her otherwise hairless body.

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