My Sister's Rapist

byPhoenix Arrow©


"Oh I forget. You do have your sister's blood don't you. Perhaps you could imagine what went on then. Perhaps you could relate to the feelings your sister must have had. The desires, the urges...."

"The pain, the humiliation, the agony...."

Honestly I'm sure there was some of that, but not directly from me. I'm sure it did hurt when my cock pushed its way up her ass, despite the begging for more. It wasn't until court that I fully realized the sheer humiliation she must have had at being a complete slut with a stranger, knowing how her family would have felt about it. The guilt must have been great."

"You honestly believe all that don't you?"

"You bet your pretty little ass I do. And I'll tell you what else I believe sweetie. Had you been there instead, you'd have acted the exact same way as her. You would have been the same grunting, cumming, horny sex pig your sister was."

"HOW DARE YOU!" She was now back to full fire breathing status at this latest insult. She glanced at her long nails and cursed the glass for being in the way. She'd give anything to sink them into that smug face.

"Look at you acting all virtuous now, but tell me this, why are you here?"

"I told you why, to confront the man who RAPED my dear sister."

"That part is obvious. But what were you looking to find out when you finally confronted me?"

"To find out what kind of a beast would do such a thing? To look into his eyes and attempt to understand WHY?"

"I don't believe you."

"I don't care what you believe. I HAVE looked into your eyes and I HAVE seen the demon inside. You are a cold blooded animal who is exactly where he should be, locked away in prison for a very very long time."

"How would it feel?"

"Excuse me?"

"That's what you are here to find out. How it would have felt if it were you that night, surrendering your body and your mind to me. Not this silly nonsense of looking into my eyes. Your just trying to hid the real reason why you are here. There is a real one isn't there? One your too ashamed to admit even to yourself."

Her eyes narrow at the man across from her.

"I don't know what strange, twisted garbage you are talking about, but i think I've learned everything I've wanted to know...." She made like she was going to get up and leave, but he was not about to let her go so easily.

"Does your sister suspect? Does she know her younger sister thinks about it all the time? Dreaming and fantasizing being taken forcefully by a handsome stranger? Wanting, begging to be ravaged way into the night as his cock thrusts and pounds inside you."

"I have no such dreams. I am not one of your sick female fantasies. I am a real woman. A woman who...."

"GO ON, SAY IT! A woman who has come here to learn what it feels like to get 'RAPED'. There, Its been said. You want to experience what your sister experienced. Your jealousy of her is more than apparent. Jealous that she got to live out that dark fantasy while you remained safe at home, playing with your vibrators and cock teasing your boyfriends. But now your here to change all that aren't you?"

Her eyes were no longer narrow, but growing quite wide as she slowly shook her head no.

"You cannot deny it. I see it in your eyes. You want it, you want it bad. A chance to be the bad girl. To beg for your sister's "rapist' to rape you! Go ahead slut...ADMIT IT!"


"Then leave you stinking twat. Leave and go home to your big sister. Go and watch her struggle to stand, her thighs still too weak to carry her weight. Go home and never know the joy and passion it took to make her that way. Run off and always wonder what it must have been like, what it would have felt to have my thick cock deep inside you, or the taste of it as it pushes into your throat. Your sister knows all too well, but you will never. You will never know how my hands feel around your tits, squeezing and pinching. You will never know the sting of my swatting hand on your ass. You will never know the moment of pure female animal lust as my cock presses against your inviting asshole. You will go home where it is safe and sound, always staring at your sister, always wondering how it all would have felt, always wondering if it should have been you!

There was no response from her this time, except to only sit there, eyes wide, breath paced, staring at the animal across from him who had raped her sister. And who now wanted to rape her as well. He just sat back and smiled knowingly at her. He knew what her answer would be. They always wanted the same thing.

Slowly she rose from the chair, never once moving her eyes away. Her breath still quick, she opened her mouth to speak:

"Goodbye Sir! I hope they keep you in here for a long long time."

With that she hung up the receiver, turned around and walked out of the room, never to return again. The only thing of her that remained was the faintest smell of female musk, and the quickly drying moist spot on the chair she left behind.


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