tagFetishMy Sister's Panties

My Sister's Panties


I like panties. I enjoy panties. I crave panties. I like to look at panties in magazine ads. I like to look at panties in the department stores. I like to look at panties on women at those porn sites. I like to feel panties. I like to feel panties with my fingers. I like to feel panties with my cock. I even like to wear panties.

I like panties. I think I have liked them ever since I was old enough to get an erection. Even now that I am eightteen years old I like panties.

My big sister's panties are especially appealing to me. Sometimes I sneak a pair out of her drawer or out of her hamper. I wear them. I like to rub my cock through the fabric. Most times I pull them down so I can ejaculate into a tissue. Once in awhile, though, I don't make it in time. I do enjoy spurting in the panties, but that means I need to do clean up. It wouldn't do to get caught. Whenever I get my jiz on Mary's panties I rinse them out and dry them with a hair drier. Then, I put Mary's panties into her hamper – unless she is in her room, then I hide them under my mattress for a day or so.

A favorite panty activity involves one of my favorites of Mary's panties. It rises a bit higher up the leg than most panties. That's called French cut. Mary has only one of these Terramar (brand name) panties with the four way stretch. I use those because my cock doesn't stick out over the top when I do that favorite panty activity. Also, they are soft and slinky, the way I like panties to be.

Here's how it works. I put on the red panties. I slide another pair over a pillow. I then masturbate by rubbing my panty clad cock over the panty clad pillow. I pretend like I am fucking! Those are the times that I most often do not get the tissue ready soon enough. Those are the times that panties hide under my mattress the most often.

I thought my panty fetish was a secret. I learned otherwise on the night of my eighteenth birthday. It was a Wednesday night, thus a school night. No party, but we did have birthday cake with eighteen candles. I blew them out with one breath, of course.

Mom and Dad gave me an upgraded headset to go with my iPod. "Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. Music will sound much better with this headset."

Mary, my older sister, said, "Sorry, Joe I seem to have forgotten your present. Here, I will write you an IOU."

This is what I read. "Joe, IOU one birthday present. Later tonight you will find a package upstairs on your bed. Open it when no one is around. Oh, and I expect it to be modeled." She folded it and slipped into my hand. I was baffled. What could Mary be giving me that she wants kept secret? What could Mary give me that she would want me to model?

I listened to some 50 Cent and other tunes with my new headset. Mom and Dad watched whatever it is they watch on TV on Wednesday night. They often watch until their bedtime. Mom and Dad's bedroom is on the main floor. Mary and I have rooms across the hall from each other upstairs. Mary found her way upstairs fairly early. "Homework calls," she said.

Soon I wander up, too. I found a small gift wrapped package on my bed. I ripped it open.

It was a pair of black Terramar high-cut four way stretch panties! Just like Mary's pair, but black instead of red. Oh, and a size bigger.

Yikes, my secret is known to Mary.

"Put them on." I heard Mary at my door.

"Big Sis, how did you know?"

"Joe, I have known for awhile where my panties hide sometimes. Many times a pair would be missing. I didn't think Mom was wearing them – wrong size, so it had to be either you or Dad. I knew it was you when I snooped. My panties were under your mattress. I have checked many times. Recently I noticed that a particular pair was the one that was hidden most frequently. So, I bought you a pair of your own. Now, Joe, I will be back here in three or four minutes. I expect to see you modeling your present for me."

Was I embarrassed? Does Geico sell insurance? I did as ordered, nevertheless. I kept my shirt on though. My new panties felt good. I got an erection, of course. I stood with my back facing the door.

"The shirt comes off, Joe. I can't admire your panty clad butt with the shirttail hanging down."

"Yes, ma'am, big sister," I replied. I kept my back toward her.

"Come on, Joe, you have a cute butt, but I need to see the other side."

"But, Mary, I'm....well...I'm...."

"Excited? Erect? I hope so, brother. That's what I came to see."

Yes, I was embarrassed, but also even more excited. Mary wants to see the bulge in my new panties. No girl or woman has ever seen that – unless she snuck a peek. There was one girl that felt my bulge one night at the end of a date. We parked in front of her house and necked. I fondled her boobs, and even got my hand under her shirt. She wore a lacy bra. Margaret (that's the girl) rubbed my jeans front for a couple of minutes. When the porch light flicked, she kissed me, opened the car door and said good night.

But now someone was seeing me in girlie panties. Someone was seeing me with a huge hard-on.

Another surprise. Mary was almost naked, too. She had on my favorite red four way stretch panties and nothing else. Except for the panties, there was nothing of her body left to the imagination. There she was, all five foot three inches of her. I have groped boobs in the dark on dates; this was my first live view. I know it sounds trite, but grapefruits do not measure up in size comparison to Mary's orbs. I eyed her bare boobs for a minute, but my gaze went down to her crotch. What I saw certainly fed my fetish.

I like panties. I enjoy panties. I crave panties. I like to look at panties in magazine ads. I like to look at panties in the department stores. I like to look at panties on women at those porn sites. Now I like to look at my sister's panties while she is wearing them. I could see the slight indentation where the panties sank down into the pussy crack. Wisps of pubic hair peeked out of both sides of the panty panel. I looked in lust.

"Sis, you look incredible," I finally murmured.

"Joe, you are bigger than I imagined. You pack in your pants what the girls at the sorority call 'quite a package.' Let me touch it. Lie down on your back."

She rubbed my cock for about two minutes.

"Now that you are 'of age' I have another treat for you, Joe. Get up." I did. She got onto the bed, rolled to her back and parted her legs. My heart thumped. Panties on a spread-legged girl! My cock twitched and maybe even got bigger.

"How about if you pretend I am your pillow? Rub that panty covered bulge on my panties!"

That was almost scary. Mary even knew about my secret pretend fucks with panties on the pillow. Looks like I can't keep my own secrets very well.

Can teenage boys resist sex activities? That's as likely as a three humped camel in Antarctica.

I pressed my cock up against Mary's pussy. It felt like my member was pushing its way into her. Two layers of slinky (four way stretch!) fabric separated us from actual fucking. I reached my hand down to push aside the panties.

"No, Joe, we are not going to go all the way, but we will give each other pleasure," said Mary as she stopped my hand movement.

I bent down to kiss a nipple. The kiss turned into a suck. Mary must like that. She began trusting her pussy harder and harder against my cock. I couldn't hold out. I spurted into my new black Terramar four-way stretch high cut panties. Tee hee, I took their virginity!

Mary's thrusting became even more frantic. "Finger fuck me."

This time she did not resist when I moved my fingers to push aside her red Terramar four-way stretch high cut panties. If fact, she even guided me to the right spot. "Rub here, then push in, repeat that until I tell you to stop."

"Yes, ma'am, big sister," I whispered.

At first I used just one finger, but soon it was two, then three. Her pussy felt as juicy as when I fill panties with cum. I rubbed her clit for a few seconds then plunged fingers into her sex hole.

Mary's body started shaking, and her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers. She grabbed my hand, and pulled it out crying "Enough!"

"Is everything all right upstairs?" It was Mom calling.

"Oh, Mom, Joe was making me listen to his crappy music on his new headset. I heard enough." Mary sure was quick with that answer.

"Well, Mary and Joe. It's a school night. Get some sleep now," said Mom.

Mary whispered, "I hope you enjoyed your birthday present. And thank you for a good time. Good night little brother."

I answered. "It was special. I will never forget this night."

After Mary went back to her room I got hard all over again. I jacked off and put a second load of cum into my very own girlie panties. I slept in them, and put in a third offering in the morning.

On Sunday afternoon, while Mom and Dad were at the golf course, Mary said, "Wanna play the black and red game again?'

"Huh, what's that?"

She pointed to my crotch, "you, know, black," She pointed to her crotch, "and red."

It quickly dawned on me she was referring to my black panties and her red ones.

"Mine are still crusty from before," I said, "I haven't had a chance to wash them."

"That's OK. You can borrow one of my panties. You have done that dozens of times in the past," she said with a naughty smile. "I have black, but the blue bikini would look good on you."

Do girls have panty fetishes, too? Mary seems to be as excited about me wearing girlie panties as I do.

"You go first, go on up, and put on a pair of my panties," she instructed, "I will meet you in your room."

The stairs are in the dining room. I walked up the first set of steps to a landing. My shirt came off there. Turning the corner I went the rest of the way up. On the left is Mary's room. I went straight to her lingerie drawer. I fingered a handful of sexy items, but decided to choose the blue bikini that she suggested.

The problem with bikini panties is that they don't cover my cock. My hard-on stuck out at least four inches over the top. I knew Mary was in my room 'cause I heard her go by.

Mary was spread-eagled on my bed. She apparently had time to wash underwear. The same pair of temptress red panties adorned her otherwise naked body. "Joe, come here and fake fuck me," was her lusty command.

This time there was only one layer of flimsy fabric between me and her. I pushed my bare cock onto her panties. I bulldozed the panties right into her pussy. I was thinking, 'there's nothing fake about his fuck, my cock is a couple of inches into her pussy. Sure, the panty is keeping us from totally bare contact, but how's that different from using a rubber?'

"Joe, Joe, Joe! You are making me feel great, but we can't go all the way. Brothers and sisters don't do that."

"I can't stop, Mary!"

"Try! Pull out now, and I will show you a different good time, OK?"

"OK, "I reluctantly agreed.

I rolled off.

"Joe, please do me with your fingers like you did on Wednesday. Meanwhile I will do this." Wet lips suddenly engulfed my penis. I was getting a blow job. I had heard of such things, but this was my first time to experience one. I lasted about twenty seconds before I shot white stuff. Mary was quick to pull off so none of it got into her mouth.

My fingers pressed and caressed her clit for another minute or so. Mary had a shuttering climax.

We snuggled and napped.

We resolved to play our checkers game only when the parents were not about. Checkers? Yes, checkers are red and black. Mary at first called it our red and black game because of the red and black panties. Now checkers was our code word an invitation to more panty fun.

"Hey, sis, wanna play checkers tonight when Mom and Dad go to that chick flick movie?" I asked at the dinner table.

"Might as well, I don't have a date," Mary replied.

Later that night, "Joe, I need to know something before we get started. How big are you?"

"I am six foot and weigh 185 pounds."

"No, silly, how big is your cock? The girls and I were sitting around the lounge the other day. Cock size came up. There was a debate about if bigger is better. I said I accidentally saw you coming out of the shower and that you are big. They wanted to know how big."

"Mary, I don't know. I have never measured it."

From behind her back a tape measure appeared. "Make it big, brother, we are measuring."

I don't know about you, but I can spring a nice erection when a woman is fondling my cock and measuring it.

She asked, "Do you want to fuck?"

"You know it, sis, but didn't you say brothers and sisters don't do that?"

"Tee hee, Rachel, one of the sorority sisters said 'if your brother is more than eight inches, I want him.' Well, Joe, I measured eight and a half."

Mary got her cell phone, punched in some numbers.

"Rachel, it's me, Mary. Eight and a half."

She listened a few seconds.

"Never mind how I found out, but I am sure you could get him to let you try it on, I mean try it IN. Come on over right away. The folks will be gone until about ten."

To me she said, "One fuck coming up! But I need you to do something for me while we are waiting. Save your cock shooting for Rachel. Will you lick my pussy while we wait for her? She's about 45 minutes away."

I learned two things that night. First, I learned another way to please a woman. Mary whispered directions to me while I kissed, licked, and sucked on her clit. Second, I learned that my cock at eight and a half inches is a desirable size for some women.

Thanks to Rachel word got around about my eight and a half inches.

That fall I left town to attend North Dakota State University in Fargo. I found a part-time job at a taekwondo place. That proved to be a new source of fucking fun. I taught kids, but did you know that some of the mothers are avid big cock fans? I still like panties, but I don't have much time for them anymore.

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